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Chapter 2

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 2

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Okay, this time, returned with new chapters. Yup, decided to divide this chapter into 2 parts, 'cos it would been too long.

A week before the encounter with this redhead vampire hunter~. This vampire surely was living the best of his life with no worries at all. After all, he was powerful enough that if he wanted, then by simply rising his one hand, everything would have dyed in that beautiful crimson red and accompanied by these screams of pain and despair. It is one of biggest desire of any creature of demon world to have such a power, but it didn’t really interested this brunette. That would be such a waste to slaughter people just to show-off, besides, no vampire could drink off such a amount of blood, no matter how starving or exhausted a vampire could become, or so thought this brunette. Also, he has no pity for the other of his kind, when they get caught by these vampire hunters. It’s their own fault for being reckless, not his.

Anyway, Kyo has his own preying method, which is not so violent and still works pretty fine. Instead of attacking his victim from ambush, he uses slightly different tactic. At least, none of his victims seem to be complaining, but rather are even glad to be a sacrifice. When he finds a suitable prey for his taste, he observes it from a far and then the real show begins. This vampire has one unique ability, which is not pretty common for his kind - hypnotizing victims with his voice. No living being could ever resist to that such a beautiful yet deadly voice. So, when a person is under his sweet spell, this vampire could approach human without any worries. After all, this person’s body and mind now fully belongs to this vampire. So, it’s not necessarily to kill, even a good half litre is enough to satisfy a normal hunger. Speaking of food, maybe he should try his luck this time and spoil himself with better a treat. After this vampire stretched his body, he decided to hunt today.

It’s been really awhile since he had tasted a blood of these church people. Even if it doesn’t satisfy hunger or has any nutritious value at all, it surely had pretty interesting taste, which tingles tongue. However, drinking too much of it, could make feel too dizzy. So, it could be described as equivalent to alcohol. Speaking of which, it could be said only about the lower rank of this group or other people, who has to deal with spirits and other divine beings. Basically, the more blessed is person, the more their blood is poisoned to vampires. In worst cases, if a vampire is not careful enough, they could die in slow and agonizing death as their body will burns and melts from inside as it was touched by strong acids. And even if it could lead to tragic fate, many of these monsters wanted to taste this blood at least once in their life-span, including this brunette.

So, it’s decided then - Kyo would try his luck on nearest church or monastery. Who knows, what kind of sweet and innocent servant of god would become this vampire’s prey and with thoughts of having already sinks his fangs into some young nun’s neck, he began his journey. However, this time he wanted to look more fancier than usual. After all, even these stupid humans wear more appropriate outfit just to hear word of their god. So, he putted his long sleeved black shirt, white jacket and better pair of jeans. And now, he was ready to personally confess about how naughty he was and that only a bite of holy person will help him to become better…

It was a windy and moon-less evening yet there were a few clouds, which greedily hide stars when they could. After good hour, this vampire was close to one local church, which was outside the city and surrounded by tall trees, and it made even more perfect place for picking some food. Without any rushing, he reached one of the windows of this sacred place and after fixing his hair, this vampire was prepared to cast a sweet spell of death upon his new victim.

When he opened his eyes, they’re now were glowing in crimson red color and now this vampire began his sweet and seductive speech ‘‘Oh, the master, of this domain~ Will you let me in?~ Oh, will you let this poor and restless wanderer?~’’. Now he heard someone’s footsteps and this vampire chuckles, soon continuing his deadly song ‘‘You’re the one who can help me~ The one I want to relieve my never ending pain~’’. Soon, this foolish human will fall into his trap and then their precious god won’t help them, only observes how slowly this innocent lamb is going to be taken away. However, after he noticed the silhouette of this person, Kyo was a bit surprised. So, it wasn’t some young maiden, instead that it was one of these priests. But it can’t be helped then. This young man surely has a good scent, so, hopefully, his blood would also will be same. Besides, this boy already almost under his spell, so, now this vampire needs to get inside.

