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The City

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Link finds himself in a strange place.

Category: Zelda - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Horror - Characters: Link - Published: 2017-06-18 - 1223 words

The very world around Link was torn asunder into an incomprehensible reality. All sense of order had melted away into a pandemonium that left his mind reeling. Enormous currents of energy flowed in the oblivion, crashing time and again against the golden shielding aura that protected him. Link felt as if his body were being cast about through a stormy sea. As his eyes searched the chaos for anything that could give him a frame of reference, Link was struck with intense vertigo. Reality whirled around him, forcing his eyes shut lest he be overcome by the sensation. Time was incomprehensible in this realm. Link could not tell if seconds or days were passing while he fell. The golden aura encasing his body was taking a battering by the chaotic energies that surrounded him, slowly evaporating into a fine golden mist. Prayers to the goddesses escaped his lips.

A disembodied voice cut clearly through the chaos, its gravelly whisper seeming to come from everywhere at once. “Your goddesses cannot hear you in this place, mortal. This is my realm and your suffering shall be eternal,” it rumbled. A huge lash of energy slammed into Link, stripping away the last of the protective golden aura and leaving Link exposed to this hostile environment. Icy fingers of madness slowly burrowed into his mind as a display of shifting colors and inconsistent shapes assaulted his senses in unending epileptic flashes, driving Link to become violently ill. He clutched his head frantically and a horrendous scream was wrenched from his throat.

Abruptly, Link slammed into solid ground, the nightmare receded as the outgoing tide. He pulled himself up into a kneel, his breathing coming in ragged gasps. Where in Hyrule am I? he thought, opening his eyes to survey the landscape around him. The scene of horror that greeted him etched a deep frown on Link’s face. He stood in the center of a cracked street surrounded by buildings of an alien architecture – flesh and stone combined to create hideous edifices. Link recoiled when next to him a man hanging from a hook let out a moan of pain. Revulsion set in for Link as he saw that every building had more people strung up in a similar manner. Each gaunt individual suffered in perpetual torment - moaning and wailing even though their bodies were afflicted with grievous wounds. Blood streamed from their litany of wounds into gutters that ran thick with the substance.

Screams from the nearest building caught Link’s attention and he moved cautiously to peer through the window. Inside, a corpulent brute wearing nothing but a blood-soaked apron hacked apart a screaming woman. Vital fluids drained from amputated limbs into a grate in the floor below her. Instinctually, Link reached over his shoulder and drew the blue-hilted sword that hung from his back. A gasp escaped his lips as the brute severed the woman’s arm with one last sickening chop.

The brute swiveled its horned head toward Link. The moment the creature cast his gaze at him, Link’s vision rippled as if a rock had been tossed into a still pond. Sharp pain resonated in Link’s skull piercing deep within his brain. Time seemed to stutter while the world around him distorted and turned to blood. Bellowing a guttural growl, the creature bounded toward Link with rusty cleaver held high. Link held his sword ready, but was in no condition to fight. He chose instead to flee. He shambled through the street, which twisted and reformed with every step he took. Withered hands grasped at the green fabric of his tunic, their owners begging for release. The crunch of clacking hooves on stone harried just at his back and the pain grew ever worse while Link tried to navigate the fluctuating city. Laughter of wicked delight surrounded him, mocking him. Link squeezed his eyes closed as the pain threatened to overwhelm him. The sensation faded when he did so, and when he opened his eyes again, he found himself before the oaken doors of an immense cathedral constructed of black iron, his pursuer nowhere in sight. The Temple of Time? No it can’t be…

A spectral figure of a child wearing green holding a small sword and a wooden shield walked alongside a tall man clad in black armor walked past Link, passing through the closed doors into the cathedral. Moments after the ethereal pair vanished together, the windows began to glow with ruby light. From behind, the sounds of a pitched battle reached Links ears.

All throughout a gleaming city, a horde of cloven-hoofed demons rampaged, engaging in wanton slaughter of any unfortunate enough to come into their path. A lone child stood in the midst of the maelstrom, tears streaming down her cheeks. The child's eyes were locked upon the demon which feasted upon the freshly slain corpse of her mother. Her eyes stayed fixed even as the child’s head was severed from her shoulders by a demon's blade.

A group of Hylian knights valiantly fought to protect their people, clashing with the demons. Together, the knights formed a defensive perimeter, allowing civilians to flee. Link tried to rush forward to join the fray, but was halted but an unseen barrier. Cursing, Link slammed his fists impotently against the obstruction.

Over the city, the two figures from the cathedral hovered. Long red and blond hair thrashed around their heads as the wind whipped around the battlefield. Menacing sneers spread across their faces. They held out their hands, the golden triangle imprinted upon them exuding dark energies. Streaks of energy bombarded the knights, explosions tearing apart their defenses. The battle lines set by knights of Hyrule were shattered as the demons wasted no time in attacking. Terrified soldiers broke at the unleashed horrible fury that was upon them, scrambling away and leaving their disordered brothers exposed to the demons that surged into their ranks, hacking and slashing with their wicked swords.

Behind him, the door to the cathedral swung open, its hinges protesting with angry creaks. Standing at the altar with his back turned to Link was a man – a giant really as he easily stood over eight feet tall with obscenely broad shoulders - wearing armor the color of blood and inlaid with luminescent runic symbols. This imposing figure stood over a black stone slab, chanting words in a strange tongue that sent chills through Link. A woman was strapped to the slab, but her identity was obfuscated by the bulk of armor. As the giant raised a curved dagger into the air, pain surged through Link’s brain once more. Time dilated and the world faded into bright light, the horrid chanting being replaced by sweet music sung by an angelic voice.

Blinding white sunlight poured into the room through the single window right into the bed where Link lay. He raised a hand to shield his eyes from their rays. The sweet melody filled the room. When his eyes adjusted, Link took in the beauty of the scarlet haired woman whose voice had called to him. He sighed wistfully as he propped himself up. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more beautiful voice,” Link said. Malon gasped and threw her arms around Link’s neck, tears brimming in her eyes.
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