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In the Shoes of a Digimon

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TK dies and wakes up as Davis's partner in an alternate reality. How will things go?*AU**02/03 cross but non canon*

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TK thought he would be at peace before he died. Alas, he was not. Not completely anyway. Takeru Takaishi was a generally nice person, unless provoked by rash actions. A certain person brought out the Yamato in him.

TK regretted not mending his friendship with Davis, who was now married to his best friend Kari. They had a tense relationship and both had to tolerate each other whenever they met.

TK thought that maybe if he wasn't so jealous and brash, maybe then they would get along.

So with those thoughts in mind, Takeru breathed his last. The last thing he heard was a silent wish.

I wish I could have known you better.


He didn't know where he was. His memories were floating along with him, and they were hard to reach, as if he had been dreaming.

“Look it's hatching,” a girl said.

“Wow…” another more familiar voice breathed.

Soon the world was visible and memories were reachable. Where was he? Wasn't he dead? Was he…

“He’s so small,” said the boy, whom Takeru recognized as Davis. The girl must be her sister Jun.

TK tried to ask questions, but all that came out was, “Poyo...poyo…”

“Aw he’s cute!” Jun gushed, “and he’s totally mine!”

“Hey!” Davis scoffed, “I found his egg so he’s mine!”

Jun rolled her eyes but didn't try to correct him, “Fine, just don't kill him,”

“Yes Mom,” snorted Davis.

TK was in Davis’s room which was, as expected a mess. So when Davis offered him a candy bar, he refused it, shaking his blobby body. Who knows where that has been?

“Oh come on I bet you’re hungry!” Davis insisted, teasing the chocolate.

TK was hungry, oddly enough. But not in the normal way, he was starving. TK wondered if this was how Digimon felt when they were hungry. So when the smell of chocolate hit his senses up close, he couldn't help himself. He ate the entire bar.

“I knew you’d be hungry,” smiled the boy, “hey wanna come out with me? Meet some friends of mine?”

Now this he agreed with, “Poyo..”

Luckily Davis took it as a confirmation.

“I'm going out Jun!” Davis said as he walked out. Poyomon in hand. TK noticed that Davis walked with a limp. Luckily they didn't have to walk far.

“Okay, just be careful doofus!” Jun replied as she browsed the web in the family computer.

Poyomon aka TK looked at the younger version of Kari and Tai. They looked generally the same, except Tai...wasn't as healthy. He looked down right miserable. While Kari was radiant.

Currently they were in the Kamiya apartment. Davis had gone to pay Tai and Kari a visit.

“We had one pop out of our computer a while back too,” Kari said fondly, “though I can’t remember how he left,”

“He’s cute,” Tai coughed, yep he was definitely sick if that’s the best response he had. To sweat dropped.

“Are you sure you’re okay to be up Tai?” Davis asked, what Kari had been thinking.

“I’m okay, besides, I'm tired of the bed,” Tai complained, then turned the question around, “what about you? How’s the leg?”

“You know, same,” Davis said dismissively, “Soccer is over, but at least Jun doesn't yell at me as much anymore,”

TK listened intently to this. He knew Davis’s relationship with Jun wasn't great. They loved each other yeah, but they were always at odds. Plus she bad mouthed Davis behind his back. He remembered when he first met her, the time she got the autograph from Matt.

“Wanna watch TV?” asked Kari, holding the remote.

Both boys were grateful and gave Kari big grins.


Heavy topics we're avoided from then on. The trio talked about their summer cheerily. Once over, Davis walked home with TK. Suddenly a dense fog started form, Takeru felt a presence approaching. A figure took shape before their eyes. A goblin creature.

Davis took a step back, afraid.

“What is that?” Davis was stuck in place.

Crap, thought TK. I have to do something! The tiny blob then began to glow. It became a Tokomon.

“Davis,” TK squeaked, “we have to run!”

“You can talk?” Davis gasped, almost dropping him.

“Davis!” urged the Tokomon, as Goblinmon charged forward.

“But I can't!” Davis said as he dodged the club, falling on his rear, “my leg is busted I can't run!”

Then a glowing orb of light appeared in Davis’s hand. A strange gold device that resembled a walkie talkie. It almost made him forget Goblinmon was there. They needed a miracle.

Which is exactly what they got.

“Tokomon digivolve to...Patamon!”

TK flew above his partner, telling himself that he didn't just think of Davis as his tamer. It was an odd feeling, but the former human could feel their fragile bond. It was new, but nice.

The goblin laughed, Patamon frowned, how was he supposed to attack? Then, an instinct overtook him.

“Boom bubble!”

Goblinmon stumbled back. However, it wasn't enough. He charged knocking Takeru away, Davis cowered. TK watched helplessly as the digimon got close to Davis, raising his club. His heart pounded and stopped.

“No!” Patamon screamed.

Then another miracle, which was more than usually happens, but neither TK or Davis complained.

“Patamon digivolve to...Angemon!”

Davis watched awestruck as the angel grabbed Goblinmon and hurled him away. The Angemon that was Takeru, then hovered over.

“Are you alright Davis?” Takeru almost jumped at the sound of his voice, it sounded like his Angemon used to sound, yet it also sounded like his regular adult self.

Davis nodded and winced, as he tried to move his leg. Angemon resolved to ask David how he injured himself later. Now he had to deal with the disgusting creature that attacked them.

Now, TK had always had a hatred for all things dark and vicious. But this, this feeling of revile and righteous indignation was new. It was like every cell in his body screamed for justice. Is that how his Angemon felt? No wonder he was serious most of the time. Anyone who looked at him however, would think he was the picture of serenity.

“You better leave now Goblinmon,” ordered the angel, “or be deleted,”

The goblin Digimon, who didn't have the biggest brain ever, decided to scoff and charge forward.

Again TK let instinct guide him, “Hand of Fate!”

Goblinmon was then deleted, his body turning into particles.

For a moment TK just stood there shocked at what just happened. He had woken up as a Digimon and Davis was his partner. He was Angemon now, and he just….

“Hey, that was really cool,” Davis praised, his eyes sparkled, “what should I call you though? Do all your forms have different names?”

TK turned around and chuckled, “Right now, I am Angemon. But I can see your point. It can get rather tiresome to remember all of about...Takeru?”

“No,” Davis shook his head, “sorry but that’s my friend Yamato’s dead brother’s name. I can't,”

TK tried not to look shocked, “oh...I apologize then…”

“But I think I got one,” Davis said quickly, changing the subject, “how about Kiseki?”

“Why that name?” Said the angel sofly, suspecting the reason.

“Because you are a miracle Angemon,” Davis chirped, “I would have died without ya!”

The newly dubbed Kiseki smiled and lifted the child in his arms. TK could live with that. But he was saddened by the news that his brother was alone.

He flew on instinct, and decided it was a good time to ask, “So how did your leg get hurt?”

“A car ran into me. I spent months in an icky hospital before going home yuck,” Davis made a face.

“How do you feel about that,” Kiseki/TK asked.

He flapped his wings and landed on Davis’s doorstep. Davis was lost in thought.

“Well, I hated it at first. And I was always sad...but then I started to look at the good I have no clue how I feel,” said the 8 year old.

TK nodded, he felt himself shrink until he was Patamon again. Davis opened the door and both got inside the apartment.

“Jun, we’re back!"

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