Soon enough, the door of church has been opened and this vampire used his chance. He entered inside of it and now he could see his victim much more better. It young man looked a year or two younger than him and had a bit shorter brown hair. However, as soon as this young man felt a dark aura around this mysterious stranger and noticed Kyo’s glowing crimson eyes, he become scared of this unwanted guest. But now this priest couldn’t more even a single finger, no matter how hard he tried to. This reaction surely amused this vampire and now he approached more closely this young brunette and said in such gentle tone while looking with such a predatory in his eyes ‘‘Oh~ So, you are still on your senses? That’s too bad, boy…’’ now he made sure that this young priest’s neck would be more exposed to him. Just before sinking his fangs into this innocent young man’s neck, this vampire added ‘‘You shouldn’t let strangers inside god’s house at such late hour. And now you will pay for your naiveness~’’

However, when this vampire closed his eyes and was ready to taste his victim’s blood, he was interrupted by someone else voice from above, who sounded like divine being ‘‘Just hurt this boy and you’re dead, vampire.’’. All of sudden everything now were surrounded in white blinding light, without noticing this vampire pushed down this young priest on ground and now Kyo covered his eyes with his arm. After the light began to dim, this vampire removed his arm to see what was that all about. But now he frowned after seeing who was behind this cheap show.

It was one of these demons, who also has to feed on human life in order to survive. Kyo simply disliked this kind of demons, because most of the time they steal his potential prey and just uses, how he calls, too lewd methods to get life force from humans. That’s right, these succubi and incubi are his worst enemy. However, after a short time this incubus finished to materialize.

He had such beautiful pale skin and could been mistaken as a woman, if it weren’t for masculine body features. Not mentioning, that this demon has show-white fluffy hair. Despise being just a sex-thirsted demon, his body looked well-build. Or so, it was visible through the open-chest black leather vest. Also, this incubus wore tight black leather pants with opened view from sides.

While the silver-haired man was still levitating in the air, now he was alerted when heard the voice of the young priest ‘‘Orochi-sama…’’. This demon now looked down at this brunette and said in concerned tone ‘‘Shingo, are you okay? Did this foolish vampire harmed you?’’. Shit, it seems that this Shingo-guy was already released from paralyzing spell. Now Shingo fixed his outfit and while he was still half lying, said ‘‘I’m fine. But why are you here?’’. It seems that Orochi softened his voice and he replied ‘‘I sensed that you’re might in danger and so, I rushed as fast as I could. However-’’ now this silver-kind frowned and his gaze was on Kyo ‘‘This low animal needs to know what happens when you prey on wrong person.’’

Kyo looked dumfolded for a second, but he couldn’t give up to this demon. So, now he began to mock Orochi ‘‘What did you said, you slutty demon?’’ And now he approached closer this demon and thrusts his chest forward, continuing ‘‘More important, what such a demon does in church? Surely, not to pray. Besides, it’s not my fault that priest-boy letted me in~’’ this vampire now such a smug look and waited how incubus will counter-attack. However, Orochi wasn’t so affected and now once again he looked gently at Shingo. ‘‘Sorry, but I had to put under your sleep. You wouldn’t want to see how this vampire dies by such a ugly death. So, please, bear it for awhile.’’. After Orochi lifted his hand until it was the same level as his chest, Shingo already felt how his eye-leads becomes heavier and eventually he fell asleep.

However, this vampire kept his attitude, despise that the silver-haired demon gave him ice-cold and piercing gaze. So, when this brunette chuckled, he said after swooshing his hair with one hand ‘‘Gee, thanks, asshole. But, bribing won’t help you. Besides, you are as powerful as a mere human. So, why don’t you give up nicely and admit your defeat. Hmm?’’. However, Orochi now looked so satisfied for some reason and in same tone said ‘‘Are you done yet?…Immature child.’’ and this demon raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

Now everything was swallowed in the darkness. It seems that Kyo was left alone in this darkness, which eventually was filled with dark purple color mist. Surely, he wasn’t on human world anymore and he didn’t liked this a bit. However, soon the master of this illusionary world shown behind him. Fortunately, this vampire managed to avoid being embraced by razor-sharp long black nails and ducked in time.

