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Unreachable Sin part 9

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 18: Unreachable Sin part 9

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Okay, as for this part, I was a bit concerned how the co-op scene and the big battle against the first monster gonna look like. So, before that I want to leave a trigger warning - Arachnophobia.
And of course, small explanation for one term: ''Chelicera - either of the first pair of fang-like appendages near the mouth of an arachnid; often modified for grasping and piercing''.

A good half hour has passed~ As they both went deeper into the woods, this brunette started to complain ‘‘Are you sure we are going the right way? ‘cos I see no one around. So, if you wanted to make me lost in woods, then, congrats - you stuck with me!…Is it still far?’’, however, Yagami without looking back replied in calm tone ‘‘Just go straight for a bit longer and, according Kagura, we should reach the wood of spiders.’’. The further they went, the less and less this place was lively. Now the only sounds surrounding the wanderers were the crunching noises made by their steps on the grass or the ones made by the thin branches breaking under their feet.

Fortunately, the moon, who was shining bright, shown them the path to monster’s lair. However, more and more there were spiderwebs scattered on ground or dead trees’ branches were shining with silver color from the moonlight. Even the slightest breeze made these webs shiver yet there were no traces of their owners. Maybe they were patiently waiting for a naive and frail butterfly to rest for a second…At the beginning these threads were thin as a hair, but the further they went, the thicker and more complex thread becomes. Now the rat rushes with better piece of meat across the road and accidentally steps on silver thread. As this unfortunate creature’s little feet sticks to trembling web, from nearest small cave below the tree trunk, countless eyes shines with deadly and piercing gaze.

Now the high-pitched meowing like scream echoes through the silent forest. The rat didn’t even had a second to react and as the black spider jumps from the cave and with it’s eight legs rushes to it’s prey. Poor creature was already frozen in terror yet now as couple hairy front legs of this arachnid with size of a small animal, holds it’s victim as it wraps in spiderweb. As soon as this rat was in cocoon, it still lets out the screech filled with terror and despair until it was cut when the spider sink it’s fangs-like to the victim. Even so, Kyo couldn’t look back because he was shocked by this merciless creature. Thankfully, Yagami grabs his arm and without a word, prompts him go. As this brunette looks at hunter’s back, he notices that this redhead’s shoulders were stiff as his grasp.

"Stay close to me, vampire." or so, this redhead strictly orders without looking back. As they walk further, Yagami adds "...or else you might end up like that rat.". This brunette just frowns and objects while trying to shake his arm from hunter's grasp "Fine! I get it, but you don't have to crush my arm.", however, without noticing this vampire's foot touches lying thread on ground. As Iori quickly picks couple knives from his left side, he tosses them to the right side. Lastly, the blade pierces spider's chest and abdomen.

Kyo just stares at that creature fallen on it's back, which was letting out agonizing meowing like screech while it's limbs and chelicera slowly twitches before it's own doom. Even if that spider was far away, it looked like the size of grown up dog. As hunter turn his head to face this vampire and scold "I told you to be careful!" However this brunette's gaze was above this redhead and as his fangs shows up, he growls. His sharp nails shows up. Now he sprints through the hunter. After he jumps forward into air, he slashes the enormous spider. Spider's body from head to stomach splits in half until it touches the ground.

As this vampire shakes off his hand from this creature's remains, his nail turn back normal. Now he addresses Iori with smug look on his face "Then, you should also stop joking around~ ‘Cos you like it or not, but you are not allowed to be killed by anyone. More so, I'll keep you alive and protected until I'll become strong enough to defeat you!" now Kyo honestly asks "Hey, Yagami. That was one huuuge one. Don't you think it was Arachne creature? It sure look like having enough of thread.".

Yagami looks to see the slain creature. After he closes his eyes and swallows saliva, he carefully opens his eyes and now he walks around this spider, which was as tall as a grown up dog. However, the way how carefully this hunter walks around this dead creature making sure it won't touch him, caught this vampire's attention. Kyo could swear that Yagami was as pale as a ghost and he didn’t like that. Just when he was about to open his mouth, this redhead speaks up "Unfortunately, no. Despite it's size, it's just a spider. The Arachne creature have a human-like features. But since your small vampire head maybe not familiar with this monster, I'll let you know. This creature has a top of a woman and lower part as a spider. There is a very rare case to find a male Arachne monster, because they met a same fate as some venomous spider species...".

Of course, this brunette lifts his one eye-brow and replies with slight mockery "And why should this matter? We just need to kick this monster's ass, get the web and BAM, the business done! So, why do you need to explain all this?". Yagami just sighs as he face-palms and shakes his head. Now he looks at this vampire and addresses him in irritated tone "Your face is surely not ruined by intelligence...Listen, I'm telling you this so that you should be aware of what kind monster we are dealing with. By this time of season Arachne monsters are very ferocious, because they need food to regain their strength. So, they maybe already aware of our existence and now waiting for us until we'll he close enough to their lair...Just watch down your steps and keep your guard on. The very least thing I want to ran out of knives before meeting this monster.". After such a explanation Kyo knew it would be pointless to argue with Yagami and now he followed this fellow hunter.

