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Unreachable Sin part 12

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 21: Unreachable Sin part 12

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Dear, as for this chapter, this time I tried to edit it with a newly found addon(Hopefully, it didn't cause more trouble than use). More so, I tried to emulate the personal experience against the current mini-boss. In Castlevania series Giant Bat was pretty much in every game, however, it never failed to impress(either in Dawn of Sorrow as a swarm of the bats, either as fearful as in Symphony of the Night or Rondo of Blood, hell even in Harmony of Dissonance) So, I tried to mix up this monster's abilities from mentioned games and hopefully, the fighting scene will be pretty decent.
As always,

P.S. can you spot a Fullmetal Alchemist reference in this chapter? The answer will be at the end of the chapter.

It seems that as soon as the sun was hidden by the forest two travelers has already set for a new journey. This cloudless night was still young and accompanied by the platinum moonlight and the stars. One might say, it was a perfect night for the new hunt, however, there was one certain vampire who didn’t really shown so much excitement or enthusiasm as a fellow vampire hunter. Just when they both reached the middle of the forest, this nocturnal creature honestly asks ‘‘And what kind of monster exactly we’re looking for?’’ and without looking back Yagami replies ‘‘To the very first one we’ll encounter.’’.

Surely, Kyo only cracks a smile and shakes his head while he keeps his hands in jeans’ pockets and continuing to follow this redhead. This brunette asks in playful tone ‘‘You sure about that? What if we encounter a low rank monster as a zombie or skeleton? Ya gonna praise me as much as slaying some kind of arc-demon, won’t you?~’’.

Finally, the redhead hunter stops and looks back at this vampire while replying in calm tone ‘‘First, make sure that you defeated someone and then boast. However, if you start whining and struggling, I may interface and kill it for you, but then you’ll get no reward and I’ll put you through more intense training.’’, this brunette was getting closer to Yagami and starts teasing him ‘‘It seems that someone really can’t get enough of me~ You know, a session or two and then you’ll be under my foot. I already memorized most of what you can, so, now you’re calling it a training, cos you know that soon I’ll show your place.’’.

When this vampire was in front of the hunter, he thrusts his chest forward and with flaming gaze, he asks ‘‘Just observe me and wait how I gonna masterly defeat anyone who stands on my way!’’, however, now he continues with more demanding gaze ‘‘But what did you prepare this time? Anyway, I hope that you’ve been taking care of yourself properly, ‘cos it’s been awhile since you gave me to suck your blood.’’.

Even so, Iori closes his eyes and exhales, as he slowly opens his eyes, he gives unusual smug look on his face. Surely, it made this vampire widen his eyes and swallow saliva. Now this brunette asks in slightly shaky voice ‘‘What is it with you? Is there anything wrong?’’. However, Yagami silently stares at him. Just after a short pause, he speaks up ‘‘You keep asking for my blood for the most of the time. Is it that good?~’’.

It seems that this nocturnal creature was surprised by such a question and was not sure whenever this hunter was teasing him or not. So, Kyo lowers his gaze for a while and when he looks back with shyer look on his face, he starts to explain while his cheeks dyed in slight reddish color ‘‘It can’t be helped that you seem to have nearly a perfect balance of minerals and nutrients. Therefore, it just tastes so good. Plus, it has such a nice scent… Maybe too good for you to have.’’.

After that this brunette declares with more serious look ‘‘So, you better take care of yourself! ‘Cos I can perfectly sense whenever you’re sleeping or eating enough while I’m having your blood.’’, when he places his hand on hunter’s neck, he softens his gaze while explaining ‘‘Try to relax a bit too. It’s better to drink from you when you’re not that stiff. Besides, it’s gonna be much easier not for you but for me as well.’’. Apparently, even Yagami could feel how his heart nearly jumped out his chest when this nocturnal creature’s eyes started to glow in crimson red.

