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WIP AU Harry was sent to Azkaban and was later found to be innocent. With the help of Ron, he will find out who his true friends are. Will he forgive those who betrayed him? Will he be able to le...

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By Marietsy



Dumbledore stared out the window from the Room of Requirement. He was lost in his thoughts. Things were not going well for him and he hated it. He hated not being in control. The loss of Sirius was only the beginning.

He turned back towards the room and surveyed the damage. He came here last night to destroy whatever he could get his hands on. The rage he felt over losing Sirius was overwhelming. His body hurt from the bruises that Dobby had inflicted upon him when he threw him against the wall. He couldn't understand how Dobby managed to find Sirius. He was sure it had something to do with that pathetic little house-elf he killed last night. He just couldn't understand it. The wards around his house were powerful, very powerful. It was also under a Fidelius spell so that no stupid house-elf should have ever found it. How could a pathetic, insignificant house-elf find his hidden home?

He lost Harry, Harry's money, and now Harry's Godfather. A young, insipid brat and a pathetic house-elf were beating him at a game he'd been playing successfully for years. How? How could they be destroying his plans? He was the most powerful wizard on earth and he'd spent years making and nursing these plans along. With the defeat of Voldemort and the death of the Boy Who Lived, Dumbledore would be the richest and the most beloved Wizard in the world. He would have held a position of power that would've been uncontested. But now, things were going wrong. Years of machinations were being pulled apart.

He paced, there had to be a way that he could work with this. For now, he'd lost Harry, but he still hoped that he would find him. His visit to the Ministry yesterday did not provide him with any good news. He found the solicitor that Harry used to draw up the contracts, Patrice O'Connell. When he asked him about overturning the contracts, the man just smirked and said there was nothing he could do. Dumbledore growled at the insolence of the man. He vaguely remembered him from his time at Hogwarts, and if he remembered correctly, Mr. O'Connell had been a Slytherin.

Unsatisfied with his visit with Mr. O'Connell, he went to the Ministry. He called in a couple of favors and had Harry's legal documents checked out. His friend, Barry Tooley, said that although the document was unusual, it had a legal standing and Dumbledore could do nothing to overturn it. If he did, then the contract he unwittingly signed would be in effect and he would lose his magic. He turned sharply and hissed as the large bruise on his back twinge in pain.

He thought about visiting Poppy for a potion for his bruises, but decided against it. It would raise too many questions as to why he was injured. Questions he didn't want to answer. He called upon Severus to brew him a potion, but Severus hadn't been in his room. When he went back to his office, he found the note letting him know that Voldemort had called Severus and he would likely be gone for the rest of the weekend. Dumbledore sneered at the thought of his pet spy. He thought that maybe it was time to teach his little spy a lesson. Severus hadn't had permission to leave./ I think that Severus' usefulness is over. He hasn't had any information that was worthwhile for months. I think Voldemort knows that he's a spy and he is using him to throw me off. I think its time for Severus to die a heroic death/ he thought with a sneer.

His pacing slowed and his mind began to clear. His anger, while still there, began to cool. He would not be defeated. He'd put too many years into his plan and he'd gotten too far now to back out./ I will have my power even if I have to kill Voldemort and take over myself. Those who have defied me will cower in fear before me. I will make them regret ever thinking about going against me./

Dumbledore sighed, walked over to the door, opened it, and walked out. He made his way up to his office. I think some lemon drops and a cup of tea will help me regain my good mood. It's time to put on the mask again.

His expression became benevolent and kind. His eyes twinkled merrily and his humming was cheerful. He was the epitome of a kindly grandfather. No one looking at him now would know that underneath the exterior lay the heart of a very evil and sadistic man. They didn't know that the man's darkness could rival, if not surpass, Voldemort's. They only saw what Dumbledore wanted them to see. As for those who saw beneath it, well most of them were dead.

Dumbledore smiled cheerfully at the students roaming the halls. He nodded a greeting to the teachers that he saw as he made his way up to his office. Upon entering his office, he looked around making sure that everything was as it should be. He'd noticed last night that something felt out of place, but he wasn't sure what it was. He shrugged it off, believing it to be his own paranoid mind. He walked over to his desk and sat down. He frowned a moment when he felt a slight tingle pass throughout his body. He looked down, but didn't see anything amiss. Putting it out of his mind, he called for a house-elf to fill up his teakettle. He grabbed his small bowl of lemon drops and began to eat them. He noticed idly that they tasted a little sweeter than normal.

