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The Allegory of Sun Goddess and the Serpent

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Tonight Orochi visits one certain redhead's dreams to give a serious talk and punish him. However, even at the darkest moment like this, there was that ray of sunshine by Iori's side, who was ready...

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Inspired by Late Autumn Sun [English] by miauneko.

Awwright!~ It seems that this very special day in the year has finally arrived it ! ^^ However, this year instead of romantic trip or procedure decided to add something based on our folklore. Yup, all this time I was worried whenever I gonna kicked out, blocked or silently executed by making something like this(Boi, it's better to prepare for the worst case scenario just in case. So...)
Anyway, long story short, since the old days when our ancestors were pagans, we worship Sun Goddess Saule and the other gods and goddess. And of course, Saule and her sacred pet Zaltys (aka the grass-snake or also called serpent) were unseparable in our faith. As the Sun was known for being a fire heart and associated with motherly love and warmth, serpents were kept as pets, who protected the household's in which they lived fortune and well-being. It was forbidden to harm or kill these beautiful, wise and clever creatures, because you would get a bad fortune and die (Just what kind of heart-cold beast you need to be to hate them?!). There were even sayings that if you help or listen to a grass-snake, you will be rewarded for your honesty and hard-work, however, deceive Saule's sacred pet or harm it, and you will be greeted with a terrible fate...
More important, even out Sun crests always pictured with serpents. Yup, on each sunbeam there was a crawling grass-snake. Because both - Sun and grass-snakes are associated with vitality, fertility and well-being of the family.
A-anyway, since last year's 12.12 project, which Miau have made, I noticed the similarities about our local folklore as well. So, I've decided to make a deeper research.
And thus, this is a result.
I hope that you would enjoy it!

Title: The Allegory of Sun Goddess and the Serpent
Status: Complete
Pairing: Kyo x Iori, Iori x Kyo
Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Orochi
Summary: [A sequel to Hot Cocoa at Dark Night, (but can be read as stand alone too)] Tonight Orochi visits one certain redhead's dreams to give a serious talk and punish him. However, even at the darkest moment like this, there was that ray of sunshine by Iori's side, who was ready to vanish any darkness... [This was written for 2021/03/25 a.k.a. Yagami's B-day]

It was a silent night accompanied by a platinum moonlight, which shines upon the window of one certain redhead's apartment. Apparently, tonight was also the full moon, which was brighter and bigger than usual. However, on this restless and cold night, Yagami was alone and only the pale light of the moon surrounds him, which gives a false feeling of the warmth. Even so, this redhead, didn't bother to look back at the source of this serene light, and while he half sitting in bed, keeps his head hung. Once he brushed away his hair from his face and tilts his head, Yagami exhales and closes his eyes. He tried to keep his head empty from any thoughts and eventually falls asleep.

Nevertheless, tonight was the night when that cursed blood calls him again. However, it wasn't the first time, nor it will be the last one. So, the sense of being imprisoned in his body sharpens much more and, of course, it was thanks for the damned blood running in his veins. Certainly, it wasn't something that Yagami have voluntarily picked. Yet, one cannot pick neither under which family name they want to bear. Neither what kind of cross they should carry for the rest of their life until their last breath, just because of foolish and reckless ancestors' behavior by making a pact with a legendary snake god. So, it was nothing more than all the descents destined to suffer, mostly because of parents' making a mistake at the wrong time.

However, all of a sudden, Iori felt an unbearable headache. Unfortunately, all he could do is cover his forehead with his palm and deeply breath. A Second later, he was already out of this world and being surrounded by never-ending darkness. There was no sound, no nothing, only the endless void and silence. However, soon enough countless pitch-black strings began to wrap around Yagami's feet, hands, and now it continued to move up, slowly dragging him into the depths of darkness. It felt like a hundred of snakes with their tiny and rough scales were crawling up his body. Eventually, this redhead's arms and the lower part of his body being swallowed by the shadow.

