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What if Chameleon happened a wee bit differently? No idea how long this will be. Adrienette because it's my ship, yo. Just so y'all know, I am not racist. I just need to make Chloe racist and as ...

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Lila smirked. "And why would you think I would lie, Marinette?"
"Because I'm Ladybug!" Marinette snapped, then covered her mouth, looking upset with herself.
"Marinette, why would you lie to make us believe you?" Chloe asked.
"For once, I'll agree with Chloe, that's uncool, Marinette."
"....." Marinette looked very upset and walked out of the room. Adrien glared at the class. "Thanks a lot." he said. Everyone flinched at the sound of anger and annoyance in his voice. He got up and ran after her. He found her alone in the lockers. "So..." He said. She jumped and looked up, her face red and tears streaming down her face. "Can I sit next to you?"
She nodded. "Wh-why is this so useless? She's a witch. A-and sh-she's s-such a-a l-liar." Marinette said, crying.
"Yes, she is a liar and I don't believe her because I believe you, Marinette, okay?"
"Yeah, I-I guess."
"Also, between her and you, she lies more. I've only heard you lie once on Heroes Day, but you made up for it. I also believe you because I know Ladybug and she's like you in many ways?"
"Yeah. You're like her a little clumsy and awkward with a bit of low self confidence, but a brave, strong, smart, beautiful, creative, funny young woman. I know you won't let me down on this one and I know that you can face the class if you face half of Paris every day."
"Yeah? And you've only seen me as her a few times."
"Hm, not really, but can I meet your kwami?"
"Hi, I'm Tikki!" Tikki flew out.
"Wait, kwami?" Marinette asked. Adrien rubbed the back of his neck, chuckling.
"Hi, I'm Plagg. Where's my camembert?" The cat kwami flew out of nowhere.
Marinette used a pterodactyl screech. "What's up, bugaboo? I thought you were prepared for the world?"
"I kissed you."
"You broke her." Plagg said, snickering.
"And you don't remember that and I tried to say that it didn't happened. We went on something like a date!" Marinette said.
"Yeah?" Adrien asked.
"But, we didn't do it properly." she said.
"Then why not we do it properly now?"
"Right now?"
"Are you trying to prevent it?"
Adrien did what she couldn't do and kissed her. It took a second before she kissed back. Plagg gagged and turned away. When the two finally drew back, they smiled at each other and suddenly began laughing. "We were so stupidly blind, it's funny!" Marinette gasped out.
"I know, right and it was so obvious!"
They stopped and sighed. "Okay, we should get back to class, Marinette."
"Wait." she said as she stood. He looked at her.
"What does this make us?"
"We did just kiss-"
"Tried to eat each other's faces more like." Plagg muttered.
"So, did you want to be my girlfriend?" Adrien asked.
"Yes." Marinette said, giggling.
"Okay, great."
"And we can now get to class." Adrien said.
They walked together. When they entered, the class looked at them. Lila was pretending to be upset. "Marinette, why do you lie to me?" she asked.
"I didn't. I'm extremely exhausted." Now that was a part truth.
"Anyway, Ms. Bustier should start the class." Adrien said. Through class, Marinette and Adrien sat together.

