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Demon in the Church part 2/4

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 7: Demon in the Church part 2

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Okay, small note in order to reduce the confusion: I gonna mark some terms like - (1) and etc. So, in the end of chapter I'll leave a note for each numbered term. Anyway, like always, have a nice time~

Almost month has passed since Shingo took this mysterious stranger under his care, but this Orochi person didn’t shown any signs of leaving or even bothered to change anything. Even if this brunette started to get fed-off of this guest, but he still continued patiently wait until this silver-haired young man would leave on his own. With that in mind, this priest carried on his daily routine.

Life in church seem to be quiet peaceful, on other hand, those who live in city, have been terrified by the chain of murders. More than fifty victims were killed by mysterious person, who still continued torment innocent people to this day or so, with this kind of headlines media won’t shut down. That’s right, all of his victims died in same way - physically, they looked perfectly normal and fine. There were no visible bruises, no cuts, no nothing… The body of the victims looked like untouched, but there was one unusual detail - all victims had that same delightful and calm expression on their faces. They looked like were having a blissful dream before meeting their miserable fate.

There were also no traces that the murderer was in the house. It almost like there was a ghost. If it were only couple cases of such a deaths, then normally it would be tagged as a suicide and would been eventually forgotten. However, even after autopsy, there were no visible signs of victims being poisoned or having over-dose of psychotropic medication. Surprisingly, the medical history of most of killed people shown that they had no problems with mental health.

Despise that, this cold-hearted murderer was pretty picky about their victims’ age - it ranged from youngest person barely being eighteen to oldest by being thirty. These young people would had a bright and prospective future, but that was taken away by this fiend. Even police was useless and powerless to do anything or even a clue where to start. It more and more concerned people until these rumors reached the ear of Hunter guild.

Hunter guild is an organization was found six centuries ago during one of greatest outbreaks of demons. Since very first appearance of monsters and demons in human world millenniums ago, mankind tried to fight back these unwanted wanderers, who were much stronger, powerful and brought only fear and despair…However, there was still a hope for mankind to survive! People, who were granted with greater power, intelligence or agility started to fight back these fiends. Although, they were fighting for themselves and their interest, but it helped mankind avoid their tragic fate.

As peaceful times returned eventually, the vampire and demon hunters were seen as terrifying beings and judged as bad as for doing witchcraft. They were despised for their supernatural power and driven away from their own town, country or even their own home…However, these hunters didn’t extincted and gathered into secret organizations hidden from society. Eventually, the guild in which now one certain redhead is, was created and which has a long history of fighting various demons and monsters.

Hunter guild is may be different from any other guild, because it is not only has lot of veteran hunters, but also open hands for new members. As long as you can cover up your life expenses, you’re fine. Even so, the guild helps to earn extra cash for more than just living. That’s why there is a various choice of monsters and demons, which you can select. However, the bigger bounty, the higher rank is monster, so, each hunter has carefully pick their target before setting into the new journey.

Speaking of departures, one of still pretty new hunters was still not sure what kind of target she should pick. This huntress wore dark brown long boots up her knees, white pants on which each side of tights were a belts, which holds a knife, on top of her dark purple shirt there was a white jacket, which was tied by black belt and lastly, long up her elbows dark brown gloves. The notice board, which was on main hall of the guild, had lot of low rank monster bounties to offer along with few high ranked ones. So, it seems maybe this time, this blue-haired huntress is not so lucky, because either it’s too weak monsters, either she didn’t feel prepared to face monsters with higher bounty. However, when she wanted to return to her room, she heard how the entrance door were opened and how it was followed by rising bustle.

It seems that one of vampire hunters just returned from a trip and maybe this redhead hunter’s captured monster caught attention of other guild members for awhile. Apparently, Yagami was dragging some blonde vampire, who was still barely conscious, despise that his hands and legs been tied or who had these cut wounds. However, it seems that no matter whenever it was just innocent exchange of words between fellow members of guild or nastier gossips of what this redhead hunter planned for the vampire, Iori ignore this useless and empty talk and just straight ahead went to guild master’s room.

Once Yagami reached the notice board, he felt how someone patted his shoulder from behind. Surely, it was enough reason to stop for a second look back, who asks for trouble. It seems that it was one of the senior hunters, who helped him during his training back in early days. As this redhead hunter turns his head, he asks ‘‘What is it, Nanakase?’’ but he got a cheerful reply from this fellow hunter ‘‘Eh? You’re so cold as usual, Yagami-chan~ Did you already returned?’’ Iori brushed this taller silver-head’s gloved hand from his shoulder and indifferently replied ‘‘As you can see.’’.

Even if this fellow hunter from the first sight looked not so serious or just simply too relaxed, but the truth is that Yashiro Nanakase is one of veteran demon hunters. That’s right, even someone like Yagami, who had been partners with him during first bounty hunts could tell that this silverhead is completely different person when he is facing a deadly foe. Although, he prefers to hunt alone, but you can always count on him if you’re still green. So, only in these cases he would help during the mission and in the of it, would give half of bounty as a boost for newbie.

