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Unreachable Sin part 4

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 13: Unreachable Sin part 4

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sigh after long hiatus returned with new chapter(heck, need a bit time to deal with personal issues and get hold myself...ya all, don't need to know this, sorry.) Well, so far never written anything as darker as this. One thing for sure, wanted to add current reaction for this chapter as summary, cos while editing, noticed what is considered as crossing the line. So, all I can say : ''Kain, you evil swine...''. Yet accidentally stumbling upon 96neko - Cantarella, which helped to calm down. So, this one song helped to soften the ending of this chapter and helped to finish it...96neko surely have an amazing voice, isn't she? ^~^

Anyway, as always, thank you for the support and enjoy!

Nearly half hour has passed yet it felt like eternity by carrying this vampire. Within each minute, it felt like he becoming heavier and heavier yet the redhead hunter didn't give up. One thing for sure, if he has strong determination, then nothing stops him. More so, he was getting closer and closer by each step towards the destination place, deeper and deeper inside the forest. Not on his watch…he swore whatever it takes - that stupid vampire shall not die on him and definitely return back to that lousy and such a trouble-maker brat as before!

However, now Yagami's arms began to tremble, he won't be able to continue soon. But he wanted to make sure that this vampire won't fell down. Now he slowly kneels down and rest this poor unfortunate on grass and takes a closer look. It seems that like Kyo still remained emotionless, same indifferent look on his face, but he slowly opens his mouth and began to deeply breath. Eventually, the fangs slowly shows up.

Is this unfortunate creature finally reached the stage of agony before taking a last breath? Yet Yagami recalls from his training that vampires cannot be killed so easy as humans - you won't drown or burn them, they would survive even fatal wounds. Even the all known poison of mankind does not affect them yet only chopping head down could stop them. A perfect ice-cold killing machines, who shows no mercy upon their prey or enemy. These night-stalkers earned a high-rank not for show.

Unfortunately, the vampire, who was resting closely this redhead hunter, looked so pathetically weak. It would be a perfect chance to end the misery of this creature yet Yagami holds up even from thinking about it. If he was after Kyo's bounty, he would have slain him on their first encounter and called it a day, but now… This an ordinary vampire and killing him should make no difference, right? Just taking down another predator and getting quick cash - no more than that. All it was only for his own surviving and satisfying the simplest and minimum needs.

There is no other reason than that - fame and fortune didn't interested this hunter. Yet taking away any monster's life didn't give excitement or thrill - it was rather aggravating and he didn't shown any feelings or emotions towards his victims. However, of all times, why did now he even started feel bad for the kind, which he hunts down for years? No, there is no time for unnecessary questions or wondering, Yagami shakes away any thoughts.

After brief moment the redhead hunter takes a deep breath and once again takes this brunette into his arms and carry on his journey to witch's shop. Fortunately, soon enough, he noticed the wooden hut surrounded by singly trees. Once he reached door, he kicked them. At least that should help to attract the attention of the owner. No answer, this hunter tried again and now asking ''Hey! Just open already!''.

When he was about to repeat, the wooden door has opened and the hunter barely kept the balance. However, Yagami didn't confused and remained still. He was greeted by femine strict voice ''It is quiet rude of you to intrude like this. Besides, we are closed. ''. Finally, the owner of this shop reveals her face. It was a long ebony haired woman, who wore a long-sleeved white tunic, long black skirt. From her face alone you could tell that she looked exhausted and now she slowly closes the door. Just before slamming the door, the hunter placed his foot between door frame and door.

After slightly moving his leg deeper inside, he managed to open door again, making the witch take step backward. Now Yagami gives a serious look towards this ebony-haired woman and demands "Just help me with this!". Of course, when this woman noticed suffering vampire in hunter's arms, she was shocked and frowns. Now she indignantly tells "You sure arrogant enough to came here and ask someone else to finish your work! Not only you used forbidden arts, but you are shameless enough to let anyone else get rid-off of your failure. Begone or else you'll suffer worse fate than this unfortunate creature.".

However, Iori gritted his teeth and fights-back yet with mixed despair in his voice ''This why I am here, you stupid woman! So, you know what is happening to him? Then do something!''. Surely, this woman doubted the motives of this hunter yet she was too tired to deal with this stubborn fellow. Now she takes a deep breath and sighs ''…Fine. Come in.'' and opens door wider.

