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Pokémon Boyfriend Scenarios | Kanto

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This version includes Red, Blue, Brock, Lt. Surge, Koga, Bruno, Lance, Professor Oak, Bill, James, and Giovanni. A separate one will, of course, be made for the girls, and the same for each region!...

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You held the thin scarf close to your frame. Your numbed legs labored to push you through the snow. You stopped to survey the area. No matter how you tried, all you could see through the snow gathered on your lashes were the bleak greys and whites of the mountain peak. You waddled on, but soon found yourself exhausted by the terrain. Using the side of your boot, you attempted to sweep away a mound of snow, but to no avail. You grew more impatient by the minute, until you began thrashing in the snow to relieve your temper.

Why would I think that a legendary trainer lived on Mount Silver? And why did I think I was anyone to challenge him?

You lost your breath soon after, and a tight emptiness took the place of the fire. You bit the inside of your cheek and found yourself on the verge of tears. You took one final kick at a bluff, and felt your feet come out from under you. The ungodly cold of the ice and snow seeped into your bones as you slid down the mountain side.

You had succumbed to snow blindness a while ago, but with all in view being white, you found yourself unable to focus on anything. You struggled in the grip of the powder snow, its lack of solidity making it difficult to move. You felt yourself continuing to slide down the mountain’s side, although at a slugma’s pace now. Apathetic in your search, you groped around for something, anything stable. Rage rose up once again, and you began shouting at the top of your lungs as you writhed in the snow, knowing the futility in it.

Despite the stillness of the mountain, your shouts didn’t go unnoticed. Nearby, your cries echoed through a walkway as a trainer strode through. He stopped to listen for a moment and heard you once more. He ran down the sloped entrance and stopped at the mouth. People hadn’t been this high in the mountain in so long, and he couldn’t believe that someone else was finally able to scale it!

“Where are you?” He couldn’t see anything that had disturbed the snow, save for a couple of light bird pokémon tracks by a berry bush.

The strong and mellow voice of a young man rang in your ears, subduing you for a moment until you had the wits about you to answer.

“Here! I’m right… here?” You could not, for the love of all that is holy, think of any reason why someone would be on this mountain.

Hurried footsteps crushed the harder snow on the pathway and halted where you could only assume to be a vantage point above.

“Do you need help?”

You tried to move to see who had come to your aid, but in that time, he had already skidded down the slope to you. He went to work digging you out of the bluff.

“You got in real deep, huh?” He beamed at you, and your eyes focused enough to sort out some details of the young man’s appearance. His eyes were of a vibrant amber brown, and his cheeks and lips seemed stained red by the mountain winds. It went without saying who this was now, but you had always heard about how tempered and serious this kid was. You always imagined him as strong and stern, back to the wind, and without a care in the world.

Red dusted the last of the snow from your clothes and helped lift your bottom half out of the frozen cask. He didn’t hesitate in handing his vest over to you and assured it would keep you warm, even without the aid of sleeves. He helped you keep steady while climbing up the slope and lead you back through his tracks. Once you reached a wide ledge, he pointed you towards the mouth of a small cave.

After a sharp bend in the beginning, holiday lights strung along the walls provided light for the path. Heat oozed from the stone walls, and with the sudden temperature change paired with the strangely warm vest, it all became too much. You slid it off your shoulders, and let it hang on your arm before handing it back to Red.

“Thanks.” He acknowledged you with a nod, and the soft lighting gave just enough to see his cheeks move with his smile. He stopped in the path without warning, and you came close to bumping into him.

“Watch your step here.” He put his foot on a ledge and braced himself as he pulled open a thick door. As it gave, a wave of warm air washed over you, not unlike the feeling of opening an oven. He guided you into his home and led you to the couch. You sunk onto it and gave into its soft touch. When you looked up, Red had already seated himself in a recliner across the room.

“You can call me (Y/n), by the way.” Red tested the name on his lips for a moment.

“Nice name.”

You fumbled with your words until you could piece together something like, “Thanks, I got it for my birthday,” or, “I picked it out myself,” or maybe a mix of the two?

Either way, he laughed, and the fire behind him illuminated a wide, child-like grin. It seemed that Kanto’s ex-champion wasn’t that serious after all; or at least, he wasn’t serious about anything that didn’t involve pokémon.



