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Demon in the Church part 3/4

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 8: Demon in the Church part 3

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Okay, couple more days aand finally gonna finish 4th part of this arc. But for now, like always, enjoy and have a good time~

It was a dusky evening in the city and the only source of light were singly working street lamps, which lighted up the dark pavement in this cloudy night. Or so, this how was greeted when this blue-haired huntress in the city. She was wandering alone in empty streets, the only life forms, which she noticed were just a group of cheerfully singing drunkyards, who brings no harm as long as you not in their way. So, this huntress walk through them, ignoring their presence and just lowered her hood of her gray cloak. It was too peaceful for the city, which is terrorized by mysterious murderer.

However, after wandering for awhile, Leona rises her head and gets alerted for a second. One of upper floor windows has been opened and that person got this huntress attention. It was a beautiful young man with snow-white fluffy hair and pale skin, who gazed for awhile at the scenery of silent city. Now he placed his hands on the windowsill and leans forward outside the window revealing that he wore just a black leather open vest, which was holded together by big crossed stitches. But when this young man was half outside, he climbed on the windowsill and now there were also visible body-stocking black leather pants, with wide cut on tight sides and with same cross stitching down to his knees.

Is this young man planned to end his life? But then why did he looked so satisfied? Just the moment he jumped trough the window and instead of crashing into cold pavement, there was a a heavy sound of flapping wings. However, it seems that the blue-haired huntress’s presence wasn’t unnoticed and this demon playfully smirked at her before disappearing into the night. Even if it was useless, but she tried to chase the demon as long as her strength allowed, but it seems that after awhile she ran out of breath. For now, it would be wiser to find a place to stay, because capturing this demon might take couple days or more. Later on, she found a local inn and decides to call it a day.

The morning of another day has started. When the first sunbeams through the gaps of blinds, this blue-haired huntress just frowns and wrinkles her nose. It’s so annoying and too bright, though Leona, but eventually, she rolled to another side and slowly opened her eyes. All she did was just starring at her two blades on her night table. That’s right, this lady was never so fond or could stay any longer in day-light and that’s why no matter whenever it is hottest summer day or dark night, she will wear her cloak. But for now, she sits up and stretches, after all, it’s no good to stay in bed whole day for nothing. Besides, she is on mission plus now that demon shown up and mocks her, it is almost like this demon challenges her.

Good hour has passed, this huntress was just fixing her gloves before leaving. Firstly, she decided to gather information on inn and local bars. Half day has passed and aside rumors that yesterday was killed a daughter of one famous doctors, there was nothing much of it. This person seem to be also has greeted same fate as the other victims of the mysterious murderer. But even if this young huntress now realized that it might been the work of the silverhead young man, this mysterious creature also doesn’t seem to have a specific pattern for attacking and taste for his victims aside their age. So, it only hardens the hunt. Where to start, where to begin? - these questions only gave a headache for the huntress.

However, for now Leona decided to visit a church for getting a holy water and blessing her blades before staining them with demon’s blood. From what she heard, the church is on the north outside the city. After good hour, the huntress reached a church, which was surrounded by trees. The sun was already setting and the sky slowly was painted in that beautiful orange. Once this blue-haired lady reached the open door of sacred place, she notices a young priest silently praying to the statue of holy maiden. This brunette looked so calm and peaceful, but once he heard the footsteps of young huntress entering inside, Shingo stopped his prayer and looked to the direction of this huntress.

Now in calm tone he asks ‘‘Good evening, how can I help you at this hour?’’. After Leona approached more closely this priest and picked her knives and shown to him ‘‘I’m interested in this. Can you enhance them by blessing them?’’. However, this brunette was confused for a second and nervously chuckled, he just place his hand behind his neck and rub it ‘‘Well,…’’ and this reaction didn’t affected Leona, who even if kept her poker-face on, asked in slightly demanding tone ‘‘Your effort won’t be left unrewarded. So, how much do you want? Name the sum.’’

