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A New Home for the Cat

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As the autumn arrives, one redhead starts to fell under the melancholic mood. Surely, Kyo couldn't just sit and watch it. So, he decides to cheer up Iori in the best way he knows. Read and find out.

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Alright, and it seems that this time a rare and wild tooth-rotting KyoxIori fluff appears xDDD
So, like some tags suggests, this story was heavily inspired by one Tweet.

Don't @me , 'cos you know that I had to do it to 'em...
Plus, I picked the current kitten in this story based on one from Kyo being turned into a cat like in SNK vs Capcom Chaos. More so, this kitten's attitude was inspired by the Gabriel the cat (aka はちわれさん Hachiware-san “Divided Head”) from Neko Atsume.
So, one thing for sure, this new little resident would enrich Yagami's life ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )
As always,

Status: Complete

Pairing: Iori Yagami x Kyo Kusanagi

Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami

As the autumn arrives, one redhead starts to fell under the melancholic mood. Surely, Kyo couldn't just sit and watch it. So, he decides to cheer up Iori in the best way he knows. Read and find out.

[Originally posted on AO3 and 2021/07/05]

It was once again a melancholic time of the year. That’s right, recently autumn seem to be more heavily affecting one certain redhead. However, there was something more than never-ending rain or falling colorful tree leaves, which puts Iori under the drowsy and wistful mood. Even the Kusanagi heir’s shenanigans eventually didn’t affect the redhead and left him indifferent. Of course, at first, Kyo didn’t notice his partner’s mood-change, and he thought that Yagami might don’t want to be bothered. However, this kind of behavior continued for more than a month. More so, it started to concern the brunette, even if Iori stubbornly denies about these notes of Kusanagi. So, who knows whenever the redhead got into some sort of trouble or involved into something serious, yet Kyo decided not to wait until it’s too late.

But for now, it was already a late evening and after leaving the bathroom, one certain brunette decided to call it a day. However, the first thing, which he noticed was that Yagami was missing. Just what in the world he is doing in the middle of the night? Or so, thought Kyo as he irritatingly stared into the still neatly made bed. As he rolls his eyes, the brunette murmurs ‘‘That idiot…’’ and with these words, he leaves the bedroom.

After reaching the living room, he saw the familiar looking redhead sitting on the couch and concentrating his longing gaze at his phone while carefully holding a small gray collar. It seems that he also still in the same clothes, which he wore during the day — white long shirt and red pants. Even when the brunette called his name, Iori didn’t react at all. However, only when Kyo approached him closely joins him on the couch, Yagami immediately hides the phone behind him, yet Kusanagi’s reflexes were faster, and he took the collar from this man’s hand. Surely, such a gesture left Iori dumbfounded. It was followed by him frowning and silently growling at this brunette. Despite his partner’s agitated reaction, Kyo only softens his gaze and tries to sound as calm as he could ‘‘What is going on, Yagami? You’ve been like this recently and I don’t like it. At least, if you’re mad at me for some reason, let me know what I did wrong. And what’s the deal with that collar? When you started to carry it around you, you’ve become like this.’’.

However, Iori only turns his head away from the Kusanagi heir, and when he was about to get up, Kyo grabs his hand ‘‘Wait!-’’. Nevertheless, Yagami stands up and shakes that hand away ‘‘Let go! It has nothing to do with you!’’. Now without looking back, the redhead rushes to the bedroom and leaving the brunette alone. Surely, this brunette just shakes his head and face-palms while murmuring something. But once he lifts his head, he noticed that Iori forgot to take his phone. Kyo knew that checking his partner’s phone wouldn’t end well, but he tried to convince himself that it is the only way to have a clue what is happening to Yagami. More important, that small collar really looks so awfully familiar. After he nervously swallows saliva, Kyo takes Iori’s phone and before pressing any button, he says to himself ‘‘You don’t want to talk with me? Fine by me! But at least be careful when you’re nervous, you stupid idiot…’’.

Fortunately, the redhead didn’t put too complex lock-screen password, so, after a couple of attempts, the Kusanagi heir managed to unlock his partner’s phone by using the snake-pattern. Surely, just from seeing where Iori have left, caught Kyo’s guard-off and made him cover his mouth with his palm ‘‘What the-…’’.