Of course, if he could, he would resist and break through from this illusion, unfortunately, he was like paralyzed by a mysterious force, or one might say, more like being under someone's wicked spell. Apparently, in this world he even lost the gift of the speech. Nevertheless, Iori just stared into the void. Now the void opens its eyes and looks back at him. An enormous pair of bright red eyes were shining bright as the fury of hell, looking down on the brought sacrifice. After briefly lasted piercing gaze, these pupils have narrowed as the reptile's and now this creature shuts its eyes down.

However, all of a sudden, eight purple flames appears one by one in the symmetric order way above this redhead in a not that far distance. Of course, it was followed by the crawling up eight heads of the legendary serpent god, which places its heads in front of each flame and stands tall. The fire burns more brightly as each head of this creature opens its scarlet reptile's eyes. Now the eight-headed snake like the eight merciless and unforgiving judges, silently stares at Yagami. Nevertheless, this familiar intimidation and coldness, which failed to scare this redhead, who just stares back with a stubborn gaze. So, it was this serpent's tails wrapping around his body, or so, this redhead realized, yet it didn't surprise him at all, nor he cared about it.

Now, a real mastermind behind this scene finally made his appearance and standing in the center. Iori only indifferently closes his eyes and deeply exhales. Soon he opens his eyes again and fixating his gaze at this unwanted fellow. Apparently, it was a fluffy silver-head, looking in his twenties and having such a well-build body nearly as perfect as it belonged to an ancient majestic god, who was only wearing a white pants and black gauntlets. More so, there was even a tattoo of the orochi clan's crest on his chest. Now, his hair rustling a little while he was levitating in a couple of feet in the air. That's right, it was none other than the legendary god himself - Orochi.

Finally, this divine being speaks up in calm and sublime voice while his face remains peaceful ''It's been a while, Yagami…''. The fluffy silver-head silently observes this redhead and after a minute of pause, he continues “What do you mean 'why am I not dead and gone for my own good'? You maybe sealed me for such a petite time being by the help of the Kusanagi and Yatakani, but I'm still here as you see.”.

When Orochi places his hand on Iori's neck, he adds “As long as the blood runs down your veins, I shall exist. However, even when you let your final gasp, I will continue to live and wait until humanity's heart will blacken and the seal will be weakened. When that day will come, I'll clean and recover Gaia from such a pathetic and corrupted parasites like you. You foolish humans only keep destroying and hurting Gaia and all other living creatures just to satisfy your greed without even knowing when to stop. So, who is really a destructive and fearsome monster, which need to be sealed?…”. Once he brushes this redhead's chest with his fingertips, this divine creature closes his eyes and smiles.

After this silver-head slowly opens his eyes, he continues ''Even when these fools managed to seal me a thousand and eight hundred years ago, however, only after that event each of the clans has shown their true face. So, the greedy and selfish Kusanagis got all the glory and fame while leaving your clan in their shadow and being forgotten. Surely, it got you, whiny Yasakanis, being left so bitter and upset. That's right, such a disgusting envy of yours would even lead to nothing more than a blindly and childish fury…''.

Orochi only deeply chuckles and now places his arms behind his own back while keeping his other hand on his chin. Now he adds in a slightly mocking tone ''Who knew that the same Yasakani, who sealed me, would be begging on your knees and ready to sacrifice anything without a second thought. More important, it was just to lend you even a grain of my power to get your petite revenge.''.

Now these gray eyes sparks of this divine being and narrows as a reptile's while directly staring at Iori ''At first, I wanted to decline and kill that Yasakani for disturbing me. On the other hand, it would be more amusing to see the turn of the events. So, I granted your wish, but apparently, that fool looked shocked when his flame changed into a purple one while I was asking only one thing in return — to change your family's name to Yagami and kill all the Kusanagis. However, that idiot child didn't want to agree to do such a simple task. So, he simply left the temple as a coward. Only after a couple of days this good for nothing Yasakani had into a fight with that damned Kusanagi. But no matter how that fool wanted to avoid it in the first place, in the end, he stained his hands with the innocent blood.

