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Unreachable Sin part 2

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 11: Unreachable Sin part 2

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Alright, like promised, returning with new chapter ^^ sigh and yes, you may say ''Mina, of all possible villains you chose this pesky type? Couldn't you pick even more randomly?'' I would tell you one thing. Aside that I had difficulties beating him in Garou by either using Kim bros, either Rock or Kevin. Don't get me wrong, I did liked Garou and had pretty good time ^^ Anyway, I did pick Kain as villain not only because of that. Well, there was a KOF beat 'em up bootleg called Jue Zhan Tian Huang in which he was one of final bosses (for those, who are interested, I talked about this on DA
Besides, vampire hunter Yagami idea came from one image from one Castlevania bootleg on gameboy color. So, yeah, at least these bootleg game serve as good material for new ideas ^^''
Anyway, thank you for your patience and enjoy!

It was a misty night in the city. Even street lamps' light was slowly devoured by this mist. However, the stars of cloudless sky was brighter and just kept a company for lonely moon, who now kindly shown a path for wanderers. Despise a late hour, the city was awake and ignoring silent waltz of stars. Now it was the time when the night-walkers ruled. No, it weren’t any of monsters or demons, it was a human beings, who seek out either for excitement, either for the pleasure in this glamorous night.

There were shining and glittering neon signs of bars, clubs or new advertisements of various brands like inviting with open hands any wanderer with nicer sum of money or suit. Just go, just try your luck, live the moment - it was hard to resist and pass through so lightly… The air in streets was filled with various mixed fragrance - innocently sweet and light, choking over-powered scent of flowers or other sweets, the spiciness or refreshing, it was hard too hard to tell whom each scent belonged. Of course, you could hear a chatter and chuckling of couples or see being more close one to another.

Along that there was hearable the rhythmic beat of music from passing by cars, which as soon appears, the soon disappears in distance. Or so, this the life of night city. For this brunette it wasn’t anything too special, but it was better than the silence. He just walked without minding the pulse of night life of city’s center. A vampire or a human - no one could tell a difference, if you didn’t stood up from crowd. So, there was no reason to worry being discovered so easily. However, this vampire had no business in this part of area yet he needed to go to west side out of town - this where located that recently infamous bar.

Hopefully, he would unexpectedly spotted by that hunter, because it seems that this redhead has a habit to show up when least Kyo wants, or so, he though. Besides, this time, he has no real reason to worry or fear. He was innocent and did nothing wrong, or hoped so. Although, this brunette does not fully understand Yagami's motives or why he acts like that. If this hunter like mentioned last time, just desire to face a powerful foe, then why he doesn't leave this vampire alone and hunt down for real high-ranked monster, who might be a worthy opponent? But now...

This stupid hunter has out of nowhere some kind high expectations for Kyo. Just what a hell he knows about this brunette? Yet treats him like personal test subject for own made up theories. What this redhead tries to accomplish by doing this? Heck, offering a food for this vampire and even sacrifices himself. What if this hunter's effort going to be vain? Of course, Kyo would never say no to that blood and takes it as kind offer, after all, not every day you can encounter a human being, who is out of blue as simply as that gives a better treat. But it is possible that he may never regain his former strength and powers. More important, if this vampire would have a control over the hunter, he might not be able hold back. Yagami may be drained to the last drop and become a mere food for him.

Damn, does he want to make Kyo feel bad for his death because of his own nature? Who does he think is he? Even so, then this vampire has to prove that he is not just a blood-thirsty monster, who sees humans as good as fine dinner. Heck, if it wasn’t for that minority of vampires, who openly can kill and makes vampires look so bad, he wouldn’t be hunted in a first place or have a bounty on this head. However, he holds no grudge or hatred against humanity. Yes, some human beings can be annoying or unpleasant, but not necessary all of them are the same. So, it’s not an excuse to act as a rabid dog.

On other hand, it become a pretty complicated case with this redhead. The only way to know the answers from Yagami - how he insist, only by defeating him. Whenever it was just a bluff or not - doesn’t matter. This only condition was clear and fair enough, but with current power and strength, it was nearly impossible for Kyo. He wanted to become stronger than anyone else as fast as he could and finally face this redhead. Nevertheless, he is not going to regret for his impatience and curiosity. No one forced this brunette to do as this hunter says, it was his own independent decision.