When you signed up for a community service program, you expected a small, boring project to go towards your scholarship; yet here you are, on your way to Pallet Town for the next six months. You swung your luggage backwards to knock on the door of Professor Oak’s lab, but ended up slamming the other half of your bags against the door. You shifted your bags again just in time to hit whoever had opened the door for you.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!”

The guy rubbed his leg and groaned. “What’re you packing, rocks?” His gaze lifted to make eye contact, and confusion swept over him. He leaned against the doorway, half blocking the entrance. “Who are you?”

A voice called out from behind him. “Blue? Is that my volunteer?”

Blue looked you up and down, then let his gaze linger on your face. You could do little more than smile at him, with the stress of the past few days shining through. You decided to speak up on behalf of yourself.

“Yes sir, that would be me.” Tentatively, you edged your foot into the doorway, hoping for Blue to give way. He didn’t step aside but took your bags and remained in his place.

“I think you’re forgetting something.” He smirked and reinforced his position in the doorway. “What’s the magic word?”

“Uh… excuse me?”

He rubbed his chin and exaggerated a thoughtful expression. “Isn’t that more of a phrase?”

Professor Oak called out once more. “Blue, will you please let them in?”

Blue stepped aside. “The word was lotion, but I’ll still let you through.” He winked, and lightly hip-checked you as you passed. You giggled nervously, unsure of what to think.

He’s cute, but he’s also really, really, ridiculously annoying.

You could feel your cheeks heating up, thanks to mild frustration, though Blue took it to mean something else.

The lab smelled sterile, much like a doctor’s office. All of Kanto’s cutting-edge technology hummed and whirred in harmony under one roof. Several assistants were scattered about the lab, some working together, while others worked alone. You had no clue what any of the machines did, but you didn’t need to worry about it—you’d more or less be an intern for six months while you live in Pallet Town, housed by Professor Oak and his family, and then his lab would pay for your next four semesters of study! It all seemed too good to be true.

For the remaining office hours, you tried to keep composed and follow the professor’s requests, but as exposure to Blue increased, you could feel your brain cells withering up and dying. As you thought you reached your breaking point, Professor Oak called out to him.

“Blue? Didn’t you say you needed to get going a couple of hours ago?” Blue, who had been sitting on your table for what seemed like an eternity, made a show of leaping off and checking his phone, jostling your workspace in the progress.

“Huh. Yeah, I guess so. See ya Gramps.” You held your breath as Blue left and sighed in relief after the door closed. Serenity seeped through your veins, you now knew peace.

“Oh, and (Y/n), why don’t you pack up and follow him? He’ll show you which room is yours.”

And now it’s gone, gone forever. No problem! You attempted to smile but made a face more akin to the world’s most stressed hoppip.

While following Blue, you stayed far enough behind to avoid conversation, and refused to look at him. Suddenly, you remembered—

“My bags! I forgot—”

“Um, hey? I’ve got ‘em, slowpoke.” He laughed lightly. Not that obnoxious laugh you had heard all day, tossing his head back and cackling as if making sure everyone knew of his presence, but genuine. The tinkling metallic sound of your zippers being jostled by his shaking of the luggage sounded like bells in the moment, however unrealistic it seems.

A hand waved in front of your face. “Hey? I get working with Gramps is stressful, but this bad on the first day?”

“Huh? No! No, I’m… you know?”

Blue cocked his head. “Maybe? Whatever it is, we can fix it in there. I mean, our house is literally ten steps away.” A little home with a blue roof seemed to beckon you in, with the sun spilling the last bit of daylight over the front and leaving all behind it awash in a blue daydream. “And I’ve kinda been waiting on you to get the door for me. No rush, no rush.”

“Oh, yeah! I’m sorry!” You rushed a step or two past him and stopped at the door.

“Don’t know what you’re sorry for, I think your little space-out session was called for. You didn’t look up once all day! Not even with all I did to try and make you laugh!”

Maybe… maybe you’ve misjudged this guy? With your right hand on the door handle, you turned to get a quick look at him, then pushed in the door. You heard him gasp behind you, startling you in the process. You stood in the doorway, now on guard.

“That’s what I’ve been wanting all day! A real smile!” He laughed at his own joke and seemed to enjoy causing you a quick moment of panic as well. You leaned against the door, propping it open, and kept from looking as he passed. You felt your cheeks burning. Did you even smile? You certainly didn’t do it /consciously/. Your head snapped up as he addressed you.