You know, it was rather exciting to observe how later this pathetic little show turned next. I had to admit, but I've had a good laugh once in a while. Once that idiot realized what have he done and seeing how that Kusanagi will never open his eyes again, that Yasakani was howling in despair and couldn't stop weeping over that dead body.''.

Orochi was smiling and telling all this like it was a mere fun story ''What a childish and reckless behavior, wouldn't you agree? That only proves that you humans can be blinded so easily by a jealousy and act on impulse without considering the consequences of your behavior… So, after that fool killed his precious Kusanagi, Yasakani have returned to his senses. To think of, the rest of Kusanagis weren't so happy not that much about that you killed one of Three Sacred Treasures, but rather about your made pact with me. That's why, when the rest of your clan saw how that reckless Yasakani, who just silently accepted his tragic fate and was ready to repent for his crime, was mercilessly executed by these Kusanagis. It only sparkled for yours and Kusanagi clan never-ending putrid hatred of each other. Even if I did not intend this, but, seeing such a dramatic twist was one of the most amusing things, which managed to entertain me.''.

However, this fluffy silver-head closed his eyes and remains silent for a minute after opening his eyes, this divine being continues in unsure tone ''Hmm… Nevertheless, that Kusanagi managed to surprise me. That's right, the day when your ancestor have been executed, the sun have completely disappeared and didn't show for about a week, leaving only everlasting night without a stars and moon. More so, those, who captured and tortured to death that Yasakani got a mysterious incurable disease, which slowly and painfully killed them. You can say whenever it was a mere coincidence or not, it's up to you. However, even if I was sealed away, I could feel the familiar and purifying blazing heat around me, which choked me… There was no mistake even if that foolish Kusanagi was dead, but his arrogant spirit wanted to punish me as well. Hell, there were even amber droplets found the very next morning inside the shrine. Perhaps those were that idiot’s left tears… ''.

All of a sudden, the eight purple flames began to burn more bright and fiery. Now each of the eight snakes' eyes glows in bright cold red and piercing hatred. They open their mouth and reveals bare sharp fangs while hissing at this redhead as declaring their judgement 'Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!'. Orochi frowns and as he silently grows, his sharp serpent fangs appears, he starts to crush Iori's throat by his one hand. Of course, this redhead barely could catch the air and now each breath was painful.

However, he refused to show any sign of fear or being under this divine being's will. Surely, that only infuriates the god of serpents, who indignantly comments ''How dare anyone to defy me!? Even if I planned to get rid-off of anyone, who stands in my way, yet that one Kusanagi and Yasakani doing that so, even when they were dead! I don't get it. How?!''.

As Orochi roughly breaths, he slowly starts to calm down his wrath, and after he closes his eyes, the eight purple flames were calmly burning as well. This divine being removes his crushing hand from Yagami's throat. Now he calmly explains with a sensible malice in his voice ''However, as time goes on, it appears that both clans were ready to shred one and another into bloody pieces. Even you as the last heir of Yagami, you finally seem to show a great potential at succeeding to accomplish your given task to kill the youngest of Kusanagi heir at first. However, even you have utterly failed it. Perhaps I had too high expectations of you as well.''. As this divine creature smirks, he stretches his arm at Iori, which was followed by a black circle appearing in the middle of this redhead's chest and the same color painted collar around his neck.

While Orochi asks, slowly the seal of orochi clan finally appears on Yagami's chest ''I only ask you one thing. You don't seem to show a desire to kill him as you claim before any match. Even when you had so many given opportunities and even being under my control, you disobey me. Why? I wonder… What kind of relationship you really share with that heir of Kusanagi, whom you call 'Kyo' then?''.

This fluffy silver-head delightfully smiles as he closes his eyes and remains silent for a while. After this divine being sighs, he opens his eyes “… Ah, so, this is how it is. You are telling me that it is none of my business again. I should stay away from interfacing between you and that Kusanagi, isn't it? I can read your mind as an open book. You won't be able to hide anything from me no matter how hard you try~ Even when I just mentioned his name, you look so lively and your eyes sparkles with excitement. Are you certain that you just want to settle a score with him? ''.