Good fifteen minutes passed~ The scenery changed drastically. This area nearly looked like an open field with singly dry trees. Not only the ground was snow-white from being covered in thick layers of web, but they were hanging from the tree branches as masterly crafted net to trap a reckless prey. Even there were scattered around several cocoons of various sizes - either there were from as big as a small wild animal to even the size of possibly adult human. The atmosphere was sinister and cold. Even the moonlight shined from above only added more coldness of silver.

However, all of sudden this redhead hunter was alerted. He even stretched his arm to stop this vampire going further. Now Yagami's gaze was fixated at trembling thread of web. Minute, another minute passed - nothing, the web was still moving without the owner of it showing up. Now just a pitiful and sobbing voice of a young woman disturbs the silence "A-anyone...please...Help!...I-I huuurts! A-anyone...plee-ease...Th-that monster...she want to kill meee!...", the web was still keeping shaking yet the rustle of tree leaves accompanied. Now something fell on pile of tree leaves. Even so, along with this sound the web remains still without any movement.

That same voice speaks up again with same plead. Nevertheless, it didn’t moved this redhead even a bit, who just stands. He only picks his trustworthy whip into his left hand and grasps it tighter. This redhead looked calm but even this vampire could sense that deep inside his spirit was burning as a furious beast. However, Kyo’s gaze softens towards the unknown victim and now he takes step forward yet he was once again stopped by Yagami and his silent scolding ‘‘Stay still.’’. This brunette only frowns and objects while facing this redhead ‘‘I can’t leave anyone who is desperately asking for help.’’ and now he walks towards the sound of this mysterious stranger. As he carefully walks closer, a delicate shape arm fells on ground, it was still hard to see the owner of it, who was behind the old and dried tree. It can’t be helped that this stupid vampire wants to jump straight to his death, so, now the redhead hunter follows him.

After getting close enough, this brunette finally saw the person who was begging for a help. It was a young maiden lying on her stomach, who has a pale as porcelain skin and light color long silky hair lying across this field, which covered her bare back and shoulders. It was hard to tell where her strands of hair ends and where was beginning of the web. However, her lower body was trapped by fallen tree branches and covered by dry leaves. That pile was too big that even down to her feet she was buried. Despite that her arms looked untouched and there weren’t even the slightest bruise on her. She lifts her head up and looks with her innocent blue eyes. Her gaze was too deep and anyone who would stare for too long could sink in this ocean of her eyes.

Now she shakily lifts her arm and tries to reach with her hand one of these two mysterious people and speaks to them in such innocent and gentle voice ‘‘Ah, so, you came to rescue me. I’m so glad~ Please, help me, the tree branches are too heavy and I can’t move…I’m tired and starving. Aaah, I want to come back to my mom and dad…I was so lonely~ Please, hold my hand, I’m scared, very scared and lonely.’’. However, it seems that the redhead hunter just looked down indifferently on this unfortunate thing. His grasp around his whip only got tighter. Unlike Yagami, this vampire kneels down and he was about to lend his hand to stand up.

However, just when this brunette was about to reach with his hand, Iori immediately pushes Kyo on ground with his free arm. This brunette wanted to yell at such a gesture of the hunter, but now this maiden, chuckles in menacing and sweet voice ‘‘Fufufu~ It seems that you are smarter than your little friend, boy~’’, now this voice was nearly hissing ‘‘Too bad that I cannot let you go alive…So, you’ll pay for killing my children by your flesh and blood!’’. This woman slowly was lifting her upper body while her head was hanging down. Now with one sudden move she yanks up her upper body and spreads her arms.

That innocent gaze was gone - now there were six pitch-black round glass eyes on her face instead of human eyes, even her nose disappeared and there were only couple of gaping holes. As she opens her mouth, a black slimy chelicera shows up and widens her mouth. Saliva mixed bright red blood were dripping out of this creature mouth. Her visible spider fangs were opened-wide and immediately closes tightly, now she quickly claps her chelitera several times. Her arms up to elbows now are limbed and hairy, even her fingers were pointy and sharp. This creature lifts her one hand and seductively licks in between her couple spread fingers while looks her two targets. She continues with hissing in deeper and seductive voice ‘‘But don’t worry, even if you smell sooo delicious, you also have a cute face. So, I would even let you to touch me. I want to bear your children before you’ll become such a fine dinner for them!~’’ now she places her hands on ground.

