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Under the Demon's Sweet Spell

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Nearly 2 years have passed since incubus Orochi lives together with one certain brunette. However, this fluffy silver-head already has prepared something special for Shingo... [This story was made...

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Okay, it seems that this nerd finally decided to show ye boi some attention and care. However, I'm not sure whenever a spin-off one-shot of Vampire's Kiss can be counted as a b-day present - -'

It seems that also for a while I'm gonna make a small break from this fandom and finally work on Castlevania Curse of Darkness fic. Yup, in best case, I may return in May with continuing my current KOF projects.

Anyway, today is a special day ^^ Yup, it's ye boi Shingo's b-day! So, let's see what awaits him this time, shall we?

And as always,

Title: Under the Demon's Sweet Spell
Status: Complete
Characters: Shingo Yabuki, Orochi
Summary: [Bonus chapter of Vampire's Kiss]
Nearly 2 years have passed since incubus Orochi lives together with one certain brunette. However, this fluffy silver-head already has prepared something special for Shingo...
[This story was made for 2021 April 8th aka Shingo's b-day]

It seems that while one certain pair of a redhead hunter and a trouble-making vampire were still working out on knowing and understanding each other better, this little tale is not about them. So, for now, let them sort out between themselves without disturbing them. That's right, this time let's take a look on how one certain young priest and the demon, who protects him, were doing, shall we?

Somewhere in a further part of the city, in the local dormitory near the church~ Despite it was only the beginning of spring, this season was just in calendar. Apparently, there were still a lot remains of the snow and the chill didn't want to leave yet. Despite that, it was a warm and cozy evening inside one room, which was brightened by the warm tones of orange and amber colors. More so, the sounds of rustling papers also nicely accompanied the ambience of this place.

Apparently, one priest named Shingo was working hard even after his daily duties at the church. However, this brunette's eyes were sparkling with pure and innocent excitement as he was working on some sort of papers. Surely, it got the attention of one fluffy silver-head, who was wearing a comfy knitted white sweater and dark color skinny pants, and who was lying on his stomach.

This young man asked in a calm and relaxed tone ‘‘You look pretty excited just by doing such a simple task. What is that all about?’’ and now he added in sensible tease ‘‘Don’t tell me that our Shingo is writing a love letter? I wonder who is that lucky one~…’’. Surely, this kind of question was rather unexpected for this brunette. Which was followed by him widening his eyes and his cheeks dyed in a brighter color of pink. That’s right, this Yabuki, who just stared at Orochi, remains speechless. Even so, this fluffy silver-head couldn’t help himself, but just close his eyes and chuckle ‘‘Aww, you don’t need to stare at me like this. It was just an innocent question, that’s all~’’. Fortunately, soon enough Shingo managed to calm down, he replies in a slightly shaky and rushing voice “It's nothing that anyone would want to receive one… more important, from someone like me. Neither I've written one nor be able to.”. Orochi only could close his eyes and sigh. After getting up and sitting up almost on the bed, this incubus spreads his arms and places his hands on the bed. Once his hands carefully traced to the edge of the bed, this fluffy silver-head thrusts his chest forward and stands up.

Lastly, as graceful as a feline, Orochi walks closely towards the writing table. After resting his elbows on the writing table next to this Yabuki, he turns his head to face this priest and softens his gaze “Why would you think this way? Please, don't put yourself down. If you meet that one person, you'll know exactly what to tell. However, you may feel that no amount of the paper or words would be enough when you’ll be with that person… When the time will come, all needed words unstoppable flow from the depths of your heart. You say that who would be interested in all that or even care?’’.

The more this incubus spoke, the more his talk sounded mesmerizing. That tone, intonation, temp… It felt so relaxing to listen to such a serene and divine voice, yet unlike a lullaby it didn’t draw to a peaceful sleep. No, it would feel rather a shame to fell asleep or miss out even a single world of this surprisingly wise demon, who continued ‘‘It is clear like a day, even a human beings are no exception. That’s right, if that person loves you as much as you do.’’

After pausing for a second, he continued ‘‘However, not by wanting to die for you or blindly sacrifice them to prove their point. Rather than such a reckless behavior, they would live for you. Even your presence alone would make feel proud and slowly changing them into a better person. I’m pretty sure that you would be acting the same way for that person. So, enjoying each other’s company would be like the most rewarding experience. Therefore, listening each other for hours would pass as quickly as a mere second, a blink… However, if you don’t learn to love yourself, then no one will as well. That’s right, if you don't even care about yourself, how can you be able to care about someone else? It would only end up hurting both sides.’’.

