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Dark forces fester in Hyrule, corrupting the land and its people. Rumors of demonic creatures lurking in the wilderness spread. A hero musters his courage to face horrors spawned from the pit of da...

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Chapter 1 – The Ascent

The sound of smacking leather echoed through the cold, grey stones of the floating fortress – the seat of the evil wizard, Ganondorf’s power. A lone warrior clad in a torn green tunic over a worn chain shirt was ascending the flight of stairs with purpose. The flickers of light thrown from candles trapped in their iron cages reflected a hellish glow from the intense blue eyes that never strayed to inspect the torn tapestries depicting the victories of the royal family that lined the walls.

He would not let exhaustion overtake him now. Not while he was so close to finally finishing the quest that had consumed his life. As a young boy nearly fresh from the forest, he had embarked on a quest to open the Temple of Time and take possession of the Master Sword, the blade of evil’s bane, but he was not ready to wield the weapon. The Sage of Light had no choice but to keep Link's body in a stasis for seven long years, hidden from Ganondorf until he was ready to assume the mantle of Hero of Time.

When he awoke, the world was a nightmare shaped by the will of Ganondorf. The wizard had usurped the throne so swiftly that the brave soldiers of Hyrule never stood a chance. With the might of the Triforce of Power to augment his sorcery, Ganondorf smashed into the royal palace and eradicated the royal line and usurping the throne of Hyrule. Only the Princess Zelda was spared as she was spirited away by her nursemaid, the Sheikah known as Impa. Ganondorf found no one that could halt his bloody reign. All that opposed his will were put to the sword or enslaved to Ganondorf's dark power.

The Triforce that had once been a beacon of hope for the people of Hyrule had become their nightmare. With a mere touch, the relic had broken apart, its pieces scattering, leaving only the Piece of Power. Taking hold of the remaining piece, Ganondorf's depraved soul corrupted it, turning its power to evil. As he became more and more twisted and his power grew, the very land around him became perverted. Monsters began to roam the country side, a black cloud began to hang over that which was once Hyrule city, and the great evils once banished began to awake.

The boy from the forest adapted to his new body and hardened as he swathed a path through the creatures awakened by the wizard Ganondorf. The legacy of Ganondorf had tested the young warrior's resolve time and time again in the corrupted temples of Sages and it took every last shred of cunning and strength for him to overcome the vileness within each temple and free the Sages. With the sacred sword and a heart filled with courage, Link had faced down every vile creature set before him. None could stand before his courageous heart and strength of arm. He came to believe it was up to him to bring light back to the world of Hyrule.

Breaths came in long ragged gasps as each torturous step was conquered. In his left hand, the leather of his sword hilt was gripped tightly while his shield hung limply from his other arm. The blade wept tears of crimson for the lives of the creatures that it had cut short. An unsettling voice inside spoke as exhaustion continued to seep into his body. It isn’t too late, you could run away. You could run away and live. What have these people done to earn your sacrifice?

Stabbing pain shot through his skull and visions burned in his mind's eye. Link saw himself opening the very doors to the Sacred Realm to his enemy. Link bowed to Ganondorf as the vile sorcerer marched past with a devilish smile and took possession of the ancient relic, the Triforce. The golden light of the relic melted to black under the wizard's corrupting touch, casting the entire world into darkness. "No!" the warrior grunted, his teeth clenched against the pain. "That is not what happened." Whispers flooded his mind, casting doubt. Betrayer. Traitor. Failure. He shook his head violently, trying to clear the voices from his mind. He turned his head high and shouted, "“Your tricks won’t stop me Ganondorf I’ve come too far!” The growl escaped a raspy throat, the words going unanswered. A hot rush of anger drove through the warrior’s heart dispelling the voices and leaving his mind with nothing more than the compulsion to thrust his sword through the wizard’s black heart. Thoughts of what corruption had been wrought and what his world had been twisted into steeled his mind to this singular purpose. Pain wouldn’t stop him; he was too close to victory. One way or another, this would be finished.

