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Unreachable Sin part 13

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 22: Unreachable Sin part 13

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Alright, and decided to update this project before the New Year. However, it seems that I had to divide this chapter into 2 parts, 'cos 6k. words chapter might be too big chungus xD
sigh dear, working on both parts surely was a pretty wild emotional ride...More so, the only way to beat the writer-block was by adding OCs as a cameo. So, I hope that you would be kind to miss Sonia and miss Irene u_u
Plus, recently learned how to use footnotes and in this chapter I wanted to introduce the diclonius race. (For non-working footnotes explanation: Diclonius - a newly evolved species, arising from and very similar to normal Humans, but possessing psychokinetic abilities far beyond any Human. For reasons that may be cultural as well as biological, they are often at odds with Humans to the point of threatening to replace them as Earth's dominant sentient species. Source: Elfen Lied wiki.)
Anyways, as always,

It was still a middle of the night when the hunter and this brunette left the forest. A silent night when the countless stars were dancing in the sky while the platinum moon was carefully observing. However, even on such a fine and quiet time, this redhead hunter was restless and couldn't find the peace of mind, despite that his face looked so chill and calm. He can't understand what exactly happened after that fight - what was that light and why it entered inside this vampire's body? Why there was an enormous amount of dark energy around this brunette? Was Kyo holding off all this time and lied about losing his powers? Was it his true face, and he's just using this redhead while waiting for the moment when he could kill him as his personal prey?

One thing for sure, Iori knew Kyo not too long nor too well. So, he doesn't really know when this vampire is acting and when he is truly himself. However, why this brunette with such a concern warns when he might attack or possibly cause any harm to this redhead? For being a vampire, who are known as nothing more than a perfect killing machine, he sure shows too much affection or his vulnerable side to the hunter. Even so, there was something that keeps this redhead drawing closer to Kyo, yet he couldn't exactly understand what. Was it unintentional charms of the vampire, which were used to lure into a deadly trap?

Despite that should be any of these nocturnal creatures' primal instincts, unfortunately, Kyo didn't look smart enough to use them for hunting, or so noticed Yagami as he spends more time observing this Kusanagi. So, being wrapped around this brunette's finger purely because of his natural abilities was out of the question. Nevertheless, there was something that not only caught the attention of Iori, but also peaked his curiosity, just after their first encounter. However, without even feeling it, Iori's curiosity grew into a desire to see Kyo's awakening full potential, even if that meant not allowing anyone to approach or touch this Kusanagi, just Yagami himself. Even, if it meant sacrificing himself.

It seems that a supposed to be a natural killer, who should mercilessly take anyone's life just to fulfill his hunger, gives a purpose and a will to live for this redhead. However, right now his further thoughts were interrupted when all of a sudden he felt how someone places a hand on his shoulder "Are you okay? You sure that nothing happened to you, Yagami? You're spacing out.".

Iori just closes his eyes and removes this brunette's hand from his shoulder and after opening his eyes, calmly explains "Mind your own business, you stupid vampire. I'm just a little tired, that's it. So, we need to hurry up and return before the sun rises.". However, Kyo objects in irritated voice "We can handle these books another time. So, if we return straight to Kagura's shop, you gonna rest on the floor or leave again, you idiot. Unlike me, you need to get a proper sleep. That's why we should find the nearest inn so that you can over-night and then handle these books later. These waited for a long time inside that cave, so, now it can also wait for another day.".

This redhead could swear that despite someone entering inside this vampire, Kyo looked like nothing has changed about him at all. However, Yagami only replies in serious tone while keeping his hands in his coat's pockets "And how are you exactly going to leave during the day time? I need to know as soon as possible what was that thing entered inside you and whenever you're going to freak out again.". Nevertheless, this brunette tries to remain as chill as possible.

Yet after cracking a smile, this vampire places his hand on his chest and indignantly declares "Listen, I'm perfectly fine! So, there is nothing to worry about." after removing his hand, Kyo softens his gaze and continues in a calmer tone "Besides, I can wrap myself in a blanket or hide in the closet when the sun rises. So, for once, can you let yourself to relax a bit?". It seems that this stupid vampire won't give up so easy, and it would be simply pointless to continue to argue with him, or so Iori thought as he rolls his eyes and walks through this brunette. After looking back at this vampire, this redhead's long coat rustles by the wind, and now he prompts Kyo in slightly irritated voice ''Are you going or what?'' .

