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Unreachable Sin part 3

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 12: Unreachable Sin part 3

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'Riiight~ it seems bringing another chapter after awhile. Well, surely, I won't lie - didn't expected or planned to make that lil ending part a bit more emotional or even in a first place. But recently on Twitter saw one cute fanart and I knew - it look like it was made for this chapter T^T So, if anything, this is the reason why Mina got a bit more emotional and took longer than usual. Anyway, like always - enjoy!~

It was surely one of exhausting days for the redhead hunter. Finally after three days of tracking down and slaying that annoying banchee, he hoped that when he takes a bounty for this creature’s head, he could relax for a bit. Heck, it can’t be helped, if he wants to prevent that stupid vampire from getting into trouble. So, that’s why Yagami needed to get a proper motivation for that vampire. Although, these blood bags were ment just to be used as most obvious bait for hunting down these night-stalkers, but they sure cost a lot.

After all, it was surprise how Hunter Guild could even afford these. Some said master of the Guild has connection with medical institutions. Whenever it was truth or not, but this redhead didn’t really cared yet he was lucky to get at least a couple of them. And this how his earned money went quickly without noticing. Because of that vampire, he has to hunt down more often.

However, right now, he barely has returned to the Guild and was greeted by his senior, Yashiro, who now dares to asks him to fetch some healing potions, just because he had unexpected plans. Of course, Yagami holds back an urge to punch this fellow demon hunter with a bag with banchee’s head, but involuntary agrees. As excuse, the silver-haired man said that Guild is out of stock of them and for good week there wouldn’t be any. Of course, the closest place to get them is one witch’s shop outside the city, or so added Yashiro. In any case, Iori hoped that maybe he could find something even better for Kyo as well. So, after getting that sweet bounty money, he sets on journey.

Finally, Yagami has reached the beginning of out of town. Along the main road form both sides were aligned mixed sorts of trees. However, this area was barely inhabitant by humans, so, behind the line of trees there was still a trace of nature - there were visible forests and time from time showing up the residents, who hunts at night time foolish enough animals, which wander in the forest. Yet this redhead has to follow the main road for a bit longer, at least until the first signs of civilization shows up.

A half hour has passed. It seems that the traces of humanity began to show up. Although, it was a lonely gas station, which was opened all day and all night and just waits for any of visitors. According, the plan, soon should be visible the industrial part of city as well. However, something strange has caught the eye of this hunter. It seems that another hunter was dragging his caught target somewhere. More important, that vampire looked so awfully familiar. But why this brunette doesn't resist? He looked nearly fine and wasn't even tied or have heavy wounds. Whenever it was Kyo or not, this redhead decided to track down the fellow hunter.

After nearly fifteen minutes of following, Yagami noticed that the hunter stopped for good minute and now while dragging unfortunate creature with him, entered an opened storage. Heck, just what did this hunter thinks up? Yet Iori observed from a far, hoping that his presence will be unnoticed. Now he is just silently waiting. If anything, he going to put his trustworthy whip into use.

Meanwhile, the blonde hunter let this vampire rest in the corner of storage and after picking something tiny from his coat's pocket, he stares at vampire as viper looks at it's caught mouse. Fuck, if only he could move his body...Now, Kain proudly announces "Soon, pretty soon I'll finish your misery. However, do not worry, your soul will not perish. You will become a part of my collection and serve me for eternity", he proudly walks to the center of this huge room.

When this hunter bends, he starts to draw with crayon a small circle. However, it seems that within each minute this drawing becomes bigger more complicated. That's right, now it also contains an ancient symbols and runes. Could it be a transmutation circle? After awhile, the magic circle finally is finished. Kain turns back and now while slowly approaching vampire and delightfully answers "Just a little bit, vampire. The preparations is done and now you are the missing piece.".

No matter how hard Kyo tried to close his eyes, his eyes were still open. At least, he didn't wanted to see his very last moments. Despise that he was carried to the center of the circle. After being lied down on it, his both hands were lifted into air and now tied by some kind of rope. Now this brunette felt a burning pain on his writs. Damn, it was a rope soaked in holy water. However, his suffering was ignored by this blonde, who now placed vampire's hands above his head, but the hunter couldn't leave it as simple as that.

