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Chapter 2-The Wall

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Chapter 2

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NOTE: Sorry it took me so long to update but I've been doing my final exams for the past two weeks so I was obviously quite busy. Thank you to everyone who has read so far, it means a lot, especially considering that I'm still trying to figure the new plot out and because of the late uploads. Your patience is valued. I'd also like to say that this story is heavily influenced by the Arkham games in many ways. I enjoyed the map of Arkham Knight the most so I'll be basing my plot not only in that version of the city but also I'll be semi using the games' plot later on. Along with this, it will (hopefully) become prevalent in the chapters to come that I have adapted other DC media in to this story as I have combined various portrayals of DC characters and story lines from comics, Tv shows, films, etc.

Thank you so much and enjoy.

Lucy looked down at the handcuffs entrapping her wrists in a painfully tight grip. What did she do to deserve this? She pondered while moving her hands to ease the pain they were causing. As the metal bands jiggled she caught a glimpse of the red lines imprinted on the pale skin of her wrists. "Oh God," she whispered under her shaky breath. Did they have to be so tight? She wasn't going to do anything. It had to be illegal to have them this tight. Right?

Exhaling deeply to prevent herself from crying again, she sat back in the uncomfortable upright grey plastic chair and thought about what had happened over the past few hours. Where did she begin?

Well, she supposed she should start with when they were transported to this place. (Wherever this was.)

After they, namely Harley and Jason, had been frisked and questioned, the three of them, in handcuffs, were paraded through the next stop, much to the horror of Lucy and the intrigue of the bystanders. Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, Jason and Harley didn't seem to notice the looks of horror, disgust and confusion they were getting. Maybe they were used to it. What a horrible thought. Who could live their life with so much negative attention surrounding them? It would kill her.

Anyways, besides that, everything else was relatively civil. Her mom and boyfriend didn't fight, even though it was obviously killing them not to have a few swipes at each other on their exile. Saying that it probably wasn't possible as they were both restrained by heavy duty police officers and, probably most influentially, Lucy was walking in between them. Neither of them would risk hurting her to get at the other. Whether it be psychically, emotionally otherwise.

No, they would both rather beat the shit out of each other than get her involved, which they had done on multiple occasions. God knows how many times she had tried, and failed, to get them to sit down and speak. They just wouldn't. In fact, they couldn't even be in the same room! Why? What had happened? All she knew was that they had bad blood. (Toxic blood in their care, she came to realise after the third failed attempt at trying have an intervention.) She didn't know the true extent of which, but it must have been pretty bad if they couldn't even think about it each other without getting unnaturally furious.

So instead of fighting they tried to speak to her to calm her, because she was understandable very distraught (traumatised even), but were abruptly cut off with "no conspiring", every time. Conspiring? What could they possibly be plotting? Within earshot, mind you! And even if they were, what was the point? They were about to be brought off to God knows where to have God knows what happen to them.

The silence didn't last long as they reached the surface. In fact, all hell broke loose when Harley and Jason were dragged off towards a heavy-duty police van without Lucy. Her mother, realising what was happening, started screaming bloody murder. Lucy, who was being ushered over to a police car, heard this and glanced behind her to see her kicking and yelling at the men holding her back. Not wanting to see anymore, she turned her eyes to Jason, who was stood beside the hysterical woman. He was deathly still.

She called his name in an attempt to get his attention. It worked, though very briefly as they only shared one desperate and longing look before they were pushed into their separate transport.

Soon after, she passed out in the back of the cop car and woke up in this room. She hadn't seen either of them since. God knows where they were. God knows where she was.

Lucy looked at the mirror across from her. She knew they were watching her behind it. But why? She wasn't doing anything.

Sniffing to prevent another wave of tears coming, she turned her head and looked around the room again. It was small. The walls were sheer grey. There was a metal table in the certain of the room with two grey chairs. And then the mirror on the far wall. She had been looking at these features for hours now. And it was starting to get to her. She feared it wouldn't be long before she started hallucinating. Hell, she could be hallucinating right now...When was this torment ever going to end?

As if by magic, after this thought left her head, she heard the glorious sound of movement. It sounded like high heels clicking on, what she presumed, was the hall outside. Who was that? Her heart started to pound.