“Anyway, I’ll drop your stuff in front of the guest room’s door. Right beside mine. Lucky you!”

Arceus. It really was too good to be true. Could you deal with this for half of a year? You didn’t know. While unpacking, you couldn’t help but notice the door connecting the two rooms. You immediately locked your side and laid down on the bed, not bothering to slide yourself under the periwinkle checkered comforter, and fell soundly asleep.



A chilly breeze hit you as you walked past the pond that sits before Mount Moon. The cold draft that runs down the mountain side is all that ever disturbed the serene surface. The newly formed dew of the night leaves a dark trail as you walk through the grass. The stars reflected in the small puddles stare up at you as you avoid stepping in them. The empty bag on your back bounced with your movement, light and ready to be filled. You shuffle along, combing the ground for anything of use: fossils, rare stones, dropped items, all things regularly found on such trips.

Flick… tap tap... flick flick… tap…flick!

The yellow light flushed out the dark in front of you and made the damp cave floor shine. A quick scan back and forth with the flashlight confirmed you were alone, as usual. You inched along the slick floor, avoiding diglett holes and geodude fingers. Dropped items, varying from litter to a single, small pearl, likely produced by a passing trainer’s pokémon, all placed in your bag, either to be used or disposed of properly. Mount Moon was basically your backyard, after all— a definite perk of living in the outskirts of Pewter City. Generally, during the day, you helped trainers who passed by, either by letting them rest, or sharing some of the items you’ve found on your trips that you have far too many of to ever run out.

At night, however, you loved skimming the cave, even if all you find is trash. Mount Moon always had a cool comfort to it, reminding you that you’re alone in the gentlest of ways. So tenderly did the walls whisper back every sound you make, with the light babble of dripping, barely running water behind it.

Just around a corner, you noticed someone’s shoe. Though it was a funny thought, seeing someone sock-footed trying to navigate the cave, it seemed too gross to leave behind. You tried to pick it up, only to feel resistance.


You jumped when you heard the voice, followed by embarrassment. You just tried to yank some guy’s shoe off!

“Oh!” You jumped backward, and accidentally tossed your flashlight aside. Upon hitting the ground, you heard the batteries jiggle in their place and roll into the perfect position to illuminate your shoe-napping victim… Pewter’s gym leader, Brock?! A regional celebrity!

“I am sooo, so so sorry, Mr. Harrison, I thought— you were— I was—“

“Hey, hey, it’s fine.” He reached for your flashlight, and switched it off before handing it to you. “No harm done. And you can just call me Brock.

Arceus, you had to be dreaming. You could feel yourself waking up now, yes!

And then you hit the floor.

You actually woke up inside Pewter’s gym, with Brock at your side, excited to see you conscious. Your head was propped up on his over-shirt, leaving him in a black, fitted t-shirt. Goose bumps coated both of your arms and legs from the night’s chill. It must be much later than when you left your house.

“Are you okay? It seems like you ran your blood pressure high, or something like that at least. Either way, you just kind of...” he motioned at you, trying to find the word. “...Collapsed?”

You propped yourself up with your elbows, and looked around. You never really visited Pewter City for anything but groceries. The gym looked like a man-made cave from the inside. As your eyes wandered, you felt him place his hand on your forehead, making you all too aware of the burning in your cheeks.

“Your face is still really warm.”

You pulled slightly from his hand. “I swear I’m okay! I’m just really...”

“Tired?” Not what you were going to say, but it’s easier to agree.

“Let me walk you home, at least. Or you could stay with me, if you’re not sure you can make it.”

You’d always heard about how much of a flirt this guy is, but he hadn’t attempted anything so far— unless his plan was to lure you into a false sense of security! Then again, who would want the person who tried to steal your shoe and immediately fainted? After all, a walk all the way from the west side of the city to your home sounded exhausting.

His smile was soft and reassuring as you explained that you lived outside the city. He brought you to his home, just north of the gym, and gave up his bed for you, while he slept on the couch. You slept so hard, you didn’t even realize you’d slept— you simply turned over and saw daylight, and noticed the clock that proved you had slept for roughly 12 hours. 12 hours!?

As you crept downstairs, you couldn’t help but notice the smell of something divine. Just around the corner, Brock was plating the breakfast he made for both of you to share. He yawned, drawing a bit of teariness to his eyes.