Now Kyo felt how his both wrists were pierced a dagger. This brunette felt like screaming, despise that his face looked calm and his mouth just slightly opened. However, once again, blonde hunter delightfully observed this unfortunate creature. After he stands up, Kain adds ‘‘Just in case, if you decide to run away like last time." Now he draws his broadsword from his left side and after removing sheath, points the sword at vampire. Just when he was about to open his mouth, he felt a sudden sharp pain on his right wrist.

After accidentally dropping broadsword, while he was turning around to see who cowardly attacks him from back, hisses "...You little piece of shit..." However, once he notices the culprit, he amusingly says "My, it seems we have unexpected guests. Just how long you been here?". That's right, the redhead hunter now takes step inside while lowers his left hand, which holds whip. He just silently looks to vampire's side and now gaves Kain a serious look. However, this blonde just chuckles and replies "You're too slow, hunter. I caught this vampire first and now I can do whatever I want to. So, why don't you find another target?". Yet Yagami remained silent and just gave a hateful piercing look. Now he lift his left hand with whip and when it is on his chest level, with his right hand grasps the string part of whip, making sure whip is stretched.

It seems that despise Yagami's warning, Kain mockingly replies "You sure are stubborn fellow. However, if you behave yourself, I'll let you have his body. I just need his soul." While he confidential approaches the redhead hunter, he adds "Although, it is too late to train him as slave. He won't be able to move or walk ever again! So, if you were interested in that - too bad~ However, you can still use his body parts."

That's it! Now the redhead hunter cracked a smile and growls at his opponent "Who allowed you to touch this vampire?" and without warning strikes this fiend's guts. Kain slowly with-draws while still coughing. Through the groans with blonde replies "...You arrogant brat!...". Kyo could only observe this situation yet he could tell that the aura around Iori has changed - that wasn't just that piercing look, no, it looked like he could kill his opponent without hesitation. He may looked chill outside but inside there was a burning rage of wild beat. "A scums like you never change, Kain. No wonder why you been banished from Guild. But I'm still surprised how you didn't learned your lesson and continue your mess up research. In that case, I should remind your place!"

Now Yagami releases several heavier slashes with his trustworthy whip at his opponent. However, this redhead panics for a second. It seems that this blonde could stand up so easy and his wounds began to slowly heal. The blonde mockingly replies "So, you are still one of chief's loyal dogs? How does it feel being manipulated by that oldman? Hmph, maybe it feels nice when you don’t have your own mind…".

However, Kain changes the subject "Hunter, do you think your whip is just enhanced by alchemy? A brat like you wouldn't be able to strike a vampire with such a toy! Have you ever wondered why your whip works like this?" Blonde hunter once again began to approach poor vampire, continuing " ‘A Soul of Tainted’ ...You probably heard this term. Have you wondered what Guild master does to these creatures? That's right, after a successful ritual, their soul is extracted and then used to enhance weapons. However, even their organs can be used not only as charms. If you consume them - you'll become more powerful! That foolish oldman was not happy when someone else discovered this knowledge, so, it was much easier to eliminate anyone, who might be a threat for him."

Yagami couldn't just calmly stand and listen this madman’s speech anymore. It was a last drop when blonde approaches that unfortunate vampire. Now the redhead aims for the same hand of Kain, which was about to touch vampire. A cracking sound of whip and hunter screams in pain - his right wrist was broken. While holding his broken wrist, which palm was twitching, his face grimaced in pain. However, Iori ignores the blonde hunter and strictly replies" 'The power' you say...What kind of bullshit is that?! You were caught experimenting on humans in master's room! Your greed knows no limits..." now he withdraws his whip and adds "I'll let you go with warning. Just never ever let me see you again or else you are finished."

Now Iori waited how this fiend would do next. However, it seems Kain didn’t shown even the slightest wish to give up. Yet he proudly looks at redhead hunter and lifts a left fist. After unclenching his gloved palm, the bright blue flame dances on his palm. This blonde menacingly announces ‘‘My, I could finish you right here and right now. But it would be such a waste, wouldn’t you agree. However, I expect much more from you next time, hunter.’’ Kain clenches a fist again and dims the fire. After giving a delightful look, he passed through Yagami and before his leave adds ‘‘Mark my words - this vampire will only lead you to your doom. So, I suggest to kill this weakling and end his suffer. It’s too late for him~’’. Without even bidding a farewell, Kain leaves.

