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Unreachable Sin part 8

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 17: Unreachable Sin part 8

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Siiiigh~ it's been ages since last time uploaded this project. Damn, I missed this project so much~ T^T Anyway, it seems this time after done with current chapter, noticed that it is nearly 7.5k. words! xD My, if I would have uploaded this big chungus...So, had to divide into 3 chapters. So, for now a preparation part before first journey together.

It was a calm afternoon, the sky was dyed in light red and orange and a singly clouds hidden the setting sun. Nevertheless, the sunbeams has touched the rustling in wind tree leaves and other surroundings were dyed with such a mix of warm colors. As leaves were falling down, one of them has flied across the redhead hunter’s way back to the hut. It can’t be helped that he needed to sort out some business in Hunter Guild and getting more knives just in case. Besides, even today that witch may ask him go for another errand, so, maybe she could also craft a suitable weapon for that stupid vampire or at least enhance it with her magical powers.

However, another problem was - what could fit for Kyo? Swords or spears were out of the question, because this vampire doesn’t look trustful enough to be left alone with any of of these. More important, it would take not only too much of patience and time to teach how to use them. Mostly because it wasn’t the type of weapon, which even this hunter would pick in a battle. Knuckles? Nope, this brunette was still in his human form, so, he may not regained fully his physical strength. Besides, after his last encounter, Yagami wouldn’t entrust him a short range weapons.

In any case, visiting a familiar shop was unavoidable. Besides, maybe this time he could take Kyo with him, because it would be also great chance to test what this vampire is capable of. And so, after entering inside the shop, this redhead was greeted by a certain ebony-haired woman behind the counter, who seem to be busy with packing a few bottles filled with wine color liquid into smaller chest. Once she closes the chest and places it on lower shelf behind the counter, she asks Yagami ‘‘You’re back, hunter. That was quick. But it’s unusual for you going straight to the shop. Aren’t you going to check first how Kusanagi is doing?’’.

Iori just turned gaze for a moment and then he answers in serious tone ‘‘For now he can wait. Besides, it’s better to ask this when he is not around.’’ after giving a demanding look, this hunter continues ‘‘Do you need me to kill any monster or get any materials?’’, now he impatiently waits for the answer of this witch. Surely, Kagura didn’t expected this question yet she sighs and replies ‘‘You are being quiet helpful today. However, what have you planned behind this?’’.

Even so, this redhead clenches his hands into fists and cracks a smile, now he asks in irritated tone ‘‘So, you need anything or not?’’. No matter how it was amusing observing this hunter’s reactions, this sorceress nearly in singing voice replies ‘‘Well, since you being so voluntary, I cannot turn down your offer, can I? So, let’s see…’’, now she covers her mouth with her hand and lowers her gaze, after turning around, she quickly scans the shelves. Good minute has passed and when she turns back, she answers ‘‘It seems that I’m running out of one fine thread. Hmm, hunter, could you get me enough of spiderweb for making six rolls of thread?’’.

Yagami only rolls his eyes and back-fires ‘‘Why can’t you use the one from the corners of your shop? I see no difference, which type of spiderweb you should use. So, are you sure, you don’t need anything else?’’. It seems that this ebony-haired woman was not happy by this reply and she decides to counter-attack in calm manner ‘‘You see, you can get this thread only from one of rarer monsters. I’m pretty sure that you at least heard of Arachne creature. If no, then you should know that these spider-’’, this redhead closes his eyes and grits his teeth, after opening them, he interrupts in irritated tone ‘‘S-so, you want to tell that all I need to do is kill this creature and take the web? Fine…If so, then I’m taking that stupid vampire with me!’’.

Although, this witch asks in innocent tone ‘‘Don’t tell me that a hunter like you cannot take down a medium rank monster alone? Maybe it is a bit difficult task for you…’’, it seems Yagami had enough of this woman’s taunting and now he slams his both hands on the counter. As he frowns, he says in serious tone ‘‘Listen, Kagura. It’s not your business! I’m taking Kyo with me, ‘cos I need to see what he can do in real fight. Then I could get him a proper weapon and teach the basics how to use it. Besides, it would good practise for him as well…’’ while he gives a demanding gaze, he deeply breaths for awhile.

Chizuru patiently listens to him further. Apparently, the more he was keep talking, the more he sounded concerned ‘‘But what could suit for an idiot, who keeps non-stopping mentioning that he can only use fangs and nails, more important, he keeps claiming how he could use flames before he lost his powers…’’. Now this ebony-haired woman calms him down ‘‘First, return with the spiderweb, then leave the rest to me.’’, but Chizuru honestly asks ‘‘However, wouldn’t be easier, if you ask what kind of weapon Kusanagi would like to have?’’.

Surely, this redhead just widen his eyes at such a simple question and now as he turns his head away, he lowers his gaze. Of course, this witch only gives him a questioning look while he answers in lower tone ‘‘Because…’’ as he looks back, Yagami continues ‘‘Hell, like that stubborn idiot would refuse say what he wants! So, I’ll better give him after the hunt. Maybe then he would accept it…’’. After such a confession, Kagura was clueless what say next and now after sighing, replied ‘‘Anyway, I think I know what weapon might fit for him. But since you are here, why don’t you rest for awhile before the journey? So, just let me remove the barrier first or you prefer to get electrocuted each time?’.