The clicking stopped.

The door opened.

A smartly dressed black woman entered the room followed closely by a policeman. He closed the door behind him and stood in front of it as the woman strolled up to the table.

As she did this, Lucy eyed the man cautiously. He was wearing all black military style clothing. He wore knee pads, elbow pads, a thick looking bulletproof vest, khaki trousers, a shirt and a pair of combat boots.

Oh and he was holding a gun. A massive gun.

Why the hell was he here? She wasn't exactly dangerous. She was, in all respects, a normal, partly unfit, teenage girl. Oh, terrifying!

The woman, who was now sat across from her, cleared her throat catching her attention. She was looking directly at her as the curious girl turned her head back around.

"My name is Amanda Waller."

Lucy nodded. She had heard of her before on the news. Never knew what she did though. Always guessed she was a cop or something.

Waller looked down at the papers she was holding and read over the text for the nth time. "We took your fingerprints and scanned them through our databases and found nothing. We took your blood and tested it." She paused to sigh and move her bored gaze from the worn price of paper to the younger woman's nervous one before continuing, "and we found nothing. Ditto with your dental records or should I say your non-existent records."

Lucy swallowed nervously and looked down at her hands. She knew why she wasn't on the records. Well not fully. Her mother just told her that she'd be taken away from her because she was "too special"... In other words, she didn't have a birth certificate and technically didn't exist.*Good job, mom. Talk about being off the map.

"So either you're not human or you have been living in a cave your whole life," Waller half joked, burning holes into the top of Lucy's now bowed head. "What's your name? Mr Todd won't tell us, neither will Miss Quinn."

"Lucy." The brunette said, keeping her head down.

"Well Lucy, Miss Quinn has claimed to be your mother. Is this true?" Waller asked forcibly.

She nodded, raising her gaze to meet her interrogators'.

"Any other family?" The warden continued, raising an eyebrow in interest.

Feeling tears prick the sides of her eyes once again, she shut them and exhaled, calming herself. "I don't want to talk about it, please. I-I just want to go home."

She heard the woman sigh and her chair creak as she sat forward. "How old are you? You seem very young."

That last sentence particularly stung. Especially the word 'young'. She was young. Far too young to be dealing with this stress...this trauma. She didn't want to be questioned. She just wanted to go home. Why wouldn't they let her?

Lucy closed her eyes but unfortunately that didn't prevent the tears, she hadn't realised she has been holding back, from flowing down her cheeks.

Waller, cringing at her crying, shushed her sharply. "How old are you, Lucy?"

She, desperately wiping the tears away with her jumper sleeve, sniffed and looked across the table tearfully at the woman. "Why does my age matter?"

She didn't answer verbally but shot her a bored look that said: "just tell me".

"I-I'm seventeen. I just turned seventeen."

"What were you doing with Mr Todd? Why were you running away from Miss Quinn in the subway? What were you doing in New York?"

The teenager breathed in and out slowly to stop her hiccuping sobs before continuing. "Jason said to me a few days before we left that he was taking me out of Gotham for my birthday. When we got to New York he said let's not go back. we didn't. We were supposed to go to Paris the day after next, well tomorrow now, but Jason found out that mom was after us so we ran to the subway. We were going to go to Brooklyn but she somehow got on the train and threatened Jason and t-then he pushed her a-and I think you know what happened after that..." She didn't want to continue as it would just make her feel worse.

Waller nodded and sat back, analysing what she had just said. "What are your father and sister's names? Don't bother lying because I know you live with someone and I have a very good idea of who it is."

She hesitated and looked up to see the woman's brown eyes burning into her green ones. "Floyd and Iris Lawton."

"As you probably know, Mr Lawton is currently residing in Arkham Asylum. So who are you residing with now?"

"I'm living with Iris, my sister," Lucy murmured, instinctively closing her eyes as a wave of fatigue washed over her. She felt like she hadn't slept in forever. "What time is it?" she asked opening her eyes again.

"Just after six pm."

Six pm! The last time she saw a clock it was ten am! Had she been stuck in this room for eight hours?!