He frowned at the cowering house-elf who appeared with his tea. He realized that he needed another slave. Dumbledore snorted,/ If I could find that nuisance of a house-elf Dobby, I bet I could force a bond with him. Then I would teach him the true meaning of fear/. Dumbledore was slightly cheered by that thought and sipped his tea. He finished his cup and looked over at his clock. Ah, time for breakfast.

He sighed, annoyed at having to spend time with the teachers and the annoying brats, but one must do things they don't like in the climb for power. He made his way to the Great Hall and smiled pleasantly to the students that he saw on the way. He walked up to the table and nodded towards the teachers. He sat down and waited for a plate to appear before him. The Headmaster didn't notice the stares and the whispers that followed him as he came into the Great Hall. His mind was full of his own thought and plans.

"Albus, what are you wearing?" Minerva asked, her voice shocked.

Dumbledore looked over at her and frowned. "Whatever do you mean? I'm wearing my purple robes. Why?"

"Albus, I don't know what foolish game you're playing right now, but really, you shouldn't dress like that in front of the children. What you do in your own bedroom should stay there."

Dumbledore looked at her, confused, and asked, "Whatever do you mean, my dear?"

Minerva gave him look of disapproval. "When did you start wearing leather pants, a leather harness, and a collar? I have to say that I'm ashamed of you. Can't you keep things like that out of the public eye? What would the children's parents say?"

Dumbledore looked down, but saw nothing but his purple robes. He suddenly remembered the tingle he felt when he sat down at his chair. He growled softly and said, "It looks as if I'm a victim of a prank. All I can see are my purple robes."

Minerva's lips were a thin white line and said sourly, "Whatever, you need to do something about it. It looks absolutely disgusting."

Dumbledore felt another tingle as he opened his mouth to agree, but what came out was, "Really, Minerva, you need to get laid. A good hard fucking would change that attitude."

Minerva's eyes widened with shock and outrage. Dumbledore couldn't understand what was going on. He hadn't meant to say that even if he did think it. He had a sinking feeling that this was not going to be a very good morning.

"Albus, I never!" she screeched. The Great Hall became silent; the students were watching the two teachers curiously. They had never heard Professor McGonagall raise her voice like that.

"Merlin knows you need to. You're a pussy, use it," he said loudly. Oh Merlin, he couldn't stop what he was saying.

"Headmaster?" Professor Sprout asked in shock. "Are you all right?"

"Mind your own business, you lard ass. Nobody wants your opinion or concern," Dumbledore stated.

He watched with distant horror as the woman's face become red and the look of rage appeared on the normally cheerful woman's face. He felt a tingle spread throughout his body and he felt his penis become erect. His face flushed red as he became hard. What the hell is going on here? Merlin knows that he was too old for the um...physical responses that he felt.

"Headmaster Dumbledore? Are you feeling well?" Hermione asked, concerned. She was staying at Hogwarts to help Professor McGonagall with her classes. Professor McGonagall was planning to retire in a couple of years, so she was training Hermione Granger to take over teaching Transfiguration.

"Shut up, you little twit. The only thing you're good for is good hard screw. Get over here so I can show you how it's done," he said and stood up. The Great Hall gasped with horror as the Headmaster stood up. He was quite obviously aroused and the black leather pants that he was wearing didn't leave anything to the imagination.

There were many queasy looks from the students and Hermione stood up, outraged. "I don't like your behavior, Headmaster."

"You know you can do more with that mouth than just talk, don't you. Why don't you get on your knees and show me all that knowledge you seem so good at spouting. Maybe I can finally find a way to shut you up. Merlin knows I've listened to you spout crap out of your mouth for years. I think I need a reward for putting up with you," Dumbledore said with a leer while in the back of his mind he watched horrified as Miss Granger reached up and smacked him.

"I don't know what is wrong with you, but I will not be talked to like that," she said, outraged.

Poppy, who'd been watching from the doorway of the Great Hall, walked up towards the Head Table and looked Dumbledore over. She looked at him intently, pulled out her wand, and began to scan him. She nodded to herself. "He seems to be a victim of a prank. I have found a couple of foreign potions in his bloodstream. I'm not for sure what they are, but it would be the reason for his odd behavior. I need to get him up to the infirmary."

Poppy grabbed the Headmaster by the arm and dragged him out of the Great Hall. The nauseous students could hear the Headmaster begging Poppy to sleep with him. They shuddered at the thought and went back to eating. The Slytherins were smirking as they made mental notes to send their parents letters of today's events. Though they couldn't do anything to discredit Dumbledore, their parents could make the event public therefore embarrassing the Headmaster. That would be one slur against the old wizard, even if it wouldn't last very long. Dumbledore would still be humiliated. They grinned at each other and began to eat.

