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Unreachable Sin part 14

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 23: Unreachable Sin part 14

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Alright, and adding the last chapter for this year aka the second part of previous chapter. So, yeah, ending this ''annus badicus'' with mixed emotions xD aaah, it was a wild year, indeed. But along all bad shit to happen, there were also these tiny little things, which compensates all the mess up things.
Anyways, as always,

Of course, after getting inside into their new room, this vampire started to explain in serious tone as the redhead hunter was hanging his coat inside the closet ''You know, we would have avoided all these troubles, if you have remained silent.''. Yagami only looked for a second giving a cold gaze at this brunette and clenches his hands into the fists. However, Kyo continued while soften his gaze at the hunter ''There are some things, which you should keep to yourself. So, consider that we were lucky only buying-off with a warning.''.

As this vampire got closely to Iori, he cracked a mocking smile for a brief moment and once he placed a hand on this redhead's shoulder, this Kusanagi gives a serious look while explaining ''You may not like to admit, but, I bet, you could also sense that this woman was holding back and didn't crush us by using that force. Hell, even I would be mad too, if someone out of blue would start to announce like a fool 'hey, look, you're a monster, so, you don't belong here'.''.

After this Kusanagi removes his hand from this redhead's shoulder, his face darkens as he continues in gloomier tone ''Not every hunter is like you and after capturing their target, killing it. There are some, who won't straightforward finish you off. '', when this vampire lowers his gaze and bits his lower lip, he looks back at the hunter ''There was even a case when you just wish to be killed instantly, at least then, you would feel relieved and without loosing yourself… That's right, some hunters may capture you just for pure entertainment and to kill some time by watching you suffering or getting humiliated.''.

Surely, Iori started to feel bad for Kyo, who started to shake as he spoke, nevertheless, he listened further ''Y-you wanna know why a thing like this would happen? Simple. Just because you've been framed and falsely accused. However, who do you think would get away and whom to punish? You know, it's always easy for humans to blame anyone who is different from you and then… It's easier for you to hate and fear anyone, who is not a human being or not fitting in to your set standards.''.

Unfortunately, the further words got stuck inside this vampire's throat, and it looked like this brunette could break any moment. Did Yagami triggered unwanted memories for this vampire again? Or so, doubted this redhead. So, without thinking Iori places this Kusanagi's head against his chest and just holds this brunette closely to him until eventually he starts to calm down. After Kyo frees himself from this redhead's embrace, he just stares with sad eyes while adding ''Even if you hunt down, at least don't call us out loudly by our names. I don't want to another bloody slaughter to happen nor anyone get such a high bounty for my head like I did.''.

However, now Kyo uses a fake smile and trying his best to pretend like this didn't happen while suggesting ''Hey, Yagami, why don't you try the shower already? 'Cos I wanna know whenever it is working or not~''. Iori only sighs and replies in calmer tone ''Why don't you go first and see by yourself? Besides, I may take a long time, if there is a bath. So, either you can go with me or you're going to wait for a long time, you stupid vampire.''. This vampire only back-fires ''Unlike you, I can stay awake for a long time, ya know. So, I have no problems with waiting as much as I need. Plus, I don't want you to stare at me or use water against me.''.

While Yagami gave questioning look, this brunette adds in rather in shyer voice ''Knowing you, I can expect that you may do something…unpredictable again, you idiot.''. If it wasn't for feeling tired, this redhead swore that he would tease this vampire for a bit longer and get some answers about this brunette's past. But for now, he decided to retreat without a word and went to the bathroom.

An hour have passed~ This Kusanagi nearly got bored from waiting until Iori finishes using the shower. So, in the meantime he decided to kill time by placing found alchemy texts, hunter's whip and bag with knives on the table, which was next to the night-drawer. One thing was placing these books and knives' bag, the other was this redhead's leather whip. That thing was painful to hold, and it left burning marks on this brunette's palms. However, as this vampire observed his twitching palms in pain, they healed soon enough without leaving any traces or scars, yet the sensation of fake flame inside his hands remained.