Apparently, there were hundreds of cat photos on Yagami’s phone. However, it didn’t take too long to realize that it was the same cat, which the redhead found on the street and then temporally adopted it.

That's right, this cream-colored and having a chocolate stripped back, kitten instantly become Yagami's favorite. So, these couple months, spent with a very gentle and needy cat, were the best time for the redhead. Hell, even Kyo was jealous of this kitten, who was getting all the attention and love. But no matter how much he was attached to this little creature and adored it, unfortunately, that painful day when he bids a farewell to the kitten named Cream, had to come. In the end, Cream's true owner shown up after seeing an ad. From the first glance, Iori gave the kitten away without making a dramatic scene, however, once he closed the door, the redhead’s mood was dropping rapidly.

Back to presence~ The brunette keeps staring at these photos and sighs. As he opens one by one photo, he tells to himself ‘‘You were the one who putted that ad, you idiot… Shouldn’t you be glad that this cat now happily lives in her home together with loving owner?’’. Just before locking the screen, Kyo doubts for the second. After all, he was curious what else Yagami has saved in his gallery. On the other hand, the brunette knew that he will definitely get into the trouble, if he sticks his nose where he shouldn’t, and he may lose the redhead’s trust. Yet, Kusanagi heir tries to convince himself that this time his one and only motive was to find out what worries his partner. So, it was decided — the brunette will scroll down for a bit longer, even if that might cost him more than long-time spending alone on the couch.

A couple of minutes has passed~ No matter how many times, he swipes the screen — there were many various cat pictures. So, from the ones, he met in places such as parks, streets, to the couple ones, which also have been ‘adopted’. More important, it’s one of the shots where they're getting petted, peacefully asleep, playing and so on — there was no end to it! It seems that the brunette only sighs and speaks up in silent, yet irritated tone ‘‘You cat obsessed nerd… Do you have anything else?’’. However, suddenly Kyo nearly dropped the phone after seeing, among the photos of the felines, his one as well. Surely, his first thought was when did that redhead managed to take a shot of him being asleep and with edited whiskers and drawn cat ears. Of course, the Kusanagi covers his mouth with his palm and lowers his gaze. Meanwhile, he started to feel the heat on his cheeks, Kyo murmurs ‘‘You stupid bastard… I’ll make sure that you would get a personal treatment for stalking.’’. After such a discovery, he just scrolls up until he reached the similar set of photos, which were left before unlocking the screen. Besides, it was much wiser to return Yagami his phone. So, without further ado, the brunette stands up and now goes to the bedroom.

Once he opens the door, the brunette notices that Iori was already sleeping on the side. It was followed by the redhead lifting a head and turning towards Kyo. As the Iori’s eyes were following the approaching Kusanagi, the brunette cracks a smile ‘‘Did I wake you up? Anyway, you forgot this.’’. After putting the phone on the night-drawer, he walks towards the closet and while searching inside, adds ‘‘You don’t need to stare at me like that. I’ll just grab a pillow and the blanket, and I’ll leave, alright?’’. Yet, Yagami briefly replies ‘‘Do as you want. Either way, I don’t care. Just make up your mind before you’ll hear how the couch calling you.’’. Surely, after hearing such a reply, the brunette closes the closet’s door and makes a smug face. Now he looks back to face his partner while speaking up in playful, yet at same time nearly in singing voice ‘‘Sure sure~ So, leave some space for me too.’’.

It was the beginning of the new day and one certain brunette was already dress up in better clothes — tight blue jeans, white t-shirt and black leather jacket. However, when he hoped to quietly escape through the entrance door, Kyo was startled by Iori’s voice ‘‘Where are you going? It’s still an early morning.’’. Fortunately, Kusanagi manages to keep a chill face and once he turns around, he replies in a reckless tone ‘‘I just need to sort out some business, and then I’ll come back. However, promise me that you’ll wait for me.’’. As Yagami holds his arms, he suspiciously rises his one eye-brow, ‘‘What are you up to this time?’’. Despite feeling cornered, Kyo still tries to remain cool ‘‘It’s a secret. So, I don’t wanna ruin the surprise for someone. That’s why, I cannot tell you, no matter what. Yet, trust me, everything gonna be fine, and I’ll return in a few hours. So, see ya~’’. With these words, the brunette quickly leaves through the door, while Iori just face-palms ‘‘How come you are such a trouble-maker?…’’

