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Unreachable Sin part 7

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 16: Unreachable Sin part 7

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My, oh my! Time surely passes so quick, isn't? xD So, didn't noticed how Vampire Killer is now 1 year old ^^ (June 1st) So, surely, to this very day this project is the one I'm proud the most as well as enjoying working on it. W-well, I wanted to prepare something special for this anniversary, but hopefully this should be enough to celebrate this occasion!... My, to be honest, if it wasn't for recent discovery of Noel's theme song (Bullet Dance) having a vocal version...Oh dear, and it was vocals of Calamity Trigger version! (aaaah~ I think that once again I'm in love with Daisuke Ishiwatari's music...again siigh too bad there were no vocal for Catus Carnival, but Rebelion and Under Heaven's Destruction were good too!!!!) So, now ''Love so Blue ~Blue Heartbeats~'' is responsible that this chapter is like it is now.
Anyhoo, and thus along with adding a new tag, I hope you enjoy this chapter as well and I do hope to see you even on 2nd anniversary ^^

It was the same night and right now everyone were asleep aside one vampire, who seem to be fed up with staying awake. There was nothing to do! It's too boring! Even that hunter was deeply asleep despite that he was leaning against the bed. Why does this human have to act so stubbornly like this? He could have picked better place for sleeping…Besides, Kyo was fine and doesn’t need to be protected all the time. Humans are sure weird creatures and just too complicated - wondered this brunette while silently observing this hunter. Anyway, since no one is going to pay attention to him, this vampire has to find a way how to kill some time. This Kusanagi feels a small urge to stretch out, besides he was curious where he was all this time. So, this brunette decides to have a walk and now once he puts his white jacket, Kyo takes a better look at his new surroundings.

Surely, it was so refreshing outside the hut and being greeted by the breeze, which rustled tree leafs was relaxing. So, apparently this brunette was surrounded by the forest, hell, he could still vaguely remember how he got here, his vision simply started to black out while he was on the way. Yes, he remember what happened in abandoned storage and that Yagami was carrying him somewhere, but later on, he could re-call only singly parts until he passes out. One of more outstanding details were this hunter’s voice - he was waaay too loud and constantly yelling. Then that sweet taste of mysterious liquid, which awaken something distant yet familiar inside him. It was cold and frightening, he was in darkness and then…

Right now Kyo widens his eyes and while he roughly breaths and shivers, he hugs himself. He could swear it was like another being living inside him and back at that moment, it was striving to survive at any cost and take over his body. That creature was cold and unforgiving and wanted to him to be dead. Before loosing his consciousness, this brunette can clearly remember seeing these glowing crimson eyes showing up in the darkness, which silently starred at him. Could it be that this vampire was already too weak and finally his instincts reacts? Or was it an illusion caused by his physical exhaustion? Probably, probably not… But it seems that now he was back to normal and who knows how this could have ended if Yagami didn’t interfaced.

This vampire just shakes his head and sighs. After he leans against the nearest wall of this hut, Kyo just stares at the night sky, which was dyed in in light purplish and dark blue. He begins to wonder whenever all this was just a really bad dream. Even so, every time he takes a his long nap, which is mostly dreamless, more or less it was like switching him off until his body restores enough of energy and wakes him up. Plus, this vampire really didn’t had any sense of time when he is awake - maybe weeks or months have passed while he was sleeping, it was hard to tell each time. This is why like any other creature of the night, Kyo has to look for a safe spot for his slumber before humans would find any trace of his existence. And only then he can worry about more petite details such as getting his sense of time.

In any case, this brunette was about to return back into the hut, however, the sound of opening door startled him. Apparently, a certain redhead was now outside as well, who addresses this vampire ‘‘There you are. Were you looking for a trouble again?’’ and now eventually leans against the wall near this brunette. Now Yagami just crosses his arms and calmly observes the moon. ‘‘I thought you were asleep, human. Besides, I just wanted to stretch out. That’s all.’’. replies this brunette while enjoying the same view as the hunter.

However, now Kyo turns his gaze towards this redhead and now ask in slight embarrassed voice ‘‘Hey, Yagami, why are you doing this? Erm, it’s nothing that I’m not thankful for what did, I guess. But how can you be so sure that I might get my powers back? Your effort might be futile and you’ll die for naught…’’. This redhead confidently answers without looking back ‘‘You will. I know you will. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have wasted my time on you. So, for beginning, we’re going to look for a suitable weapon for you.’’. Of course, this vampire fights-back in more daring tone ‘‘Eh?~ Why do I need one? Just because I can’t use my flames right now, it’s doesn’t mean I cannot use my nails and fangs!’’, this brunette now faces this hunter and stretches his sharp nails and demonstrates to the hunter.

Of course, Iori just slowly looks at this vampire and sighs, saying ‘‘And then ending up under someone’s foot again. I cannot rescue you each time, just because you don’t know how to protect yourself, you stupid vampire…’’. This brunette didn’t expected such a answer and honestly shown his surprise. However, Kyo tried to keep his cool, but it seems that he failed and now with indignation replies "My your own business! I would have won, if that bastard didn't back-stabbed me." and now Kyo being in front of this redhead, he puts his hands inside jeans pockets and thrust his chest forward.

This nocturnal creature now announces "However, you better take care of yourself! I don’t want you to be killed by anyone else. So, you better stay alive until I’ll get stronger and show your place!’’. However, this redhead once again was convinced that this stupid vampire never cease to amaze him. So, now Iori only closes his eyes and delightfully smiles, now he replies ‘‘So, you finally decided to take things seriously…You better do not forget these words, vampire.’’.