Orochi only chuckles "You're ending up treating that Kusanagi heir the same way as that damned Yasakani did. You do realize it, don't you? However, I won't let you escape from my grasp so easily. After all, your fate already been sealed when your clan gave away their flame in exchange for mine and changed their family's name. So, I'll shorten your pathetic life-spam as much as I need until you're dead, if you continue crawling to this so-called 'Kyo's ' side, who might be able to undo my curse.''. This silver-head's face become serious as he continues ''Stop giving me that mad look. Despite being restrained, you are too stubborn. What do you mean that no one is allowed to touch 'your Kyo' aside you? You dare to threat Me, mortal?'' .

When Orochi sadistically smiles, he keeps his stretched arm while his body starts to glow ''I won't allow this!''. Just before the shadow surrounding this redhead continues dragging him into never-ending darkness, the voice of the legendary serpent god echoes ''I'll kill that Kusanagi by your own hands! And then you're next!''. However, just before being completely swallowed by the darkness, an orange like sun flame shines bright behind Iori and another familiar voice speaks up. Certainly, even if this redhead didn't understand any of the words, but he instantly recognized the owner of it.

There was no mistake, it was Kyo's voice, which was now getting more clear and insists for Yagami to wake up and fight-back Orochi's will in concerned tone. Soon enough this redhead could feel how this Kusanagi's arms wraps around him and tries to pull out Iori from the grasp of the legendary snake god. More important, he could feel the warmness, which was so calming that this redhead didn't resist and leaves the rest in the Kyo's hands. Nevertheless, this serene moment did not last long and now Yagami harshly returns to reality…

That's right, it was a matter of the seconds when this redhead felt like something was building up inside him. Something like a foreign body, which was lurking all his life, however, unsuccessfully being rejected and like a parasite, slowly and painfully shortening Yagami's life-spam. One could say, this curse was like cancerous cells, which you cannot remove completely and its remains inside, slowly regenerating. Lastly, corrupting and destroying not only the host's body, but also trying to destroy his mind and spirit. Even now this redhead's body was fighting against this curse. All of a sudden, Iori widely open his eyes and after sitting up, cover his mouth with a palm. However, the blood was gushing out through the close gaps of this redhead's fingers.

It was followed by involuntary and unstoppable strongly coughing. Surely, even the inner walls of Iori's throat were burning in pain and felt like being torn apart by a bit after a bit. More so, these bursting singly tears were nothing more than a mere reflex, making even such a fearsome man feel more miserable. Each cough was more painful than a previous one, and it felt like this redhead could choke down by his blood. Hell, even his vision was starting to get into a pulsing red, and his heartbeat was echoing inside his head. There were simply no end to this intense suffering and madness. Perhaps, this time for real Iori could die for real. More important, he could perfectly feel how the strengths were leaving him as well.

Now, his body was too weak and exhausted to resist any longer. And thus, Yagami collapsed on his side without being able to stop shivering. He could perfectly sense how his body temperature was rapidly dropping down, however, he was unable to move even a single muscle. More important that heavy scent of metal didn't help either. All he could do is to feel how the same bloody palm lowers and reveals his face painted in dark crimson red. Plus, the blood on his face becomes lukewarm. While he is feverishly breathing, all he could see with his blank eyes were that dark crimson red surrounding him — from his body to bloodstained bed-sheet.

It appears that it was all over, or at least for now. But for now, this redhead started to crave for the warmth despite feeling so sleepy. Of course, he tried so badly to move, yet the same result — not even a single muscle moved, and he remains on the same position. At the moment like this, one could say that he was like any reptile, who was about to die, if his body temperature would drop any lower. However, even if his instincts drive him to survive at any cost, but he was still picky about choosing what can or cannot warm him up. No, it wasn't the warmth of being able to wrap around in the blanket nor letting anyone to touch him. That's right, there was that kind of warmth, which this redhead could accept it and was only from one person, who was the radiator of it. However, without realizing, his shaking lips started to call out for one certain brunette's name, even if it was a weak whisper. Nevertheless, even at the darkest night, there was a ray of the light, who can vanish any darkness…

In this case, it was followed by the sound of Kyo opening the bathroom's door. That's right, this Kusanagi, who just wore a white t-shirt and a pair of underwear, was so chill and relaxed after a long shower that didn't pay any attention to his surroundings when he casually closes the bathroom's door. The only concern for him was only crashing into the bed without waking up his partner. Even if Yagami may wake up and complaint by this brunette's self-claimed stealthy sneaking up under the blanket, Kyo could as always just wrap his arms around this redhead and gently pat his back until he fell asleep, or so, without worrying too much he thought.

