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Personal poetry

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Being a single Pringles is alright...I guess...

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"I love you"

Is all that I wish I could say.

My fractured heart bleeding sorrows as I scribble

Notices of my failures towards you in sharpie across my skin.

Most ink blotches read

'I never told you'

Yet as you hold his hand I realised I'm a stranger to romance.

I've never danced.

I'm the type of guy that likes to cuddle, chillin' reading books I've read a hundred times before.

But you like the bad boys.

The ones that mistreat you.

The ones that hurt you.

Falling back into my arms after an argument with him.

I have to remember, 

That the moments that I'm with you.





A few days later, you apologize,

Saying that I'm a nice guy,

But you never realised

that were apparently not meant to be.

Despite the hoops I've jumped through for you,

I've come to the conclusion of my idiocy.

You will never love me like I love you.

No matter how many times I try.

For even though you like me,

You always want a "mister Bad guy".

The boy that's too immature for his good,

Makes you skip class,

Lets you drink booze.

A cigarette or two.

Leaves me to pick up the pieces of you when you 









Don't get me wrong,

-"I love you."-

But when "your man" starts braggin' about the things hes done to you

My heads starts spinning,

I have to defend you.

His "braggin' right's" about being a man when he slept with you.

I assure you

that any affection this man has shown

That I can offer it in a heart beat.

On command

 if my heart allows me.

But for know I'll sit here,

Combining my sorrows into sentances,

Plucking out my heartstrings from my chest,

Hoping that one day

That you'll see

That this guy right here is the only one you really need.


And when I gave him my mind

The message I wrote to him was true,

"You'll never love her the way I do,"
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