“Ah, I was just about to wake you up. Hungry?” After eating, he insisted on walking you home, just in case something happened along the way.

“But what about the gym?”

“They can wait. I’d much prefer knowing that you’re safe.”

If this is flirting, it’s definitely better than any of the lines you’ve heard before.


Lt. Surge

To (Y/n) (L/n)
From Vermilion Public Schools

We do our best to provide all of our children with positive role models, and you're one we’d love to have speak at our assembly on Thursday! We want you to tell a story about the time you faced the elite four— let us know soon!

G. Ghert

Wow! You’ve never thought of yourself as a role model, much less a good one! Though, as far as those settled in Vermilion, only you and the gym leader had made attempts at the title of champion.

After some consideration, you decided it’d be nice to go. You could let kids know their dreams are attainable, ease their fears, and possibly see someone you’ve had your eye on for quite a while— since you challenged him, to be precise— Lieutenant Matis Surge, the lightning Unovan!

When Thursday came, you dressed as nicely as you could (within reason, of course), and made the short walk to the school. You arrived early so that you would have time to get used to the surroundings and calm down. The auditorium was cool while empty, aside from the stage whose lights could bring anyone to a schvitz. Soon though, all the students would pile in and heat up the area.

You were alone for a while, you weren’t sure how long. After the loudspeaker called for everyone to report to the auditorium, you hurried backstage and arrived just in time to not be trampled— but just in time for you to run headlong into someone. You shook your head and stepped back, and immediately wished for the earth beneath you to swallow you whole.

“Oh hey! Sorry!”

He laughed, a sweet yet hearty sound from his chest, clapped his hand on your back and said, “Don’t worry about it!” He’d forgone his gym attire, and dressed rather nicely: a green tartan shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a plain black tie, which suited him.

You were called on stage to stand behind the principle throughout his introduction, but you couldn’t focus. He was so close to you! You stood at attention and stared forwards at the crowd. You felt your cheeks burning from a combination of heat, embarrassment, and somewhat amorous thoughts.

You did your best to keep from looking over at Lieutenant Surge until he was at the podium, though you could only see behind him. As he took the stage, the energy of the room shifted with his personality.

Out of nowhere, Raichu dropped from the ceiling and illuminated the room with a thunderbolt! Kids of all ages were entranced by the display, and the resulting static had everyone’s hair standing on end. Raichu waddled behind him, where he crouched behind the podium to rub behind her ear and whisper, “Good girl,” which she answered with a, “Rai!” He kissed her forehead, then stood up and faced the crowd.

His tale of facing the elite four was, for lack of a better word, electrifying! He assured the kids that the pokémon they heard about and saw today weren’t the team he uses for gym battles. After a short farewell, he handed the stage off to you, more or less switching spots. You didn’t even have flash cards to keep on topic!

“Well… I, like Lieutenant Surge— err, like he did! I also faced the elite four, and beat the champion, too.” Great start, pidgey-brain. “Although, I didn’t want a position in the league, not even as a gym leader! I still have room to improve as a trainer, and I don’t deserve a spot yet. But that doesn’t mean you should do what I did!”

The rest of a speech was a panicked blur in your mind— how could you say that! Your own body betrayed you! You received a nice applause at the end, and could see a few starry-eyed kids dreaming of their own league story. At least it doesn’t require much skill to please a child through stories. As you stepped outside, you were suddenly aware of a hand on your shoulder.

“You did great out there! You’ve got more guts than I guessed.” He beamed, sky blue eyes twinkling as he looked at you. His sunglasses were in his hand, and he fidgeted with them idly— open, close, open, close. “We should definitely hang out sometime!”

“Yeah, definitely.”

“See you around, (Y/n).” He left with that, but his raichu nuzzled the side of your thigh, then trotted off behind her trainer.

What was all that about? You had no clue, but you weren’t complaining! You looked forward to your next meeting with Matis, the former commanding officer. You had no clue how long it’d take, but you hoped for it to be sooner rather than later.



The last thing you remembered was a sneezing fit, and then hitting the ground. You woke up at some point later, though you had no clue when or where. All you knew was you heard frantic footsteps all through the house. The footsteps drew nearer, until you locked eyes with who had been pacing about: your town’s gym leader, Koga. He rushed over to you and began speaking to you in a softer tone than you could ever imagine coming from such a man.

