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Chapter 5

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Vampie's Kiss - Chapter 5

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After this vampire fells on his back on flat surface of stone surface, he finally opens his eyes. When he leaned on his elbows, he looked around, it seems that now both of them were in small catacomb. The only source of the light were candles on upper shelves around whole room. Right now Kyo couldn’t even move a muscle on his body, only fixated his gaze on this unpredictable man. This vampire hunter took closer step to his target and just silently observed him. That cold and piercing gaze alone made this vampire understood he may not be so lucky this time.

When this redhead opened his coat, this vampire already knew that now he was screwed for sure, but he refused cowardly close his eyes. This vampire hunter is going to pick his whip, isn’t he? However, his left hand wasn’t on his right side of his belt. No, it was now inside one of inner coat’s chest pockets. Maybe he was looking for some other weapon and whatever it was, it didn’t really mattered. After awhile, this redhead’s hand stopped moving when he seem to find what he wanted on left side of that pocket.

Now his gloved left hand holds some sort of almost flat package wrapped in several layers of tissues. Surely, it’s couldn’t be the holy water, because that nasty liquid could be only stored in glass bottles, but who knows, maybe that changed over the time. In any case, it only made this vampire more anxious and discomforted.

After this redhead hunter tossed at vampire this package, Kyo suddenly closed his eyes. When this package landed on his chest, he could hear the sound something splashing inside and could feel how this liquid moved in opposite directions until it remained still. Finally, he opened his eyes and grabbed this package, then this redhead said ‘‘You can have it, vampire.’’ now Kyo looked at this redhead suspiciously while he managed to sit up. There was something wrong about this vampire hunter and he didn’t like this at all. He looked too untrustworthy, or so thought this brunette. However, he decided to play along with this redhead’s rules and now he started unwrap this mysterious package.

When he done with unpacking, now he asked ‘‘What is the meaning of this, human?’’ after inspecting two plastic bags filled with blood, he returned his gaze to this hunter ‘‘Whom belonged this? Did you putted anything just to poison me?’’. While this vampire stared at him like a cornered small animal, this redhead said in slightly irritated tone ‘‘Whenever it’s a trap or not, it’s up to you. But you better use them wisely until-’’ suddenly he was surprised and then face-palmed at such a behavior of this vampire. That stupid vampire already sank his fangs into one of the blood bags and immediately sucked all the content until the bag was empty. Now he tossed away that empty bag on floor.

While he innocently looked at this redhead, Kyo said ‘‘What are you staring at? I was just tasting whenever it was good or not. One thing for sure, that person has a lack of iron and some other minerals. So, it was only so-so, human.’’ and when he wanted to have another bag, vampire hunter stopped him ‘‘You better be wanting to save this until next time we meet.’’.

This vampire now looked confused and looked away for awhile, however, he finally stands up and approaches closer this redhead, while he lifted one eye-brow, he asked ‘‘What do mean by that and why are you doing this, human?’’ now redhead cracked a smile and honestly answered ‘‘Your stupid vampire head has a huge bounty on it. Yet it’s too much for such a weak creature…’’ this vampire started to grid his teeth and now angrily stared at hunter. He ignored this reaction and continued his speech ‘‘You keep mentioning about some demon. Did anything happened between you two? Is why you’re now no stronger than a mere monster?’’. That’s it, it was the last drop of this vampire’s patience. He is not going to let to be insulted like this…

Now Kyo pushed this redhead to the nearest wall and aggressively pinned him. Surely, this redhead was surprised at this vampire’s strength as he heard how stone wall cracked where his fist has landed yet he tried to keep his poker-face on and observed this furious beast in front of him. This brunette’s eyes were glowing in that familiar crimson red and he roughly breathed, his fangs were also now visible.

Kyo just growls at his victim ‘‘Then why don’t you find for yourself a better opponent and just leave me alone, you foolish human?’’. Even if it as a mistake to provoke this vampire’s anger any further, the redhead vampire hunter had to know what happened. It wasn’t his first time dealing with more aggressive monsters or demons either, so, now he had to remain calm and do not show any sign fear. He just listened further ‘‘It’s not your goddamn concern. So, why don't you just stay away and do not interface?’’.