Iori only closes his eyes and sighs in relief, finally that fiend left. After slowly opening his eyes, this redhead and getting closer to this brunette. Kyo could just observe how step by step the hunter was approaching. He couldn’t tell what was inside this redhead’s head - he kept a poker-face yet his breathing was deep but slow. Once this redhead kneels down near vampire, he takes one of his knives and cuts the rope and sighs ‘‘Just look at yourself…Ending up like this. How could you let this happen?’’. Before pulling out the the dagger, which pierced vampire’s wrists, he asked ‘‘Why didn’t you do anything?’’. Surely, these words made this brunette like being scolded yet his face remained indifferent.

Now Yagami pulls out dagger with quick moment and tosses away that blade. He didn’t understood how this stupid vampire look so chill despise that he was about die. Goddamn, why he felt so anxious about it, wondered this redhead. Just observing how slowly healed the burned down wrists from holy water and these stabbing wounds, made this hunter disappointed and blame himself how this vampire was so easily snatched from him. Heck, that was still a miracle that he accidentally noticed Kyo.

This brunette was lying still and could just stare how this hunter’s poker-face was cracked. Is Yagami worried about him? But then why? He was only an ordinary target for this redhead. This human shouldn’t get attached to creature like him, or so though Kyo. Now this hunter stands up yet his head was lowered, it was even clear in his voice that he was upset. ‘‘…Enough of that. Stand up already.’’, he didn’t wanted to face vampire, it was nearly impossible.

However, he patiently waits yet no response this this brunette. Why the heck he is so stubborn, though this redhead. He takes a deep breath and now turns towards vampire. Kyo remained lying on ground like that and didn’t moved even an inch. Yagami clenches his both hands into fist and shakes his head. Now he in shaking tone demands ‘‘Just drop that acting already!’’. No response, Kyo’s face still remained indifferent and didn’t bother to do anything. Iori kneels down and adds ‘‘Enough! Stop joking already!’’.

This vampire was scared yet could do nothing about it. Iori now lifts Kyo like he was a small kitten - by placing his arms under his armpits and wraps his arms around him. Heck, this hunter didn’t cared how it looked like at the moment. If this stupid vampire refuses to stand up on his own, it can’t be help that he needs some assistance. Now Yagami straighten up his knees and slowly tries to stand up with vampire. He hoped it worked.

However, once Iori releases his arms from Kyo, this brunette fells like rag-doll on ground. He never felt so useless and it hurts so much without knowing what a hell is going with this vampire. No, he tried to brush away any thoughts about Kyo dying on him. Yet maybe this vampire was suffering so badly that cannot move or say anything. Just what a hell happened until he shown up, asked himself Yagami. Iori’s knees gave up him. Without any second though, he wraps his hands around this brunette and pulls close to him. Kyo felt though clothing material how this hunter’s fingertips sinks deeper into him and how Iori placed his head on this brunette’s shoulder.

Even so, Kyo didn’t minded this unexpected gesture from the hunter. Maybe it is okay to stay like this for a bit longer, this brunette wonders. However, he could feel how Iori was shaking. It is a first time when this vampire sees this fearsome hunter being so fragile and vulnerable. If this brunette could move his arms, he would try to comfort Yagami. Nevertheless, there was no need words, both remained silent at this peaceful moment for awhile.

Eventually, Kyo could feel how Yagami starts to calm down and relax his palms. However, while one hunter arm was around Kyo’s shoulders, the other arm now wanders to back side of his tights. All of sudden this hunter straighten up his knees and stands up. That’s right, now this vampire was in Yagami’s arms like a wounded princess. Of course, if Kyo could, he would frown his eye-brows and punch him for such a behavior. Despise that Yagami looked serious and before carrying him said ‘‘It seems that there is only one person, who can help you. So, don’t dare die on me before that.’’. Even so, this vampire was embarrassed inside at same time he was curious. Why Yagami was doing all this and who was that mysterious person. It was hard to admit, but but now he had rely on Iori and see how this will turns out.

A/N: And after this chapter before starting working on new chapter, one gif on Twitter so easily tempted to make another one-shot. sigh so, what kind of stuff Mina gonna bring this time? Well, certainly, I do hope to make it before 14 Feb. So, for now it is a se-cret~ Like usual - See you next time!~
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