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Broken Hearts

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Obi-Wan discovers Palpatine's plans to turn Anakin to the Darkside. To save him he offers himself to the Sith Lord. [Anidala + Obikin]

Category: Star Wars - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Horror - Characters: Amidala,Anakin,Obi-Wan - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2019-03-27 - 557 words

\\WARNING// Gore and Violence \\WARNING//

Caution is advised

You have been fairly warned

(I don't know how bad this is but I felt it was worthy of a warning)


Anakin arrives at Padme’s apartment somewhat exhorted by his journey. He takes a quick moment to check his appearance before he enters her apartment. Padme may like the look of his wild hair, but there is a difference between stylishly wild and ratty wild.

As he enters the mess he find stops him dead in his tracks. “No, no, no, no” He mutters, quickly rushing to where mess leads to, the bedroom.

Anakin gasps in horror as he crosses the threshold of Padme’s bedroom to find her being aggressively chocked by his Master.

“Master?” Anakin exclaims shocked. He is further taken aback when Obi-Wan turns around, his cruel yellow eyes now locked on him.

Obi-wan growls low in his throat. This is not how this was meant to go. He loosens his hold Padme’s neck slightly and faces Anakin fully. “Here to say goodbye to your darling Padme?”

“Stop this now, Obi-Wan. It is not too late” Anakin says assertively in hopes that his old Master would listen.

“I cannot do that Anakin. It is unfortunate that you will have to be witness to it. I would suggest closing your eyes, mayb-“

Padme cries out as Obi-Wan applies a little more pressure to her neck.

“You’re kriffing a monster” Anakin grounds out, angry tears of hurt and betrayal threatening to fall.

Obi-Wan subconsciously tightens his grip on Padme’s neck in anger. How dare he? He is doing this to save him. So he can fulfill his destiny. So he can be happy. This is all for him. How dare he? He killed for him, for his happiness. He is not a monster. He is doing this for love, for him… for the galaxy.

“Let her go, Obi-Wan” Anakin shouts.

A hot sickening pull heats Obi-Wan’s guts. Anger fills his very core.

Letting out an inhuman scream of pure rage, Obi-Wan pushes Anakin back with the force, stronger that Anakin wold ever expect from his Master.

Obi-Wan turns to Padme and punches his fist through her throat. Pulling out her trachea, he throws her to the floor.

Anakin looks on in horror as Obi-Wan stalks over to him with parts of Padme’s neck in his hand, His steps slow, deliberate and full of anger.

Anakin quickly stands up and draws his lightsaber defensively, horror roles though his heart. When did his master become this? What went wrong?

With a roar of anger Obi-Wan slams his lightsaber into Anakin’s, sending it flying across the room.

Suddenly all the anger leaves Obi-Wan as he looks upon his former apprentice’s heartbroken face. He never meant to hurt him. He would never dream of hurting him. He runs the back of his hand over Anakin’s cheek. Still holding parts of Padme, her blood smearing across his face.

“I did it for you. For your safety and happiness. Please understand” Obi-Wan whispers looking in to his eyes with warm affection.

With that said Obi-Wan quickly makes to leave. Throwing his handful of Padme onto her couch, he gives Anakin one last sad look.

Anakin drops to the floor and cries his heart out.
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