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To Do What Must Be Done

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Obi-Wan discovers Palpatine's plans to turn Anakin to the Darkside. To save him he offers himself to the Sith Lord. [Anidala + Obikin]

Category: Star Wars - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Horror - Characters: Anakin,Obi-Wan - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2019-03-27 - 432 words

Obi-Wan swiftly enters Palpatine office and Kneels before him. Waiting for his presence to be acknowledged, remaining silent.

Sidious turns to Obi-Wan with a look of cold disinterest. “I have a task for Darth Devara. I sense it may serve as your final test”

“What do you require of me, my lord?” Obi-Wan questions respectively, keeping his head bowed down submissively to the powerful Sith Lord.

“A certain individual has been a thorn in my side. She has been gathering resistance in the Senate to oppose me” Sidious pauses and looks down at Obi-Wan. “You shall dispose of Senator Amidala of Naboo”

Obi-Wan looks up at Sidious with horror. Padme is a dear friend of his.

“I sense your unease, Darth Devara” Sidious snarls, disgusted by Obi-Wan’s weakness.Obi-Wan winces looks back to the floor, chastened and ashamed.

“Anakin will hate you” Sidious draws out slowly, enjoying the pain on Obi-Wan’s face. “He will hate you, but he will also hate the darkness for taking all he has ever loved from him. You’ll never have to worry about him falling into darkness”

“… I will do as you command, my lord” Obi-Wan affirms.

“Then see it done, Darth Devara” Sidious dismisses him.

Obi-Wan quickly leaves, not wanting to anger Sidious by needlessly lingering when he has a task to complete.

Sidious snarls to himself as he reflects on the short meeting. Obi-Wan’s weakness disgusts him. His affection will have to be addressed and dealt with accordingly. As an idea manifests within Sidious’s mind, a distorted grin twists his face, spinning a false tale of a fatherly chancellor. When complete, the task will assure the darkness in Kenobi’s heart.

He senses that Obi-Wan is nearing Senator Amidala’s apartment. Moving quickly, he picks up his Comm, he calls Skywalker.

“Chancellor how c-“Skywalker greets but is shortly interrupted.

“My boy, I am afraid I have heard something absolutely horrific. I need your help” The chancellor rushes in a single short breath, his face twisted into a mask of fear and pain.

“Relax chancellor, I’ll do what I can” Anakin confidently reassures him.

“Oh my dear boy. I am afraid that I overheard something terrible rumors that there is a plot to kill Senator Amidala” his voice quivers as if he were under immense emotional distress.

Sidious crushes down his delight at Skywalker’s remarkably pale face. Before he can continue any further Skywalker grounds out “I will not let anyone hurt her”

Without another word, Anakin cuts the communication.

Sidious leans back in his chair and smiles.
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