“Do you feel sick? Are you okay?” He flashed a light in your eyes, making you blink and recoil.

“I’m just… really tired.” You yawned, and leaned back on the couch. He pulled you back up.

“No! You inhaled sleep powder while I was training. You need to drink this.” Sluggish, you took the drink, and started to sip on it. It tasted like a fruity ginger ale. Slowly, you could feel yourself perking up. “We’re lucky that berries have an affect on humans too.” He pulled a lum berry from his pocket, and twisted it around for you to see. “It just takes more. Think fast!”

He chucked something small and hard at you which you struggled to catch in your groggy state. A chesto berry! “A mix of those two berries just saved you from a potential coma.”

You quietly said, “Thank you Koga… thanks berries...” You felt yourself nodding off, only to be shaken awake once more.

“You can’t sleep for four hours minimum. To make sure you stay awake, I’ll be keeping you here. I hope you don’t mind, but it’s for your safety.”

You yawned. “I don’t mind.” You went to lean back, and Koga quickly shoved pillows behind you to keep you from doing so.

“Don’t even lie back, it’ll be too tempting.” You frowned, but agreed. You didn’t particularly feel like going into a coma today, especially not at this man’s expense.

You passed the hours by talking, and you actually learned quite a bit about him! He makes his own potions and antidotes at home, and while he does have a soft spot for poison types, he really loves all pokémon. You hoped you remembered the encounter through your foggy state. There was no doubt, Koga was an interesting person.

Upon the fourth hour, he helped you to stand up, and asked where you lived. Although you promised that you were fine, he insisted that he made sure you got home safe. “If you were hurt from the mistake I made, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

As you walked home, you nearly grabbed his hand, but thought better of it. You really hoped he didn’t notice. When you reached your door, he reached into his pocket and handed you a piece of paper.

“Call if you need me again.” With that he left, the light chainmail under his clothes silent with his precise steps. You hoped you could meet again under better pretenses.



/Saffron Rejoices as Bruno Returns from Indigo Plateau to Celebrate Anniversary!/

The headline was everywhere! You remembered that even while you went to school with Bruno you admired his determination, his grit, him. You were so excited to see him after all these years, even if you never really met him. On the day of his arrival, you were at the front of the line around the magnet train station. After some time, the train parked at the station, and a hush fell over the crowd. Bruno emerged, and a bloom of noise erupted from the area.

He grinned and waved at the onlookers, and while he was distracted by the crowd, he happened to step on your foot. Now, Bruno wasn’t a small man: he towered over nearly everyone he met, and he was made of pure muscle. You yelped in pain, causing him to look over.

“Oh, my bad.” He seemed to think for a moment. “You look like someone I went to school with.”

Though doubled over, you looked up at him and replied, “That’s because I did.”

“(Y/n)? Haven’t seen you in a bit! Come on, you’re gonna show me what’s changed!” He grinned at you, and took you to his side. You had never talked to him, aside from the occasional “Do you have a pencil?” Now, he’s invited you to see the town with him! You limped for a couple of paces, and then he noticed and stopped.

“I really got you, huh? Just a second.” Bruno picked you up and held you like you were nothing. Reporter’s flashing cameras blinded you, and you instinctively hid your face in his chest. Luckily for you, he had changed out of his usual garb for the Elite Four, opting for normal clothes instead.

“What are you doing?” You looked up from his arms, and he smiled down on you.

“Carrying you? I thought that was obvious.” He laughed, and you felt the hearty reverberations in his chest. It was oddly calming. Bruno smelled of a nice cologne with a sweet hint of energy drink. Had you known he was this friendly, you may have approached him earlier, or perhaps put your foot in his path. No matter, you were having a good time here and now with him. You told him how things had changed in the city since he left. He seemed happy enough to have you as his guide. He even insisted on taking you out to eat afterwards!

This is basically a date.

That thought ran through your head dozens of times, though you wouldn’t dare to say it out loud. He’d at least let you walk on your own as soon as you could. A week after the event, your face was plastered on every tabloid magazine being held by Bruno, suggesting you were some sort of mystery lover who’s now been found.



As a skilled trainer and breeder, competitive trainers are your typical customers. With your help, an average trainer can become an ace trainer in no time. Most of your clientele are recommended to you by past customers, so it’s not uncommon for visitors to show up on your doorstep. Today was different, though.