That moment when their eyes met, this brunette couldn’t remove his gaze from Orochi, like he was hypnotized by the demon. However, the silver-head finishes on a bitter note “Perhaps you may try to convince yourself that it is okay as long as you can make anyone's day. However, sooner or later you'll burn out by giving all yourself to others. So, learn to have time to be alone and love yourself as well.”. Surely, such words made this priest to avert his gaze away from this silver-head, who was surprised for a second, but then he was rather amused by this reaction.

While fixating his gaze on the papers, Shingo asks in a shyer tone “Why are you telling me all this?''. However, this brunette felt the hand placed on his cheek and how gently it strokes. Of course, he was startled for a moment by such a gesture, yet he looks back at Orochi. This incubus only smiles and replies in calm voice “You seem to be doubting yourself. So, I wanted to encourage you and leave something for you to think more deeply about, when you have a spare minute. However, these papers look so formal. What exactly are these?”

The young Yabuki without a second thought answered in more confident voice “I need to fill these forms for annual leave. This year I hope that I would be able to have it on the beginning of April. That would be nice…”. Of course, this incubus rises his one eye-brow “Do you have anything special planned for that month?”, but this priest only warmly smiles while replying ‘‘I thought that it would be nice to visit my hometown and my family. After all, it would be a first time in a while.’’. As this fluffy silver-head sighs and stands straight while holding his arms, he speaks up ‘‘Then let’s hope for the best. Anyway, I won’t be here tonight, so, don’t stay up too late by waiting for me.’’. Once he walks closely to the window’s side, Orochi closes his eyes and silently casts a spell.

All of a sudden, this incubus’ whole body began to glow in white. As this graceful being started to levitate in the air, his snow-white fluffy hair were gently rustled. At the moment like this, this silver-head could have been mistaken for a holy spirit. Of course, if it weren’t for him opening his bright crimson eyes and pupils narrowing as the reptile kind. Once he closes his eyes, a pair of the wings appears behind this divine being’s back. As they were spread open, the white sparkles were falling on the ground as these were the snowflakes. However, these ebony wings did not belong to the sacred creatures, nor they had the feathers of an angel.

Apparently, these wings covered in leather like a bat’s. However, these belonged to the deadliest yet most beautiful and alluring kind of demons. More so, this incubus now has a sprouting long thin black tail with a small flat spade shape tip. Lastly, as the sparkles were disappearing, this incubus true form has been revealed. This fluffy silver-head wore an open-chest black leather vest with a fluffy dark gray feather collar and long black gauntlets from his wrists up to his elbows. Then a tight black leather pants, which reveals the outer side of his thighs through the cross-stitched pattern. Just when Orochi opens the window and about to climb through it, he was stopped by the concerned questions of one brunette ‘‘Wait. Are you going to get the life force again? Why can’t you try to feed on me? Am I not good enough? ’’.

Surely, it made this incubus to turn his head towards Shingo. Now Orochi gave him a comforting look ‘‘We talked about this several times and I cannot do that, Shingo. You know who am I, don’t you?’’. After lowering his gaze and making a serious look on his face, this brunette returns his gaze and continues in a rather doubting tone ‘‘You’re a high-rank demon, right? And you rely on human life-force to survive. But I don’t get why you so stubbornly refuse to take it from me… Whenever you need it, you can always ask me, and I’ll gladly lend you as much as I can.’’. Now with determination in his eyes and more confident tone, Shingo continues ‘‘If you only worry that you may not know your limits, I could stop you any time when it’s enough… or I think so. That’s why you can leave it to me.’’.

However, such a confession only made this fluffy silver-head close his eyes and silently chuckle. Once this demon opens his eyes, he replies in playful voice ‘‘And do you realize how I take away the life-force?~’’. After studying this brunette’s innocent look on his face and without having an answer from him, the silver-head incubus adds in calm tone ‘‘You see, none of my prey ends up alive. Mostly because they want to stop me when I’m feeding on them. So, there is no way that I’m going to risk your life just to satisfy my hunger. More important, I have no right to feed on you because you don’t deserve to be hurt or stained and corrupted by me.’’.