No matter how the huntress waited for the answer, young priest kept his acting but now he replied ‘‘Erm…Please, don’t get wrong, I could give a try, but I never done that before. Therefore, your weapons might end up damaged if anything would go wrong. However, tomorrow one person will arrive here, who may help you.’’. It seems that this reply didn’t satisfied this huntress, who just fixed her cloak ‘‘I see. In this case, I’ll wait here until tomorrow. Unless, you have any problems with this, sir.’’. Oh dear, sometimes you don’t know what our lord has prepared for us, so, you just have to accept it as it, right? Besides, it would be cruel to drive away a wanderer,who ask for shelter just for day. Or so, this how young Yabuki convinced himself. However,it seems that this priest was saved from any further questions when he and this persistent huntress heard a familiar voice behind them ‘‘Is everything alright, Shingo?’’.

It seems that it was a silver head young man with black turtle neck long sleeved shirt and pair of blue jeans was leaning against opened church door, who also been surrounded by the orange light of sunset. While Orochi was holding his one arm, he kept asking in concerned tone ‘‘Who is this person and what does it want?’’ but once Leona notices this young man, she was alerted despise that fact that this silverhead wasn’t affected at all. However, this brunette now concentrated on this new fellow and innocently asked ‘‘Do you know each other?’’. The fluffy silverhead just smiled and shake his head ‘‘No. I think she mistook me for someone else. I never met her before.’’. This person, surely didn’t rised any trust at all yet Leona now was curious about him. Something was off and she didn’t liked it a bit.

Hence, now there is another reason for overnight in the church. But this priest tried calmly to explain the current situation ‘‘Well, it seems that this young lady wants to enhance her weapons, however, the person, who knows how to do it, only arrives tomorrow. And now she wants to stay here overnight, but…’’ now Shingo lowered his gaze like feeling guilty, but after Orochi ignored this blue-haired huntress presence, he approached Shingo and gently placed his hand on this brunette’s shoulder and comforted him ‘‘It’s okay, you don’t need to shelter anyone whom you meet. You have a big heart and people will use your kindness, so, don’t be afraid to say ‘no’, you are not responsible for anyone whom you see.’’ now this young man gives a silent mocking gaze and smile for this blue-haired huntress.

Is this Orochi guy trying to drive her off or just purposely annoy her? However, no matter how this silverhead tried to taunt Leona, she must remain cool and not provoked into anger. Right now, the current task to hunt down the demon should be the only priority and concern. But this huntress didn’t give up and while ignoring this arrogant fellow asks priest ‘‘I don’t ask for any luxury, so, I’m fine even by sleeping on bench. The church is open for anyone, isn’t it, sir? As soon as your promised person shows up, I’ll take my leave.’’.

This brunette felt like he was cornered and with his gaze was asking Orochi for help, yet this young man only sighed and removed his hand. But now when he was facing Shingo, he took this brunette’s hand and gently holds in his hands, sighs and calmly replying ‘‘It’s up to you what to do. I’m sure that god won’t judge you on whatever you decide. ’’ it seems that this kind of comfort gave this young priest more confidence and now after with-drawing his hand from soft embrace, he gave his answer for Leona ‘‘I’m sorry that currently I cannot offer for the better option. However, please let me know if you need anything.’’, it seems that this answer was more than enough and it even made this smile ‘‘Very well, sir. I won’t cause any problems, so, rest assure.’’. As for this fluffy silverhead, he decided to return to Shingo’s room with such a though ‘‘That’s too bad…I still need more time. It can’t be helped then. Sorry, but tonight before departure, I need your strength, Shingo…’’…

Later on, when both young men left the church, Leona followed this silver-haired young man. He had a very dark energy around him, even if this priest does not realize that it may be the same demon, which she hunting down, it was wiser to check whenever her senses were false or not. Poor boy is so naive and have no idea who is this questionable type or so this huntress said to herself.
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