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I can't make up a title to save my life. This is a Young Justice fanfic where Nightwing is a vampire and Robin/Tim Drake is a changeling. NightwingxBatgirl

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Batgirl walked into the watchtower and stared as Robin ran around the corner, cracking up. "Run for your lives!" he shouted. Nightwing ran out from nowhere and tackled his brother to the ground. "HEY!" Robin complained as Nightwing tied him to the ceiling. "My work here is done." he said, calmly.
"DICK!" Batgirl yelled.
Tim stared at her, duct tape over his mouth.
"Why is Tim up there?"
"I put him up there with reason." Nightwing smiled evilly.
The team walked in at that moment while Nightwing and Batgirl admired his work. "I think we-" Aqualad stopped and stared up at the ceiling. "Uh... why is Tim up there looking like he's bored?" M'Gann asked.
"Mmmmm." Tim complained.
"That would be because of me." Nightwing said, smirking with pleasure. Connor facepalmed. "Don't worry, Tim. Nightwing did this to Zatanna, Raquel, M'Gann, Kalder, Artemis, Wally, and Roy once when he was fourteen."
"I was on a sugar high!"
"You were grounded from sugar!" Tigress said.
"I said I was sorry!"
"After you cracked up, took pictures for two hours until Batman came and had to call the entire Justice League to get us down!" M'Gann said.
"I was bored!"
"We know! You do a lot of weird things when you're bored." Kalder said.
"Sneaking up on you and locking all of you in the cave's old jail is not creepy!" Nightwing contradicted, pouting.
"What about that time you took over the world?" M'Gann asked.
"I took over Maine!"
"You took over the world, Dick! Everyone was terrified of you and you were thirteen!" Connor said.
Nightwing snickered. "That was fun."
"And that other time we caught you trying to hang Joker because he didn't sing a very stupid song?" Tigress asked.
"I'm sure that was Jason."
"That was you."
"What are we talking about?" Zatanna asked.
"Every single thing Nightwing does when he's bored."
"Why is Tim on the ceiling?" Rocket asked, looking 101% done.
"Well, see, I was trying to get him to do an escape room and he refused." Nightwing said, pouting.
"So you're making him escape from the ceiling?"
"Why of course!"
"This reminds me when you punched Harley Quinn and tried on her mask as you called her a, actually, I am not going to say it."
"I called her a-"
"Nightwing, what are you doing?" Batman walked in the room.
"I'm having fun!"
"Get your brother down from the ceiling."
"O sa-i spun lui Alfred ca-ti arunci jello-ul!" Nightwing sing-songed.
"Fine, don't. Batgirl, get Tim down from the ceiling." Batman said. Batgirl and Tim shared looks. "What did Nightwing just say?" Garfield asked.
"He said he'll tell Batman's butler that he throws away jello." Batgirl translated.
"Da am facut!" Nightwing said proudly.
"What language is he speaking in?"
"His first language. We had to learn it for years."
"Putem merge acasa?" Nightwing asked.
"Just a moment. Let me get Tim down and then we can, okay?"
"K." Nightwing said, switching to English. Batgirl let Tim down and as soon as she did, Tim started saying things in Romanian that made Nightwing snicker and Batgirl to stare. "You cuss a ton there!" she said.
"Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl- we have the Joker, Harley Quinn, Firefly, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Bane, Two Face, ClayFace, Mr. Freeze, Black Mask, DeadShot, Killer Moth, Killer Croc, Riddler, and Penguin to put back in jail before they take over Gotham."
The three proteges were joined in groaning by not only the team, but Zatannna and Rocket. The last time all three mentors had to face this much, they came back sleep depived. Long story short, it meant they were not in the best mood and they usually looked like zombies. "We will call the team if we need any help." Batman decided.
They left and ran into Gotham just in time for Poison Ivy to get into combat with Nightwing, though she finally put him under mind control. He kicked Batman in the face right as the other villains came over. Batgirl held the antidote to Ivy's mind control and ran at Nightwing first.

"We should help them. Just in case." Connor said, sighing.
"At least check up on them."
"Okay, sure." Kalder face-palmed.

Everyone got there just in time to see Nightwing and Batgirl wrestle in a weird way. "Is it just me, but does this look like very forceful sex?" Robin asked.
"Uh, don't make this weird." Beast Boy said.
"Nightwing... gosh damn it... stay still... **!" Batggirl shouted.
"Uh, yeah, we probably shouldn't have come. Blue Beetle decided as everyone wore strange expressions. Batman was in combat with Catwoman and that was even weirder. "Meow to those abs, Batty." she said. Robin wore a very odd expression. Harley Quinn shrieked with excitement. "Oh, it's the Birdie!" she cackled. Robin ran into combat with her too. Batgirl finally gave Nightwing the antidote. "What just- wait, seriously! AGAIN?!" He shouted. He swore in Romanian. They fought Poison Ivy and finished by tricking Freeze in killing all the plants and finally defeated him too just as Penguin started whacking anything with an umbrella. He was finished off when they took the umbrella and whacked him on the head with it, then Nightwing saw Robin struggling with Harley. He calmly walked up to them, occasionally stomping on knocked out villains. "Alright, you ***." Nightwing said and proceeded to show his big brother side as he kicked her in the face, punched her so hard her nose and mouth bled, kicked her in the ribs and once she fell, he smacked her where it would hurt really bad and stomped on her face. Batman threw Catwoman on top of
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