As Orochi’s tail nervously wags with one sudden movement, this incubus turns his head and stares through the window. When he was about to lean forward through the windowsill and leave, this young priest grabs the end of the demon’s tail ‘‘Wait!’’. However, all of a sudden, the fluffy silver-head widens his eyes and his cheeks dyes in a lovely shade of red. Now Orochi lets a loud sweet moan. It was followed by this demon’s knees were shaking and gave up on him. Now he lands on his spread knees. Even his ebony wings suddenly lowers and nearly touches the ground. This incubus just hung his head down. All he could do is support himself by placing one hand on the ground, while with the other one covering his mouth. Orochi tried his best to hide letting out purring-like noises.

Surely, Shingo have no idea or clue what just happened, yet he was still holding the demon’s tail. Even this brunette’s voice betrayed him as he asks with a big concern ‘‘A-are you okay?! Did you get hurt? What’s happening to you?!’’ Without looking back, this incubus replies in shakily voice ‘‘Please, Ju...just re...release my tail!’’, it was followed by letting the end of the tail, and its tip slipping away from this Yabuki’s palms. Meanwhile, this fluffy silver-head was letting out a lovely groaning noises. Now the tail rapidly wraps around its owner and Orochi explains through shivering breathing ‘‘Never again. Please, never again grab by my tail, Shingo. You have no idea what may happen if you stroked it for a little longer. I might not be responsible for my actions anymore or control myself, if that happens. So, the tip of the tail is a one of the most sensitive parts of our kind. ’’.

Now, this brunette kneels and helps the silver-head demon to stand up. However, the moment when he noticed a blushing and shy look on Orochi’s face, Shingo couldn’t help himself but feel how his heart skipped a beat. Of course, he was surprised seeing the vulnerable side of this demon. Nevertheless, the fluffy silver-head folds his wings and brings them closely to himself, while leaving the rest to this brunette. However, while assisting with going to the bedside, this demon says in quiet tone ‘‘I’m fine, thank you. Besides, this is not where I’m planning to go.’’. Of course, it got this Yabuki give a worrying look and objects ‘‘ And you still want to look for food in this condition? But you’re all shivering. What if you may faint and the hunters find you…’’.

When the fluffy silver-head sits on the bed, he covers his shoulders by the wings while keeping his tail closely to his side, which seem to be impatiently twitching to the sides. As Shingo sits next to this demon, he could hear how Orochi speaks up in such a tone like admitting being defeated ‘‘I guess that tonight I’ll stay here. Besides, I’m not that hungry anyway.’’. However, that non-stopping tail’s movement distracted this priest and the silver-head’s words didn’t quite reach him. So, now this demon rises his eye-brow ‘‘What’s wrong? You keep staring at it.’’.

However, Shingo only jolts as he was caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to. That’s why he back-fires with honest questions ‘‘Is it supposed to move like that? It kinda looks like this thing have its own life and looking so nervous…’’. Of course, it was followed by this demon face-palming and deeply exhaling. After this incubus rises his head, he answers in a rather irritated and slightly shaky tone ‘‘You know, Shingo, guess, who is responsible that it moves like that? It’s just involuntary reaction because you touched it.’’.

It appears that this demon finally started to calm down. Even that was sensible in voice as he continued to explain ‘‘I’m that kind of demon, who can feed on the humans in two ways — physical one and by invading that person’s dreams. I don’t really like feed on humans in physical form because it leaves a lot of mess and my prey could make too much of the noise. So, I simply don’t want to attract unwanted attention. More important, I would need to escape before getting the wanted life-force. However, there are those, who prefer using this way over invading a person’s dreams, which for me is more convenient. In any case, since my tail move like this, I cannot return to my human form until my tail calms down in one way — I need someone to help me to relieve myself while I’m in this form.’’.

Apparently, this Yabuki just stared with a confusion at this demon ‘‘I don’t get it what’s the problem then.’’. However, after placing his hands below Orochi’s shoulders, this brunette stares directly into the demon’s eyes and confesses ‘‘If you want me, you can use me for that. Just tell me what I need to do, and I’ll do it! I… I promise!’’. Even so, such a serious look with a burning determination in this priest’s eyes only made this incubus avert his gaze for a second and cracks a smile ‘‘ You are so clueless… Alright. If you answer my question, and then we’ll see what we can do about it. ’’.

