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Stan and Kyle have been Super best Friends Since childhood what happens when one develops feelings for another?

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warning: No smut Just Fluff..

Ever since Childhood Stan and Kyle have been Super Best Friends or S.B.F. for short Even After childhood as they grew up They never grew apart and never really made new friends, So here's where we start our story..

'' Dude have you seen Wendy? I couldn't find her Anywhere and I waited up where we Normally meet Which is outside the school. '' '' No Stan. You know I usually don't talk to her really unless i have to'' '' Oh yeah i suppose so.. Anyways We should just go to my house and play video games or something, I'll text Wendy in one second asking where she is '' Kyle Nods and They both walk Down the sidewalk Toward the way Stan goes to his house. Stan says After walking in Silence for most of the time.. '' Yeah she said She was meeting up With Bebe At some super expensive shop and they'll be there for A while ''

Kyle nods and He hears some loud footsteps Running behind them. Cartman says while Panting '' Guys Where the hell have you been? '' Kyle rolls his eyes and says '' We're heading to Stan's house For video games since Bebe and Wendy are out shopping for a while and we Haven't even been walking that far '' Cartman Says in an annoyed tone '' Jesus Kyle you didn't have to be so Fucking rude '' Kyle Ignores him and Cartman adds while Walking ahead of them '' Well you guys i'm Heading home So have a fun time at Stan's house fucking each other! ''

And he Walks off quickly and Stan says to Kyle '' I mean Kyle, it's not like your really gay right? don't get me wrong though, but I don't have any problems with Gay or lesbians They're cool with me '' Kyle shakes his head and Says '' Nope i'm not but I still like Tha Tweek and Craig are dating because they're really cute '' Stan smiles a bit and says '' Yeah I know right? '' and They both arrive at Stan's house and Stan gets his keys out of his Bag/Backpack/Messenger Bag And Unlocks his door Quickly And He lets Kyle Step in first and he closes the door after once they were both inside His house. Stan Shuts the door, locks it, And Sets his Keys on His Coffee Table. Kyle sits down On his house and Sets his stuff beside him. Stan Sets his Stuff on The same couch and goes into the Kitchen and gets some Snacks. Kyle asks From the living Room '' Hey Stan what game should we play? '' Stan hesitates and says '' uh i dunno maybe ( Game ) Maybe? '' '' Yeah that sounds great '' And Stan finishes up and Sets the Snacks on the table and Sits back on the couch.

Kyle Hands Stan A game controller and The loading screen Comes on the Tv and Stan Asks '' Ready Kyle?'' then Kyle says '' Ready! '' And they start the game.. A few minutes later Stan Groans and says '' Damn Kyle, you're really good at this..'' Kyle smiles and says '' Try something new next? '' Then Stan says '' nah i'm good. Oh yeah Also I'm going into my room to change clothes Kyle so Don't come in '' Kyle nods and takes Handful of Snacks and Stuffs it into his mouth. Then Stan goes into the back upstairs and Opens his door and Looks through his drawer Full of Pajamas and Clothes Etc.. His Picks a Pair of Blue pajamas and gets some underwear too. then he goes back to the door and Shuts it mostly but leaves a Crack open..

He then takes off His Shirt and Then slides off his pants Next, then he Slides off his Boxers.. Then door creaks open Kyle looks at Stan with Wide eyes..
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