A blue bubble of energy floated anxiously around the warrior as he battled the internal force. The fairy had been instrumental in saving the warrior from certain death many times. Though she was a nuisance at first, the warrior and the fairy had grown to become best friends. "Link, don't give up, we are almost there," the fairy said. Ahead, a massive steel-plated door dominated by an the symbol of an inverted five-pointed star painted in blood covered with strange inscriptions in an incomprehensible language around its borders blocked his path. The star and adjoining symbols began to glow as if some source of flame had been suddenly willed into existence as a dirge from beyond the door began to play. The somber notes seemed to pierce deep into Link’s heart as tears of rage came unbidden to his eyes. A yell escaped his lips as his foot collided with the door in front of him, clearing it from his path.

Link found himself in a room lit by a sickening purple light. In the center of the room, Ganondorf sat at an organ with his back facing Link, maneuvering fingers over the keys that bellowed mournful notes. Anger flowed through him as he saw Zelda suspended from the roof in spiked chains. She had been stripped to the nude and bound by her wrists and ankles by wicked implements. Tubes filled with a strange purple liquid were stuck through the woman’s torso and exiting to drain into an alchemical setup. The princess struggled against the iron links, and Link watched helplessly as they bit into her flesh, drawing out a river of crimson. She screamed, begging to be set free, her words drowned out by the sinister music. Link readied his sword and shield and snarled at the wizard, "Turn toward me coward and face vengeance."

The notes on the organ silenced and Ganondorf spun to face the green clad warrior. Link struggled to contain the shock at just how much Ganondorf had changed in seven years. Deep scars formed runes on ashen flesh that had once been vibrant and healthy. Red eyes pulsed with hatred as they locked onto Link. The wizard stood, revealing a frame over eight feet in height clad in armor the color of night. The armor appeared to Link that it had been fused to Ganondorf, melding into his flesh. Spikes from all over the wizards body had punctured through the armor in places. Is this the price of power?

"The Hero of Time at last. How nice it is of you to finally reach me. They told me you would come. I was starting to have my doubts." Ganondorf spoke in a dulcet voice.

Link’s brow furrowed in confusion. "What? Who told you I would come?"

Ganondorf ignored him. "Did you really believe you can stop the great Ganondorf? I am the most powerful wizard ever to grace this pitiful world! Your little crusade is over boy. You have been a thorn in my side that I wanted to crush, and I must admit that your persistence was starting to make me think you just might have what it takes to defeat me, but His Voice told me to keep faith. He told me if I let you run about saving those infernal sages you would lead me to the real prize- Zelda and the Triforce of Wisdom." Ganondorf ran a hand down the milky skin of her arm, collecting a small trickle of her blood on the tip of his glove. He touched the blood to his tongue, closing his eyes as he savored the taste. "Her blood will bring about the damnation of all of Hyrule. I will finally have the complete Triforce and you will all be a sacrifice to the Dark Gods," he bellowed.

Ganondorf laughed and raised his right fist. A dark object levitated in the air behind him. To look into it was to look into an endless swirling black void. Oily tendrils of smoke spewed from its surface, coalescing around Ganondorf. "I know you may have the Piece of Courage, whelp." The wizard gestured at the trapped princess, "You will join her on the machine and I will extract. I will be complete. They must be mine!" Link saw in the mage's eyes that he was quickly becoming unhinged.

Link saw this as his opportunity. A leap with a sudden burst of speed was enough to close the gap between Link and the dark wizard. Link's blade sliced through the air at the exposed neck of Ganondorf, nearly dealing what was sure to be a fatal strike before his blade met with an unexpected violent resistance. An explosion of purple energy threw both men back. Link tumbled back into a crouch, his tunic singed and smoking from the burst. Ganondorf floated almost lazily in the air above him, held aloft by some unseen force. "You don't get it you fool,” Ganondorf screamed, spittle dribbling from his mouth. “This entire world be burn to feed my power." Ganondorf extended his hand, releasing an all engulfing wave of violet energy laced with smoking black fissures. Link, unable to evade the surge of energy, was completely enveloped. Wracking pain tore through the elf's body, eliciting a cry of pure anguish from his lips. A cruel smirk spread across Ganondorf's face as he clenched his hand into a fist, using a web of the violet energy to draw Link's immobile body closer.