After closing his eyes for a couple of seconds, this incubus asks with a suggestive look on his face while placing one of his wings behind Shingo’s shoulders ‘‘Have you ever kissed someone? No, I’m not talking about the same way as you would kiss your parents or friends, I’m talking about the way as two mature adults when enjoys each other company.’’. Surely, this question made this brunette’s eyes wide-open, and he could feel blood rushing to his cheeks. However, Shingo replies in embarrassed tone ‘‘I-I think I haven't done anything like that. Is it like some sort of formal greeting? I’m not sure. Unless, if you could show it how it's done…’’.

Orochi only face-palms at hearing these words. However, for some reason this incubus felt relieved hearing these words. Perhaps, seeing such a pure innocence and naïveness of this priest made him look special in front of this demon's eyes. Yet at the same time, it worried this fluffy silver-head. After all, this priest haven’t had even the slightest idea with what kind of demon he is dealing with. Nor about the darker side of humanity, which this incubus has seen and experienced for ages. That's why Orochi declared his last decision “Then I'll give you some time to decide whenever you want to try it with me or not. Remember, if you're not ready for that, or it is too much for you to handle, then there is no way that I could rely on taking a life-force from you.” . Without any doubt this demon was confident that he would get away for a longer time being.

At this moment, the silver-head incubus leans closely to Shingo and gently places his palm on his cheek “But for now…”. As this demon leaves this brunette's side and in front of him levitates he adds “Sorry, but I need to leave for a while before I may do any harm you.” Lastly, with these words Orochi’s wings covers his body and once they are spread, the incubus disappears into the night, leaving nothing, but a glowing white sparkles gracefully falling on the ground. Despite that, this brunette was left with many unanswered questions and being even more curious about this demon, yet for now, he decided to finish filling the papers and call it a day.

It was a late afternoon, however, for someone it was only the beginning of the new day. That's right, a beautiful young man with a fluffy silver hair was lazily stretching out in bed. Surely, yesterday staying in his created illusion world was one thing, however, the other thing was staying alone there. More so, without anyone to help him to relieve that rising urge to be touched. Therefore, he had to use his powers and summon one of his trustworthy and loyal servants. Needless to say that it was that kind of monsters, which can be found only in the demon world because otherwise they simply wouldn't survive in the human world due unfitting conditions for them.

That’s right, these over two meters height one-eyed squid-like creatures, which had a dark purple skin, are carnivorous and also feasts on demons' or a monsters' life-force. Even if these ancient creatures look like ferocious predators, however, those, who managed to escape from their deadly grasp, told about one interesting feature about these creatures, which was worth of risking a life. Apparently, this monster's tentacles covered in a special aphrodisiac, which can drive mad even the highest rank demons.

Despite their monstrous appearance, they are surprisingly wise and smart. More important, understanding any language either be it from the human realm, either from the demon realm. Perhaps, noticing these traits, some high-rank demons decided to take advantage of it and tried to negotiate with these tentacle monsters. So, while the demons wanted to relieve their certain needs, this tentacle monster could grant it for the small price of life-force, which only felt like a humane exhaustion. And thus, the millenniums lasting mutual relationship has begun between the demon and the ancient creature.

But in this case, the fluffy silver-head incubus couldn't fully take control of the tentacle monster, and thus, he ended up being under this creature's will. Fortunately, this pet finally recognized its prey voice, and it didn’t take long to realize, whom it was attacking. In the end, this creature even tried to apologize in its own way without using any words, by staying by this incubus side and comforting Orochi, who just was trying his breath. Yet at the same time feeling so satisfied and without even being to blame his precious pet for its unusually rough behavior.

Lastly, this demon returned to the human realm just in time when Shingo left his room. Even if he managed to return to his human form, but he still needed to clean up after himself and only then crash out on this brunette's bed. He was simply exhausted and wanted to have a peaceful rest. It wasn’t the first time when Orochi has escaped to his created world of illusions, nor he expects that will be the last time.

But for now, as this incubus gets up and leaves the bedside, he closes his eyes and places his fingertips on his bare chest, now his body starts to glow in white. It was followed by his fluffy hair were gently rustled as this demon was concentrating his mind. However, as soon as he opens his eyes, the snow-white light disappears and now Orochi was in his casual outfit, or at least he thought so. It were a pair of tight blue jeans and a cream color turtle-neck sweater. It would be an ordinary sweater, if it wasn’t too thin and for a few minor details. Apparently, this piece of clothing highlights the contours of this demon’s well-developed body. More important, it has a cropped out hole in a shape of a cat’s head in the middle of the chest, revealing the cleavage of perfectly build pectoral muscles.