However, when he faces the bed's side and opens his eyes, all of a sudden, Kyo froze in the same spot and just could nearly soundlessly speak up ''What the…''. Fortunately, it was a matter of the second when this brunette returned to his senses and just shakes his head ''Yagami, no…'', now he rushes to Iori's side. After sitting next to this redhead on the bed, Kyo tries to wake up Iori by grabbing him by his shoulders and shaking him ''Oi…wake up! Just… Whatever you do, don't fell asleep! HEY!… Shit, this is bad…''. Needless to say that Yagami's skin was too cold, yet this brunette could still sense how this redhead was trying so badly to move or how he was quietly groaning.

So, at least even a weak response was more than assuring for this Kusanagi, who brushes away the hair from Iori's face and now gently slaps his cheek ''Please, stay awake! You can't be asleep now, you idiot! Can you hear me? Say something!''. Surely, this brunette was way too loud for no good reason, or so though Yagami, who weakly frowns and now tries to gather all his strength to push himself with his elbow to sit up and to silence this Kusanagi. Of course, seeing such an effort was good enough for Kyo. After closing his eyes, this brunette sighs and now helps this redhead to sit up.

Kyo softens his gaze and just silently stares at Iori, who later broke this pause in unsure tone ''The heck you're staring like there is something wrong? Don't tell me that you're mad about ruined bed-sheet. Like I've done this on purpose…''. However, it seems that when this Kusanagi rises his flat palm and about to give a good slap to this ignorant fool's face, he holds back and lowers it. Instead of such a harsh gesture, Kyo gives a serious look and replies in strict but at same time concerned tone ''And you think that I would worry about some piece of material?…'' after face-palming for a few seconds, this brunette continues ''It's not that important! That thing does not feel anything or even being a living creature. If it got dirty, you can simply wash it. If it is old or worn out — you can replace it any time. It is as simple as that. However, it's hard to watch you when something like this happens.''

This brunette leans closer to Iori and gently places his palm on this redhead's cheek ''I know, you don't want anyone to pity you, and I'm not planning to do it so. Besides, it's not my style, so, chill out. ‘You ain't a bed-ridden invalid or ill, who needs someone to cry over’, and with such a character as yours, you'll never be like that. I swear, even the viruses afraid to mess with you. Hell, I've seen you, like you love to claim 'being through worse and being able to handle it just perfectly fine'. '' Once he removed his palm from this redhead's face, this brunette continued in a bit more lively tone '' Even I had to admit, it amazes me, but at the same time, I want to smack your reckless head so hard, you careless idiot. But you're forgetting one thing — you're not alone, and I am here. So, at least let me help you to carry your cross.''. Surely, these words made Yagami widen his eyes and while lowering his gaze, turns his head from this brunette.

However, Kyo only chuckles at such a reaction, at least this redhead slowly returning to normal ''What is it with you? Did I tell something wrong? Anyway, we need you to get warm and clean, 'cos I don't wanna wake up in the morning and be startled because of someone looking like after a slaughter scene. So, give me a sec~''. Yet Iori was not sure what to expect next from this brunette, who left the bedside and went to switch the lights on. It seems that after that he went straight to check for something inside the closet. Couple minutes have passed and this Kusanagi picked a thicker bathrobe. Once he returned to the bedside and sat next to Yagami, he wraps it around this redhead's shoulders and makes sure that he was covered.