However, despise being cornered like that, this redhead replied ‘‘Says the one, who attacked first…If you wanted so desperately to satisfy your hunger, then you wouldn’t had a second thought to pick anyone as your prey, vampire.’’. Just what a hell is wrong with this foolish human? Who does he think is he? Why is he is so annoying and just won’t shut up already? Thought this vampire. But this vampire hunter continued ‘‘What’s the matter? Did the cat got your tongue?’’ he waited for the answer.

Now Kyo lowered his gaze. It seems that his eyes stopped glowing and returned to normal color eventually, he lowered his arm, which been cornered this redhead. His fangs were still visible tho, but now he bitten his lower lip and muttered ‘‘It’s your fault, human…’’ when he lifted his gaze, he noticed that this vampire hunter gave him a questioning look.

However, this vampire continued but in more confident tone ‘‘Your blood’s scent was too strong. So, I couldn’t help myself, but just follow you. I just felt that you may satisfy my hunger and even may help regain some strength. That’s all. ’’ now he smirked ‘‘So, you’re not that special. I could have picked anyone else, if you didn’t got in my way, Mister Vampire Hunter~’’.

‘‘So, you want to say that you just need more strength to face that demon, right?’’ asked this redhead and now added ‘‘Very well, then. Just don’t cause any problems and next time I may bring you more food.’’. Kyo now looked dumbfolded, but he refused to give up and now answered ‘‘Why do I need to listen to you? I don’t need any pity from you! Do you think that I can’t catch my prey on my own? Just wait and you’ll see when I’m strong enough to put you into your place, hunter!’’

The vampire hunter noticed that same flame in this brunette’s eyes like from previous encounter. Despise being just a weak monster, he sure shows a huge fighting spirit. However, this redhead’s further thoughts were interrupted ‘‘Oi, hunter, why do you look smug?’’. Finally, this redhead hunter gently pushed this vampire away and now walked away further from him. After he turned to this vampire side, he said ‘‘I told you, if I see at least a single report about any vampire activity…I’ll find you no matter where you are and I’ll make sure that you’ll receive a proper punishment, vampire.’’

Kyo only gave a mocking look and replied ‘‘Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not the only vampire here, you know. So, how do you know that it was my work exactly? I’m not responsible for anyone and I’m definitely not gonna suffer because of someone else fault, got it?’’. Maybe this will cool down this redhead’s temper, thought Kyo, who now added ‘‘Besides, usually my prey is still alive when I’m done. So, I don’t need to rely on you, human.’’ before continuing he swooshed his hair ‘‘ Besides, you want me to starve just for cuddling your own ego? Hmph! Who do you think you are? That’s why I am not interested in your offer, even if you pledge so hard, Mister Vampire Hunter~’’

It seems that this redhead’s negotiation with this vampire didn’t went as he planned and now his target may leave any time. He can’t just let him go, the other may capture this vampire without letting him to know the reason for his bounty and knowing what he went trough. So, now he had to use more drastic measurements.

This redhead said in more demanding tone ‘‘Vampire, you mentioned that I can help restore your strength. So, who knows, when you find anyone else, who may even help you recover. You may even die before you settle your score.’’ that definitely caught this brunette attention, who know rised his eye-brow and asked ‘‘Where you getting at? Are you telling me that you ready even sacrifice yourself for the sake of your curiosity?…But then, how can I be sure that my hunger didn’t caused me hallucinations? You don’t seem to have such a strong scent as before. So, maybe you are no better than any other person.’’ now he looked unsure at this vampire hunter.

The redhead vampire hunter only sighed and in calm tone ordered ‘‘Then come closer, vampire.’’, but now Kyo doubtfully looked at this hunter. Maybe it was a trap after all. Now this redhead picked one of his knives into his hands. So, did he planned this all along just trap this vampire and kill him? But this vampire just silently observed how this redhead removes left glove and rolls up his left sleeve until his wrist was well visible. He putted this blade closer to his hand.

However, he remained still calm. The tip of this knife was so close to his wrist and before closing his eyes he took a deep breath. Now the tip of this knife has slowly sank into hunter’s wrist. This blade was slightly moved just enough until first blood shown up and now it remained still. Redhead hunter looks at Kyo waiting how he react further.