Surely, Orochi had no problems whatsoever wearing this kind of outfit. On the other hand, the same cannot be told about one certain young priest, who just have opened the door and casually entered the room. After noticing what kind of clothes this fluffy silver-head wears, Shingo covers his eyes with his palm and turns his head. Now this brunette asks in unsure tone ‘‘What is it with that sweater? More important, it looks rather torn too much, don’t you think?’’.

Of course, this incubus studied his worn sweater, but no matter how he carefully checked, he didn’t find any problems. So, this fluffy silver-head just gave an annoyed look and honestly replied ‘‘Huh? I don’t see any problems with this one. Besides, when I was visiting the city another day, I’ve noticed one costume shop, which sells a big variety of this type of sweaters. Yet, I don’t get it why they don’t wear it in public and allow the others to see, if you have a fine body.’’. Now Orochi looked so proud and stared at this priest with such a confidence in his eyes. While his hand traced down from his chest muscles down to his abs, he continues to claim about his made discovery ‘‘Not only this sweater is so comfortable, but it also so naturally sticks to my body. By the way, did you know that these sweaters are called ‘cat keyhole sweaters’? ’’.

After this brunette could finally look back at Orochi, he couldn’t remove his gaze from this incubus, who was now holding his hands behind his back and giving a demanding gaze. Now this fluffy silver-head was getting closer to Shingo. Surely, this priest could only widen his eyes and swallow his saliva. Of course, such an innocent reaction amused this demon, who gave the suggestive look while replying in playful voice ‘‘Besides, you do seem to like it too. Perhaps, I should keep it for a while. What do you think about that?~’’.

However, when this silver-head was so close to Shingo, he felt how suddenly he was pushed away by this brunette. Now this Yabuki lowers his head to hide the rising heat on his cheeks while speaking up in a slightly nervous tone ‘‘ Please, cover yourself! Is it too much revealing? ’’. After lifting his head, the young priest adds in a rather shy tone ‘‘ One thing is if you wear something like that just around me, but what if anyone else may see you in this? People might have wrong ideas and treat you harshly. So, it’s not that I’m against… But if that makes you comfortable. Go… go ahead, I don’t really mind, but… But you should wear something more proper or not that revealing, if you’re in your human form and planning to go outside.’’.

This incubus only silently stares and now pulls this priest into the hug. After he lets this brunette’s head rest on this demon’s shoulder, Orochi gently rustles Shingo’s hair and comforts him ‘‘I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. So, how can I made up for you? Hmm, I know! Make sure that you are free on April eighth, mmkay?’’. Meanwhile, the young priest continues to rest his head on the incubus’ shoulder, this Yabuki honestly asks ‘‘What are you up to and why this day exactly?’’.

However, Orochi only softens his gaze and lowers the same hand, which was stroking this brunette’s hair, down to this Yabuki’s shoulder while continuing to trace down to his back. This Yabuki only lifts his head and he could hear how this demon was replying in gentle tone ‘‘Just wait, and you’ll see~’’. Of course, he wanted to know what was on this fluffy silver-head’s mind, but for now, the young priest just stays by being pulled into the hug. After all, despite his curiosity, all this brunette could do is just impatiently await for the promised day.

Nearly a month has passed~ It was the last day of Shingo's duties in the church. That's why, after a long day this brunette just wanted to rest before tomorrow’s trip to visit his parents in another town. However, once he opens the door of his room, he was warmly greeted by a fluffy silver-head, who was sitting on the bed-side. Apparently, Orochi wore a body-stocking black turtle-neck sweater and oval shape amethyst pendant, lastly, a pair of jeans with a widening shanks. Now this young man push himself from the bed to stand up and approaches this Yabuki, while announcing in calm tone ‘‘Welcome back~”.