After an hour, Kyo arrived at the destination place. Apparently, it was one of the animal shelters. Once the brunette enters through the door, he was greeted by one of the volunteers ‘‘Welcome! Are you looking for something?’’. Without thinking too much, the Kusanagi heir casually answers to the middle-aged woman ‘‘Hi! I’m looking for a new friend, which would like to live together with us.’’. It was followed by this woman’s question ‘‘Then, what kind of pet are you looking for? We have a lot of dogs, cats, and rabbits.’’. After Kyo places the hand behind his neck and rubs it ‘‘Er, do you have a cat or a kitten, which could help to cheer up even the grumpiest person?’’. However, the volunteer politely answers ‘‘I think we have a few cats, which you may like. So, this way.’’ and then shows the Kusanagi heir where was the cat ward.

It took less than a couple of minutes to reach it. Even after opening the door, Kyo’s first thought was that this place is the closest thing, which would be like a heaven for Iori. That’s right, in this enormous room there were dozens of various cats. Most of them were in their cages, but a few of them also were either wandering around, either playing with one and another, either resting on the large scratching towers. Surely, just from the countless meowing sounds and being surrounded by such an amount of felines, Yagami would pass out from the happiness. Even so, there were a couple of cats, which rubbed their faces against this brunette’s leg. But there were also some felines, which just after carefully sniffing around this impostor, proudly lifts their heads and tails, and simply walks away.

Nevertheless, as Kyo was looking around, eventually he stopped by one of the cages in the middle shelf. Apparently, there was a black and white fur kitten, which got his attention. That’s right, this little fellow’s fur pattern looked like a cat, which had a ‘‘fringe’’ split in half, but still covering its eyes. Then its fur reminded a noble golden-eyed gentleman wearing a dapper costume with white gloves and matching color pants. More so, the black fur part, including the tail, resembled the tail coat of this feline.

At the moment, the feline was lying on the stomach while covering its paws. However, that smug and lively gaze, along with the tail impatiently hitting the ground, drawn brunette closer. So, after bending and leaning closer to the cage, Kyo addresses this cat in smaller, yet friendly voice ‘‘ ‘Sup, little buddy. How are ya doing?’’. Now Kusanagi sticks one of his finger inside the cage and starts to wiggle it, while adding ‘‘Come on, don’t be shy~’’. It seems that this kitten now was on its four and kneels while lifting its tail and shaking its bottom. Yet, it was too late when the brunette realized that he provoked the nature’s perfect killing machine’s instincts. Suddenly, this black and white feline rushes at Kyo and now aims at that sticking finger. As the brunette gasps, he instantly with-draws his bleeding finger. That little kitten surely has sharp claws, or so, thought Kusanagi, who takes out the paper tissue from his jeans’ pocket and wraps it around his wounded finger.

On the other hand, the little fellow only meows because its new toy was taken away. Meanwhile, both were staring at each other, Kyo thought that this kitten would be perfect for Yagami, or at least would keep him busy from sinking into gloomier mood. Besides, there was also a special aura around this feline in dapper suit, which the brunette cannot put a finger around it. Lastly, the Kusanagi heir declares to the kitten while keeping a determined look ‘‘That’s it! Whenever you like or not, but you’re going home with me. So, I even entrust you the most important mission of all - to cheer up your new owner. I bet you would get along with him in no time.’’. And thus, after filling all the needed documentation, Kyo have left the animal shelter with a new kitten, who seem to be struggling and trying to escape for the first couple minutes. However, this little fellow eventually starts to calm down while being hidden under the brunette’s jacket.

It took a while to reach Yagami’s apartment. Despite the cat in a dapper suit trying to jump out through the Kyo’s jacket, he somehow made it. However, there was another issue — how to sneak inside without him or the kitten being noticed. So, before unlocking the door, the Kusanagi heir unzips his jacket and the kitten lifts its head to look around. Yet, that little fellow seem to ignore the brunette’s warning ‘‘Don’t ruin our cover, got it? ’’. Meanwhile, it tried to escape, Kyo caught the kitten on time while putting back inside his jacket ‘‘Woah, stay still. I don’t wanna get caught, you know.’’. After taking a deep breath, the Kusanagi heir opens the door while still slightly being concern about the redhead’s reaction and hoping that he won’t ask to return this cat.