Three short knocks were laid upon your door. On the other side stood Lance, the champion of the Indigo Plateau, awaiting your assistance. When you saw him, you had a moment of doubt; he, however, explained that he had been recommended to you in the resulting silence.

“Of course, come in, come in!” You had no clue what to do. “I’ll get you some… food? Drinks?”

He waved his hand dismissively. “I’m fine, thank you. I’m only here to discuss business. It shouldn’t take too much of your time.” He chuckled and smiled, relieving some of the pressure in the room. You took a seat across from him, and fidgeted with your shirt. You weren’t expecting company, so you were speaking to the champion in your pajamas.

“So, I’ve noticed that the majority of trainers who have successfully made it to my chamber have had at least one pokémon raised by you. Now, I’d like one too. I’d like to discover your secret.”

One of your latest commissions, a pachirisu, darts up to you and jumps in your lap to nuzzle you, creating static that made your hair stand on end. “It’s just...” you trailed off as you patted the EleSquirrel pokémon, “Love? I have lots of it to give!” You chuckled to yourself as Pachirisu rubbed her face against your hand. She took a quick look at Lance, then jumped over to give him a greeting.

“It certainly seems so.” A smile ghosted his lips as he rubbed his thumb over her ears.

“I definitely have some to spare for you.” You grinned, then corrected yourself. “Well, to raise a pokémon for you, not to love you you— Which isn’t to say you’re unlovable! It’s just—

You stopped as you heard Lance laugh, a rather sweet sound. “It’s alright, I understand.” His eyes smiled from his cheeks, and an entertained look graced his face. “I don’t plan on commissioning you to love me. Just raise a dragon type of your choice. Does that sound fair?” You nodded and shook hands with him, his chocolate eyes drew you in, while golden flecks shone in them as he beamed at you.

Pachirisu leaped off just before Lance stood up, and her static caused his cape to cling to him. In a fluid motion, he tossed the cape back and freed it while walking to the door. “I’ll be waiting, (Y/n).” Alone now, all you could think about was him.

What dragon type should you raise? One he’s had, or something new? Would it be good enough for him? What if he hates what you chose?

You fell asleep on the couch, Pachirisu on your stomach, and dreamed of who you were thinking of last… Lance.


Professor Oak

You always enjoyed trips outside of your region, but this one was particularly exciting: Kanto. With everything packed and ready for six months in another region, you were overjoyed! Of course, this wasn’t a vacation, it was a business trip. The moment you were off the tarmac in Saffron City, you were ready to start studying.

You wandered around the airport for some time until you noticed an older man trying to flag you down. You trotted over, doing your best to avoid the traffic. As you reached him, he smiled and extended his hand.

“You must be Professor (Y/n)! I’m Professor Oak. It’s fantastic to finally meet you!”

You can’t help but to return the smile. “The same goes for you, Professor.” He chuckled to himself.

“You’re a professor too, aren’t you?”

You laughed nervously. “Well, yes. I guess I’m nervous.”

“It’s alright, you may call me Oak if you’d like.”

After a bit of driving, you were at the place you’d call home for the next six months, Pallet Town. It was a quiet neighborhood with not much of note aside from the lab, which is just south of Professor Oak’s house.

“There are two guest rooms in my house, one beside my grandson’s room, and one beside mine. Feel free to choose either.” You had no clue what his grandson was like, so you went the safest route and chose the room beside of Oak’s. He didn’t seem to mind. After dropping off most of your luggage, it was off to the lab to begin your work together.

“So you’ve encountered all three legendary beasts and birds, as well as Latios and Latias? That’s fantastic!” As you regaled him with the tales from your region, he grew more and more interested. “Have you encountered any others?”

“I’ve encountered nearly every legendary ranked pokémon species since the addition of Sinnoh’s wildlife to the Pokédex, as well as finding an egg from the mythical pokémon manaphy.” He finished writing down his notes, and glanced at the clock.

“It’s evening all ready? I was hoping to get more done. It’s time to go home now, isn’t it?” You and the professor then failed to leave the lab, and instead fell asleep while discussing pokémon.