Once this redhead enters witch's shop, he was greeted by the scent of various mixed herbs, which seem to be somehow familiar. No wonder, there were several small bouquets of dried herbs hanged on walls. Maybe these awaken a false feeling of nostalgia of old distant days. Behind the counter there was enormous bookshelf leaning against the wall - it seems there is a lot of various books of spells, bestiary or scripts containing any other value information. Along that there were lesser creatures kept in jars and even a few skulls of better known monsters. Lastly, maybe on one of shelves along the other potions there was the one, which should save this vampire from wretchedness.

Even so, Iori leaves this brunette leaning against the wall. From now on, everything was in this sorceress hands. After she kneels down and inspects Kyo. It seems within each minute his condition getting worse. Now his breathing rhythm was rough and he began to tremble, all he could do just stare into void with miserable dull gaze. The ebony-haired woman slowly covers her mouth and closes her eyes.

Yagami didn't liked this reaction at all and prepared for the worst, but he patiently waited for the final verdict. Once this she stands up, she holds her arms together and now places her hands under her chin while observing this brunette. After short pause of deadly silence, she looks at hunter and spokes up in serious tone ''…Just before dawn of new day and it would been too late for him.''. Surely, this not the answer he wanted to hear, but at least he wanted to know what is exactly happening for his supposed target.

Without realizing, he asked in shaking voice '' What a hell is going on?...that wicked fool…damn.'', of course, this question was unexpected for the witch and now she replied in inquisitively ''Are you saying it is not work of your hands, hunter? This vampire was poisoned by one of rarest poisons, which can be found only in netherworld. However, even small dose of it can kill even the most dangerous monsters or demons on same day. On first hour it paralyzes the victim completely, afterwards, it will cause unimaginable pain until the creature's last breath.''.

Redhead hunter didn't wanted to listen anymore and now clenched his both hands into fists. Now he demands ''Is there is anti-venom? I'll pay any price that you will ask. ''. This woman turns away and went behind the counter. It seems that now she was looking one of the needed books. After quick scanning with her fingertips over the back of books, she took a dark blue tome with golden corners. When she placed it on counter, this witch flipped the pages she left book spread and skimmed over the pages.

Even if Yagami tried to read as well, but it was useless information for him - it is written in one of dead ancient languages and these symbols looked too cryptic. He impatiently asked ''Is there is anything? How come you don't know is there is a cure or not?''. Now this ebony-haired woman gave a cold gaze and strictly replied ''You are still quiet rude. Besides, you are one of very few people who asked this. That's why checking twice won't do any harm. Apparently, there is no cure for it. However-'', now she paused and asked ''What are you planning to do with this vampire? If you only seek to make him into your personal pet or sell him, then forget it and never show here again! I would end his suffer quickly…and without causing any pain.''.

Yagami gritted his teeth and slammed his hands on counter making this woman with-draw quickly ''He can't die just yet! If you have cure, then I'll do anything, even destroying this shop for that one damn potion! Then you and that foolish hunter will pay, got it?!''. Surely, this ebony-haired woman was in shock yet now she frowns and returns to counter. Once she was close enough to the hunter, she closes her eyes and exhales.

After she opens her eyes, the harsh sound of slapping flesh echoed. Iori was dumbfounded and he still felt a twitching pain on his left cheek. He remains silent while this woman scolds him ''Don't act so arrogant. You have no right to attack me in such a savagery way. Did you hunters forgot about even the basic manners? Keep any further talk or explanations for later. There might be only one way to help him. If you want to save this unfortunate soul, then stay quiet or else even slightest distraction could only made worse.''.

Now this witch kneels down to search for so-called cure inside counter's drawers. Before that she looks for small key inside one of her tunic's pockets. Once she inserted silver key to keyhole, she unlocks the middle drawer and now she picks with both of her hands a wooden box. After she places on counter, she twist the switch and lifts the lid. There was a small bottle with golden thick-ish transparent liquid. Even when this sorceress carefully picks bottle it began to shine. It was radiating like sunray beams, however, this light wasn't blinding.