However, it seems that there was no sign of Iori. So, once the brunette reached the living room, he started to call his partner’s name ‘‘Oi, Yagami! Are you here? Can you come over here? There is something that I need to show you! I… I’m not sure what is this thing!’’ and it was followed by the louder brief meowing. Surely, it made the brunette alerted and once he heard the sound of footsteps, Kyo knew that he had to remain as calm as possible.

Soon enough the irritated redhead shows up and when he notices that the brunette was carefully covering his stomach and chest, Iori rises one of his eye-brows while suspiciously staring at the Kusanagi ‘‘What is wrong with you? Did something happen?’’. Kyo just gave a shyer look and addresses him slightly shaky voice ‘‘Why don't you sit down on the couch… and then you’ll see.’’. Surely, Yagami didn't have even the slightest idea what brunette might be up to. Nevertheless, he decided to play along by Kusanagi heir's ser rules.

After the redhead comfortably sits back and crosses legs, he rests one of his arm on top of the couch. Now his impatient gaze was fixated on the approaching brunette, who was unusually nervous and shy. Once Kyo kneels in front of Iori, his eyes were directly staring into the redhead’s. However, all of a sudden, a black and white cat jumped out the brunette’s jacket with a thrilling and meowing noises. Fortunately, the brunette’s reaction was faster, and he caught the little fellow. Yet, the Kusanagi heir holds the kitten in his both hands and stretches his arms towards his partner. Lastly, Kyo announces in still slightly embarrassed, yet determined tone ‘‘ Will… Will you adopt this kitten with me?’’.

Meanwhile, Yagami only widens his eyes and now as he covers his mouth with his hand, the redhead lowers his head while trying to hide his blushing face. Surely, it was an unexpected confession, which left Iori speechless and feeling like in a dream. However, it seems that only the brunette’s concerned voice returned him back to the reality ‘‘Oi, what is it with you, Yagami? You're okay?’’. So, after lifting his head, the redhead replies ‘‘ First, put him down…’’. Of course, without a second thought, Kyo carefully places the small resident on the floor and lets him walk freely in his new home. Meanwhile, Iori joins Kusanagi on the floor and while he stretches his hand towards the kitten, this little fellow carefully approaches Yagami’s hand and rubs his little body against it. Surely, the redhead nearly had died from the happiness that he was acknowledged by this kitten in a dapper suit. However, just to make sure that he won’t get heart-broken again, he wanted to know the truth.

That’s why, Iori asks Kyo ‘‘Where did you find him? If he is a stray-cat or just got lost, then…-’’. Yet, the brunette comforts him ‘‘You know, he got all the documents. So, why don’t you see it by yourself.’’. Meanwhile, the new kitten was looking around, yet without wandering too much from Yagami’s side. When Kyo begins to search for something inside his jacket’s pockets until he picks up the folded papers and then passing them to Iori. As the redhead unfold the papers and reads them, Kusanagi adds ‘‘So, like you see, you are also one of his rightful owners. All he need is the name. Do you have any suggestions?’’.

While Yagami was gently stroking kitten’s back, he replies in calm tone ‘‘He needs a suitable name for the noble and majestic feline such as Zarathustra.’’. Of course, Kyo gives not the smartest look while trying not break his tongue by saying this name ‘‘Zara… Zarash… What does Shalaputra even means?’’. It was followed by Iori heavily face-palming and without hiding the annoyance in his voice ‘‘It’s not a Shalaputra, you dumb idiot… It’s Zarathustra. How can you not pronounce such a simple word? Urgh… For the love of the-…’’. Yet, the brunette back-fires ‘‘Fiiine! I get it, okay? Not everyone uses names like that every day. So, chill out. How about a simpler name like, I don’t know, maybe like Oreo. You know, something short and simple, ‘cos calling all that long name would take ages. Besides, look at him — he is also black and white like those cookies.’’.

