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The boy who lived to give me headeaches

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Snape will live with Harry at the Dursleys to protect him from his fiendish relatives.

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Nowdays even an innocent flower would get him depressed and overwhelmed by guilt. A simple lily would remind him of her…his ethereal best friend, his other half. Her beautiful flaming hair would put
phoenix fire to shame, her avada eyes, more precious than jewels, more important to Severus than the status he had tried so hard to gain for himself in his foolish teenage years.

She was like a goddess back then, his only refuge against a drunk bastard of a father and a compliant, wallflower of a mother, in the destitute and seedy town called Spinner's End.
She was a fierce defender, a shoulder to cry on, his only true companion who did not mind his hideous beak-like nose or his emaciated body, who considered his dark humour wit.

And they were thick as thieves back then, stealing Tunie's make-up and applying it on themselves, reading forbidden books at night when Severus stayed over at the Evans's, discovering magic together in foolish experiments that could have ended rather unfortunately…there was also fighting for their rights, plotting against the marauders, riding Tobias's truck and almost crashing into a tree.

There was little he wouldn't have done for Lily…Which is why the bespeckled child in a man's body, Dumbledore decided to rid him of his peace and ask him for a favour.

"Severus, my boy, I was wondering if you could check on Harry this summer"

"Check on Potter, what for? He's probably getting coddled by his relatives as we speak, Albus"

"Please, my boy, there is no one else I trust as much as you. If not for me, do it for Lilly..."

"Fine, you manipulative old coot, I will visit your precious golden boy, if only to prove that nothing is wrong with him"

"Splendid, Severus"

And so the Potions Master went to the destination where the resident boy hero was residing, desperately hoping for an outing of this dreadful situation. Ignoring the cookie-cutter houses he finally found his location number four, Privet Drive, where that wretch Petunia lived yet maybe, by some miracle, no one will and up scathered. He could hear Lily's voice in his head saying Take the leap of faith, Sev.

He rang the doorbell and waited patiently. From inside shouts could be heard "Freak, get the door! "

"You get it!"

This was becoming aggravating by the second, Severus though.
Harry opens the door, his eyes widening in horror and mouth agape.


"Close your trap Potter, before mosquitoes happen to fly in" Snape said annoyed.

Harry mind was in overdrive, his senses overwhelmed by life's cruel strike. Two minuts ago he was the unfortunate victim of Dudley's salty caramelized popcorn attack while innocently sweeping the living room and now he was met with a sight that would surely give Neville nightmares to come, his stern potions professor showing up at their door like unwanted lice.

His hands were deathly white like a ghoul's and his eyes like coals burned with a fire of a million stars, they sung an ode of hatred. His aquiline nose only accentuating his harsh features as his mouth tightened in a gesture of pure disdain, his oily hair oozing dark pearls of cyanide…

Harry didn't care that he just lightened rose scented candles in the living room, he was sure Snape brought with himself a sulfur-like smell. As of now, he had yet to prove Snape had cloven hoofs …

"Going to stare all day Mr Potter? Not going to invite in your 'favourite professor'? Snape said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.


" Of course I shouldn't have expected the golden boy to have any hospitality towards mere mortals like myself…"

"What do you want Snape? Why do you want to get in? Is it an Order mission?" Harry demanded curiously.

"The purpose of my visit does not concern you Potter. Just know that Dumbledore is aware of my location so you needn't send an SOS missive to him…yet"

They glared at each other for a couple seconds, Snape raising an eyebrow. After that Harry grudgingly let his professor in.

Just after he stept inside Snape noticed Harry's wrist was adorned with purple bruises that he was trying adamantly to hide. Snape suddenly grabbed Harry's hand in his.

"Pray tell, Potter, from where did our precious savior acquire such injuries? Did you perhaps get into rowdy fights with other rule-breaking hooligans like yourself? Just like your idiot father"

"Shut up about my father! You don't know anything about him, you horrible, greasy…"

A cry of terror could be heard from downstairs from the living. Harry and Snape rushed there and saw Dudley, popcorn spawled all over him, screaming his head off at something not that particularly frightening.

"Scary movie too scary Dud?" Harry asked with a smirk
Snape inspected the popcorn.

"Child you are aware that you are one step away from a heart attack, aren't you?" Severus addressed Dudley, cutting straight to the point.

"Mom! The freak brought a stranger in the house!" Dudley screamed

An anorexic looking woman came into the room.

"Dinky Duddydums, what is the problem?" Petunia asked then her eyes fixed on Snape.

"You! I remember you!"she spat

"A pleasure as always Tuney" Severus said sarcastically.

"Get out of my house! Out!" Petunia said waving her trusty frypan into the air and stomping her feet like a five year old.