Waller looked at the guard before snapping her head back around to look at Lucy's tired face. She analysed her for a few minutes. A small diabolic smile appearing on her lips. "I have an idea."

"What?" Lucy asked not caring what the answer was.

Her interrogator, still smiling devilishly, sat forward in her chair and entangled her fingers together. "You will work for me."


What was she on about? Hadn't she tortured her enough? Now she wanted her to work for her? Where? Why?

"You will work for me." The older woman repeated in a tone which suggested the girl sat across from her had the mental capacity of a five year old.


"But why?"

"Because I want you to."

"B-but I don't want to. You can't make me."

What?! Was this bitch insane? You can't make people work for you!

"Oh but I can."

"No way in hell!"

"I think you're a very interesting character, Lucy. And I want to keep a close eye on you."


She untangled her fingers and sat back. "It's not every day you meet Harley Quinn's daughter."

A simple but a true fact. She'd give her that.

"I want to give you a job."

"No, I don't want to work for you."

"Are you sure?"


Waller sighed dramatically and stood up. "Well, I suppose your mother will be having some...extensive therapy tonight."

Extensive therapy?

"Maybe we will give her some Hydrotherapy. A nice cold bath will calm her down."

Cold bath? No. That was her mother they couldn't do that!

"Or maybe a hot one, depending if she's still screaming. The last time I saw her which was, oh I don't know," she looked at her watch, "an hour ago she was begging me to see you. Crying and spluttering like a baby."

"Please let me see her. I can calm her down. You don't have to hurt her!" Lucy begged as she sat up straight in her seat and instinctively pulled against her restraints. (She couldn't stand up as her handcuffs were attached to the table.)

"You know what you have to do."

"Please, she must be so upset."

She nodded smugly and looked down at the girl.

That bitch. Was all Lucy could think. She was outright saying that she was going to torture(!) her mother if she didn't work for her. What a fucking sadist!

She had no choice... She had to.

"Fine...but please leave her alone. Leave dad and jay alone too."

Waller smiled brightly and made her way over to the now open door. "Fantastic, I will have someone drop you home. You will get instructions in the morning. Goodbye, Miss Lawton."

With that she left the girl to wallow on her own.



Lucy clung to her adoptive sister as they hugged in their shared apartment. Iris held her tightly, crying on her shoulder as Lucy cried on hers.

"Lu, I thought you were a goner."

"So did I, Iri."

Pulling back slightly, she looked her sibling up and down for any injuries. A habitual act she had gained way back when they were children. "What happened?"

"S-So much."

Iris, with a look of pity, guided her over to the couch. Sitting her down, she hurried over to the kitchenette to switch the kettle on. What they needed was a cup of tea and a chat.

Five minutes later, they were just settling down on the couch with their cups when Lucy's phone rang. The sound of the generalised over chirpy tune made her ears ache as she reached forward to grab it off the coffee table.

"Hello?" she asked in a tone that was a mixture of agitation and tiredness. She really wasn't in the mood for this. All she wanted to do was spend the evening relaxing with Iris.

"There is an inmate from Arkham Asylum attempting to contact you. Would you like to accept?" A robotic feminine voice answered her.

This was not an unfamiliar message. She got it every time her dad called from prison.

"Uh, yeah." It was probably him. It'd been a while since they'd last spoke. Iris told her the day she left with Jason that she called him. He apparently, and understandable, wasn't happy. That was over a week ago now. She knew she'd have to face the music eventually... She just wished he could have picked a better time.

Lucy, who had explained to Iris who it was with a nod of her head, relaxed back into her seat preparing for her father to yell at her.

"Sweetie!" A voice, that definitely wasn't her father's, cried down the line.

"Mom!" she yelped, sitting forward. She nearly spilt tea all down her front at her sudden movement but she didn't care. "Are you okay?!"

"Are you okay?"

"Of course."

"Did they hurt you?"

"No, no, I'm fine. They just spoke to me and sent me home."

"Oh, thank God. Who spoke to you?"

"Uh, some lady called Amanda Waller."

"Waller! That bitch! Oh! I'm sorry, sweetie. I didn't mean to swear."

"I know she's a bitch, mom. She blackmailed me."

"She what?!"

