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Elena loved upper Junon in the summer. [OGC]

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by dilly r

Elena loved upper Junon in the summer. It was always sunny, and a breeze came off the ocean and made everything smell fresh. Nothing like the smoggy, stifling heat in Midgar.

They were in the market sector. Tseng walked in long, steady strides. Elena had to walk double time to keep up with him, but she didn't mind. At least Tseng didn't make fun of her short legs like Reno did -- as if Reno had room to talk.

Focus on the mission, Elena. Who cares what Reno thinks?

This time of year, the market was full of open stands. A lot of the merchants shouted about their wares, but they always quieted when Tseng and Elena neared them. She was never sure whether she liked being intimidating. Sometimes it was nice, but most of the time it was just weird. The others never seemed to mind it, so she figured she'd get used to it.

Tseng stopped short at one of the store fronts. She had to skid to keep from running into him. She silently scolded herself for letting her mind wander again.

"Wait here." Tseng said. "Make sure no one follows me in."

Elena nodded. "Sir."

Tseng looked to his left, than pushed open the door. A tinny bell clanged to announce his arrival.

Elena leaned against the brick wall next to the door, watching the people shopping in the street. There were a lot of kids out with their parents. A blonde little girl stood at a sweetbread stand next to her mother, her cheeks round with bread. Elena smiled at her, and the girl raised her stubby little arm to wave. When her mother noticed what she was doing, she grabbed the little girls wrist and pulled her along to the next stand, shooting a nervous glance back at Elena as they went.

Elena sighed and pressed the back of her head against the bricks behind her. Sometimes, she forgot what peaceful felt like, but--

A gunshot broke her train of thought. Then, another shattered the storefront window next to her.

She pulled out her gun. She didn't see the people on the street anymore. She didn't feel the heat of the sun, and she didn't smell the ocean.

She slid right, until she was next to the broken window. One deep breath, then a quick look around the edge to see what she was dealing with.

Tseng was taking shelter at one end of the counter, while two men were on the other. One of them men was creeping closer to Tseng. She aimed and shot the second one in the head. The remaining man saw her and shot. She jerked out of the range of fire, and the bullet flew past her harmlessly.

Two more shots from inside, and when Elena looked again, Tseng was the only one left standing.

Tseng went to one of the bodies and took something small out of the a shirt pocket, then he came back through the door. "Good work. Let's go."

"Okay," Elena said. But something was strange. Her senses were returning to normal, and there was something wrong.

Someone was screaming.

She turned her head and saw a mother on her knees holding something in her arms. All Elena could see was a tiny hand, still clutching a bag of sweetbread, covered in blood.

"Elena." Tseng's hand clamped down on her shoulder. "We have people to handle the collateral damage. Come."

Elena nodded numbly.

She hoped they would not be coming to Junon again any time soon.
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