"I would like nothing more I assure you, however Dumbledore has seen fit to send me in this madhouse, to analyse your 'parenting skills'.So far you have a morbidly obese son and a daredevil nephew who courts death. Exemplary child rearing abilities, Tuney" Severus says.

While they were arguing Harry went outside to deal with the weeds in the garden, not wanting to be blamed by his aunt for Snape being there. Just why did she recognize him anyway? Did they frequent the same How to be a terrible person to Harry club?

Meanwhile Vernon arrived from work, red faced and fuming . His beady eyes were staring soullessly at Harry, like a wolf ready to tear to shreds a fragile lamb. And he must have been picturing the image and treasuring the implications, the evil skunk.

"Boy, come here! "

Harry approached warily.

"Why did you not finish all your chores?!" Vernon asked and backhanded him so hard blood was coming out of his nose, his cheek starting to swell.

What they didn't know is that Snape had witnessed the scene from the window, forever shattering his misconceptions. When the fat demon of a man struck his student it reminded him of Tobias ready to beat him and his mother to an almost coma. What's worse Petunia didn't seem at all affected by the abuse her husband was dishing on an innocent yet usually aggravating child.

Head pulsing, heart racing he ran to the scene of the crime and stood protectively in front of the Griffindor.

"Not one more step Dursley, unless you wish to be acquainted with the Cruciatus curse!" Snape threatened fervently.

"Professor no! He didn't mean to…" Harry said trying to defend his uncle.

Snape snarled then after casting Immobulus on Vernon, and ignoring Petunia's anguished shriek, he knelt down to Harry's level to inspect the damage.

"You people deserve worse than Azkaban" he whispered.

Ruby rivulets of blood descended upon the nutmeg -coloured soil. The beautiful lilies in the garden seemed to be weeping in a symphony of sorrows and the boy looked angelic, suffering in silence the mapping of his body with the vices of his stony-hearted relatives . The progeny of his greatest love and greatest hate , a defenseless child struck down by the brutality of the world. Severus couldn’t take it. It wasn’t enough that he had contributed to the massacre of his best friend, now the ruins of the carnage had metamorphosed into heavy chains that unjustly rooted Potter to this place of nightmares.

Because of his action another child had to repeat history and suffer his odious cirumstances. And he can only stare transfixed at the bewildered forest green eyes not knowing how to even begin apologizing. One thing was clear in Severus’s mind, Potter is precious, he is to be protected. No longer will he let this kindred spirit’s agony be unheard and he sure as hell wouldn’t let Petunia or that whale of a husband Dursley lay a hand on Lily’s child ever again. He will change the story, turn the ode of sorrows into a masterpiece of joy…

With his blood boiling he scooped up the littler fawn, abandoning the bloody meadow and stepping into the protection of the house. The irritation towards the Dursleys was palpable, making it hard to breathe. Those pieces of utter fungus! He would gladly transform them as such and use them for potion ingredients.

“Snape, come back here! Undo whatever freakishness you’ve done you freak of nature!” Petunia’s shrill voice could be heard, but it was ignored.

Harry was feeling ambivalent, like he swallowed a stale caramel…Why was his most hated professor, mysanthrophic extraordinaire and despiser of all things Harry carrying him around like a recalcitrant toddler? Did he not realize Harry was in perfect shape? He hated looking weak in front of the Dursleys that’s when they attack you in pack, to prolong their sick, twisted pleasure. On the other hand, for the first time since Sirius’s death he felt like someone cared…

Snape’s arms were unusually warm. Quite strange for a cold-blooded bat, Harry thought in amusement. His face was grave like a seasoned war general about to face a rebellion, and something akin to pity shone in his weary, onix eyes. The boring, bronze-coloured walls of the living room were akin to gingerbread and Snape’s benevolent demeanor enshrouded morbid intentions, Harry deduced. He wouldn’t put it past him to cannibalize on tender flesh…with razor sharp teeth like Velociraptors.
And yet, he was not smiling treacly to sweeten him up before the imminent slaughter nor ordering him to gorge himself with delicious cream filled confections of wonder. Or dizzled bitter chocolate from lava cakes that feel like a gong resonating towards an open entry to heaven’s gate…

Time to be as enthusiastically odd as Dumbledore. Blubber, warts, lemon drop, mug…was Snape a cannibalistic ugly hag? Well as far as Harry could see, the answer was no, although Ron would certainly beg to disagree, of course.
He was still carrying him…

“Ah, professor, I’m not an invalid” Harry said.

“Quiet Potter” Snape shushed him then gently put him down on the plushy carpet.

“Episkey” Severus said and Potter’s broken nose was fixed again than the surly potions professor rummaged through the freezer until he found a piece of frozen meat, envelopped it into a towel and gave it quickly to Harry while saying gently “Put it on your cheek, Potter”

“I don’t know which game you’re playing but I’m not biting” Harry said.

