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Unreachable Sin part 10

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 19: Unreachable Sin part 10

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Okay, and finally, the last part ^^ So, surely, had fun with this whole 3 parts chapter. And of course, all this journey was just for the moment in the end. sigh So, extra points, who will get the reference, which I meant by a pair of certain gloves. Don't worry, by thr end of the chapter, I'll add the answer.
And without further ado, enjoy!
PS: A Trigger warning for the Arachnophobia for the first paragraph.

As they were still wandering in the forest, a distant memory from the past didn’t gave peace of mind to this redhead hunter no matter how hard he tried to shake it off. It happened nearly two decades ago. Yagami was a young boy back then, who was just minding his own business while passing by through one the rooms in abandon house. It seems that something peaked his curiosity and thus, young Iori was attracted by the sound of someone silently weeping like begging for help. Now he carefully looked through the frame of door and noticed how the room was covered in silver thread. In the corner of the room, a giant spider was wrapping it’s victim into cocoon. However, while young Iori was paralyzed in fear, he couldn’t remove his gaze from how this merciless killer takes away the life of helpless prey without second. One wrong step - and now the spider turns toward the side of Yagami. That empty gaze by countless glass eyes of this gigantic creature and slowly moving fangs…It made this boy widen his eyes in terror and his knees gave up on him. However, just before the spider began to approach him, Iori felt someone’s big palm on his small shoulder. The silverhead demon hunter speaks to him in his usual cheerful tone ‘‘What are you doing here, Yagami-chan? I told you not to get lost…Looks like now I have to deal with that big bad spidey, ain’t I?’’…

Just when now this redhead hunter about to sink deeper into his thoughts, he felt how someone’s hand was holding his, leading somewhere and the familiar voice of one brunette ‘‘…Earth to Yagami. Wake up~ We still have a long way until we can rest.’’. It seems all this way Kyo was making sure that this redhead wouldn’t be left alone. However, when Iori shakes his head, he murmurs ‘‘That idiot Yashiro…’’. Once this vampire looked back at hunter, he noticed that Iori’s face was pale as paper and how hard he bits his lower lip. Nevertheless, Kyo sighs and replies in calm and comforting tone ‘‘Just a little bit and after you handle this thread you can take long bath and relax. You did well and deserve it.’’, he expected that after saying this, Yagami brush his hand away and definitely either scold him, either picks his whip to scare him. Because he would take this as nothing more as mocking, right? Or so, thought this brunette. Apparently, none of this happened. Iori remains silent, but now was taking the lead until they exited the forest.

After awhile, they reached a familiar witch’s shop. When Yagami knocks into the door several times, the owner of this shop opens the door. This ebony-haired woman greets them in calm tone ‘‘Welcome back.’’, however, after noticing that this vampire and the hunter returned covered in blood and guts remains, she briefly widens her eyes in surprise ‘‘My, did you slain an entire forest just for a thread?’’. This redhead sighs and replies in serious tone ‘‘Listen, Kagura. I got what you asked for. So, is this enough for you?’’ now he handles the bag thrown over his shoulder to Chizuru, who now takes it in her both arms, commenting with a chuckle ‘‘Hunter, did you brought me whole Arachne monster?’’.

Once she opens the bag and quickly inspects the content of the bag, the witch looks back at this duo and says ‘‘Surely, that is a lot and I may take some time to work on it. So, why don’t you two relax? But first, please, clean up yourselves before entering the shop.’’. It seems any moment Yagami looked about to loose his patience, but he tried to remain calm. He was still convinced himself that this woman might be unpredictable and cast curse on him at any given time, so, being careful, or how he call that, is better option. Nevertheless, he remains silent, however, now Kyo speaks up ‘‘Alright then. However, where should we stay? That stupid hunter can go anywhere where he wants, but what about me? Soon, the sun should rise…’’.