As she stands up, the tree branches scatters across the field. Slowly this creature straighten up her eight spider knees and stands on her legs. Once Arachne creature straightens her back, her hair fells on her back and shoulders, covering bare breasts, her spider's abdomen slightly moves as well. However, her attention was distracted by Kyo, who speaks to her in teasing tone ‘‘Ma’am, you don’t need to be so impatient. Call me old-fashioned and pure-heart school-boy, but don’t you think that first we should go on date, get know each other better and then the rest~ Besides, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not into a spider-type.’’.

While this spider-woman was concentrated on Kyo, Iori used his chance and carefully sneaks behind this creature. Now Arachne creature replies in harsh tone ‘‘Shut up, filthy trash! You dare to speak to me? Who do you think you are?! You are not even worth to be eaten!-’’ this woman now just chuckles and reflects hunter’s thrown blade towards her head with her arm. Yagami only widens his eyes and remains paralyzed as this spider creature turns with whole body towards him. Now this redhead hunter closes his eyes and as soon as he picks another couple knives, he opens his eyes and now tosses the blade towards this creature’s head.

Once again Arachne blocks the attack with her crossed arms and as she opens her mouth, turns her head towards vampire and spits greenish acid. However, Kyo rolls on side and avoids the acid. And thus the ground was burned down by erosive liquid. Arachne stands on her six legs and aims with her spider abdomen at hunter. She shoots a web at this redhead. This vampire rushes towards Yagami’s side and as he catches him in his one arm. With the other one’s sharp nails he slices the web.

This spider-woman looks down on them commenting in hissing and mocking voice ‘‘Two little rats helping one another…How sweet of you~ You can try as much as you want, but your weapons are useless!’’ and she spits the venom at these two. Both dodges the damage by splitting out. When Kyo stands up he dashes at this creature and with nails aims at her side. Once she was about block the attack, she lets a terrible screech, which spreads across this battle-field. Not only her left side splashed the crimson blood from vampire’s left wound, it was followed by loud cracking noise from her right - when Iori ducked, he spin-kicked to Arachne’s two back legs. Poor creature leans to her right side. Now the leather whip wraps around her waist. As this redhead pulls whip to him, he jumps on top of this spider-woman’s abdomen.

While keeping is balance, Yagami holds into her hair with right hand, with the one sudden move of his left one, he unwraps his trustworthy weapon and now aims at her neck. This creature tries to shake him off, however, his whip was now wrapped around her neck. Unfortunate creature shakily tries to reach out with her hands the whip.

The redhead hunter releases her hair. He acts quick. Now with one sudden movement Iori pulls the whip with one arm towards him. Arachne’s head fell on ground - the blood was splashing as a fountain from her neck and now the redhead hunter was covered in dark red. This creature’s body collapses on ground yet the hunter manages to land on his feet. After finding a thicker thread of white web, he wipes his trustworthy weapon from the blood of fallen creature and now wraps it in spiral.

All this time Kyo’s gaze was fixated at Yagami and how he mercilessly finishes his target. Once this brunette stands up, he also notices how this redhead was approaching the dead spider and when he was close enough, he picks one of his knives from the left side and now as he holds blade in his both hands, he kneels down and concentrates all his strength to stab the abdomen of the spider. After the blade pierced the shell, he slices down to the bottom of it. However, once again this vampire was left with unanswered questions.

Why this hunter closed his eyes all this time, more important, with-drawing his both hands suddenly when he barely touched this creature’s stomach with such a disgust? Hell, he even turned his head away…It only made this vampire feel bad about this redhead. Kyo steps closely to Yagami and addresses him in gentler tone ‘‘ Let me try, you look already tired. So, leave it to me.’’, he sensed the hunter’s distress and how he was already pushing his limits way too far. Before splitting wide-open the stomach of dead spider, this brunette orders ‘‘Can you get me a bag?’’.

While Yagami stands up and and turns his back. After he opens his long-coat, he looks inside his inner pockets. As he picks a denim bag from one of his pockets, he could hear the cracking sound, which was followed by slimy noises and something forcibly being pulled out. When Iori turns around he notices how this brunette was standing and now in his arms holds the huge pile of the twisted spider’s web still covered with the remains of this creature's insides. Now this vampire calmly addresses the hunter ‘‘I hope that this what you been looking for, ‘cos not gonna dig the insides of corpse any longer.’’, this redhead just sighs as he opens the bag and lets this vampire to put the web inside of it.

After cracking a smile, Iori turns around and prompts Kyo to follow him ‘‘Let’s go already. Or do you prefer to over-night here?’’. Finally, that stupid hunter returned back to normal, or so sensed this brunette and somehow knowing this relieved him. Now, he just follows the hunter.

My, surely, it took longer to work on this part because that spider faces and that mental image - -''' So, don't let a writer, who has a bad case of Arachnophobia write about spiders xD.
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