After sitting on the chair in front of this table, this brunette takes one of the hunter's knives and studies it. Apparently, it was just a mere knife, which even Kyo could use, if he wanted. So, while playing with this blade in his hand, this brunette just remembers how such a small weapon can be so deadly in this redhead's hands. However, it seems his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of an opened door. Surely, it was enough to make this vampire jolt and drop the knife out of his hand. So, before Iori noticed, he quickly placed the blade inside the knives' bag, and now he just stared at the bathroom's door.

It seems that this redhead hunter left the bathroom only wearing a red wine color pants and a long white shirt, which seemed too tight around the chest area that the top buttons of the shirt remained unbuttoned and revealing the hollow between the pectoral muscles. Even so, he could sense where this stupid vampire fixated his gaze, which rather was a curious and sparking. That's right, this brunette's eyes couldn't leave alone Iori for a second until he sits on the edge of the bed, even if Kyo didn't realize that despite his face looked unsatisfied and his cheeks being dyed in a light tone of red. Hell, this Kusanagi couldn't hold back the silent purring like noises, which, fortunately, Yagami didn't hear.

Of course, Kyo's dazing wasn't unnoticed by Iori, who gives him a questioning gaze. This redhead only asks in slightly embarrassed tone ''Where are you staring at, you stupid vampire? Or you have too much of eyes?''. However, this Kusanagi just quickly shakes his head and honestly replies without thinking too much ''I didn't know that behind your vest, you are hiding these. So, it can't be helped that I was curious, you know! Plus, they look so soft and squeezable. I was wondering whenever these are muscles or something else… So, why don't you cover them, before-''.

All of a sudden a pillow was sent flying at Kyo's face. Surely, it nearly made this vampire to lose his balance, but after he picks it from the ground, this brunette was about to scold Yagami until he notices the indignant yet so deeply blushing Iori's face. It seems this redhead was speechless and all he could do is murmur ''... You stupid perverted vampire…'' and after taking a deep breath continues in louder and irritated tone ''I'm watching you! So, one wrong move and you'll taste my whip tonight.''.

This brunette really wanted to tease Iori when he was like this, but no matter how hard it was to resist, Kyo stands up and after walking closer to the edge of the bed where this redhead sits, passes the pillow and replies in comforting voice ''Fiiine~ I get it… So, like heck, I wanna mess with you, you idiot. Just try to sleep, okay? I'll return soon.'' and ruffling Yagami's hair, this vampire gently brushes them from his face. With that this Kusanagi was off to the shower, where he hoped there is any ethereal oils.

A half hour has passed~ When Kyo has left the bathroom he was still deeply breathing after having a longer shower session. Apparently, that mix of shower gel with weed oil really well protected his skin from getting easily irritated by the water. So, it's been awhile since he felt so relaxed and fresh. Maybe these inn-keepers really wanted to appeal for both - human and monster or demon species, after all. Nevertheless, he made a note to himself to ask where this pair got such a fine item before he'll leave the inn. But for now, this vampire noticed that the hunter already switched all lights off and how the moonlight was bright enough to lighten this room. Plus, Iori sleeps peacefully under such a silver light.

Another detail, which this Kusanagi spotted is that Iori hanged his pants neatly on top of Kyo's jacket. Yet it also means that this vampire would need to hold-back from making necessarily comments about this redhead when walks around only in that shirt, or thought this brunette. But does it really his fault that Iori have more or less details, which keep catching this Kusanagi's attention? With that in mind Kyo return's to sit back on same chair while carefully observing Yagami. And thus, it seemed that this night would pass so nicely and calm.

However, after a while, this vampire started to get short of air and felt a strong headache. All this brunette could do is lean forward and cover his eye with his one spread palm. At this moment he was afraid that this same being going to haunt him until it will get what it wanted. That vile creature inside him decided to return to try to take over him again of all worst possible times. Right now, this vampire could sense a familiar coldness and heavily malicious energy surrounding him.

More important, Kyo could perfectly feel how this shadow figure behind him, has opened its eyes glowing in crimson red, which pierced this vampire with its hateful and unforgiving gaze. Now that dark shadow started to change its form and, lastly, it resembled a person's silhouette. Those ghostly arms hugs this Kusanagi from behind and as it smiles like a Cheshire cat, reveals it's bare sharp vampire fangs.