Link struggled against the force binding him, fury building within him as he defiantly locked eyes with his nemesis. Reaching deep into the well of his strength, Link fought to shake the magic that bound him in pain. Tiny blue flashes of energy caught Ganondorf unaware, hitting him directly in his eyes. Ganondorf instinctively raised his arm to shield his gaze from the diminutive attacker that harassed him.

Using the distraction to full advantage, Link summoned the will to break from Ganondorf's spell. A feral howl of rage burst from Link, shattering the energy web that held him like brittle glass. He ran to where the fiend had chained Zelda and with a few quick slashes, she was free. Zelda tore herself free of the chains, placing a hand over her gaping wounds. "Link, I know a way to defeat this monster, but I need time to collect my strength. Please distract him just a while longer. We will banish his evil forever." Link nodded then turned toward Ganondorf with grim determination. A flare of violet stopped Link dead in his tracks. Link could do nothing but watch in mute horror as Navi was reduced to ash as she was swallowed up by the power.

Ganondorf grinned with self-satisfaction. “This petulant creature’s soul is the plaything of the Dark Gods now. You’re stronger than I thought Hylian. It won’t matter in the end. Every person on this wretched planet will soon find that their soul is the plaything of their rightful lord and master, Ganondorf. I especially yearn to taste your soul child.”

Link heard a female voice deep in his mind. “His defenses are weakened from my magic, Link,” Zelda's unspoken voice said. “I’ve woven a spell to counteract his energy shield. The time to strike is now!”

Link wasted no time, viciously assaulting Ganondorf with a series of slashes. Ganondorf was forced back by the sheer fury of the attack, desperately trying to evade the shining blade that sought to end his life. Link savagely beat against the onyx bracers of Ganondorf, driving the sorcerer back against a rune inscribed stone wall. A final piercing thrust that shattered through the armor of Ganondorf's abdomen impaled the wizard in place. Red eyes widened in disbelief at the blood-soaked sword protruding from his body. Spurts of blacked blood oozed from the wound, as clawed hands reached for the blade in a weak attempt to pull it free before they collapsed away. Link brought his face close to Ganondorf’s and whispered “It’s over you bastard…”

The adrenaline faded from Link's body and he turned to Zelda on unsteady legs. "It's finished your Highness. Ganondorf is…" Link's sentence hung in the air as the room came alive with the electric tang of magic. The hair on his body stood on end and the smell of ozone filled his nostrils. A keen whining filled the air and Link was barely able to dodge his own sword as it flew across the throne room. The corrupted Piece of Power moved on its own with a speed that seemed unnatural. It collided with Ganondorf, releasing a torrent of energy as it wormed its way into his chest cavity through the wound left by Link. Ganondorf became a storm of hatred, pulses of every negative emotion imaginable emanating from him in a sinister aura. The negative energy coalesced into a dense black sphere that absorbed the light from around it.

"You will have your soul stripped bare in Hell," coughed Ganondorf, blackened blood dribbling down his chin with the stress of speaking. Link dove for the Master Sword as Ganondorf raised his arms above his head to fling the sphere at Link. Link rolled to a crouch and dug his feet into the ground, bringing his shield to the fore, his lips whispering prayers to the Goddesses. Link drew back his sword as the sphere grew nearer; he prayed for the strength to deflect the wicked magic. Link lashed out, clenching his teeth as his sword met the orb straight on. Energies crackled and burst around Link, exploding outward into the room in curls of electricity.

Link began to feel a power rushing through his body as he fought to cast off the overwhelming energy that threatened to consume him. The blade of the Master Sword was glowing white hot, and Link felt a primeval energy that desired to be released. With a burst of might, Link pushed the orb away and thrust at the very heart of the darkness. Incandescent energy blazed from the Master Sword, a lance of white hot fire piercing deep into the dark globe. All were forced to shield their eyes from the brilliant display of light as it tore apart the darkness.

The great display of energies fed one another, expanding as if filled with hot air. There was the sound of an immense rip and at the center of the energy, a void of shimmering ruby tore open. A cacophony of disembodied voices erupted from the void and images of faces plastered in absolute horror throbbed on its surface seeking escape from some unseen torment.