The hunter knew that he can't drag this nocturnal creature together to the Hunter Guild, so, now he hoped that maybe in the nearest inn or hotel, there wouldn't anyone else, who can sense the presence of this nocturnal creature.

After a while they entered through the wooden door and followed by ringing of the small bell and footsteps of these unexpected wanderers. Of course, it didn't take long enough to show the never-resting owner, who was now behind the reception counter.

Apparently it was a long-haired redhead woman in her mid-twenties, wearing a black long-sleeved body-stocking shirt, which revealed her well-build abs and completely revealing her shoulders. It also had wide-cut in the chest area. However, it seems that cleavage was covered by beneath that shirt and around her bust with several layers of medical bandage. Along that she wore black leather pants with widening shanks. Now this woman's silver-gray eyes were fixated on newly arrived guests. Behind that calm and serious gaze, there was a lingering tempest. There was simply something that was ticking her off about this pair, but this redhead couldn't put a finger on it.

Despite that there was one outstanding detail about this redhead woman - there were visible snow-white horns on her head, which were triangle-shaped and reminded cat ears. However, this lady just swooshes her long silky hair with her one hand and after she closes her eyes and deeply exhales through her nose, she opens her eyes and greets these visitors in serious and deeper tone ''Welcome to our small but cozy inn 'Lilium' whenever you're looking for the shelter from the wind or rain. How can we help you?''.

Of course, as Yagami approaches the counter, he comments in annoyed and slightly treating tone ''And what does exactly a diclonius1 doing here? Where is the true owner of this place?''. Fortunately, so-called diclonius just mockingly smiles and briefly chuckles. After she placed her elbow on the counter, she leans forward and grins ''Hey, big bro, you sure love to judge, ain't you? What if these are a simple decoration?~ So, why don't you think twice before you speak up, or I may ask you to leave nicely while you can?''. However, Iori kept his poker-face and when Kyo tried to step out, this vampire was gently pushed away by the hunter.

Now the redhead hunter warns in cold tone ''You should hide better or cut these horns completely, woman. If the other hunters will find you, they'll mercilessly kill you.''. This diclonius mocking smile was gone as her face darkens, now she counter-attacks in strict voice ''Listen you, mister hunter. If you dare to lay a finger on one of our customers, I'll make sure that your head and body parts will be delivered separately to each known guild as a warning.''.

Unfortunately, as this redhead diclonius gives a sadistic look to Iori, this hunter felt how he was lifted into the air and wrapped by an invisible force. He could even swear that he could sense how an invisible hand was placed on his throat and slightly choking him. Surely, Kyo couldn't stand and watch this quietly, so, as he frowns and reveals his fangs, this vampire charges at this diclonius woman. However, he was sent back flying by the strike of an invisible long arm. Upon crashing on the ground, this brunette groans in pain, and he was about to get up, this vampire heard a warning from this woman ''Don't interface, boy! Your precious friend needs to learn one thing.'' yet he ignored this request and while slightly shaking on his sides, stood up. All of a sudden this Kusanagi felt how a pair of invisible fingers went through his forehead, even if physically he looked perfectly fine.

Now this vampire widens his eyes as he froze in the same spot as these invisible fingers were inside him. All this brunette could do is listen to the deeper yet ice-cold voice of this woman ''I don't want to finish you off, because even if you're not one of us, but you are still one of the human hated kind. Yet I cannot promise you anything, if you stand in my way.''. While Iori was struggling, he gave this woman a stubborn look, yet it seems this diclonius wasn't affected at all.

She only closes her eyes and sighs, after opening her eyes, she addresses Yagami ''This place is a neutral zone for all monsters, demons and human alike. So, I won't tolerate any hunter's presence, who just come here to slaughter everyone. Besides, haven't you, humans, without any reason aside hatred or for your personal excitement killed or caused enough suffering? So, I suggest you to leave before I'll blind you and torn your arms apart.''.

It seems that when this diclonius was focused her attention on Iori, the invisible fingers were still inside Kyo's forehead. Even so, this nocturnal creature stand up and takes step forward. All of a sudden the sudden invisible arms aims at his chest and carefully enters inside his chest. This Kusanagi was alerted and prepared for the worst as this hand reached his lungs and heart.