But for now, Kyo was getting closer to out of town. It wasn’t so much light as in center, only singly street lamps shown him the way. At least, it was peaceful and quiet here. Nearly not a single living soul has crossed his road. As he was getting closer to abandoned bar, he began to feel uneasiness and pressure around him. Eventually, he could feel like being choked yet he was alone. Hopefully, it’s all in his head, so, this brunette tried to ignore this and keep on going.

Fifty meters, still same feeling, but now he widens his eyes and nearly fell on knees. Right now, he began to tremble. There was no mistake - someone was here and this vampire didn’t liked this. It was a second time in his life, he was scared like this. There was only person in world, who has awaken that primal sense of fear. No, Yagami could never do that, even if from the first glance he may look scary. Also, he certainly wouldn’t mock this vampire while torturing for false crimes and just blame for existence of his kind.

This twisted and vile person was somewhere near, Kyo was sure. There was no reason to stay at this place, so, he slowly steps back and turns around. However, all of sudden, a stinging pain was piercing his nape. After this vampire reaches with his left hand the hurting part of his neck, he could grasp a tiny arrow. Without hesitation he pulls it with one movement and silently groans. However, now vampire frozen in fear when he hears that familiar gentle yet sadistic voice behind him ‘‘My, what a people we have here…Looks like you are still alive, vampire.’’

Kyo tossed that arrow on ground and turned to face this fiend. That’s right, the same person, who sent him to his own personal hell five years ago, this man has not changed at all. The menacing chuckle pierced through vampire yet this person continued ‘‘So, it’s really you, little slaughterer. You are as rotten little disgusting beast as I remember. However, this time, I won’t be so merciful and kind this time. ’’

This vampire instinctively growls and shows his fangs at this long haired blonde hunter, who looked so calm and unaffected. The snow-white long coat, same color pants, long until lower back blonde hair - from first glance, anyone could mistake him as angel, however, behind that look there is a more twisted and vile being than any underworld creature could be. Or so, this is an old time member of Hunter Guild - Kain. Kyo's eyes began to glow in bright crimson red as well.

This brunette tried his luck to stretch his nails and now slashes with one hand his opponent. However, The hunter was faster and moved aside, leaving this vampire nearly tripping over the air. Damn, why it didn’t worked? His nails remained the same. Yet this brunette heard a mockery in chill tone ‘‘Too slow. Is this the best you can do?’’. Without second thought Kyo dodge down and spin kicks the enemy. However, another failed attack - Kain avoid attack and now he was behind this vampire’s back.

‘‘What a sluggish creature are you. Know your place!’’ and this brunette barely had time to react to this fiend attack. He felt a strong numb pain on left side of back. Fortunately for this vampire that the broadsword of this cold-hearted blonde was in it’s sheath. Kyo was now lying on his stomach yet now he was shaking while tried to get up from cold pavement. For some reason his body now felt so heavy and he could barely move.

Kain judged with mocking look alone this vampire and now he several times stepped on Kyo’s back ‘‘I’m surprised how you can still move. Yet I must congratulate you for that, vampire. However, I do not need bounty from your head, but you have something else what I can use.’’. Shit, why does he cannot control his body, though this vampire. It’s like his own body paralyzed yet his mind still sharp and clear. In this case, he can’t fight back no matter how he wished. This blonde just chucked ‘‘It’s seems the poison already started to work. At least, be grateful. You won’t feel any pain and after I’m done, you’ll be released from your pathetic existence. So, let’s go. ’’.

Lastly, the vampire hunter removed his foot from vampire’s back and now bends down to grab back side of Kyo’s jacket collar. This brunette wanted to escape at any cost, but he cursed himself for not being able to do anything and that suspense what happens to him only made things worse. So, is he going to die as simply as that? Damn, where is that stupid hunter? Even if he knew that it is a useless effort to to call Yagami’s name in his mind, but this the only thing he could think up at this moment. Despise that he was dragged towards the mysterious place, where blonde hunter probably even going to personally execute him.

A/N: Okay, it seems that the things for this vampire got a bit worse. However, maybe there is still hope ^^'' So, as usual - until then and see you next time!~
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