Of course, seeing this kind of clothes made this brunette smile and feel nostalgic. After all, this is the same outfit, which Orochi have worn when they first met. Now Shingo just closes his eyes and after opening them, honestly asks “It's been a while since I saw you wearing this. Did you plan something special for tonight?”. However, this incubus replies in a slightly irritated tone “Don't tell me that you forgot about that tonight we agreed to hang out in the city?”. So, after realizing it, Shingo just turns his head away from this fluffy silver-head and scratches the back of his head. This brunette replies in a shaky voice “N-not really…”. Just as Orochi gives a questioning look, the young priest returns his gaze and defends himself “Please, don't look at me like that. I did not forget! So, just give fifteen minutes, and then we can go.”. Surely, even if this incubus could perfectly see through this Yabuki’s lies and how his attempt at it failed, but he couldn’t bring himself to be mad at this young priest.

A half hour has passed~ It was a starry evening accompanied by the moonlight. Unlike the heart of the city being surrounded by the neon signs and the noises of the rushing crowd and traffic, one local café seemed to isolated from the city’s uproar. This place welcomes anyone, who want to escape from either daily gray routine, either just to chill out with a hot drink and warm up. Certainly, one could even call this cozy café an oasis of calmness. However, the ambience of relaxing jazz music was interrupted by the sound of the wind bells when a certain couple enters through the door.

That’s right, one of them was a young brunette in his early twenties, who have worn a gray longer coat and the blue scarf. Meanwhile, his fluffy silver-head companion wore a fancy white coat made from a fine leather, which had a matching color belt with a platinum belt buckle around his waist, lastly a long hair white fur collar.

After this couple were greeted with the scent of cinnamon and freshly brewed coffee, it was followed by a young girl’s lively voice behind the counter ‘‘Welcome!~ How can I can help you?’’. Apparently, it was a short-haired blonde with a purple eyes, could be easily mistaken for a high-schooler, because of her doll-like face. Yet, her worn uniform was rather a simple one — a white shirt, black pants and her shirt covering a long black apron with the café’s logo and her name badge.

However, there was one certain detail, which for some reason made one brunette uncomfortable. That’s right, this girl had a triangle cat ears like light-gray horns, which were covered by a purple ribbon tied around each of these horns. Even so, after noticing this priest’s reaction, the diclonius girl gives a concerned look on her face and asks ‘‘Um, are you okay, sir? Did I upset you somehow?’’.

Perhaps, it was a first time for this priest to encounter any other non-human species in real life. So, such a reaction like a shock or fear for anyone, who is different, was that primal feeling for any human-being, right? Or so, thought this demon while remains silent and calmly observes how this brunette going to act. However, this Yabuki only uses a fake smile while covering his stomach with his hand. Now he replies in sensibly nervous tone ‘‘Sorry, I just… well, maybe my stomach got upset after today’s lunch.’’. Yet, this fluffy silver-head tries to read Shingo’s mind. In the end, he couldn’t sense a disgust or hatred from this brunette, just a confusion, which was later changed by a pure curiosity. For some reason this demon felt relieved, but at the same time being slightly disappointed in himself by doubting this Yabuki.

Once this brunette removes his hand, he looks at this gal and asks in unsure tone ‘‘But what are these? Are these horns real? Or is it just some kind new decoration?’’. Fortunately, this diclonius face brightens, and she replies in an innocently cheerful tone ‘‘Ah, these? Nana has these since she was a little and these ribbons were given by Big Sis, who helped me find a job here.’’. However, the so-called Nana tried to change the subject after she noticed new customers showing up ‘‘Anyway, what can I get for you two today?’’.

After this couple walks closely to the counter, Shingo briefly studied the menu listed on the black charcoal board. Now this Yabuki answers ‘‘Can I have a some hot chocolate?’’. When this brunette turns his gaze towards his companion, he asks ‘‘How about you, Orochi?’’. However, this silver-head just closes his eyes and shrugs his shoulders ‘‘Whatever you're going to decide, I’m fine with it.’’. Once this Yabuki looks back at the bartender and adds ‘‘Then, two cups of hot chocolate, please.’’.

The blonde just replies ‘‘Anything else?’’. However, this brunette politely declines and now this bartender adds ‘‘Would you like to have it here or for taking out?’’. Lastly, this time it was the Orochi, who speaks up ‘‘Here. So, how much we own you?’’. Just when Shingo was about to take out his wallet from his coat's pocket, he widens his eyes once he felt how this fluffy silver-head placed his hand on top of this brunette's. Now his hand gently pushed back this brunette’s hand into his pocket. Lastly, Orochi just addresses this priest in calm tone “It's okay, let me do it. After all, today is a special day.”. After these words, this incubus unzips his white coat and now with graceful hand movement takes out his wallet from one of the inner chest's pockets.