“Arceus! Just work!” You slammed the AC adapter for your at-home Pokémon Transfer Unit down in frustration. The small cube, unassuming in nature, was the source of all of this week’s problems. Supposedly, it could transfer pokémon to and from anywhere in a flash! However, yours wouldn’t even turn on.

You had recently moved to Cerulean City from another region. Just before you left, by the plane’s tarmac, you met a man selling these. Perhaps it was a mistake.

You slipped the offending cube into a pocket in your bag where it would be easy to reach— you had just heard that whatever geezer developed the CPU system lived a short distance away— with a plan in mind.

You marched through town, ready for an answer. You avoided hoards of trainers, explaining that you didn’t have any pokémon. As you caught sight of the little seaside cottage, a rage unknown by mankind was stoked within you. You sprinted for the last stretch, and laid three curt knocks out on the door.

“One second please! Sorry!” A small growl made its way up your throat. After more than a few moments, the door swung open to reveal a stressed-out young man.

“All right, how’d you get outside, you little—“ as a streak of brown fur ran by, both of you leaped to catch it— and proceeded to knock your heads together. While the man was forced to his knees on impact, you were knocked on your rear. The escapee, pleased by the chaos she had caused, sauntered back over and settled herself in your lap with a baby-doll eyed stare and an inquisitive “Vee?”

Well, you weren’t upset anymore! The eevee tickled your nose with her tail as she looked up at the man, both of you notably calmed down. She looked back at you once more, and your eyes shifted from her brown eyes, to the brown eyes of the man who was stooped to his knee in front of you.

“Hey, my name’s Bill! Pleased to meet ya!” He took your hand in a firm hand shake with a warm smile. You couldn’t lie, you expected a decrepit 60-some year-old, but Bill couldn’t have been more than twenty-five. You murmured your name, completely taken aback by his appearance.

You felt a good bit of weight lifted from your lap— although Eevee’s claws tried to find grip in your clothes, Bill pulled her away without incident. “And this spoiled little thing is my Eevee.” She chuffed, seemingly upset to have been taken from her cozy spot on your lap.

Bill’s head snapped up. “Wait! Are you okay? Come inside!” He grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet, then shut the door behind you. “That was a nasty bump— I know, I was there!”

Inside the cottage was much cooler than the outside, and you felt the hair on your arms raise in response. Bill noticed, and tossed a blanket to you from the couch.

“Good reaction time, I think you’re okay.” He collapsed on the couch with a deep sigh. “I was worried.” His chest raised and fell from under the lavender button-up, and his hands rested on his knees. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and his hair was full and curly. You took small steps toward him, not wanting to step on Eevee as she weaved through your legs.

“Bill?” Immediately, his eyes met yours. “I had a question about this...” You trailed off as you dug in your bag and produced the cube.

“What?! This is an old prototype of mine! Never got it to work, though. Where’d you find it?”

You explained the source of the prototype, or at least, your version of it. Meanwhile, Bill remained quiet and attentive.

“I guess a blueprint got leaked, or something. It’s fine though! I’ll have the transfer of your pokémon expedited by a few days by doing it in my lab. If I could have your number, I can call you once I’ve got the software set up. I’ve needed to do that for months, but I’ve been putting it off. You’ll be my test subject!”

After exchanging numbers, you left for home with the hope of getting to see Bill soon— and the secret hope it won’t be the last of your encounters. Perhaps buying that prototype wasn’t such a mistake after all.



Traveling, though exciting, can lead to hardship. What’s important is not giving up!

At least, that’s what you have to keep reminding yourself. Just before sundown, in the middle of the woods, a wild Beedrill swarm decided that they liked your tent so much, they would rip it to shreds to chew it up and paste their nest together. Shortly after, it began raining so hard that you could barely see. You stumbled through the wilderness, avoiding the pulverizing rainfall where you could.

After the rain stopped and some time trying to find the main path, you reached a clearing, closed off by a fence with an intricately filigreed “M” on the gate. A grown-up courtyard, freshly misted by the rain, lay on the other side. Beyond the brush, still breathtaking in its wild state, was a mansion, presumably uninhabited. All that was between you and shelter was the fence. Although not too tall, it was slick and intimidating; however, you had had enough of today.

You took the extra fabric from the tent that you brought with you, and wiped down the slippery rails. Now that the metal was somewhat drier, climbing over seemed an attainable goal. With your feet hooked between the bars and your hands as high as you could reach, you began the ascent. You jumped up and grabbed the highest bar, then used your feet to inch up. You continued the cycle of pulling yourself up and inching with your other half until you reached the top.