After this vampire felt that familiar sweet scent of amaretto, his eyes started glowing in that crimson red and when the first drops of dark red liquid splashed on the ground, his voice was slightly shaking in concern ‘‘What the…Human, please, don’t. Do not try to temp me.’’. However, this redhead replied in with small groan in his voice ‘‘It seems that now I got you now, vampire. You can’t resist to your primal instincts. So, if you do as I said, I’ll let you have some. Just hurry up, before I changed my mind…’’

While blood was dripping on floor like it was a timer for rushing this vampire’s decision, he was still doubting and questioning this man’s mind. However, if this hunter was right, maybe he was a key to restore this vampire’s true power. So, whenever it was a truth or not, he can’t waste such an opportunity. Now Kyo unusually gently asked this vampire hunter to sit on that cold stone coffin.

After this redhead did as this vampire asked, Kyo kneels to this hunter’s left side. Finally, he going to have a taste of this dark red liquid, which scent slowly was driving him mad. While he gently holds redhead’s arm with both hands, Kyo sinks his fangs into this wrist. This redhead instinctively tried to move his arm away when he felt sudden stinging pain like there were two needles inside of him. His palm twitched, but it eventually relaxed and now he got used to feeling that something was inside him. However, redhead hunter couldn’t look away, his gaze was fixated on this vampire.

Kyo blissfully closed his eyes and maybe a little too much enjoyed the blood of this vampire hunter. That’s right, he eventually started to let out small whims without realizing that. He couldn’t re-call when he had tasted such a remarkable blood. It was too good not be just a mere dream. He could even feel how he could melt in same spot from euphoria.

However, as soon as this redhead started to feel sleepy, he tried to stop this vampire by pushing Kyo’s forehead away from him. This vampire was returned from this dream-like experience to real world and now he heard redhead hunter’s voice ‘‘…That’s enough. Hey-’’ but after this vampire saw that hunter was still bleeding, he began to lick his wounds and where were visible traces of blood on hunter’s arm and hand.

This redhead only could say through small groans ‘‘…The fuck? You stupid vampire…’’ he could feel how carefully and gently vampire’s tongue been working on exposed area of his arm. However, Kyo now looked at him innocently and when he finished, replied ‘‘Eh? What is it with you? I can’t let waste any single drop. Who knows, when you next show up, human.’’. After Kyo stands up, he simply waited what this vampire hunter will do next. When the redhead done fixing his outfit, he asked Kyo ‘‘Your name, vampire?’’

Well, surely, this vampire didn’t expected this question and now when he smiled, replied ‘‘So, you were hunting a vampire without knowing even his name? What if you were hunting a wrong person, who just looked like me? You sure are one of hell foolish humans.’’, but soon this vampire now answered in more cheerful tone ‘‘But if you ask so nicely…I’ll tell you. Listen closely, or you might forget it. I am the one and only - Kyo Kusanagi! Eh? And why do look so surprised, Mister Vampire Hunter?~’’. This redhead still couldn’t believe that this annoying vampire was the same, who had huge bounty for his head.

However, this hunter replied ‘‘You don’t really look like someone, who has huge bounty, you stupid vampire. And I do have name too. Since, you not going to die any time soon, you better remember it.’’ Kyo only chuckled and slightly teased this hunter ‘‘Oh, should I feel honored or not? Then what is it…Mister~Vampire~Hunter?’’ . This vampire surely wants to be bathed in holy water or get a massage with sharp blade, doesn’t he? Thought this hunter.

So, now he introduced himself ‘‘The name is Iori Yagami. You better remember it.’’. Then Yagami added ‘‘Since you were smart enough to do as I asked, I’ll let you go just with warning. You better do not cause any problems. I covered you up this time by blaming other vampire. So, be grateful and just stay out of the trouble.’’ before Iori wanted to leave, he was stopped by Kyo’s demand ‘‘Oi, hu -er, Yagami! You still own me explanation.’’ when Yagami turned back, this brunette added ‘‘Why are you doing this?’’ and it now this redhead replied ‘‘When you’re ready to face me as worthy opponent, you’ll know. So, after you give me that desired fight, I’ll tell you. Until then, farewell…’’ and with that Iori left this room and this this brunette with unanswered questions. This brunette only cracked a smile ‘‘What a weirdo.’’.

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