This Kusanagi's eyes were wide-open in terror and started to shiver as this speaks in vile yet familiar voice "It's been awhile. Did you miss me?~", that's right, this spirit took similar form to vampire Kyo's, but with some changes - pitch-black hair, darker skin and everlasting glowing in crimson eyes. This darker brunette's chuckle echoed inside Kyo's mind, yet he continued with mockery in his voice "Just look at yourself. You lost your powers, nearly got killed by the same hunter again, and became a pathetic human's pet, who begs for food like a dog. You're becoming weaker and weaker as we speak.".

As this dark being strokes this Kusanagi's cheek with his one hand, it slides to his throat where it rests. However, while Kyo was frozen in fear, this creature continues "Have you forgotten what humans did to you and who really saved you? That's right, if it wasn't for me, you would be still resting under the lake. So, without my interface you would be nothing. Even now I can feel how badly you want to drink this redhead hunter's blood until there would be nothing left out of him."

Kusanagi only tightens his grasp around this brunette's neck and comments "It seems that only the thoughts about feasting on this human makes you excited~ So, why don't you give up to your primal instincts? That human only sees you as a mere target and you should see him as another fine meal.". This vampire only closes his eyes and shakes his head, however, 'Nagi removed his hand from the throat and now after roughly grabbing Kyo's chin, turns his head that way so that he could face Kusanagi.

This vile creature suggests "No?... Why do you have to be so stubborn? How about I'll help you out? I gonna borrow your body for a sec and show you how it's done~". 'Nagi disappeared into the air, however, now Kyo could feel how he lost the control over his body and just observe. After he stands up and approaches the resting hunter. Hell, that foolish human too deeply that he has no understanding that he might die.

Once this Kusanagi sits on the edge of the bed and corners Iori with his hands placed on bed. It didn't help that despite this redhead's well-build body from years of training, when Yagami's skin enlighten by the moonlight made him look so pale as a pretty but fragile doll, who may break from a single touch. However, now thanks to this nocturnal creature, Iori will become a one without even knowing it. This brunette could only observe how someone will kill by using his own hands, and he wished that at least his consciousness would fade away.

Now as this nocturnal creature opens his mouth, a sharp fangs shows up and this brunette's eyes starts to glow in red. Kyo's fangs were so closely to Iori's neck that it looked like this vampire could sink them any moment. Even so, his eyes color returned to normal, and he was able to control his body again. Was it another test from 'Nagi? This brunette didn't care nor wanted to know that. However, after with-drawing his head from the hunter's neck, a malicious mocking voice echoes inside Kyo's head "That's too bad... You will regret this. So, I'll wait 'til that moment when you're most vulnerable and provoked, and then I'll take what's belong to me.".

This Kusanagi just sighs in relief while carefully observing Yagami, whom he hoped haven't sensed anything. However, just when he turns away from the hunter and about to stand up…

All of a sudden, his arm was grabbed and now without realizing, this vampire was tossed on the bed and all he could do is dumbfounded stare at this redhead. Now Iori was on top of him and while he pinned this brunette's hands above his head, with other one he started to choke Kyo. This Kusanagi barely have any understanding what is going on, but that Yagami's piercing gaze lets him understand that he won't escape so easily.

Now the redhead hunter says in cold and disappointed tone ''So, you have finally shown your true face, vampire…''. Even when Kyo felt a high pressure on his throat, he tries to defend himself through pitiful groaning ''Ya…gami…it's not...not…what-…'', but that only more infuriated this man, who hangs his head down and bits his lower lip. Now the hunter furiously barks at him ''You two-faced chimera! Disgusting fury! Wench creature!…'', this vampire only freezes in shock while being called like that. However, after this redhead removes his hand from this nocturnal creature's throat, Iori covers his eyes and as his lips started to shake, he bites as hard as he could his lower lip until the first droplets of blood shows up. Now the redhead hunter only sorrowfully growls ''Curse you!…why?…''.