After the akuma, things happened and they all went back to class, but Ms. Bustier had to leave to help out a class and everyone glared at Marinette. "You could never be Ladybug." Chloe said, laughing.
"I know, right?"
"I don't know why she's being such a jerk!" Lila said, sadly.
"Dupain-Cheng is to pathetic." Chloe said.
Marinette looked at them, angrily.
"I mean, she isn't even French. Sure her dad is, but her mother is Chinese. What a cook!" Chloe shrieked. People's eyes widened and Marinette got up to punch Chloe, but Adrien said, "You can't punch her!"
"AND WHY NOT!" Marinette yelled.
"Because we aren't supposed to." Adrien said, though he seemed pissed with Chloe too. "YOU KNOW WHAT THAT LITTLE B-"
"Marinette." Adrien held a warning in his voice.
"MARINETTE, HALL NOW!" Everybody jumped. Adrien never shouted. "FINE!" Marinette snapped.
The two walked out and there was a loud noise. "Seriously?"
"You punched a crater in the bars!"
"Would you have preferred the wall?"
"No, Marinette. You shouldn't be doing that anywhere, princess."
"Since when did Adrien make up nicknames for her?" Nino asked.
"He hasn't, well not that I know of."
"I know, Marinette, but imagine what would happen if you punched Chloe."
"Fine, we can do this while training." Adrien decided.
"You are a strange one."
"Good to see you stopped yelling. Anyway, you can't punch Chloe in the face because, as I'm sure your kwami told you-"
"What?" Nino and Alya shared looks
"That as we wear our miraculouses more, we get actual powers. We both could do serious harm to somebody if things got out of control. In a way, we are more dangerous than akumas."
"Yeah, I know. In costume, you can destroy anything you touch and I have the power to be insanely lucky."
"And get hypothermia easily, but that isn't the point! I'm talking out of costume! We both know that we have worn a real miraculous for long enough and if we hurt somebody, they could go into a coma!"
"Chloe deserves it."
"I don't deny that she does."
"So, I'll do it."
"We don't hurt civilians. After school, I swear, I'm going out and brood on the top of the Louvre or some random roof."
"You're annoying."
"I'm fed up and trying to control my own anger."
"I've seen your glare. It could kill thousands."
"This is the weirdest argument of all time."
"Yes, it is."
The class giggled.
Marinette sighed. "I should just leave now."
"You're telling me. I have to deal with Chloe and Lila now."
"Yes, you do."
"Are you calm now?"
"No, not really."
"How so?"
"I'm imagining several ways to murder Lila and Chloe."
The girls in question went pale.
"Remember when we had to face them as akumas for the first time?"
"Yes. Chloe was just like years of payback. That was fun and Lila was an idiot to get akumatzed."
"She was in the wrong, but you were a little harsh to her."
"Well, she lied about me. I've never saved her life. And, for the record, I hate her for saying so many lies. We aren't BFFs in either of my egos and she uses a hero to gain the popularity of France. I don't like that she said she knows Prince Ali when she doesn't."
"Wait, how do you know this?"
"I texted him as Ladybug about Lila and he said he didn't know anyone named Lila. I know that Jagged Stone doesn't know Lila. And I hate that she said she knows directors of Hollywood. She hasn't even gone to America because she had to guess what Hollywood even looked like. Personally, I have no clue how to survive this year."
"Okay, that's hard to miss. But, liars have no place in this world and they end up without friends or anybody to turn to. And as for being racist, it's absolutely disgusting and hypocritical. Believe me, if I wasn't trying to be a good example, I would've killed the little... jerk. Her mother is American, not French. She has no place to call you that. Plus, Chloe is a bad person that tries to make people angry for her own gain by insults."
"Okay, I'm ready to go back in."
"Finally." The two walked back in and sat back at their seats.

At the end of school, the two walked out and disappeared, probably to brood.
"What just happened?" Lila asked.
"More so, why would you lie?"
"I, uh, well, I am not a liar!" Lila said, trying to find her way out of that one.
"I think we just figured out Ladybug and Chat Noir's identities."

Chat Noir and Ladybug walked into an alleyway and heard a rustle behind them. "Whoever is there can come out. We know your there." Chat said.
The class came into view. "Oh, um, hi, uh, we, uh-"
"Heard our entire conversation? We know and we don't care. So, if you tell anyone about our identities-"
"You'll kill us?" Chloe asked.
"No, but we can do many other things to Paris." Ladybug answered. The two heroes looked at the kids in their class. "Listen, if you tell anyone, including HawkMoth, we will have you help us and give you a tough time in doing so. For one, we know many things about all of you. Everything about you. And if we are revealed, you could all get seriously injured."
"Seriously, that's it?" Chloe asked. The two heroes smirked. "WE mean we would be the cause of your injuries." Chat said.
"Bye!" Ladybug said. The two left leaving their classmates confused and terrified.
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