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Chapter 3

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 3

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Orochi chuckled and gave mocking look to Kyo ‘‘What a pathetic and disgusting low-life creature are you. I told you, you are helpless in my world!’’. Now this demon aggressively slashed with his long nails through the vampire. However, this silver-haired demon’s nails only slashed the air and now he felt this vampire’s presence behind his back and how he was pushed down on his stomach. Now Kyo stepped on his back with one leg and holds this demon’s tail with his both hands.

While Kyo kept Orochi under his foot, he looked down on this incubus and now claimed victory upon him ‘‘Where are you aiming for?’’. Now he pulled tail harder, making this demon grimace in pain and, however, this vampire remained serious ‘‘Where did your big talk has gone, you pitiful demon? How about we teach a lesson by cutting your wings a bit?’’.

When one hand was still holding incubus’ tail, this vampire bended down and grabbed humerus of the wing. Later it was followed by cracking noise and something being tossed on ground. That’s right, Kyo thorn apart a wing of the demon. Where was a part where this wing was broken, there were visible torn bloody dark skin and white bone. This unfortunate creature has even bitten his own arm and folded other wing so close to him as he could. It seems that this vampire is not joking around and surely could take his life away in his own created world.

However, when this vampire grabbed his other wing’s humerus, he added ‘‘What is it ? Already admitting your defeat? Just let me return to my world and I might spare you.’’ but then Orochi tossed his opponent by spreading his wing. After Kyo managed to sit, he noticed that his chest was heavily scrapped. Soon, he notices the culprit of it - it was Orochi’s wing, which now was covered in sharp like needles spikes and dripping with this vampire’s blood.

After the silver-haired demon shakes-off blood by flapping his wing, he approached this already healed vampire, who was still sitting on knees. Now Kyo hissed at his opponent ‘‘You shitty demon, you can’t go without your dirty tricks, can you?’’ but one more step of his opponent was enough for him. It can’t be helped then, this unsuspecting of his own miserable fate fool shall pay, though Kyo. After looking so smug, this vampire was rising his arm and then it was on his chest level, he snapped his fingers, releasing a huge wave of orange flame towards the demon.

There was no way that anyone could be so fast to avoid this pillar wave of flame. So, now this vampire delightfully closes his eyes, listening how fire devours his opponent. After he stands up and opens his crimson glowing eyes, he sees that there were no traces of this demon. However, he is still in this illusion world. So, now he got alerted, because incubus might be still alive, even if there were no sign of him. Soon, the voice of this demon echoed around him ‘‘Don’t rush to your own doom, vampire.’’ now he heard a noise of flapping leather wings from above, from right, everywhere…He could hear him, but he had no idea, where this fiend hides.

After awhile, Orochi shown up in front of him, who now had a pair of black wings. This demon said in calm tone ‘‘You have defeated a mere illusion. How many times I said that you can’t defeat me.’’. However, Kyo didn’t gave up to this demon’s crushing intimidation and replied in mocking tone ‘‘Is that so? Then I have to roast you as many times until you’re dead.’’. Orochi remained silent and being so confident, just levitates in same spot. ‘‘Very well, demon. It only makes things easier for me~’’ said vampire before launching a fire ball into this silver-haired demon’s face.

However, just the moment of impact, Orochi reflected the flame by using power shield and sending the ball of bright orange flame to his owner. While this vampire was laying on ground, Orochi lifted him into the air until their eyes were at same level. Kyo was still groaning in pain after tasting his own flame yet refused to give up to the demon. Orochi asked him in calm tone ‘‘Stop fooling around. You don’t know when to quit, do you?’’ now this demon closes his eyes and after opening them continues ‘‘You left me no other choice, vampire.’’

Orochi devilishly smiles as he pushes his hand inside Kyo’s chest, but this vampire replied through groaning ‘‘Do think that will kill me, idiot? I can still heal and kick your ass…’’. This demon delightfully observed this vampire and remained calm ‘‘Of course, not. But this, it would serve as the lesson for you.’’. While the silver-haired incubus’ hand was exploring inside Kyo’s chest, this demon added ‘‘Such a fools can’t be killed so easily. Oh-’’ it seems that his hand stopped somewhere in the heart area ‘‘Found it~ Don’t worry, I won’t remove that huge and disgusting red muscle.’’. Before with-drawing his hand, Orochi casts a silent spell and his hand and it unmaterializes and becomes barely visible. Just now he slowly removes it.