Also, you would never see him without his trustworthy sword - Demon Slayer, which he carries behind him. This enormous blade of netherworld enhanced with three magic gems, these just sealed the true power of this sword, who might even corrupt it’s master’s mind. So, how this blade is on the hands of this silverhead? No one could tell…even some rumors says that he has made pact with the devil or that he possess this blade for all his life. Usually, Yashiro prefers an outfit, which like he calls ‘not so restraining movement’ - Black pants, no shirt, just suspenders and dark gray long coat.

However, it seems that the caught vampire started to regain consciousness and slowly lifted his head, but without looking back Iori smacked this unfortunate creature and cracked a smile. However, this redhead’s senior now scratched his chin as asked ‘‘By the way, it’s pretty unusual for you to leave your target alive…What did you planned?’’, this redhead only sighed and said ‘‘Guild master’s order was to keep him alive. sigh another Soul of Tainted1…’’. Just the moment when Iori wanted to go, he was once again stopped by this silver-head ‘‘So, that’s how it is. Did you heard the rumors about the new threat in the city?’’.

The redhead hunter gave ice-cold gaze and asked ‘‘What it is about? Even if it is the work of demon, I’m not interested. Besides, I won’t run errands for possibly non-existant demon or monster. It’s simply would be a waste of time and effort.’’. Yashiro only chuckled and squirm his shoulders ‘‘As what you expect from my student. Anyway, I need to prepare for new trip. See you later-’’, but as this fellow hunter took step back, he heard how someone gasped in small voice behind him.

Yagami only face-palmed and shake his head at disappointment for his senior. It seems that the enormous blade behind his back pushed blue-haired huntress on ground. The silver-head male turned to this gal’s side and after bending his knees offered his hand to her ‘‘Sorry, missie. Are you alright?’’ but this huntress kept her poker-face and tried to stand up on her own. Later, she simply brushed the dust away and fixed her outfit like it was nothing.

However, when blue-haired huntress notices one certain redhead, she frowned. The same could been said about Iori himself, but now he asked in serious tone ‘‘What are you starring at? Do you have any problems?’’, this lady remained silent and shown no emotions. She simply replied to fellow hunter ‘‘No. Just picking the target for my first bounty hunt, sir. However, it seems that this time there is no one suitable to test my strength.’’. For some unknown reason, she started to feel that she was already on the bad side of Iori, so, now she received brief lecture from this hunter ‘‘ Do not expect the monster of your power level to run into you. If the enemy is in front of you, it won’t ask whenever you are ready to face it or not. You always have to be prepared…otherwise, you will be the one who is hunted down. Remember that.’’

Of course, Yashiro didn’t liked this behavior of this redhead, who may once again pick a fight with newbies and scare them away. So, now this silver-head began to scold Iori ‘‘Hey, you don’t need to so harsh to her. It’s her first day as guild member after all. Besides, if I remember correctly, I assisted you during getting your first bounty.’’. Surely, this kind of reply didn’t pleased this redhead and now he counter-attacked in with slight mockery in his voice ‘‘ I’m pretty sure, if this newbie decided to become hunter, then she is perfectly knew what awaits her. However, if you’re oh-so-kind, then why don’t take this newbie with you? ’’

Yashiro remained calm as before and now explained ‘‘sigh You know that I can’t, Yagami-chan…It’s a higher rank demon and I won’t be able to concentrate on this demon and keeping safe the newbie at same time. After all, it would distract from killing it. Like you know, these alure unes2 are pretty nasty kind. If you’re not careful enough, they can crush you with their roots and you’ll become a mere fertilizer for them.’’. However, Yagami came up with one idea for this fellow blue-haired huntress and said ‘‘Listen you-’’, but it seems that now after awhile this huntress started to object in cold and strict tone ‘‘Enough of you-ing. You’re annoying and arrogant fellow, sir. If it wasn’t for guild master’s orders, you would have already tasted my blade. And do I have a name and you will remember it - Leona Heidern.’’.

It seems that maybe this lady is not completely hopeless as she looks, tough Yagami as now he cracked a smile and replied ‘‘Very well then. Heidern, you don’t want to return with empty hand, right? So, how about as your first task, you could check what’s happening in city. You might even find a suitable target for you and it would serve as test whenever you won’t run away like a coward or prove yourself as a hunter. Good luck.’’. One thing for sure, this redhead is getting Leona’s nerves, however, she decided to take this challenge and wipe this smug bastard’s smile. Later on same evening, this huntress is done packing stuff and before turning lights off, for the last time she takes a look at her shiny blades.

The dawn of new day, before leaving through the entrance of guild’s doors, young huntress fix her long coat and puts hood over her head.

A/N: lil note for some terms :
(1) - A Soul of Tainted could be described as any higher rank creature of the night, in this case it is a vampire ready to be sacrificed for enhancing weapons. This ritual is only allowed if guild master approves it. Otherwise it is forbidden ancient ritual.
(2) - Alure unes is carnivorous plant which was fertilized by human/demon blood. They use their roots to hunt down and finish their prey.
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