However, Kagura explains to him ‘‘You can rest in the hut. Besides, I won’t drive away a lost wanderer. Plus, you should find a shower room and the washing machine. However, I don’t have anything to lend you to wear aside hunter’s given away coat. Unless, Yagami will bring you something by tomorrow.’’ now Chizuru looks at the redhead hunter with demanding gaze. Although, he didn’t wanted to give up to this woman, now replies in irritated tone to her ‘‘I was planning to return to the Guild anyway. So, I’ll see, if I find anything, if not, then he would have no problems to stay in bed all day, all night.’’ and with that he turns away and before taking his leave, he addresses Kyo ‘‘Why are you standing here? Do you want to get burn by sunlight. Just go inside already, you idiot!’’.

It was an evening of another day~ After entering through the door of the witch’s shop, Yagami notices how Chizuru was kneeling on ground and placed a piece of spiderweb’s thread on magical circle. Once she noticed the hunter, who holds a white plastic bag, in which was a carefully wrapped not so small package, she calmly greets him ‘‘Oh, you are here in time, Yagami. Give a second and it’s done.’’. Now this witch returns her gaze towards magical circle. After she closes her eyes and deeply exhales, she straightens her palms and place above the circle. When Chizuru silently begins to cast a spell, the circle begins to glow in dark green. As she begins clearly chant in ancient language, the circle gradually changes to light yellow and then to orange. The piece of thread was floating air until it was completely surrounded by orange pillar of light. Now the witch opens her eyes as she finishes casting a spell. The pillar of light was slowly fading and Kagura holds her palms opened, now a pair of snow-white gloves softly landed on her hands.

Once she stands up, she passes the gloves to the hunter calmly explaining ‘‘It’s done. So, this what you asked, Yagami. Just don’t forget to give them to Kusanagi. After all, you really sounded like it was really important. Ah, and one more thing, let him wear them outside, unless you want to pay for the damage to my shop.’’. While Iori takes this item from Chizuru, he asks ‘‘For what reason? And do you think that they would fit him?’’, but she answers ‘‘These gloves have a magic seal on them, so, that’s why I want you to be careful with them. But don’t worry about the size, they would fit for its owner - be it a dwarf or a titan. These gloves can adapt once they are worn.’’. And thus, after several other explanations and instruction of this witch, Yagami left the shop and went to see one certain vampire.

Once Iori entered inside, he noticed that Kyo was wrapped under the blanket completely. So, after getting close the bed, he pushed, from what he assumed, this vampire’s shoulder and orders him ‘‘Wake up! Didn’t you had enough of the sleep. Besides, I have something for you, so, don’t make me remove the blanket.’’. This brunette didn’t sounded so satisfied after being disturbed and while being under blanket replies ‘‘You know, I’m pretty fine being here. It’s so warm and comfy~’’. After awhile this brunette not so voluntary removes the blanket and sits up.

While half-asleep, this vampire silently stares at the hunter. However, one certain detail immediately catches this redhead’s attention - there was a scar in the middle of this vampire’s chest, which was round-shaped like a sun. Of course, Yagami honestly asked Kyo ‘‘Aren’t you vampires suppose to heal your wounds? Why do you have it?’’, this brunette just lowers his gaze as he places a hand where was the scar and replies in slightly upset tone ‘‘I don’t get why it didn’t healed after the fight against that bastard demon either…Maybe it was his left mark to remind me that I lost or messed with a wrong person…Beats me! Like heck, I care about it anymore!’’.

After sighing, this vampire grasps around the scar. However, Iori changes the subject as he asks in calm tone ‘‘Anyway, what happened to your clothes? Did they not dry yet?’’, Kyo just looks away and frowns without knowing what to say. When he looks back at Yagami, he simply replies ‘‘When I thrown them into washing machine, I checked after couple hours and, well, you see, how to say…They shrunk.’’, of course, this redhead face-palms and groans while murmuring ‘‘You stupid vampire…’’. Now while trying to remain chill, this redhead gives a plastic bag with a package inside of it to this brunette. As Kyo tries to figure out what could it be or why the hunter acts like this, Iori explains ‘‘I figured out that something like this might happen. So, I looked in stores for something similar for you. Try them, ‘cos I need to know whenever I should return them or not.’’.