"She said she'd torture you if I didn't work for her."

"What?! Tell her to fuck off! Oh!" She gasped suddenly. "Sweetie, I'm sorry, I don't mean to swear again. I'm just so angry!"

Lucy, through her despair, managed to chuckled at this. She always found it funny how her mother constantly apologised to her after she swore in her presence, even though her boyfriend had accidentally taught her every curse word under the sun years before.

Speaking of Jason...

"Uh, mom, have you seen Jason?"

"No, sweetie. That rapist was taken off somewhere else when we reached Arkham."

"You're in Arkham?!"


"Great! I can come visit you when I'm working."

"No! No, darling, you stay there. Where it's safe."


"I don't want you here. It's not nice."

"I have to go there anyways, mom. I have to do 'work experience'."

"No! You stay there. Mommy will sort this."

"Mom, I'll be fine. She'll probably stick me in the canteen. I'll just have to give out lunch or something."

"No, it's not safe. It's dangerous here. He could-"

Before she could finish her sentence, she was curtly cut off and replaced by the robotic voice, which proceeded to recite it's usual 'time's up' message.

"Shit," Lucy whispered, angrily ending the call. "The bastards cut her off."

"What's going on?" Iris asked, wide eyed at her sister's action.

"She's ok. She's just worried about me, yanno how it is."

She nodded understandingly and placed her half finished cup of tea down on the coffee table beside Lucy's full one. "She say anything about dad or Jason?"

"She didn't say anything about them except for that Jay was taken off somewhere else when they got to Arkham."

"Shit. Do you think you can visit them?" Akrham had very strict visitor rules. It was virtually impossible to get in contact with their father. The only contact they got was via their phones, which was annoying in one way as all they wanted to do was see and hug him, but could be seen as a sliver lining in another as they didn't have to go to that creepy old building half way across the city and risk getting stabbed or murdered. It had happened before, it could happen again.

"I suspect she's going to give me a job there, so I can possibly sneak around and try find them," she muttered a thought aloud. "I mean, how hard can it be?"

"Yeah. That's a good idea. They'll have a list or something probably. It'll be easy."

Lucy, rather than responding, picked up her tea cup and took a sip of the lukewarm liquid inside.

Tomorrow was going to be one hell of a day.

Three cups of tea each and a very long conversation later, Lucy had showered, dressed in her pyjama and crawled into her bed ready to fall asleep. She had had enough of today. She just wanted it to end.

As her head hit the pillow she expected to nod instantly. Unfortunately, sleep didn't come straight away like she had hoped, so her mind began to wonder. This was the last thing she wanted.

The first thing to pop in to her mind was what instructions Waller was going to give to her tomorrow morning. She just assumed she would be given a job in the GCPD or, more likely, Arkham. Something menial like janitoring or, like she said on the phone, serving food or even cleaning up behind the scenes in the kitchen. She'd definitely not give her a prime job for obvious reasons. Right? She was Harley Quinn's daughter for one. Her death would be bad for business and, more importantly, her mother would make Waller's life hell.

Speaking of her mother, how was she? Yeah, she said she was fine on the phone but she could be lying. Of course she didn't want her to worry, she was her mother. But that didn't mean she was being tortured. Maybe Waller was only saying that to frighten her. It must be purely blackmail... But then again this was Akrham Asylum they were talking about. She had heard a plethora of rumours about the way they ran things up there. She mainly came across this information by eavesdropping on her parents' conversations, gossiping with Iris and listening to Jason...


Oh God, how could she forget about him. Was he being tortured? Was he ok?

Her heart skipped a beat at the thought. They may be hesitant to harm Harley but they would surely have no qualms about torturing Jason. There was no way the people in charge there knew or even cared that they were together. She couldn't protect him.

No, don't think like that. No, he's ok. They're ok. They have to be.

Hell, maybe they were in close proximity in Arkham. She almost laughed at the thought of them bickering in their adjacent cells while their fellow prisoners muttered compliants under their breaths.

With her mood newly lifted at this thought, Lucy rolled over in the bed in attempt to find a position in which she could sleep. She needed to clear her mind. Maybe this was all a bad dream. Maybe she'd wake up in New York with Jason...
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