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Realms of Alerfa: The Children of Loki (Childhood)

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(In the Beginning story arc) The follow up story to "The Fall of the Morning Star. Follow the three children of Loki, as they all been separated at birth, and have to follow their own separate dest...

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Realms of Alerfa: The Children of Loki (Childhood)
(In The Beginning arc)


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.


Chapter 01: The Oracle

“Ah ha ha ha! Look at that demon fucker!” A young male voice in Angraboda's head mocked her.

“She had to be pretty desperate to sleep with a demonic half breed.” A young female voice mocked Angraboda. “I'm shocked she hasn't fallen from grace yet.”

“I know right?” A older female voice added. “That Angraboda is quite a pathetic little whore. I hope she dies alone, and in shame!”

“AH HA HA HA HA!” The laughter in Angraboda's voice rang out, mocking her and belittling her.

The frost Jotunn clutches on and shakes her head in rage, screaming, “SHUT UP! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!”

Years have passed since Loki's pure blooded demon spawn were born and banished from the light world of Godheim. Years have passed since Angraboda divorced Loki in a fit of rage. But even when those years have come and gone, the reputations of both Loki and Angraboda were still tarnished. People are still not letting this divine scandal die down.

Now, no one wanted to take Angraboda's hand in marriage even again, let alone, just casually date her. Even her own family has cut dies with her, and banished her from their household. Now, Angraboda was living alone, in another far away frost Jotunn settlement in Godheim. She lived alone and was quite a bitter Jotunn woman.

However, years since the demon triplets were separated at birth, and banished to various locations far from where she lived, Angraboda believed that those demon children died from exposure. She believed that they were dead, and she felt relieved at that thought, for that thought was one of the few things that brought her happiness.

Another things that brought Angraboda happiness, was thinking of ways to get revenge on Loki for lying to her about his heritage. Oh yes, this thought of revenge brought her great joy, as she prepared to settle down for the night, dreaming wicked little dreams of revenge and torment to those who brought her such great bitterness in her life.


Meanwhile, back at the Aesir kingdom of Walhalla, deep within the men's living quarters, Loki was deep in thought. Deep in thought with what his life has become after the first Twilight of the Gods. He was rather disgusted with himself, with his demon heritage, of all things.

He thought he found true love forever with Lady Angraboda. She claimed to unconditionally love him back in return. She even accepted him for being an intersexual deity. But once the full blooded demon children were born, it all came to an end. Loki's demon heritage has been revealed, and Angraboda divorced him out of spite and hatred of demons. Now, Loki felt alone. He felt like almost everyone who has grown fond of him, have abandoned him after the divine scandal took place years back.

“Mmmgh! I hate it! I hate it!” Loki thought to himself, as he punched the pillows that laid on his bed. He punched the pillows, and he scratched away at them with his long, claw like fingernails. “Why do I have to be half demon? Grrrr...... I hate you demon ancestors!” I hate you all!”

Loki attacked the pillows until feathers and stuffing started to fly from the tears caused by Loki's nails. The half breed regained his sense, and now felt embarrassed at the mess he made. “Oh dear...Heh heh...Looks like I'll buy the replacement pillows this time.”

A knock was heard on Loki's door. “Who goes there?”

“It is I Loki.” A male voice said back. The voice belonged to no one other than King Odinn, Loki's sworn brother.

“Ah, heh heh, come on it royal sire.” Loki laughed nervously. “It is a little messy in here, but come on in!”

Odinn opened up the door and looked around Loki's room. Odinn noticed the torn up pillows and stuffing littering Loki's room. “Oh geez, you really destroyed those pillows? Are you feeling okay Sir Loki?”

“Oh, it's nothing important, really....” Loki said, as he now started to blush.

“Are you still having those nightmares sbout those demon spawns you and Angraboda disposed of years ago.” Odinn asks Loki in a concerned tone of voice.

Loki groaned in dismay, as he reluctantly replied, “Oh man! How did you know royal sire?”

“I can read you like a book dear sworn brother.” Odinn said in a concerned tone of voice. Odinn started to worry about Loki's well being, and wanted to make his sworn brother feel calm and at peace once more. “Please Loki....Don't let that memory consume you. Hopefully, the demon spawns are far away, and hopefully died from exposure to the harsh environments. So there is nothing for you to worry about. Everything will work out in the end.”

Loki looked over at Odinn, and smiled back at him, bowing politely in return. “Thank you for being there for my royal sire. I wouldn't what to do without you.”

Odinn gotten ready to leave Loki's room. He looks back at his sworn brother, and says, “Remember Sir Loki, if they is anything you need, let me and my Lady Frigga know, okay?”

“Okay, I will. Thank you.” Loki replied as Odinn left Loki's room in the male quarters of Walhalla castle.

Loki felt a little more at ease now. He felt reassured by Odinn's words, and will try what he can to put the past behind him. He believed that his demon spawns were dead and gone, no longer there to torment him. He felt more comfortable and at ease now.

However, Loki was purely living in blissful ignorance, for there will be more futures struggles for him to deal with.


In thre region of Jotunheim, on the way from picking up groceries from the bazaar market, Angraboda was greeted by an elderly Jotunn woman, clad in a tattered cloak, dress and apron. Angraboda felt rather uneasy around this poor old woman, thinking she was a wicked witch out to deceive her.

“Please, please, give me some potatoes!” The old woman begged as Angraboda was guarding her groceries.

“No! NO! You're not getting my potatoes damn it!” Angraboda said in disgust, trying to hide the sack of potatoes behind her back. “Get your own potatoes! Or are you just a mere moocher?”