Trespassing! It kind of put you on edge. You balanced on the top of the rail of the fence in a squatted position with your back to the woods, contemplating how to get down. You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard approaching footsteps. In a panic, you leaped down, and landed— not on your feet, and definitely not in a graceful manner.

Murmured conversation. The gate squeaked as it swung open. It was open the whole time?

Someone gently flipped you on your back, relieving the stress on your legs. Satin gloves rubbed over your cheeks, and prompted you to open your eyes, no matter how much you wanted to keep them closed. A tear rolled down as you did, and your gaze was met with eyes like cut emeralds, entrancing you.

“You’re supposed to check on them, not make out with them! Scootch!” He was hip-checked by a woman with pink hair, who began feeling up and down your legs.

“It’s just sprain, I think. Otherwise, you’d be crying more.”

You explained your trouble with your tent and the beedrill. The meowth accompanying the two spoke up, startling you, but you did your best to hide it.

“Yeah, beedrill are total jerks. They just love showing off their agility by terrorizing whoever crosses their path!” You nodded, eyes wide.

The meowth spoke again. “What, meowth got your tongue? Ha!”

The girl with sweeping magenta hair spoke next. “Oh, shush. I’m Jessie, and that’s Meowth.

Finally, the man with hair like lavender brushing over his shoulders introduced himself. “And I’m James. This is— was my parents home.” Your brows furrowed.


“Oh, they didn’t like the location and had a new one built. It’s about what you could expect for them. You can stay for the night with us, though.”

Meowth jumped up and asked, placing his paws on his hips, “Hey, who says you get to make these choices?”

Tonight would be interesting.

Jessie and James helped you inside and sat you down on the couch, still plush. The three all lit candles, and finished by starting up the fireplace. Once cozy, each of you shared stories of your journeys until you fell asleep together.

The following morning, you all split paths, though Team Rocket would linger in your mind much longer...



Lately, there has been one constant in your life: fliers. Fliers, coating your door, the hallways of your apartment, and the alleys and lamp posts of the downtown. With each flush of new posters, the number changed again and again. Something wasn’t right about it.

Celadon Game Corner. You did live in downtown Celadon, but to go all the way to the west side of town to deal with this? That’s letting the fliers win. Instead, you waited for the next batch, and called the new number.

Your foot tapped impatiently, intensifying with each ring. On the fifth ring, a girl picked up.

“Thanks for calling Celadon Game Corner, come visit us sometime! What are you calling us for tonight?”

“Um, yeah, I have fliers posted to my door like, everyday, so if you all could quit—“

“Just one minute! Let me get my manager.”

After what felt like an eternity, a man picked up.

“So, you’d like us to stop putting fliers on your door?”

“Yes please, I’d—“

“It’s done, just let me see where you live. That way, I’ll know for sure to keep fliers away from there.”

You didn’t think it’d be so easy! You gave him your address, and he promised to visit tomorrow. Upon his arrival, you heard three short knocks, followed by a “(Y/n)?” You hurried to the door, still in your pajamas, since you didn’t expect him so early.

“Mr. D’Iagnazio! I’m sorry, I—“

“No apologies needed, I should have given you a time. Call me Giovanni, it’s easier.”

“Well, Mr. Giovanni,” he let out a small laugh at the addition of the title Mr. to his last name, and you privately enjoyed the sound, “this is my...” you gestured around yourself, “ space.” Another laugh, along with a grin. “Do you want anything else?”

He made a thoughtful noise, and tore a piece of paper from something in his pocket. He used the wall to hold it flat as he wrote, and he placed it in your hand. You weren’t sure if it was your imagination or not, but it felt like his fingers lingered on yours— it was probably your imagination. Either way, your cheeks were heated with the thought of it. Your eyes flickered to his eyes, then to his hand, and then back to his eyes.

“Take this, and call me if you need anything.”

Anything. That word bounced around your mind for the rest of the day. Anything. Anything. Anything.

What counted as anything? Did he mean it? Are you reading too much into this? You had no clue. You left the paper on your bedside table, with the hand writing face-down. There was printed text, but you could hardly make sense of it


Ah, wasn’t your business anyway. You had many more problems— but fliers ain’t one.
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