Meanwhile, this vampire’s eyes now wide open, yet his eye color slowly dims and they started to slowly close. His fangs disappeared, skin and hair color return to his formal one. This brunette looked like returning to his human form just to die. No, he looked too exhausted even for that. However, now with another hand, Orochi supports his back until he removed his hand from the chest. The place, where this demon inserted hand, now healed yet there was a visible trace of interfacing. Now he letted this brunette fall like a rag-doll on ground. While his hand materializes, he bends down toward this vampire and gently slaps his cheek ‘‘Hey, you can’t just die yet…Look.’’

After this vampire opened his eyes and while he was half sitting, he notices that Orochi has clenched one of his hands into a fist like he was holding something inside. Orochi unclenched his fist. There was a small and lively small orange flame inside of it, Orochi continued his sweet yet menacing talk ‘‘Do you know what it is? No, it’s not your soul. A creatures like you does not deserve or need to have it…It’s your life force!~’’. This demon let’s this small flame dance on his palm ‘‘But you don’t need to worry, loosing this small part won’t kill you…However, you can never use your powers or that ugly vampire form ever again.’’

Now Kyo frowned and in best way he could demanded ‘‘…return…to…me. You…sick…bastard..Return, or else-’’. Orochi only chuckled ‘‘Why do you need it, if you can’t use it properly, you stupid vampire?’’ he scratched his chin ‘‘Hmm, but what should I do with it~ I can’t consume it…It’s still raw and even so, I don’t want your pity power. But I can’t return to you either~’’. However, now this demon sadistically smiled and kept his palm as straight as he could. He wanted to make sure that vampire would clearly see him ‘‘Look~’’ and while this flame innocently danced on this incubus palm - it was suddenly crushed!

This vampire’s eyes were opened wide and now his face slowly twisted in pain. He still tried reached Orochi’s hand, which had his powers, even if he knew it was useless. However, before returning this brunette to human world, this incubus whispered into Kyo’s ear ‘‘Fufufu~ Now you are as powerful as a mere human~’’. These words left him frozen in shock and feeling useless.

Both returned to the same church where they left before the fight. Shingo was still asleep and looked like could sleep like this until the morning. As for this vampire, he was still stunned and refusing to believe what happened, only the cold voice of Orochi helped him to return to senses ‘‘I suggest you to leave while this boy is still sleeping or you prefer to killed? Get out and never show here ever again, vampire. There won’t any second chance.’’. When this vampire stands up, he quickly fixes his clothes and before slamming the door of church just curses and leaves without looking back. Heck, how could he been defeated by incubus? He was not sure, but didn’t cared either. Right now, he needs to restore energy and only then think what to do further.

Meanwhile, on the same church. Shingo’s head rested on Orochi’s knees. This silver-head couldn’t leave him resting just like that, this human could get cold. It seems that this vampire didn’t harmed him, at least that was a huge relief. However, this brunette began to slowly shake his head in sleep and eventually wakes up. Now he hears a gentle and caring voice of incubus ‘‘Oh, you’re awake? Should I get you into your bed?’’, but this brunette asked while he was still too sleepy ‘‘Orochi-sama…what happened? Where is that vampire?’’.

While looking concerned, Shingo continued ‘‘Please, don’t tell me that you killed anyone…again…’’ now Orochi comforted him while brushing this brunette’s hair ‘‘Shingo, it’s okay. I just asked this vampire to leave peacefully before he harmed anyone else. But he didn’t listened, so, I had to explain once again until he left on his own.’’. Shingo only sighed ‘‘Fine. You can follow me, if you want, but- ’’ now he looked up at this demon, who now looked so innocently and continued ‘‘But promise you don’t try anything funny. So, you can stay, but you can only observe from a far.’’. Orochi only chuckled at such an answer and innocently said ‘‘Shingo, did I ever done anything wrong? I’m just making sure that no one disturbs your sleep~ That’s all~’’. This brunette already knew it was useless to argue and silently prompted Orochi to follow him.

A/N: So, this was a lil flashback how this poor vampire lost his powers. And see you next time~
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