Hell, he could even swear that Kyo’s gaze made him unable to move for a while like he was under the spell of this vampire. Was this brunette realizing what was he doing or not? Nevertheless, Iori suddenly turned his head away from Kyo and removed the vampire’s placed hand from his neck. However, this brunette gave him a questioning look and honestly asked ‘‘What is it with you again? Is there is anything wrong? If no, then release my hand, cos you’re gonna squeeze it.’’.

After Yagami looks back, he noticed that he was holding this brunette’s hand. Once he released it, he tried to pretend like nothing has happened, but it seems that his voice betrayed him and, he sounded a bit shyer ‘‘Anyway, we need to go. Because, who know what you can do next, you stupid vampire.’’. No matter how much this vampire wanted to tease this redhead, but he cannot himself and just smile while replying ‘‘Sure thing.’’ and carelessly followed the hunter.

A good half hour has passed wandering in the forest, however, there were not even a single spirit. It seemed that aside tree leaves rustling and time from time carefully running away smaller animals, this place was too quiet. However, this Kusanagi stopped caring about the surroundings, because he knew that Yagami would warn him if anything happens. So, relying on this human for a while sounded way better than use his own head, or so though this brunette until he bumped into this redhead’s back. After this vampire frowns a bit, he asks the hunter ‘‘Why did you stop? Are we arrived yet?’’.

When he backs-off, Kyo noticed that this redhead was fixed his gaze into something, maybe even looking too excited. Surely, this brunette knew that this doesn’t going to end well. So, after looking at the same direction as the hunter, he noticed from the left side in the distance a cave surrounded the forest. This vampire sighs and objects ‘‘No. Don’t you think about going in. You know what if it is a den of crackheads? So, I ain’t into the mood to deal with these freaks.’’. However, while Iori rushes his steps toward the cave, this brunette only face-palms. It can’t be helped that he had to make sure that this redhead’s excitement wouldn’t lead into some trouble.

After they reached the entrance of the stony cave, which now looked way bigger than expected, Kyo once again tries to stop the hunter from entering in concerned tone ‘‘You really sure about it? I’ll be fine tho, but what about you? ‘Cos what happens, if you unexpected get over-stressed again?’’, even so, Yagami replied in serious yet impatient tone without looking back ‘‘You should worry about yourself first. Let’s go already.’’ and as a chill midnight wind starts to flow and rustles the hemline of redhead hunter’s long coat, the moonlight gives the last blessings when these two enter the cave.

At first, while it was bright enough to see, there were visible traces of mold over the walls and dust all over the place. However, the deeper they went the darker it got. Even the air become more humid and cold. While this brunette was keeping his hands in his jeans’ pockets, he takes out one hand and after snapping his fingers, a little orange flame dances on his palm, making the darkness re-attract from them. A warm color light reflects on walls, eventually revealing ancient runes and signs dyed in dark purple.

Nevertheless, the further they went, the more traces of these runes. After ten minutes of wandering, they reached the end of this cave. However, these two travelers were greeted with a gray marble arc and behind it a closed wooden door. Apparently, on the sides of the cave wall nearly the arc, there were couple torches which were ignited by a purple flame. On the left and right sides of this arc, there were a dark gray color columns and on top of this arc there were carved in complicated yet symmetrical Gothic style patterns.

Behind this arc, there were the sturdy gate made out of a fine oak. It seems that on each side there couple icons with a carved face of a wild beast, which looked like a vampire bat. The top two icons of the bat's face had its mouth wide open, while the two below had their mouth shut but they kept a round ring. On top of this gate there was a very detailed wooden vampire bat which spread it’s wings and looked like about to catch its prey.

Iori only deeply exhales as he observed this arc. After fixing his hair, this redhead places his one knee forth and as he bends down, he placed his one hand on the left side of the door and the right one on the other side. Surely, pushing this gate wasn’t easy task, but no matter what Yagami stubbornly refused any help of this vampire and now after he closes his eyes, he manages to push the gate wide open.