Eyes watched as Madam Pomfrey dragged the Headmaster out of the room. A smirk appeared on a pair of lips at the thought of letting the Watchers know about today's events. Wondering if maybe they could milk the events of the morning, the owner of the eyes got up from the table and left the Great Hall, chuckling. I think that Elizabeth Cameron will get a kick out of today's events. I'll have to be sure to tell her.


An hour later, Poppy had neutralized the potions, and the Headmaster was back to his regular self. He was feeling very embarrassed and angry at whoever pranked him. He had no idea where the potions came from or where he ingested them. He stomped back to his office, threw open the door in a rage and slammed it so hard that the glass trinkets in his office rocked from the force. He began to pace back and forth. Someone had made him look like a fool and that someone would pay dearly as soon as he found out who it was. He paused a moment in thought, his first guess would've been Severus, but with the spells he'd forced on the man, he wouldn't have been capable of such an act.

The Weasley twins were out as they hadn't been at Hogwarts since the night Harry was released. Sirius had been a hostage in his home so there was no way that it could've been him. He wouldn't have had time to prank him. Dumbledore whirled around and winced in pain. He huffed, frustrated, and walked over to his desk. He started to sit down when he remembered the tingle that he felt earlier. He stepped away from the chair, and in a fit of rage, destroyed it with a spell. Feeling a tiny bit better, he transfigured another chair and sat down. He tapped his finger on the desk as he went through a list of people who had access to his office. He frowned and looked at the portraits. They would normally tell him if anyone had been here, but they hadn't said a word.

Taking out his wand, he pointed it at one of the portraits and uttered a spell. He glared when he realized there were traces of a spell on the portraits forbidding them to talk. He didn't recognize the magical signature or the spell. He tried to cancel the spell, but nothing worked. With a yell of frustration, he got up from his chair and began to pace once again. He frowned thoughtfully and looked around his office.

He began to randomly check items and found that his lemon drops and his teakettle had been laced with potions. He now knew how he ingested the potions, but he still didn't know who had done it.

A house-elf popped into his office and trembled at the glare the Headmaster gave her. She walked forward and placed a rolled up parchment on his desk.

"Begging Headmaster's pardon, sirs, Twilly is giving the Headmaster a letter. Winky gave it to Twilly to give to you in case Winky was gone. Winky didn't show up this morning so Twilly is giving you the note," she said in a hurry then popped out of the office.

Dumbledore looked at the rolled up parchment warily. He carefully grabbed the note and unrolled it. He read it, his eyes widened, and then narrowed. With a livid look, he got up from the desk and walked over to a hidden shelf. He grabbed a small medallion from the shelf and began to tap on it with his wand. Nothing happened. There was no spark, no glow, nothing. He tried several more times and when nothing happened, he threw it across the room. He headed towards the fireplace, grabbed some floo powder, and disappeared.

The office was quiet for a moment before a house-elf popped back in. She looked around and noticed that Dumbledore was indeed gone. She went over to the desk, picked up the note that had been thrown to the floor, and rolled it back up. With a wary look around, she popped back out of the office.

She reappeared in another room and walked over to the figure sitting at the table. "I found the note. I took it like you told me too. The Headmaster was not happy."

The figure took the note and patted the house-elf on the arm. "Did he cause you any trouble?"

Twilly shook her head. "Oh no, the Headmaster was gone. Whatever it was that was in the note made him very angry."

The figure opened the note and began to read.

Dear Headmaster,

I hoped you liked my little tricks this morning. It was just a small way to show you how much I appreciate the care you have shown me over the years.

I wanted to let you know that I quit! I have resigned from the esteemed position of being your Potions Professor and the wonderful position as your spy.

I have found a way to rid myself of the secrecy and loyalty spells that you forced on me. Also, don't waste your time trying to find me as I am well hidden. I have also found a way to block the Dark Mark that you gave me. You can't hurt me anymore. I am no longer in your clutches; yours or Voldemort's.

Therefore, with great glee, I want to let you know to piss off. I hope this destroys your morning. Maybe, finally, something will take that annoying twinkle from your eyes, even if it is fake.

With no respect whatsoever,
Severus Snape

The figure laughed. "Oh, things are not going well for Dumbledore at all, are they?" the figure said, amused. The figure looked at the house-elf and smiled. "Go back home, Twilly. Your work here is finished. He knows your name now, so he might try to find you when he realizes the note is missing. I thank you for your hard work. It's good to know that Winky trusted you enough with this note in case she didn't come back last night."

Twilly smiled with pleasure then frowned and asked, "Do you know what happened to Winky?"