Ganondorf laughed in maniacal glee, holding his arms out wide as if to embrace the void itself. Zelda frantically spoke incantations of magic, her arms and hands weaving symbols of power. A soft nimbus of light surrounded both her and Link, but all of Link's attention was on the scene unfolding before his eyes. He could do nothing but watch in mute fascination as the expansion of the void consumed each of them.

( * )

Ganondorf’s castle was in its death throes. The scar in reality was expanding in size, the forces being unleashed ripping asunder the alchemical equipment within Ganondorf’s sanctum. Stress on the tubing carrying volatile fluids caused an explosive chain reaction that rumbled deep throughout the citadel. Stone cracks spread through the walls around the translucent tubing filled with the vile purple liquid that formed a spider’s web through the entire fortress. Every bit of matter that came loose was pulled inward to feed the gaping maw. Unrelenting shrieks of anguish seemed to only grow louder as the scar continued its greedy feast. Rainbow streaks of light beamed to the ground at the foot of the dark fortress. Six figures stood together, each face showing a mixture of awe and anxiety.

“This should not be,” said an overweight, bald man in a tight voice. He wore an orange robe with an ornately embroidered crimson tabard draped over top. The sacred golden Triforce stitched in the center spoke to his position as a Sage of Hyrule. “How did Ganondorf rip open the door to the Evil Realm? He could not have possessed the purity of spirit to accomplish such a feat.” The bushy white eyebrows on his aged face were knit in deep contemplation.
A tremulous voice belonging to diminutive elfin girl clad in a green romper that mirrored her hair spoke up. “Rauru….I…I can no longer feel Link’s presence in this world nor do I feel the power of Ganondorf. All I can feel is the overwhelming sorrow coming from that rift.”

“Brother…” growled a muscular bearded Goron, his massive yellow fists clenched tight at his side.

A tall woman with silver hair in black accented indigo attire with a silver breastplate placed a hand gently on the Goron’s shoulder. “Calm yourself, Darunia. Each of us Sages bestowed the Hero of Time our insignias. Our power is a part of him. Perhaps if we focus, we may be able to find him and retrieve him.” Her words did nothing to remove the scowl plastered on Darunia’s face.

“If we’re going to do something, we need to act fast,” suggested a caramel skinned woman, as she held pink gloved hands fast to her ears. Coral painted lips and gold dusted eyes were locked in a grimace.

“Nabooru is right,” spoke the blue skinned Zora standing to her right, “I feel something evil trying to push its way through to our world.”

Rauru breathed a deep sigh of resignation, his eyes closing as his shoulders drooped low. “There is only one course of action left before us,” Rauru asserted as his eyes opened, now alive with golden arcs of energy. “Sages of Hyrule, focus your power to seal the door the Evil Realm. I will cast my light into the scar. With luck, the Hero and the Princess will be able to use it as a guide.”

Rauru directed a golden beam of light directly into the center of the tear and one by one, the assembly of Sages followed his lead and pushed their arms out toward the tear in reality. A prismatic shower of energy erupted from each member of the group, snaking through the air before closing around the tear. The shrieks of anguish intensified as opposing forces reacted violently, multicolored flares of energy spouting from the rift as it slowly was forced closed. The stone beneath their feet threatened to give way as the world around them tremored. Blistering gouts of molten lava spewed from the pit beneath the citadel, splashing against the quaking walls. Each sage was a bastion of focus, teeth clenched and stances solid, holding their ground as they put every bit of energy they had into sealing reality.

The shrieks emanating from the rift were squelched as two figures were thrown from the rift, landing hard in the remains of the pipe organ. The closing ritual reached its terminus, leaving no trace of the scar that had cut into the world. The unclothed figure of Princess Zelda stood and brushed debris from her body, her arms moving to maintain what modesty she could. She gazed toward the assembly of Sages, a smile of relief on her face. “Thank you Sages,” she said, her voice stately and controlled. “You have saved Hyrule from a terrible fate.”

The man in green stirred. “Link!” the elfin girl cried as she scampered to his side.

Link’s eyes fluttered open. “Saria, is that you? It’s too early to wake up. Just give me five more minutes…” he rasped, a slight grin curving his lips as he closed his eyes.
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