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A men with his sex doll

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Every man wants to a beauty women become his girlfriend or wife.

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Every man wants to a beauty women become his girlfriend or wife.

Jack is a 25-year-old man, a young guy who has no girlfriend, even no female friend. He usually stays at the apartment alone, because his parents at town, he is working in city. Sometimes, he will walk in the park, or play with a wild cat. He looks so lonely, nobody can talk with him.

One day, he is watching TV, but not long time, he feels boring. So, he open hie computer, look through if any interesting News. Suddenly, he saw an ad: " Did you feel lonely, only the mobile phone with you at every night. If you don't want talk with another, but need a partner, especially a beautiful lady, can't interfere with your freedom. You must be very happy. If you say yes, please click below link...."

Then, he visits the site, a sex doll store - , many kinds of dolls appear in the pages, hot sexy, sweet, or cute. He is exciting, and continue browsing other pages. After ten minutes, he likes a 158 cm C cup sweet love doll, and ask the customer service some problem. Finally, he chose a 156 cm E cup sweet sex doll.
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