For some reason that this Kusanagi was way in too high-spirit by doing such a simple thing, or so wondered Iori while letting this brunette do what he wants. However, now Kyo comments ''Here we are. At least this should keep you warm for a while. Can you walk by yourself or do you want me to help you a bit?''. Just when this redhead about to say anything, he felt how this Kusanagi placed his one arm under Iori's back and other one below his bottom, and how this brunette about to lift him. Nevertheless, Iori slightly frowns and even give a shyer look ''What do you think you're doing?'' after he pushed Kyo away, he tried to stand up ''I can do it by myself!''. However, it seems that his legs were too weak and now Iori fells on his knees.

Fortunately, Kyo's reaction was fast enough, and now he was next to Iori. After bending down this brunette just sighs and places his arms around this redhead and helps him to stand up while comforting “It's okay, you just rushed a bit. So, take your time until you're ready.”. Even when both were standing up, Yagami decides to lean close to Kyo until they'll reach the bathroom. For some reason, such a gesture from this redhead, strangely comforted and assured this Kusanagi.

It didn't take long enough to reach the bathroom. Right now, this brunette switched the bathroom's lights on. However, this time, it was Yagami, who speaks up first "I will manage from there. So, you can go now." while this redhead removes the bathrobe, Kyo smirks "You sure? Or don't tell me someone is embarrassed? Up to this point, you don't have anything that would surprise or shock me now, you know~". Even so, this brunette keeps his smug face when Iori was close to the bath and takes the shower head from above.

Kyo just waited without realizing the ulterior motives of his partner, who points the shower head at this brunette while the other hand was on the water switch. All of a sudden, a strong stream of water splashes at this Kusanagi heir, who just instinctively lets a sudden long meowing like noise and covers most of the water by his elbow.

Nevertheless, it seems that it was just a warning shot and Yagami turns the water down while observing how Kyo shakes off the water and replies "Fiine~ I get it! I'll le~ave. Sheesh, just try to be a nice person and this is what you get that…". However, even if this brunette was approaching the door, but Iori's hand in which one was the shower head, was tracing him as a pointed gun. Just when Kyo about to shut down the door, he sticks his head out through the door, and of course, shows his tongue while adding “Don't you think that you'll get away so easily~… Anyway, I'll check you in a bit.”. Finally, this redhead was alone. While murmuring something and about to turn the water on, Iori removes his underwear and sits in the bathtub.

Meanwhile, Kyo was leaning behind the door for a good few minutes while listening and making sure that there would be no more accidents tonight. Apparently, this Kusanagi's worries were for no reason. So, he decided to have more faith in his partner and not to disturb him. Besides, while this redhead was taking his time, this brunette decided to look up for the clean set of bed-sheets. Perhaps this time he would be more lucky and changes the sheets without accidentally tearing it, tripping over and lastly, without unleashing the avalanche of not so friendly comments about whoever made the poor bed-sheet.

And thus, the struggling and merciless battle of this Kusanagi heir against the bed-sheet has begun. However, even if it felt like this fight lasted for ages, but eventually this brunette did it. More important, without anyone's help this time. So, the only thing left to do is throwing the bloody sheets to the wash. Probably, by the time he should return, Iori would be peacefully sleeping.

However, once Kyo have returned, he noticed that the bedroom was still empty. So, it seems that Iori was still in the bathroom. It can't be helped that it this brunette had to check whenever Yagami was fine. More important, he didn't even bother to knock into the door and straightforward entered. However, all his concern was for nothing because it seems that this idiot was now chilling out in the tub. At least he seemed relaxed and calm while staring at getting closer to him Kusanagi and greeted him “You sure took your time. I even nearly fell asleep.”.

Kyo just sits on his knees and places his elbows on the bathtub. After resting his head on elbows, this brunette observed this redhead while teasing in half-asleep tone “I can see that clearly. You got yourself so comfy, maybe I should have left you there, 'cos someone can be so perfectly fine on their own, you know~”. However, Yagami did not want to give up to this Kusanagi. So, he changes the topic and back-fires in the same tone ''There is some kind of spot on your face.''. But it seems that this brunette only gave a questioning look while he was carefully brushing his face with his palm ''Huh? Where? Or is it gone now?''. Certainly, it was already too late when Kyo realized that he fell right into this redhead's traps when his another wrist was grabbed by Iori ''Why don't you come closer? Then I'll show it to you.'' and now this redhead leans closer to this brunette.