In the meantime, this pair of idiots were arguing, the kitten got already bored, so, he decides to doze off leaning against the redhead's leg. Surely, Iori only softens his gaze towards such a little creature, which even started to purr as he gently strokes this feline. In the end, Yagami addresses Kyo ‘‘Can you quickly run to the shop and get food for small kittens, but not for adult cats because it would be too hard for him to chew it? Then, milk for cats, which you should easily find. Don’t forget to also get litter because there aren’t much left since Cream left. And of course, cat snacks and a couple of toys, which you think would be a good welcome gift.’’. After the Kusanagi heir stands up he counter-attacks ‘‘And why you can’t?’’. The redhead briefly replies while keeping a straight face ‘‘Can’t you see that Oreo is asleep? So, I don’t want to disturb his rest after such an exhausting journey. Besides, if I’m not mistaken, according to the papers, you are also his owner. So, you thought that after he starts to live here, I would be the only one taking care of him? That’s why, take your part of responsibility as well, Kyo.’’.

However, instead of arguing with his partner, the brunette only rolls his eyes and gives one more gaze for peacefully sleeping Oreo ‘Don’t you think that you won, bub. I’ll prove you that Yagami prefers me over a cat~’. Lastly, he takes his leave.

It was a late evening. Certainly, today was rather exciting, but at the same time also exhausting day. So, even Iori was glad that Oreo decided to fell asleep on the end of the bed. More so, on his side. Of course, it was also a relief for Kyo because the redhead seem to be in the better mood. However, the Kusanagi heir couldn’t rest in peace before he learns why Yagami is so obsessed with felines. That’s why while the redhead was still awake, the brunette asks him ‘‘Hey, Yagami, you’re awake?’’. After sitting up, Iori replies ‘‘What is it?’’. When Kusanagi leans closely to the redhead, he asks ‘‘You do seem to like cats a lot. So, what’s so great about them?’’. It was followed by Iori giving a smug look ‘‘What is it with these questions? Are you getting jealous?’’. Of course, the brunette objects ‘‘Who? Me? 'Cos I don't. Well… not really. I was just curious, that’s all.’’. Yagami already could see through Kyo’s failed attempt at lying, so, he decided to tease his partner as a punishment.

Now he tries to move closer to Kyo without waking up Oreo ‘‘It’s not that complicated why cats are perfect and flawless. However, in your case, you're just missing a few important details. I’ll show it to you, Kyo~’’. Surely, the brunette only widens his eyes and feels how the heat rushes to his cheeks ‘‘You… you stupid perverted cat otaku. I knew that you may try something funny while having a dirty mind…’’. Yet, Iori back-fires while having a cool face ‘‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. So, let me continue the test how much you are a cat, unless you changed your mind…’’. After narrowing his gaze, Yagami places his hands on the brunette’s cheeks and covers his ears. While he started to stroke Kyo’s hair, the redhead points out his observations one by one ‘‘You don’t seem to have a cute pair of triangle ears on top of your head.’’. Once his hands slides on Kusanagi’s cheeks, Iori continues ‘‘You’re also missing the whiskers.’’.

Despite the brunette’s irritated, yet at the same time shyer look, Yagami slides his one hand under Kyo’s chin and starting gently scratching it. Meanwhile, the other hand was placed above Kusanagi’s bottom and starting to rub it. Surely, it was followed by this brunette letting quiet purring like sounds, and of course, another comment from the redhead ‘‘It seems that you can purr, but you don’t have a tail.’’. After removing his hands, Iori observes how his partner gives him a frustrated look, yet the redhead takes one of Kyo’s hand’s and gives his final verdict ‘‘But you also seem to be missing soft paws. Of course, we can argue about fangs or claws. However, aside to purring, you can meow really nicely when you want. So, in overall, that’s not bad.’’.

Just when Kyo was about to open his mouth, he was pushed on bed and then being wrapped in his partner’s arms. It seems that before falling asleep, Iori whispered something in barely hearable voice as well. However, instead of resisting, the brunette decided to let Yagami have his way. Besides, it was also wiser not to awake their cat, who may start to ask for the attention or to play in the middle of the night. Yet, the very little they knew that Oreo won't let rest so peacefully once he opens his golden eyes and starts to explore his new territory.

A/N: Anyway, it seems that short-fic have also become so much self-indulgent, but it seems that writing this kind of fics is also refreshing experience. Perhaps, I should make more about Oreo the cat's adventures (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧
Who knows...
But for now,
As always - See you next time!~
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