The figure frowned slightly then sighed before replying, "Whatever it was, I don't think it's good. I want you to send Calli to me. She will take your place."

"Very well. I'll see you later then," Twilly said.

The figure nodded. "Thank you, Twilly."

The house-elf disappeared and the figure tapped the table thoughtfully. With a smile, the figure moved towards the back room and entered it. After shutting the door and putting up a privacy spell, the figure ambled over to the fireplace and threw in some floo powder. "Lizzie," the figure called.

A moment later, Elizabeth Cameron's face appeared in the fire. "Ah, Vates, what news do you have for me?"

"Actually, I have several things to share with you, but first I have to tell you this," Vates said and proceeded to tell Lizzie about this morning events. Lizzie laughed hysterically and leaned against her desk to hold herself up.

"Oh Merlin, I would love to know who did that. I'm thinking a few words dropped at the /Daily Prophet /might be in order," she said with a grin.

Vates smiled gleefully and said, "I have a couple of pictures if you like. I had Twilly get the camera as soon as Dumbledore came into the Great Hall."

Lizzie laughed wickedly. "Excellent. Send them to Percy and he'll take care of it. Now, do you know who did it?"

Vates grinned at Lizzie. "I didn't at first, but apparently Winky gave Twilly a note last night to give to the Headmaster. I think she had a feeling something was going to happen to her."

Lizzie looked puzzled and Vates waved it aside. "I'll get into that later. As I was saying, Winky trusted Twilly with a note with specific instructions to give it to the Headmaster during breakfast. If things hadn't happened as they did, he would've read it during breakfast, where his reactions would have been seen by the whole school. I'd have loved to have seen his reaction, that's for sure."

"I had Twilly steal the note back from Dumbledore. Twilly said that Dumbledore was very angry after reading it. Once I read it, I could understand why. Apparently, Severus Snape was the um...perpetrator of this mornings drama," Vates informed her.

Lizzie looked shocked and asked, "Severus Snape? But I thought he was Dumbledore's lackey."

"According to the note, Severus Snape has slipped from his leash. Here let me read it to you." Vates read the note to Lizzie and watched as a look of shock and horror graced her face.

"Dumbledore gave him a Dark Mark?" she hissed. "And the secrecy and loyalty spell? Do we know which ones were used?"

Vates frowned. Thinking over the last few years, she nodded her head slowly. "Thinking back on his behavior, I'm thinking it was an old one. There are a couple of rare ones that don't work as expected. Some of Snape's behavior has been erratic when it came to Dumbledore and now I know why. I think he was trying to get around the spell. I wonder how he got rid of the spells and how he blocked the Dark Mark. I know of no way to do that."

Lizzie looked thoughtful. "Nor do I. Do you have any idea where he is now?"

"No. I know that Dumbledore said that he'd been called by Voldemort for the weekend, but I have a feeling that was just a cover from Snape," Vates explained.

"I agree. I would love to know where he has gone. I need to talk to him. I think with his help, we could be one step closer to getting Dumbledore," Lizzie said, her mind racing with ideas.

Vates sighed and looked at Lizzie. "Sadly, you know as well as I do that being an ex-Death Eater will not work in his favor. Majority of the Wizarding World and the Ministry will think it's a plan by Voldemort to discredit the Headmaster."

Lizzie growled. "Unfortunately." She heaved a large sigh, "So, anything else I should know about?"

Vates smiled grimly and said, "Sirius Black is alive."

Lizzie sat up in her chair, her expression stunned. "What?" she whispered hoarsely.

"It's true. I saw him last night. I was following Lupin as you told me to when I saw the house-elf Dobby, appear in the middle of the hallway. He dropped two bodies, one human and one was a house-elf, which I'm guessing was Winky. I got a good look at the human since his face was towards me and it was definitely Sirius. Lupin recognized him as well. I would've helped, but Dobby took the two bodies and disappeared, muttering something about it not being safe. Lupin was angry when they left. I can honestly say that the man was shocked, so I don't think he knew," Vates said.

Lizzie leaned back in her chair, staring absently. She chewed on her bottom lip. "I have a thought which I don't like. Could Dumbledore have imprisoned Sirius?"

Vates nodded. "It would make sense. Sirius was getting too close to Harry and he was having too much of an influence on him. Get rid of his last remaining family member and Harry would fold."

"Except he didn't, did he?" Lizzie said with a grim smile.

Vates smiled viciously. "Oh no, that little plan went awry. Instead of getting closer to Harry, it pushed him farther away. I told you that kid isn't as naïve as he's portrayed."

Lizzie grinned at Vates. "Yes, I'm beginning to see that. So if Dobby has Sirius then that means..." Lizzie trailed off.

