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Tobee® TSP Non-clogging Self-priming Trash Pump

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Tobee® TSP Non-clogging Self-priming Trash Pump is a newly developed international standard pump product

Category: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2019-09-18 - 120 words

Tobee® TSP Self-priming Trash Pump On-site Applications:

• Non-flammable and non-explosive liquids
• Rain water and common sewage
• Municiple drainage project, construction site, drainage station of people’s air defense system
Industrial sewage of light industry, paper mill, textile, food processing plant, chemical industry, electric utility, deep mines etc
• Sewage dischage in the residential area
• Tanning industry, sewage of slaughter house, fish breeding in the river and pond
• Wine and suger industry
• Sewage discharge not having strong corrosiveness but seriously polluted
• Municiple mobile pump station, and the mobile pump commonly used in rescuing drainage
• Matching diesel engine is widely used in lots of fields

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