Just the moment this brunette stands up, he looked behind him and noticed the true form of this incubus. With having these long nails, the pair of ebony wings has heavy yet quickly flapped behind the demon. Even if this demon remained calm, his long black tail, which small heart-shaped tip shown his impatience to tear apart his opponent as it violently wiggled. There were also visible tattoos over Orochi’s body, which proved his high rank. So, surely, unlike human beings would do it for showing-off, demons recognize it as sign of power.

Now Orochi moved his hand toward his face and slowly retracted his long nails, with devilish look on his face said ‘‘Fufufu~ Not bad for a feeble worm. However, you can’t run away from me. It’s my world and everything here obeys to my rules.-’’ it seems that this vampire only quickly looked around and he scratched head replying ‘‘Well, it’s empty no matter how you look at it. Yeah, like your small and narcissistic head. Agh-’’. Now Kyo closed his one eye as he felt how something wet and slimy was curling up his leg.

When he looked down, he noticed a purple tentacle, which now almost reached his thigh. While the second one was growing up from a ground and repeating what the previous tentacle was doing, Orochi approached this poor vampire and in calm and deeper tone explained ‘‘You foolish creature…I do not only can send anyone to their most secret, most desirable and unforgivable dream, but I can also create their worst nightmare.’’. It’s only got worse, and now after these tentacles reached this vampire’s belly, they were over-lapping each other and soon Kyo was wrapped. He could close his eyes in disgust. This silver demon added ‘‘But you see, not only your mind is trapped here, your body too~ So, if I let you die here, you won’t be able to awake from this nightmare. Hmm, where should I start then…How about I slowly pierce your legs and arms until you will as thorny as holder of rose…Oh, then, I’ll expose your greedy stomach widely opened and each part of it. That’s right~ I’ll show how disgusting you are inside. You’ll bloom as ugliest undead flower. But don’t worry, you won’t see this and you know why?’’

This demon delightfully closed his eyes and after taking a deep breath, he slowly opens his eyes. Just when he wanted to explain his further plans…Orochi felt how something cold, slimy and thick suddenly splashed over him. After this silver demon quickly shakes-off the remains of his lil pet, which gladly kept this vampire, this demon frowned ‘‘You insolent fool!’’. However, now this silver-kind gasped and panicked for a second, because this vampire’s dark aura got stronger rapidly. It’s like the whole new and more powerful monster was standing in front of him.

It seems that while this poor vampire felt unbearable humiliation, he felt that his life was in dangerous and thus it happen. When any of higher rank monster’s life is in threat, they can activate their true or so-called awakened form. For vampires, it’s a huge power boost, which grants enormous strength, fastens the wound healing several times, despise that it’s any thorn body part, extreme level frost-bite, burn. That heals and regenerates in a matter of second. Vampire’s body itself becomes absorbing and even by just sinking their fingertips into a victim, they can suck it dry off until there is only skin and bones left.

However, this a permanent ability. If vampire or any high rank monster stays in this form for longer than couple hours, their body can’t take handle anymore, which leads even to death. It also can take even several months of slumber just to restore energy.

Now this vampire’s skin was as pale as snow, his hair paled until it was linen color. When he opened his eyes, they were glowing crimson red and fangs now were visible. After fixating his hair, there were also visible a sharpened nails. This vampire’s new physical look still was so blank compared to the radiation of such a high amount of dark aura. Now Kyo looked from above to Orochi and in deeper and growing tone said ‘‘Is this your last words, trash? I’ll show you what happens when you test my patience.’’ it seemed that this incubus made a mistake awakening a beast.
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