When Kyo finishes to unwrap the package, he notices that there was a black t-shirt with black cross with white borders all over the shirt, then a white jacket made from a fine leather and a pair of blue jeans. Surely, this vampire cracks a smile chuckles ‘‘Can’t believe this pattern gonna haunt me forever…Anyway, let’s try this on.’’. Once this brunette puts the t-shirt on, he notices that it was slightly tight yet later on it seems that there was no issues with jeans or jacket.

Once this vampire was done with outfit, Yagami asks him ‘‘Should we go outside? Because Kagura mentioned that you can try something only if we are outside.’’, of course, Kyo gives him a smug look on his face and says nearly in singing tone ‘‘Eh? What is it? Just give me, alright?~’’ and when he stands up and walks to the door, he continues ‘‘Come on, let’s go already~’’.

As soon as they were outside, Iori picks a pair of gloves from his left side of inner pocket, and passes to this brunette. Of course, Kyo gave him a curious look and now tries them on. Now he notices that on outer side of palm on each glove, there was complicated transmutation circle in red with the small flame in the middle of it. No matter how he starred at them, nothing unusual about them. However, once he casually snaps his fingers, the orange flame appears. As soon as this brunette with-draws his arm, flame disappears into air. Surely, that even surprised Yagami as well.

However, this time Kyo stretches his arm forward and tries to snap his fingers. Once again a orange flame appears, now this vampire’s eyes sparkled with excitement and joy as he widely smiles. This brunette delightfully announces ‘‘My flame…It’s here! How? It’s here again!’’. Now he looks mischievously looks at the hunter and says ‘‘Hey, Yagami~…Catch this!’’ and launches a fire ball at Yagami. Fortunately, this redhead was quick enough to block it his whip strike. Another attempt, the same blocking.

Nevertheless, seeing this vampire so lively and full of energy somehow relieved this hunter. Now as Iori was walking towards Kyo, he warns ‘‘You better try to be careful and make sure that your gloves won’t get wet, because they will be useless. A-anyway, should we back? Tomorrow we can test your abilities with these gloves.’’. However, this brunette lowers his gaze and in slightly embarrassed voice says to hunter ‘‘So, you went through this trouble just get me this?…It’s nothing that I’m not thankful, but now don’t you think I would give up!’’ as he directly looks at Iori’s eyes, he continues ‘‘I would find something that would leave you even at bigger surprise, even if I need to go against myself like you did! Just you wait until that day and you’ll see. But since you are so generous, how about you can let have your blood from your neck as well? I did a good job too, didn't I? So, I deserve to have some from the most convenient spot.’’.

However, Iori only closes his eyes and sighs. As he walks toward the door, he replies ‘‘When you learn to fully control yourself…So, for now you should be glad for having from the wrist, then maybe in future, you’ll get from the elbow. Anyway, if you don’t get inside in a minute, you won’t get a drop, you stupid vampire…’’. Surely, after this request this vampire rushed inside and now impatiently waits until the hunter showing up.

Aaand the answer time for those, who may don't know what kind of reference used ^^ : So, since one of first Mina's watched animes were Fullmetal Alchemist, I had to use it~ More, during my first gameplay of KOFXI I was shocked, because during Kyo's victory screen I thought ''what a hell, that colonel bastard doing here? Even the Flame Alchemist - Roy Mustang somehow here, right? xD Whyyyy?...'' So, artstyle was one thing, however, when I though deeper - both can use flame, right? Although, Roy uses a gloves with flame transmutation circle and later tattooing the same circle on his hand to cast a fire while Kyo can do that naturally without the help of alchemy. Yet since then couldn't unsee this shocking coincidence and thus as been working on this project kept in mind the glove detail and wanted to use it somehow.
Anyway, this chapter was something...
And thus, as always - See you next time!~
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