With the sounds of harshly squeaking wooden gate, this redhead straightens his back and now looks towards this brunette’s side ‘‘You’re going to stand here all night long or you’re going in? So, after you, vampire.’’. Surely, this Kusanagi didn’t like how the hunter commands him, but without a saying a word, this brunette just walks inside the dark room while not so satisfied look on his face.

As soon as both were inside the dark room, the sound of countless candles lighten up echoed through this enormous space. One by one candles ignites in dark purple flame, which were hanged on the walls and surrounded entire area. The dark and ominous atmosphere filled this place instantly along with coldness. It felt like this place was used by occultists, who use it to perform a forbidden ritual by the help of the darker forces. Where the redhead hunter and this brunette stood was the sill, which leads at least three or four meters down, plus the stony staircase was wide enough to fit for three or more people. Even the ceiling of this place was so high.

In the middle of the field there was a huge and complicated transmutation circle with a hexagram in which center there was a silhouette of the bat with spread it’s wings. In the end of this area, behind the altar, there was a high stage on which was placed at least couple meters height a wide golden cup. Even on the sides of the altar there were a meter high silver cups, in which the purple flame impatiently dances.

Just the sound of doors slamming made these two alerted, this brunette got into his defensive position and without hiding a surprise comments ‘‘What a hell?!’’. Unfortunately, the doors have shut completely and a symbol of the white skull, which wore a crown while being surrounded by feathery wings on the sides. More so, there were five little flames surrounding this skull.

Nevertheless, this vampire tried his best to forcibly open the door with all his might, but it seems his effort was useless. Now he scolds the hunter in growling voice ‘‘The hell, you’re staring at? Don’t just stand here, help me!’’.

However, it seems that this redhead remained chilled and just walks downstairs while patiently waits for Kyo to came down. Even so, this brunette wasn’t so glad, and he took step backward and slams at the locked gate - same result, it was closed. Now he rises his hand and snaps his fingers - a wave of orange flame was aimed at the gate however, no use, the flame submerges into the air, leaving the doors like untouched.

This vampire falls on his knees and punches the ground while cursing. He just lowers his head - there was no way that now he got stuck here forever. However, Yagami’s voice made him lift his head ‘‘Save your breath. Can’t you see that the gate is sealed? We’re stuck here until the seal is broken.’’, of course, it only infuriates this brunette how come this redhead hunter is so calm. And thus, Kyo lost his patience and now looks at Iori’s side while nervously yelling ‘‘How can you stay calm knowing this?! What if we’re stuck here until the fresh air runs out and then you’ll die? Like heck, I wanna see you slowly and painfully dying on me! Shit…’’ this vampire just pitifully hangs his head down and bits his lower lip.

Nevertheless, Yagami adds in serious tone ‘‘You are giving up so easy, huh? Whine when we’re escape from here. So, climb down and help me to look for any clue how to get out from here, you stupid vampire…’’, after this Kusanagi slowly stands up, he notices that Iori was already next to the altar and looking for something, however, now he widens his eyes after seeing how a swarm of vampire bats were on the ceiling and ready to attack. One bat charges at this redhead, however, the hunter’s reaction was faster, and he launches one of his knives at this creature. This creature lets out agonizing squeaking scream before crashing into the ground and eventually becoming into crimson dust. It wasn’t ordinary bat species, that’s for sure.

However, there were no time to wonder, and now the entire swarm of the bats were off the ceiling and while flapping with their wings, observed this foolish human. Once Yagami stands in battle stance, he takes out his trustworthy weapon - Vampire Killer. Meanwhile, these rabid creatures gathers so closely until they become a black flying mass. After it spreads wide open its wings, the giant bat screeches at the hunter. Even so, this redhead without showing any sign of fear waits how this nocturnal creature acts and just grasps more tightly his whip. Just when this monster was aiming to charge at the hunter, there was a loud explosion noise followed by this bat arching it’s back and letting out a painful screech.

Apparently, this brunette was holding his ignited his palm and ready for another strike. Now he addresses the giant bat in energetic voice ‘‘Hey you, back-off! I'm over here. So, pay attention to me!’’. After this bat turned to Kyo's side, it spits a fireball at him. This vampire masterly dodges the flaming ball by jumping-off the stairs to the right side.