However, after awhile this light slowly dims yet remains to glitter. Yagami didn't wanted to get in the way for this woman and moves away and gets closer to Kyo. Once this ebony-haired woman approaches vampire, she kneels down and opens the bottle. Before letting this brunette to take a sip, she calmly explains to Iori ''It is one of hardest to obtain potions, which needs a perfect precision to make. Even the most skilled alchemists devote their entire life just to make a single bottle of this mythical potion - Aqua Vitae. Let's hope for best, because this is the last hope to save him.''.

When she gently holds vampire's jaw, she brought the tip of bottle closer to his mouth. Kyo was still trembling yet now he felt such a nice and sweet scent, which strangely comforts until he started to feel calming down. Once first drops reaches inside his mouth, he felt bitter-sweet taste. Now he greedily began to swallow the poured liquid. It was like a water sip for long-time thirsted person. This brunette never felt at such a ease, he didn't even minded to rest for eternity while he is at such a state. Even his lively gaze started to return.

Meanwhile Yagami observed how well this vampire was finishing this potion. It looked like it worked. Once this witch placed emptied bottle, she looked relieved as well. However, once the hunter was about to say something, this vampire froze in same spot.

No movement or sound, he eyes were wide-open, but now he began to gasp. then tightly holds his throat with one hand and falling on ground. This brunette crawls into ball. He felt like being choked and throwing out. Unfortunately, there were nothing in his stomach yet he spasmodically hiccoughing. It was painful, so painful that he cannot stand, inside his head he begged to be killed. His head was feeling like splitting into half. He shrieks and whines.

His whole body was aching, every inch or cell of him screamed in pain. It's unbearable, his vision dyed in red. There world didn't existed beyond that crimson color. He was drolling and face full of tears yet like it matters! He begged to be killed.

Iori's knees gave up on him and now he roughly grabbed vampire's shoulders ''..the fuck is going?...Get a hold of yourself! Wake up! Fuck…'', he desperately began to shake this vampire. It looked like those words didn't reached agonizing Kyo, who's body was in convulsions. This ebony-haired woman instinctively hits back hunters hands and rices her voice ''Calm down before you did more damage than help! There is nothing what you or me can do about it. His body rejecting the poison. It's up to him whenever he is strong enough to fight it back or not. All we could do just wait and hope for the best.''. Heck, this hunter never felt so useless and he barely could understand this woman. Yet how come she barely shown any reaction? How come she can remain so cold when someone whom she curing is now on verge of death? She blocked any attempt to get closer this brunette.

It felt like time has stopped and every second felt like eternity. After couple of minutes Kyo lets out last groan and stops moving. Is he dead?

Now this ebony-haired woman places her hand on this brunette's shoulder and she sighs. Surprisingly, but she felt how this vampire was still slightly shaking and notices how calm he is sleeping. Once turns towards hunters, she says in gentle and comforting tone ''He only passed out. However, right now he needs to rest.'', however, it seems that this redhead was dumbfounded and remained still. This sorceress replies in slight annoyed tone ''Are you going to stay like this? Or will you help me carry him?''.

Once Iori approached Kyo, he places vampire's arm over his shoulder and now stands up. Now he wraps his arm under this vampire's shoulder to support him. It was like a miracle that Kyos was alive yet somehow it was to have him that close...He could still feel how this brunette was shaking, but that gradually went off and now his head was nearly resting on hunter's shoulder. Did this vampire's body was exhausted to that point he completely passed out or could it be, he finally calms down? He swear that he could hear how this brunette began to let out quiet short purring like sounds. It seems that in between these sounds, this vampire letting out trilling noises like a feline being.

Is this a common thing when they resting? He was not sure yet yet this is the first time seeing this kind sleeping. Yet one thing for sure, this redhead felt like a heavy weight was removed from his chest. Heck, that stupid vampire! Once he wakes up, he gonna…gonna…In any case, later he'll decide what to do next. So, for now this hunter was prompted to follow the witch, where Kyo could probably recover.

A/N: hmm, it seems gonna get into another hiatus, 'cos 3.25 is so near. Probably gonna bring and revive one of unpublished one-shot projects from Custom Team Bizarre Adventure (oi, I ain't only that kind of quality content writer, I swear! xD). And so - See you next time!~
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