Kyo turns his head and lower his gaze, but after brief moment he looks back at the hunter and now says in more serious tone "At least this the only way to beat answers out of your stubborn head. So, you better prepare me a good reason for your strange behaviour, you stupid idiot!" right now this brunette impatiently waited for this redhead’s answer. However, Yagami briefly replies ‘‘Then don’t seduce me with your vampire charms, you stupid vampire. You won’t win by cheating.’’, this brunette suddenly with-draws and defends himself ‘‘What a hell are you talking about!? I couldn’t even move a muscle and then I was sleeping all that time. So, how do you think I could even touch you?…But then, who the heck knows what you else have done to me while I was unconscious.’’.

After this vampire fixes his shirt, he approaches the hunter again while swooshing his hair. Now this brunette gives such a smug smile and replies nearly in singing voice ‘‘Be glad that along my flames I lost my voice. Otherwise, our first meeting would been your last one~’’ and now he corners Yagami with one arm. Finally Kyo’s fangs shows up and now he continues ‘‘That’s right, you would been under my control. Unable to move while having your own mind - it would suit you perfectly, hunter.’’. Now this Kusanagi delightfully closes his eyes and after taking a deep breath, adds ‘‘However, since I’m not interested in killing off my prey after I’m done, I would only have taken a better sip until my hunger would be gone. No more, no less~’’. Once again this redhead was one step ahead and now he grabbed the other hand of this vampire and pulls him closer.

This brunette only widens his eyes and the next second he was slammed against the wall of the hut. As he was pressed against the wall, he could feel how his one arm was bending. The hunter was too close to him, nearly pressing his body against him. Kyo could hear how Iori says in stricter tone ‘‘You talk too much. Don’t waste your time like that when you are facing your opponent.’’ of course, it can’t be helped that now hunter’s head nearly rested on this brunette’s shoulder and now he could feel how this redhead’s hair were tickling this Kusanagi’s neck. Even so, this hunter added ‘‘It seems that relying on your powers only made you lazy and arrogant. So, we need to fix that as well.’’.

Although, being crushed under this foolish human’s grasp once again reminds that this brunette was not strong enough to face this redhead as worthy opponent yet, but he was determined to defeat him and make him go through same treatment as he did. Hunter released this vampire’s arm and now placed his hand on Kyo’s cheek. Yagami makes sure that Kyo was facing him. Finally, their eyes have met. After that, the other hand, which cornered this brunette, now was placed on Kyo’s chest and now gently slides down toward this brunette’s waist.

This vampire already shivers from such a simple touch of this man and it didn’t helped that Iori didn’t lay off his gaze from this brunette. That gaze alone sets this Kusanagi on fire. Now Kyo blamed himself because of how his body works - it was much more sensitive in his human form. He realized that maybe this redhead just messing with him and might using his vampire’s nature in his advance, but the feeling of dizziness won and he was unable to fight back, he couldn’t even think straight anymore.

However, this brunette nervously swallows saliva - hell, Iori’s face was so close to his! Yet this redhead keeps his poker-face like it was nothing. Yagami calmly confesses ‘‘Lastly, you are mine and not allowed to die on my watch. I won’t forgive anyone who dares to touch you either. If I die, I’ll take you together to my grave. So, you better remember it.’’. Surely, Kyo very least expected such a honest confession from Iori and now he just silently watches over the hunter .

The moonlight was shining bright and after slight breeze, Yagami continues in deeper tone ‘‘…It’s all your fault, vampire. So, take your responsibility.’’. This brunette was eyes-wide open and then shakily closes them after this Iori’s lips presses against his. Surely, it felt like time was stopped at this moment. However, Kyo didn’t pushed away the hunter and just wanted to stay like this for awhile. Yes, he was already drunk by this new sensation and slowly melting at same spot. Yet this redhead slowly with-draws his face from this brunette and just observed him.

It seems this vampire was still out of this world and now Iori chuckles ‘‘Don’t let your guard off so easily, you stupid vampire…’’ and now after fixing the collar of his shirt getting, Iori was back to normal. Now he continues ‘‘Let’s go back already. Because I’m too tired to chase you again today.’’. Of course, it was too late when Kyo was back to his senses and realized what just happened. Now he frowns and follows Yagami inside the hut ‘‘Oi, Yagami! What was that all about? Come back, you coward! I ain’t done yet! Don’t you think you can run away like this!’’.

After this hunter was inside, he just lies in bed and covers himself with blanket, now this redhead murmurs ‘‘…just stay quiet, you stupid vampire. You’re way too loud…’’. However, this brunette keeps trying to get this redhead’s attention either by poking him randomly, either keep calling him - nothing helped and this vampire’s hard effort was ignored. There were no way that this stupid hunter now gets away from this nocturnal creature. Kyo swore that he would definitively make him pay…somehow. But for now he sits down and leans against the bed and patiently waiting until Iori wakes up.

...Love so Blue~... My, can't get this song out of my head x///D sigh why am I still blushing like a fresh-year student in college? I have written smut with nearly poker-face like it's nothing yet a more touching moment and now being a melted mass of goo? Oh dear...Anyway, I need to cool my mind and now I'm going to revive another forgotten project. That's right twin drama gonna return with 2 Kyos story, cos damn, I missed this one T^T and now wondering if I improved, even if it is a tiny bit since last time updating it. Anyway, as usual - See you next time!~
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