However, Kyo could swear that he could see that Iori's palm, which covers his eyes, started to soak, more important, that hand, which pins this brunette was trembling. Of course, this Kusanagi softens his gaze even if Yagami couldn't see this vampire. Despite that, Kyo frees his arms from the hunter's grasp and now Iori wipes his face with his shirt sleeve. Yagami didn't speak or moved for a while, just hanged his head down. Even so, this vampire broke the deadly silent in gentle voice ''So, you did sense it… Why haven't you finished me before that thing took control over me? But it doesn't matter anymore. Maybe it was my fault for not telling you earlier that there is something deep inside me that become more active after I drank that potion. I-I hoped that you won't need to encounter this part of me, which was responsible for that incident five years ago… So, it's okay if you hate me, mad or be disgusted. However, hear my last wish, will you?''.

As Kyo managed to get away from being under Iori's pressure, he sits on his knees and now this vampire continues with a bitter-sweet smile on his face ''I can entrust this task, because you can do this. So, give me a sec.''. Just before leaving the bed, this brunette checked whenever Yagami was awake or not. However, after seeing a dull yet sorrowful eyes of the hunter, this brunette left the bed and looked for a specific weapon on the table where were putted this redhead's accessories.

After this Kusanagi picked the hunter's whip into his hand, he silently hisses in pain, yet once he returns to the bedside, this vampire sits on his knees and places the whip on the bed. It seems that it peaked Iori's curiosity, even if he still refused to say anything. For now, it was like an impossible task for this redhead to speak up, just because he felt how something stuck inside his throat and how even saying a single word can make him lose himself again.

Kyo takes the tip of the whip and tried to ignore that fake burning sensation while touching it. That's right, this vampire started to wrap the whip around his neck and after a couple circles, he passes the handle to Iori, who just widens his eyes and stares in disbelief at Kyo. Nevertheless, this Kusanagi says in gentle and calm tone ''All you need to do is pull it. So, hurry up, cos it started to burn my throat.''. Of course, Yagami knew what to do next, so, after picking the handle and tightly grasping it, he lifts his hand and…

After leaning closely to this vampire, he stretches his hand to grasp the tip of his trustworthy weapon and replies in quiet but scolding tone ''The fuck you think you're doing, you stupid vampire. You'll just hurt yourself.''. Now this redhead started to unwrap his whip from this brunette's neck while explaining ''I have no interest in whatever it may be possessing you. Even if it would be as strong as SS rank monster.''. Once Iori tosses his whip on the ground, he places his hand on his chest and after placing his other one on Kyo's shoulder, confesses in determined voice and without letting his eyes down from this vampire's '' I will tell you this until you finally get this. All I need is you, Kyo! Only you can satisfy me.''.

Surely, it made this brunette widen his eyes and swallow his saliva. Probably it was even the first time when the hunter calls him by first name and that definitively sent shivers down his spine, which followed by this vampire giving a shyer look. Yet Yagami continued ''Even after first our encounter I sensed that there is something special about you. So, I'll do anything to awaken your full potential. You thought that you'll scare me by your inner demons? Don't make me laugh… Now thanks to that, you need to learn how to control and surpass it. So, who knows what else you still have hidden, you stupid vampire.''.

Nevertheless, Kyo was speechless and could just stare at Iori. Hell, he was not sure how to react to such an honest confession nor how to deal with it. Meanwhile, Yagami just observed the healing wounds on this brunette's neck. It seems that this brunette's gaze once again become lively and after he chuckles, he asks ''What is it with you? You were the one, who told not to stare at, but you do otherwise~ What should I do with you…''. After this Kusanagi takes one Iori's hand into his both hands and closing his eyes, he exhales through his nose, this vampire places this redhead's hand on his cheek and starts to rub his cheek against that palm.

Surely, such a gesture surprised Iori, yet he allowed Kyo to do as he pleases for now and maybe tomorrow he'll ask what exactly happened five years ago that made this vampire shiver in fear. Yagami knew maybe there is more to it and that it was the only way to learn more about this nocturnal creature."""

A/N: Dear, that was really good(or not) mix of moods xD like author's mindset while working on this chapter. So, taking a personal note not to work under the mood swing(and five minutes later this stupid nerd does it again x////DDD). Anyways, Thank you so much for given support during this year and I hope I'll see next year as well.
So, as always - See you next time!~
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