Surely, Kyo could only widen his eyes once he felt how Yagami wraps his other arm around this Kusanagi's lower back. It was followed by him being dragged into the bathtub and water splashing all over the place. Fortunately, this brunette safely landed on top of Iori and now his face was resting in the middle of this redhead's chest. However, only after a few moments Kyo tried to lift himself, but it was easier to say than having it done. This Kusanagi somehow managed to push himself up and now while brushing his wet hair, which were sticking to his face, backwards, he scolds his partner ''What were you thinking? Look! The water. It's everywhere! Who gonna wipe it now, you idiot?'' and while pressing his palm against his sticking to his chest shirt, continues ''More important, I'm whole wet! Unlike you, now I don't have anything to change into.''.

However, this brunette couldn't be mad for too long at this big idiot, and after he closes his eyes and sighs. While he removes his wet t-shirt, this Kusanagi speaks up in a slightly shyer tone ‘‘It can’t be helped that I don’t wanna catch a cold while wearing that. But I hope that you’re happy now…’’. After tossing the t-shirt on the ground, Kyo continues in more forgiving voice '' At least you warmed up. So, that's a huuge relief… But how are you feeling now? Should we expect anything else, or you're good for now? ''. Yagami only replies in chill tone while rubbing Kyo's lower back ''You worry too much. At least stop doing that here. I've already seen you doing it in that dream or whatever that was… ''. Of course, this Kusanagi only gave a dumbfounded look for this redhead, who just added in slight irritated tone ''… It doesn’t matter. It's already over, so, you don't need to know about it.''.

Nevertheless, this kind of reaction only made Kyo even more curious, so, he replies ''So, you cannot get enough me even when you're sleeping?~''. However, after noticing how Yagami's face got serious, this brunette only softens his gaze and now asks in a concerned tone ''Did you had a nightmare before having 'another episode' ? Did something terrible happened?''. However, Iori remains silent for a good minute while averting his gaze meeting this Kusanagi. This brunette knew that now making this redhead spit out all the answers was not the best moment, so, he hoped that if he patiently waits, then within a right time, Yagami would be willing to tell about what happened.

That's why for now, he pressed his chest against this redhead's ear and hugs him while comforting calm voice ''Whatever it was, you somehow over-come it, right? And that is the most important thing right now. So, now can you tell me what you hear?… What you can feel?… Then you should know the better what is the answer…''. Even if it was for a while, however, both - Kyo and Iori stayed like this without saying a word because there was no need to disturb this peaceful moment.

Lastly, it seems that now this redhead could once again, probably, still shyly wanting to admit, enjoy that warm and healing presence of this brunette. That's right, this Kusanagi's presence alone for Iori was the same as for the grass-snake its so adored sun. One could say that the grass-snakes like all reptiles cannot survive if their body temperature would drop too low, so, that's why they seek for any source of warmth. However, this snake is attracted to the sun not only because of this primal instinct to survive, but because the grass-snakes being led by the heart to be closer to the Sun. The serpent can always relax and enjoy the given loving warmth of the Sun, who protects these creatures since the ancient times from any harm.

Perhaps, this is why the grass-snakes always watches the sunset with such a longing gaze while bidding a farewell until Sun returns to them in the morning. Therefore, when Sun arrives, it vanishes the dark night and gives the grass-snake a hope and comfort that now everything should be fine under the Sun's watching. Needless to say that one cannot live without another nor be separated for too long. So, no matter what kind of challenges or difficulties are thrown by the time, but nothing seem to be able to separate them.

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Dear, and thus this is this year's 3.25 fic. So, not sure whenever I should make some of this type fics in a future or not, because it was really nice making research about our gods and goddesses, more so, seeing the similarities. Anyway, the next fic would be for ye boi Shingo, 'cos he is a good boi and deserve a best!
And thus, as always - See you next time!~

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