After paying for their order, this brunette saves a better spot in the corner near the window. Just as he removes his coat and hangs it behind the chair, his silver-head companion shows carrying a tray with a couple of cups of sweet-scented drink. Soon enough, Orochi gets to the table, and now he carefully places a cup for the young priest and then for himself. Lastly, when he removes his fancy coat and hangs it on the same hanger, this fluffy silver-head joins this brunette.

Surely, just observing how this brunette takes the cup into his both hands and enjoying his drink, was more than enough to entertain this incubus. More important, seeing Shingo in casual clothes was like a rare occasion, so, this demon couldn’t take his eyes from his partner. That’s right, it was just a plain blue jacket and white shirt under it, lastly, a pair of dark gray pants. So, it wasn’t anything significant, but for Orochi seeing this brunette off-duties relieved him.

But for now, this fluffy silver-head was staring at this Yabuki with a calm, yet at the same time affectionate gaze while silently humming the same melody, which was playing in the background. However, that moment when this brunette noticed his fellow acting that way, Shingo lowers the cup and comments ‘‘Um, your drink going to get cold, you know. ’’. It appears that this kind of issue was definitely the very last concern of this incubus. However, it didn’t take long enough for this brunette to realize it. Yet Shingo only closes his eyes and as he sighs, smiles. Now he asks in calm voice ‘‘Please, don’t use that gaze on me. You are up to something, aren’t you? ’’. Even so, Orochi innocently stares and replies in nearly singing voice ‘‘Oh my, looks like our dear priest can see me trough~ It can’t be helped then… Looks like I have a confession for you. So, will you listen to me, Father?~’’.

All of a sudden, this fluffy silver-head pushes the chair back and now stands up. Surely, this brunette just dumbfounded observed how his partner was getting close to him. After Orochi was standing in front of him, he asked with an excitement in his voice ‘‘Shingo, could you stand up for a moment?’’. Of course, such a request surprised this young priest, and he was not sure for a second, but he did as his companion asked. Now this incubus places his hand behind his back and as he inhales, he closes his eyes. It was a matter of the seconds and now this brunette could hear a rustling leafs behind this incubus back.

Lastly, this fluffy silver-head opens his eyes and now reveals what was behind his back. As Orochi handles a bouquet made of dwarf sunflowers, daisies, and a purple color sweet peas, to this Yabuki, he warmly announces ‘‘Happy Birthday, Shingo!’’. Surely, this brunette widens his eyes and he could feel how his cheeks dyed in a lovely shade of red. Yet, he carefully takes the bouquet to his both hands and holds close to him. Certainly, he was speechless by such a gesture and at this moment he could just avert his gaze from Orochi and in a barely hearable voice thank him.

However, this fluffy silver-head softens his gaze and adds in gentle tone ‘‘And of course, Thank You for letting me to stay by your side for nearly two years. That’s right, today is also the day when you saved me. So, I’m proud and grateful to meet someone like you and I wish all the best for you. Of course, hopefully, we can still stay together like this for long years.’’. Yet Shingo was only stunned by such a confession and just silently stared at Orochi, just couldn’t help himself but think how this brunette looks adorable when he is being caught off the guard. Lastly, making this brunette happy felt like one of the proudest accomplishments and moments in this incubus life-spam.

A/N: Dear, not sure, if anyone noticed on what based one of incubus!Orochi-sama outfits, 'cos, if so, you get a cookie, if not, well... Yup, I wanted for him to have Soma's outfit ^^ My, I already miss Aria/Dawn of Sorrow so much~ T^T

Yet, this time I wanted pick to flowers with a bit deeper meaning. So, according the "Old Farmer's Almanac", April birth month flowers are daisies(which conveys innocence, loyal love, and purity.) and sweet peas ( associated with delicate pleasures or "While sweet peas may signify blissful pleasure, they are also used to say good-bye." - oh dear, does Mina foreshadow something?~ hmm, not sure... yet only the time will show what awaits next)

And, of course, since ye boi is such a precious sunshine son, it can't be helped that he got sunflowers. But with these... boi, good thing that I didn't pick the tall ones, but rather dwarf ones x'D (yup, one flower, but its sorts can change a meaning completely. So, while dwarf sunflowers are associated with adoration, the tall sunflowers with haughtiness)
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