"That Sirius is with Harry and Ron, which doesn't look good for the Headmaster," Vates said gleefully.

Lizzie laughed merrily. "Not at all, not at all. I want you to watch Lupin carefully. I have a feeling that Sirius may try to contact him."

Vates looked puzzled and asked, "You think he will? I would think that Sirius would want nothing to do with him after Harry and Ron gets finished telling him what's been going on lately."

Lizzie smirked at Vates and explained, "Oh yes, Sirius will be in contact with him if only to kill the man for hurting and betraying his godson. You know as well as I do that Sirius cares for Harry deeply. He's going to be very angry at Lupin."

"Very well," Vates said.

"Be sure to keep a close eye on Dumbledore. Things aren't going well for him and he is bound to lash out. I don't want you to be in way when it does."

"I understand. What about Granger?" she asked.

"I think its time to let some things be found out by the resident know it all. She is rather arrogant and narrow-minded, but she is brilliant. I think its time for her to find out what her beloved Headmaster has been up to. But be careful, as much as having her on our side would benefit us, she could just as easily go to Dumbledore with the information."

Vates frowned at Lizzie. "You know I don't agree with this, don't you? I think having Granger in on this is going to cause problems. You know as well as I do that Harry and Ron will not like it, if we can ever find them.

Lizzie sighed with resignation. "I know, but for right now go ahead with it. If it looks like she doesn't accept what she is given, then scrap it. I won't risk you, or even her on an off chance that it might work."

Vates groaned, annoyed. "Fine, but just so you know that I don't agree."

"Noted," Lizzie said. "Is there anything else that I should know about?"

"No, that's all I have for now. I'll let you know if I find anything else. Also, I'll have Calli with me instead of Twilly. Dumbledore knows her by name now and I don't want her to get hurt when he finds the note missing."

"All right, I have to go. Someone is knocking on my door. I'll talk to you later," Lizzie said and she disappeared from the fire.

Vates pulled back from the fireplace and cancelled the privacy spell. Sitting there for moment, lost in thought, Vates wondered idly what would happen now. Things were getting dicey when it came to Dumbledore, and Vates had a feeling that life would soon be interesting and dangerous. Vates sighed and stood up from the chair. Regardless of what was going to happen, things needed to be done now.


Dumbledore stumbled out of the fireplace and looked around. Severus' rooms were bare. Everything that belonged to him was gone. He stalked around the room, trying to find any clue as to where he was, but he found nothing.

His blood boiled with rage as he realized that Severus had indeed slipped his leash. He tried calling him using the medallion that controlled his Dark Mark, but nothing happened. How had he gotten around the spells? There was no way that he could've removed the spells himself, and there wasn't anyone powerful enough to remove them. So how in the hell did he cancel the spells, and how in the hell did the man block the Dark Mark? He knew that Severus still had it, or else the medallion would have been destroyed, so how was it blocked?

If he blocked Dumbledore's mark, then it was wise to assume that he also blocked Voldemort's Mark as well. The old wizard thought back to the note, maybe it would have some clues. He turned around and flooed back to his office. He stalked over to his desk and began to search for the note. He couldn't find it anywhere. He frowned thoughtfully. He could've sworn it fell to the floor when he left his office.

"Twilly," he called out and waited, but the house-elf didn't appear. "Twilly, attend me," he called one more time. With a snort of annoyance, he called out, "Mixy," and the house-elf appeared.

"Yes, Headmaster, sirs? How can Mixy help you?" the house-elf squeaked.

"Where is the house-elf, Twilly?" he asked kindly, but his eyes were hard and cold.

Mixy frowned thoughtfully and said, "Twilly sirs? There is no house-elf here by the name of Twilly."

The Headmaster looked at the house-elf, his expression irritated. "She brought me a letter earlier that was given to her by Winky. Now, tell me where is she?"

Mixy shook her head furiously and said, "Mixy is telling the Headmaster that there be no house-elf name Twilly in Hogwarts. There has never been a house-elf name Twilly in Hogwarts."

Dumbledore looked at her intently then growled. "Very well, you may go," he said coldly. He was lost in thought, not noticing the smug look Mixy gave him before she disappeared. "What the hell is going on here?" he muttered.

He walked over to the window and looked out. His eyes were hard and his expression determined. "I think maybe it's time to implement a new plan. There has to be a way to destroy my enemies and gain the power that rightfully belongs to me. I will make everyone who defied me regret ever crossing me," he hissed. "I think its time for some research." With that, he whirled around and stalked out of his office. Things were about to get deadly.

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