Unfortunately, the fire follows its target. Even so, Kyo slashes the fireball with his spread palm. The sparkles of the orange flame reflects in the eyes of this brunette, who didn't remove his gaze even for a blink of the second from this nocturnal creature. Now the bat furiously flaps it's wings and after quickly wraps them around it's body.

The giant bat starts to rapidly spin and diagonally dashes at the vampire. This brunette widens his eyes and rolls to the other side. However, this vampire bat crashes to the ground with a drilling moves. Kyo with-draws more to the center of this place while observing how this giant creature stands on it's four and indignantly squeaks. Just when the bat jumps high into the air, it spreads its wings and starts flapping.

This brunette was so sure that this monster will aim at him, however, it rushes down towards the hunter. Kyo grids his teeth and silently growls as he bends forward, he jumps into the air when he thought that he sent a firing punch at his enemy - on the very last moment before the impact, this creature turns into a swarm of bats, which now spreads across the air.

Unfortunately, when the time felt like it was stopped, this brunette was dumbfounded. However, he managed to flip in the air and land on his feet. Meanwhile Yagami holds several knives in his hand and now without hesitation launches them at the same time at these vampire bats. Even so, they were quicker than the blade and avoided this multiple attack.

Once again the swarm gathered together and become into one giant fiery bat. This creature aggressively spreads its wings and now with big wing flapping blows this redhead and anything around the altar were blown away. As the hunter’s back harshly hits the wall, he painfully groans and fells on his knees and then on his stomach. Even his trustworthy whip fell from his hand. More so, the little purple flame’s lives from some of the candles has been snatched away by the wind.

Nevertheless, this vampire was alerted and without hiding his concern, calls the hunter’s name ‘‘Yagami!...’’, Iori only slightly lifts his head while tries to grasp the Vampire Killer. Despite that the dark purple flame’s light was still bright enough to lighten up this place, but it wasn’t as bright as the one in this vampire’s eyes, which shines in crimson red. That gaze alone warned that this monster was already doomed and wouldn’t be forgiven for what it has done.

However, it was followed by the giant bat turning to Kyo’s side while staying in the air and waiting for the next move. Apparently, he tossed away one of his gloves away. Even so, while this brunette distracted the bat, the redhead hunter manages to get on his knees and now while he lifts one higher, he places his one hand on it and carefully manages to stand on his feet. Just when Yagami was about to lift his whip, this vampire warns him in unusual serious and deeper tone ‘‘Stay away! I don’t want you to get harmed any further.’’ surely, whenever it was the acoustics of this place or this vampire’s voice being that strong that it was reaching out every single cell of Iori’s body, and he couldn’t disobey and now he just remained still.

Despite that this bat opens its mouth and reveals sharp fangs before its body started to glow in blue. After couple times briefly glowing like this, this creature holds its wings closer and now in high-speed launches at Kyo. Nevertheless, this brunette refused to move aside and after both collided…

This giant creature lets out agonizing screech as it’s left wing was torn apart by a slashing strike while there were a couple long claw marks through its entire body. The blood splashes as a fountain, staining this brunette’s white coat, his face and hair. Now this bat fells on its stomach still letting out pitiful and painful screeches despite trying to get up by using other wing, but with failure.

Nevertheless, Iori could swear that he never seen such a cold and merciless gaze from this vampire, who silently observed his target with his glowing crimson eyes, even the aura around this nocturnal creature felt so intimidating, so cold and dark. He could swear that it was completely different entity in front of him but having Kyo’s body. This vampire probably could kill anyone who would stand on his way without any second thought. Despite that the hunter was slowly approaching this vampire while tightly holding his whip. He wanted to know whenever it was an illusion or was it the true face of this vampire.

However, as soon as the dark aura surrounding this brunette appeared, the soon it disappeared when he couple times quickly blinks and shakes his head. Even so, this vampire returned to his senses when he heard the last loud bat’s screech and it’s body completely being surrounded in the blue light. Now the blue orb leaves this lifeless creature’s body. It was followed by the sound of unlocked lock of the door. The hunter lowered his whip as well.