“What enormities are you sprouting up now child?” Snape asked tiredly.

“Professor Snape would never in a million years help me” Harry said very sure of himself.

Snape felt outraged “It’s so good to see my kindness is not wasted on you, Potter!” he spats.

“Can’t waste what you don’t have Snape” Harry quipped reflexively.

“Oh for the love of…Potter you are the most ungrateful, arrogant, idiotic dunderhead I’ve ever had the misfortune of teaching”

“Professor…It’s really you?!”

“Eureka Potter” Snape said in the dryest tone of voice that could put Sahara to shame.

Meanwhile the Immobulus spell wore off and Petunia and Vernon stormed inside the house.

“Get out of my house right now or…” Vernon started to say while shaking his fist threateningly.

“We’re going to have a little chat” Snape says in a deadly tone.

“Albus Dumbledore trusted you and payed you a large sum of money to take care of the boy, you poor excuses of muggles . Is this care!?” Snape asked enraged ”And you, Tuney, how could you allow this to happen to Lily’s only child? Your sister’s baby!”

“We never wanted the freak, he was thrusted into our arms like last weeks garbage. You didn’t want him, why bother us with him? And what lies did he tell you, aside from today we’ve been treating him kind enough” Petunia said.

“Judging from the way you talk about him it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s touch starved you harpy!”

“You leave my wife alone!” Vernon yelled.

“I wouldn’t consider locking me in a cupboard for days kindness” Harry mutters quietly but he was close enough to Snape for his bat-like ears to pick up.

“Cupboard? They locked you in a cupboard” Snape sked sinisterly.

“Where else would I sleep? Dudley’s already got two bedrooms…” Harry asked confused.

Snape lost control and used an Expelliarmus on a nearby expensive vase. Harry grimaced. Petunia screamed and Vernon turned an ugly, puce colour.

“I’ve seen enough….I’m staying here” Severus says with a finality.

“What?!” Everyone (sans Dudley because he was still watching t.v.) asked.

“No need to call an ortholaryngologist Tuney, you have heard me correctly” Snape said slyly then in a chilling voice “ From now on, you will hurt this child under my cadaver”

Harry ran out of the kitchen to the smallest bedroom. He could hear uncle Vernon’s shout of “Wer’re not going to feed another mouth around here!” and Snape’s answer “ I will pay for my own expenses Dursley!”

While in his room, Harry started to pet Hedwig, take a beautifully coloured quill and write letters to his closest friends and confidents. The allure of the cobald ink impregnated on the paper ensnared the senses, the twisted and curbed words danced around on the yellowed manuscript like a performance of Swan Lake, capturing the eye of the beholder…And although the writing was a bit messy, it was nonetheless impressive.

On the first missive

Dear Ron,
My house has been invaded by Snape. Not joking! He entered uninvited then screamed at aunt Petunia(and uncle Vernon) about her ”child rearing abilities”. He said he’s staying here from now on. Can he even do that?! Don’t your brothers have an invention to get me out of this one?
Yours faithfully, Harry

On the second missive

Dear Mione,
Are professors allowed to enter student’s houses and suddenly decide to inhabit them? Check Hogwards a History, because Snape did just that. He helped cause a racket in the kitchen, screaming at aunt Petunia for not taking care of me adequately. I think he has been replaced by a sympathetic clone or someone polijuiced as him. What do you think?
Yours faithfully, Harry

After finishing writing his letters Harry went in the living room where he found Dudley on the sofa, his eyes glued to the t.v.

“That’s right, Dud. Don’t notice a thing” Harry thought as he tried to scoop up a piece of popcorn far away from Dudley . He couldn’t help it, his stomach was churning and he hadn’t eaten anything other than a sandwitch for three days…
Dudley whipped his head around and tried to punch him while shouting “Don’t touch it freak!”

Snape who saw the events unfold ran towards Dudley and caught his wrist before it made contact with Harry’s face.

“Merlin the child almost mauled his cousin for a piece of popcorn” Snape thought, befuddled.

It had been an eerie sight. The rotund menace of a boy with hair the colour of rich corn and beady eyes of baby-blue, sitting like a padishah on the finest corduroy quilts and the plushest silk pillows had deemed it necessary to attack his cousin.

And thus transformed. His eyes turned large, enraged, the colour of the blackest sea. His hair no longer seemed to sparkle angelically like Cupidon's locks woven in gold, but rather turned a crude, earthly colour . But it was in his expressions, where disdain lay unchecked, looming like an ebony cloud, that Snape could see the biggest change.