However, this woman widens her eyes and now feels the unbearable ache her left eye. She could swear that this pain was sent through the invisible arms which were piercing this brunette. What a hell was wrong with vampire boy? He didn't look that he would possess any power at all, but there was an enormous amount of dark energy deep inside him, which didn't seem to belong to this brunette. It felt like something lived inside him, someone, who was the true owner of this dark and malicious aura, or so, this diclonius woman thought while felling on her knees and hugging her arms. Right now she could barely breathe, even her voice was shaky and soundless.

So, through her shaky lips movement she told in barely hearable voice ''don't come close to me…leave, leave me alone…why you have to be so cold and cruel?…merciless killer…''. Eventually, her invisible arm released Iori, who fell like a sandbag on the wooden floor while the hand inside this brunette's chest was removed. All she could do is deeply breath.

When Iori managed to stand up, all of a sudden another femine concerned voice echoes through this place ''IRENE!''. One thing for sure, this voice returned so-called Irene to her senses, and now she looks toward the direction of that voice and scolds in calm and deeper tone, as nothing has happened before ''What are you doing here? Shouldn't you suppose to be sleeping. sigh It's the middle of the night, you know. So, go back to sleep…''. Apparently, it was a young brunette woman in her early twenties with a longer fringe brushed on the sides and having long hair, which reached her lower back and were loosely tied. Despite looking half-asleep, her gaze was warm and innocent. This lady wore a deep blue color pajama and light material gray bathrobe.

As this lady rushes towards the counter, ignoring the guests, and after getting inside, she softly narrows her gaze fixated at the redhead diclonius while holding her arm. Now she speaks up with eyes-wide open ''I heard a loud bang. That's why I wanted to make that you're alright…''. Irene only closes her eyes and sighs, after opening them, she replies in calm tone ''You worry too much, Sonia. Besides, one stupid hunter storms in and puts a big show. So, all I wanted to do is to give a calm warning, that's it.'' .

Of course, Yagami rolls his eyes and face-palms, these stupid women were getting on his nerves and were so annoying, yet it seems that Kyo stepped in this time and asks this couple politely ''Can you sort out between yourself later? We're looking for a room for a couple days. Do you have a spare one or not?''. Surely, the redhead hunter was surprised by such a request and this brunette could notice the slight pinkish color in Yagami's cheeks, whenever he thought it was the lighting effect or not.

However, despite that Iori indignantly objects ''Excuse me, but he meant two rooms, not a single one!''. This vampire just gave a questioning look for this hunter and comments ''The heck? You have too much in your pocket just for a couple nights? I'm just trying to save your money, you idiot! Plus, it would be cheaper.'' now Kyo returned his gaze to the inn-keepers and added in as calm tone as he could make ''Please, ignore him, he just had a hard day. Besides, we can perfectly fit into a single room. So, there would be no issues sharing it.''.

It was followed by Iori placing his palm on the counter and demanding ''So, how much for two rooms?'', this vampire frowns and counter-attacks ''For a single one?'' after this brunette gave a determinant look for Yagami and stubbornly fights-back ''Why you have to be like this, you dumb-ass? Besides, you were nagging all the way how you wanna keep an eye on me. But now you have a problem by sharing the same room? Give me a break...''.

Surely, Sonia could feel the growing tension between these two, and couldn't help herself, but just start to get nervous. However, just when Irene placed her hand on this long-haired brunette's shoulder, this lady felt a bit relieved. So, now she interrupts this quarrel in louder voice ''Um, can you keep your private life for yourselves? You're disturbing our guests' rest. Let me first check the guest book. Then you can do whatever you want when you get the keys.'' surely, despite this woman's big eyes, her gaze was strict. Fortunately, it helped to silence this pair. Besides, there was also a menacing aura, which maybe the younger woman didn't sense around this redhead diclonius, who now wraps her arm around this Sonia's shoulders.

After this long-haired brunette bends down and takes out a very thick and heavy looking journal, she places it on the counter. When she finds the bookmark, she opens this guest book and now carefully scan through opened pages. Once points the finger on a certain spot of the page, she tilts her head and addresses this couple ''We do have a single vacant room left. So, it's completely up to you whenever you want it or not.''.

When this vampire gives to Iori a demanding look, he knew that it was pointless to argue further and now after he faces these women, he asks them ''How much we own you for that?'' and thus, Kyo felt relieved knowing that this redhead finally listened to him."""

A/N: My, hang with me for a bit longer and before New Year I gonna add the second part. So, please, look forward to it!♥"""
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