Nevertheless, the blue orb remains floating in the air for good minute while letting rhythmic pulsing sound. As soon as it began to shine brighten, it becomes quiet. Without realizing this vampire reached out his hand to the orb, however, it charges at Kyo and flies around him in horizontal and diagonally moves. After it stopped at the same height level as this brunette’s chest, the blue orb violently enters inside his chest.

As this brunette groans, he grasps his chest with his one hand. Even his knees nearly gave up on him, yet he shakily stands. Not only this vampire’s hair started to ruffle, but as he deeply pants and croaks, his fangs shows up. However, this vampire’s gaze was aching and fixated at nothing. All of a sudden in the middle of his chest, the platinum lights breaks through his t-shirt in the same shape as his round sun-shaped scar. He fells on knees with his head hung down.

This vampire could perfectly feel how something inside him pulsates and tries to break free. Hell, each part of him was aching and vision was dyed in pulsating red. Was this vampire going to suffer again until he passes out? Just what a hell was going on? Surely, this redhead could hardly observe this calmly. Without any second thought, he acted on impulse and after getting on his knees he places his hands on Kyo’s upper arms.

However, this brunette tries to push him away and in shakily and nervous voice warns ‘‘G-get away from me! What if I go berserk? Just finish me while I’m sane…’’. Yagami didn’t say a word and silently objects by placing his one hand behind this vampire’s scalp and the other behind his back. Now this redhead presses Kyo’s head against his chest and brings him closely to him. Iori could feel how this vampire was trembling like a leaf, however, he hoped that it may work. This Kusanagi still tried to resist, but no matter what, he was too weak for that. Somehow it even felt so calm and relaxing just by listening Yagami’s breathing and heartbeat.

More important, being wrapped in such a warmness was so assuring that eventually the inner pain was slowly disappearing and his vision was coming back to normal. Even this vampire’s eye-lids become heavier, and he didn’t mind, if he would asleep by staying like this. Now even the platinum light has disappeared. Finally, instead of shaking, this brunette started to let out quiet purring-like noises. However, he could swear that now he felt how one of the hunter’s hand started to rub his lower back, but for a while he decided to let this through his fingers and stay like this for a while…

A good amount of time has passed~ It seems that Yagami looking around the altar like looking for something. Apparently, after check the drawer below the altar, he found a couple scrolls and an old and worn out looking text-books. While he quickly scanned through the pages of the text-book and these scrolls, he noticed that it were written in complicated symbols, which were mainly used in astrology and various illustrations of transmutation circles, herbs and other ingredients.

Surely, these texts did not interest this nocturnal creature, who was next to him, but rather Iori’s in-depth look on his face while he stopped flipping the pages. Without hiding his honesty, Kyo asked him ‘‘What is it with you? Is there is anything wrong? ’’. It seems there was no answer or reaction from the redhead hunter, just after a short pause he exhales and turns his head towards vampire.

Finally, he explains in chill tone ‘‘Do you know what this all about? This is an alchemy text-book and it’s been awhile since I have seen one of them, in specific, about this forbidden topic. The last time I saw it in the study room where my father spent most of the time nearly twenty years ago… As a kid, I didn’t get what was it about, just some of sinister looking illustrations gave a little understanding that it was something about that I shouldn’t know. Just a week has passed since my mother has died from years lasted emotional and physical exhaustion. Father already got into deep depression and one day when I was minding my own business, I saw that the study room’s door was opened.’’.

As this redhead closes his eyes and sighs, once he opens his eyes and continues ‘‘I noticed that inside the room was a huge mess, and all the books and scripts were scattered around, however, in the middle of the room there was a big transmutation circle and near it, a father kneeling down and placing someone wrapped in white robe on this circle along with a several cups filled with various metals and minerals. Just when a corner of this robe have slipped, I was shocked that this person looked exactly as my mother. More important, I was wondering why father has dug her grave and took her here.’’