Wheras before his face was adorned with a satisfied smile now it morphed into a hideous visage, the kind a starving, jade dragon would wear, not an ordinary, insufferable teenager. And Harry, Harry looked completely opposite, like a poor peasant, trying to survive the day by pilfering meager amounts of food here and there, like Aladdin. He resembeled a small, beautiful child, years younger than he actually was, and he was exuding fragility.

"Just what do you think you're doing Mr Dursley?" Snape snapped acidly at him, not letting go of his wrist.

The child deflated then answered "It's just the freak, he ought to know his place"

"Your cousin is most certainly not a freak and he has as much of a right to eat this coronary inducing food as you have. Furthemore, you shall apologize immediately, Mr Dursley, unless you wish to…incur my wrath" Snape said.

Harry and Dudley stared open mouthed at Snape, not believing their ears.

Dudley started getting courageous and asked "Oh yeah, what you gonna do vampire man?"

Snape stiffened and answered coldly "That which is known since medieval times as not sparing the rod, and definitely not spoiling the child "

Dudley's face turned white as a spook and Harry was surprised Dud understood the reference.

"Fine!" Dudley huffed and gave Harry the bowl of popcorn while saying "Sorry f-Harry"

"Er, it's ok big D" Harry answered then Snape happened to take a look at the movie Dudley was watching just at the moment when the couple on the screen were engaged in…indecent acts.

Snape blushed then said "You are much too young to be watching such things, Mr Dursley".

Dudley started to laugh , Harry winced at the cacophony and Snape nonchalantly took the remote from Dudley and changed the channel to an educational one.
While watching the room Severus noticed that popcorn littered the floor. It looked like WWIII happened inside the living room, only the nuclear bombs were replaced with caramelized confections.

"Mr Dursley, clean up your little…disaster at once" Snape said while pointing to the room.

"I don't want to! You can't make me!" Dudley screamed while Harry was covering his ears and looking imploringly at Snape.

The screams alerted Petunia who ran into the room like a tornado and hugged Dudley desperately.

"Dinky Duddydums are you alright? What did the freaks do to you?"

"If you must know, Tuney I merely asked your son to behave his age and clean up after himself" Snape said with disdain in his voice.

Petunia put a hand to her heart than asked shocked and enraged " You asked my poor Duddy to do child labour?!"

Harry burst into laughter.

"Make the freak do it!" Petunia snapped

Snape was about to let out a series of expletives when Harry answered " I would clean, aunt Petunia but I still have to take out the weeds, clean the dishes, make dinner, paint the fence…"

Severus looked shocked then said " Mr Potter is that what you usually do in a day, on your own?!"

"How else am I supposed to earn my keep?" Harry asked bewildered. The professor looked furious , Lily's son was treated no better than a house elf. Before he started reprimanding Petunia and telling her that she was a heartless bee with an itch, Vernon started screaming "Where's dinner?!"

"Everyone except Snape looked at Harry who sighed tiredly before his professor intervened and said " If you want dinner, Dursley than you're going to make it yourself or your wretch of a wife, because under no circumstance will you abuse Mr Potter's kindness anymore!"

Harry was confused, Snape had never talked so nicely about him before, or defended him…

Vernon and Petunia turned red but were too afraid of Snape's magic to intervene.

Dinner started. There was tender steak and steamy mashed potatoes and for dessert chocolate soufflé. Snape couldn't help but notice the lack of vegetables. Petunia reluctantly served food to everyone but gave Harry the smallest portion of food out there, that could only satisfy a five year old little child not a fifteen year old boy. Snape then took the food from her hands, ignoring her indignant yelp and started piling food onto Harry's plate (including the goeey, chocolately soufflé).

Harry's eyes started watering and on a spur of the moment, he hugged Snape in gratitude. The potions master didn't know what to do, not being the recipient of many hugs yet started patting Harry on the back, remembering how Lily used to console him after he'd been brutalized by Tobias's fists.

"During dinner Petunia and Vernon were shooting Snape death glares while Dudley was inhaling his food, oblivious to everything around him.

Night came. Petunia (and Vernon) opened the door to their room and stepped in quiet as a mouse. They were conspiring a rebellion, ready to overthrow the "tyrant" who was treating the freak like a prince and taking food from their precious Dudley's mouth.

"Vernon, I know who he is, he's dangerous" Petunia said

"Don't worry, Pet, we can take him. I could sneak into his room at night, shoot him with my rifle and make it look like suicide"

Snape cleared his throat from behind their door.

"I would not recommend that Dursley. After all I'm a light sleeper and who knows what I would do when I'm feeling…threatened. For example, I've run out of frog legs, would be a shame to let two wonderful possible specimens escape so easily" Severus said.

Vernon was unnerved and Petunia trembled.

"Sweet dreams" Snape said cheekly before departing to his room.
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