The sun was hidden behind the forest and soon the first stars began to shine one after another, waiting for the moon to show up. When, the witch and hunter were near the door of the hut, Chizuru removed the magic barrier and told before leaving ‘‘I’ll return later. Today one important client should show up and take rare potions. So, if decide to leave before I’ll return, good luck and take care.’’ and with that she gracefully takes her leave.

Once this hunter enters inside the hut, he found Kyo lying in bed with a navy-blue color book resting on his face. Is this vampire was dozing out? Whatever it was, Iori addresses him while he was getting closer to this brunette ‘‘Enough of doing nothing, you stupid vampire. Get up.’’, surely, it got attention of this nocturnal creature, who now murmurs something as he removed the book from his face. Kyo just looked at this redhead with not so happy look on his face.

Certainly, that pesky hunter has a lot of nerves to disturb this brunette’s rest, and thus, he honestly shown his dissatisfaction as he speaks up ‘‘What do you want? Can’t you see that I’m busy? So, why don’t you, I don’t know, maybe grab for me some snacks. Besides, I hoped that maybe this book, which Kagura gave me, would help me to learn more about you humans.’’. This redhead hunter only closes his eyes and sighs, after opening eyes, he picks the book from a vampire and once he quickly examines it, he patiently explains ‘‘It’s only one of the volumes about the history of great demon outbreak in our world…Why would you expect to learn how we live from it? That woman could have found a better book.’’.

However, when Kyo sits on edge of the bed and stares at Yagami with innocent gaze, he objects ‘‘But there is mentioned about you vampire hunters as well. So, at least maybe that would help to learn about your kind and why are you acting like this…You know, I don’t get it why you hunters still protecting an ordinary people when even nowadays they still fear you and might treat you as our kind? After all, you don’t own them anything, it’s they who should be thankful for being able to rest peacefully!…However, what about you, Yagami? Are you doing this just for living or you have any other reason?’’.

Despite that this vampire gave such a curious and demanding gaze, even Iori’s poker-face was cracked and he replied in slight nervous tone ‘‘What is it with you, you stupid vampire? What’s with these questions? Besides, now we have to go.’’. However, this vampire did not give up and back-fires ‘‘Where? At least, first, I want to know why did you become a vampire hunter. You don’t look that you become a one just to feel a thrill of taking someone’s life away or having anyone struggling under your foot.’’. Not again…that vampire once again was using his alluring gaze and this redhead hunter was captured by it, so, all he could do is to listen further to this nocturnal creature without looking away ‘‘Do you hold a grudge against one of our kind? Are you seeking for a revenge? Or you have no choice, but to carry on the legacy of your clan and with the same weapon, which was passed to each generation, kill us?’.

While Kyo was patiently waits for the answer, Yagami immediately closed his eyes and turns his head away. Whenever it was a trick of the light or not, but even this brunette could swear that the hunter’s cheeks were slightly red. Nevertheless, after face-palming, this redhead fixes his hair and now once again, he facing this vampire. Now he explains to this brunette in serious tone ‘‘Why you have to do this? Stop using your charms against me, because you won’t win, you stupid vampire…Anyway, I don’t have any special reason. So, it was better than becoming an alchemist as father expected, even if mother was against his idea. But then she tried to push her path of living. Hell, I didn’t shown any interest toward pharmacy or medicine either! At least later on being raised and trained by that stupid hunter was better than that or greeting a pathetic fate as my parents did back in that day. So, eventually after long year training, I become a vampire hunter, because at least then no one could decide for me what to do like I was a rag-doll in someone’s hands…But enough of that! Get up! Because you’re going with me.’’.

Of course, after listening to hunter’s tale, this vampire become even more curious, because he felt that there was something more to it yet Yagami remains quiet about. However, this brunette smirks and second later he gives a smug look as he stands up. Now he thrust his chest forward and replies ‘‘Are you sure that it is all?…Alright, then keep your oh-so-tragic-and-dramatic backstory for yourself, Mister Vampire Hunter~ You know, now I’m even more curious and wanna know what you are hiding. So, if I need, I would annoy you until you fed up one day and then you are willing to tell me~’’ when this brunette places his hand behind his head and rubs it, he continues in more serious manner ‘‘Anyway, where are we going? ‘cos you sure look so impatient about it, Yagami.’’.

Finally, took long enough for this creature to behave himself, or so thought to himself this hunter. Now Iori calmly explains ‘‘We’re going to test your reflexes in practice. So, you’ll assist me on fetch quest, which Kagura gave to us. I hope that you’re not afraid of spiders, because we need to go deeper into woods where one rare spider lives and get a web from it.’’. Apparently, this brunette just chuckles and as he recklessly answers, he swooshes his hair ‘‘Hmph! Big deal!~ But why a big bad scary hunter like you can’t do it alone? But if you wanted to see how I masterly kick anyone’s ass and get all the glory, then why didn’t you said this earlier? So, show me the way~’’.

However, this redhead silently murmurs as he walks toward the door ‘‘go on, talk like this until you see these creatures, you stupid vampire…’’, but this vampire asks with slight indignant tone as he follows the hunter, who was about to close the door ‘‘Eh? What is it, Yagami? Speak louder, cos I can’t hear you!’’ and once they were outside, Iori turn his head towards vampire and prompts him ‘‘You better hurry up! Or do you want to be left alone?’’. Lastly, with the blessings of stars and silver moonlight, they depart to the journey…
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