“Please....please my good lady! Just give me those potatoes!” The old woman begged in sadness.

Angraboda was getting tired of the old woman's begging, as she dug in her potato sack and said in a condescending voice, “Oh, you really want some potatoes? Really? REEEEEALLY?”

“Please! Please!” The old woman begged.

Angraboda then grabs some potatoes and starts to throw them at the old woman, as if they were rocks being thrown at a criminal breaking the law. “There, There! Have you damned potatoes you old trollop!”

“Humph! You shouldn't have done that!” The old woman spat in anger.

Angraboda rolls her eyes, and started to further taunt the old Jotunn woman. “Oh yeah? OH YEEEAH! Like whatcha gonna do about it?”

Then, some other worldy laughter started to come from the old woman's mouth. “Oh ho ho ho, don't you know who I am foolish woman? Because I know who you are! You are Angraboda, the ex-wife of Loki Hrumthung? You know him? The half breed?”

Angraboda's eyes widened in horror, as the voice from the old woman started to sound much younger, and much more menacing. Angraboda tried to stay calm, as she asked the old woman, “Who are you? How did you know who I was? Please, TELL ME!”

“It's simple really...” The old woman chided as she started to transform before Angraboda's eyes.

The old woman now, transformed into her true self, which was that of a Chalkydri angel. Her default form resembled an attractive young woman's head, complete with long silvery blue hair that flowed like liquid platinum, with her lower body, resembling a serpent with silver and blue scales, and has six, bluish white wings on her back. On her head, she wore a golden bejeweled circlet, and wore gold hoop earrings on her wing ears. She also had golden makeup decorated on her youthful face.

Angraboda then cried out and stuttered in fear, “You''re....A.....”

“Yes my dear Angraboda, I am an Oracle of the Chalkydri angel clan.” The Chalkydri said calmly to her. “My name is Muse....Muse Callagari. I am here to tell you about what the future holds for you.”

“No....No! I refuse to know about it!” Angraboda cried out as tried to run away from Muse. But Muse was far more clever than to let her escape. So with her snake tail, Muse grabs onto Angraboda's right ankle, and makes the Jotunn woman trip and fall down flat on her face. Angraboda then felt herself begin dragged closer to the Chalkydri Oracle, as they meet eye to eye with each other.

“Oh yesss my darling Angraboda, I shall tell you all about your future....Kya ha ha ha ha!” Muse laughed in an ominous tone of voice. A huge grin formed on Muses face, as she started to explain everything to Angraboda.

“My dear Angraboda.....I know of those pure blooded demon triplets that you and Loki abandoned at birth, as well as separating them from one another. I know all about them.” Muse said to Angraboda in a chiding tone of voice.

Angraboda's eye's widened in horror at the oracle mentioning the demon triplets. “What about those little bastards? What do you know about them?!”

“First off....” Muse started to explain. “Those children, they are not dead. They did not die from exposure.....”

“YOU'RE JOKING!” Angraboda shrieked in rage. “You can't be serious!”

“Silence! Stop interrupting me young lady!” Muse snarled as he squeezed Angraboda's right ankle as hard as she could, making the Jotunn woman yelp in pain. “Now, where was I....? Oh yes. Those demon children are alive and well. The oldest triplet, is the wolf demon, Fenris, who was adopted by the Inugami clan, who lurk within the Godheim region of the Happy Hunting Grounds. The middle triplet, the aquatic dragon demon, Jormungand, has fallen to the dragon world of Dragnar, and is a part of a traveling caravan, that makes up of mostly storm and frost dragons.....And for the youngest triplet.....the albino doll demon......”

Angraboda's eyes were now wide and bloodshot with pure fury. “What about that little devil? What about her?”

“The albino doll demon.....” Muse continued. “Is named Halja of Sheol. One of the people Loki wronged during the Twilight of the Gods is residing in the Helheim kingdom of Sheol, and has adopted little Halja. She is now the crowned princess of the kingdom, living in the lap of luxury and love.”

Angraboda clutched her head, shaking it in horror. “No....NO! This cannot be....No! NOOOO!”

“Oh, but is the truth my darling.” Muse laughed and taunted. “However, do you wanna find a way to slay them? Do you?”

“Yes...! YES DAMN IT, YES!” Angraboda snarled in anger. “I want those shits dead, and gone!”

“Well, there is a way to dispose of them....” Muse taunted, and then laughed. “Oh ho ho ho, but since you were so boorish and rude to me, I'm not telling you a way to dispose of them. You have to find that out on your own.”

“Why!” Angraboda stuttered in rage.

Muse heard the bell tolls ring, and was ready to leave to her next destination. “Oh, the bells are tolling. It's time for me to go on my way now. Remember my precious, you should always be polite to people in need, no matter what. Let this be a harsh lesson for you. Now....Toodles! Ah ha ha ha ha!”

Now, Muse transformed into a beam of light, and vanished from where Angraboda was standing.

Angraboda knelt down and rubbed her sore right ankle, feeling rather enraged and furious over the truth of her demon offspring. “So they are alive and well after all....Humph!”

Angraboda got back up on her feet, and started to go over to her cart of groceries, making her way back home, with visions of revenge stirring in her head. “Oh, I'm on my own now. But no matter what, I will find a way to dispose of those demon spawns for good, even if it costs me my life, or even my sanity! Revenge will me mine! ALL MINE! Then no one will stand in my way. Take that Loki! I will have your head on a silver platter, decorating my table. Oh ho ho ho ho!!!”
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