Yagami only shakes his head before continuing ‘‘However, after he took a knife into his hands and cuts his palm, he pours the blood on this corpse and a bit inside these cups and on certain spots of the transmutation circle. Now he placed his both hands on the circle, it began to glow in golden light. I never seen him so excited. But soon the circle started to glow in dark purple color and my father looked terrified. Once the circle stopped glowing, I could see that it wasn’t my mother anymore. That creature had burned to ashes and wrinkled skin and was choking. All I could understand through these pathetic gasps only a singly words begging like ‘kill me’, ‘it hurts’, ‘let me die’ and so on. Father was paralyzed in fear as this thing screams in agony and after it crawl on it’s back…it starts to torn his flesh… I don’t remember what happened next when I closed my eyes and screamed. All I know is after I opened my eyes, that fool Nanakase was standing here and shielding me. This was also, the first time I met that idiot, who didn’t even changed or aged a single day since then… So, now I didn’t expect to ever see again the text-books about this taboo topic in alchemy.’’.

Even after listening such a story, Kyo softens his gaze as he noticed that even a fearsome hunter as Iori looked so stiff and clenching his fists until they started to shake. Now this vampire closes his eyes and gives a soft smile to this redhead. After he placed his hand on Yagami’s shoulder, he told in gentle voice ‘‘I see how it is…’’ and as he starts to rub that shoulder, this brunette continues to comfort the hunter ‘‘Then, why don’t we destroy these texts and prevent that anyone else would try this forbidden ritual? So, pass me these and let my flame to take care of the rest.’’.

However, as Iori turns to this vampire’s side he objects in calm tone ‘‘Has no one taught you that you can’t disrespect a written word, you stupid vampire? We can’t destroy it even if it is about the forbidden arts. So, it’s better to handle these to Kagura and let her keep these safe. At least she should know better why these need to be hidden from anyone finding it and using it for nefarious purposes. More important, we need to know what is happening to your body and why you absorbed that light. I don’t want you to die or be killed before you satisfy me in the real fight. That’s why you need to stay alive no matter what. So, grab these texts and let’s get out of here. Or you prefer waiting for whenever you’re going to be locked again?’’.

Surely, this brunette wanted to show how his middle finger was aching to be raise up and ignited by the small orange flame, but the hunter would probably show his whip in return and bring it closely to this vampire’s face. So, Kyo, just grabbed these scrolls and text-books and fastens his step. When he climbed the stairs near the exit, he announces in playful tone ‘‘Wow… You're sure looking forward when I gonna kick your ass and show your place~ Don’t worry, I won’t go easy on you, but I may be gentle later on if you beg me.’’ and now impatiently waits for Iori. One thing for sure, this vampire was too lively and cheerful, maybe too much, or so, thought the hunter as he was getting closer to him.

A/N: Soo, for anyone who noticed the not so well hidden reference to Fullmetal Alchemist, congrats! ^^ And if you didn't quiet get it, I can say, Fullmetal Alchemist was one of most fav animes, plus it made such a huge impact on me when I first saw it nearly 10 years ago(well, I started with 2003 anime adaption and later on watched the Conqueror of Shambala and then :Brotherhood and read the manga). So, I added at least that part what happens when you break the taboo - reviving the death, and, of course, the underestimating the main rule of alchemy - the equivalent exchange. Plus, if we're talking about the resurrecting the dead, then after years ago reading S.King's ''Pet Sematary'', I pretty much saw what could lead the main protagonist's selfish wish to revive his dead cat and later on his dead child. Surely, poor Churchil(sorry, but I only know how this cat's name was spelled in Lithuanian language) the cat, cos this was the only character I felt bad for T^T So, even if the resurrection was ''successful'', but it wasn't the same cat as it was or would be any close to that...Anyway, in this case, it seems that Yagami's father was too desperate and broke the taboo. Later on, even paying a high price...

For now, that would be all. So, as usual - See you next time!~
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