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Innocent Sorrow. Part 1 of 5

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 24: Innocent Sorrow. Part 1 of 5

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Alright, this time took longer than expected. After all, this month was rather stressful in my working place, so, that also got this nerd into the writing block - -'''. sigh So, for now things become more settle down.

A-anyway, during the draft update, I've noticed something. That's right, I was surprised to see a 500 hit count for this project!
So, Thank You Everyone for you support!♥♥♥
Your support and encouragement means a lot to me, and it's a real pleasure to work on this story, because, personally counting this as my fav work of all time! ^^

Dear, that's why, I wanted to prepare something special. So, not sure if it is suitable and enough for celebrating this milestone. Yup, it seems that vampire!Kyo's backstory become into 11k. chapter as well. So, I had to divide into 5 chapters. Plus, I'm going to introduce new character, whom, I'm pretty sure, you would love and warmly greet. Who is she? - you may ask. Well, you'll see when I upload all parts. So, please look forward to that moment.
And, yes, even if it is a backstory arc, but it doesn't mean it won't get it's main mood. So, even named this arc after the same name shared OST: Abingdon Boys School - Innocent Sorrow sigh well, hopefully, it would be suitable tho ^^''

And as always,

About five years before the first encounter against the redhead hunter. Somewhere in a more desolated part of the city~ The moonlight was blocked by the darker clouds yet thanks for working time from time to streetlamps, a certain back-street alley was partially enlighten. At this time of the night not even a single smart soul would dare to walk any close in this district. However, as thick gray smoke submerges into the air, the local fauna as a rabid hungry pack of dogs starts to bark more fiery and loudly after cornering their new prey. Now the large sweaty palm slams the concrete wall and the owner of this fat and hairy arm corners one certain arrogant brunette, who could have been mistaken as a high-schooler. This young man who wore a black sport jacket with having his sleeves rolled up and a hoodie off, light blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers. Surely, it didn't affect at all this Kusanagi, who continued to give a smug look while keeping his hands in jeans pockets.

Kyo only closes his eyes and brushes away this bigger man's in his late forties arm, and now says in chill tone "Back-off. I don't want to reek like a trash, bub." while this nocturnal creature casually walks through the gang of several street thugs with hands in his pockets. However, it seems that this brunette was stopped once he felt how someone roughly placed a hand on his shoulder and started to squeeze it. This Kusanagi only hisses and tries to shake-off that hand with his shoulder, yet it wasn't useful. So, now this brunette rises his hand, but it was caught by one of these men while he could feel how the another arm was placed behind his back and being bent.

More so, that man behind Kyo, pressed his body against this brunette. Surely, this vampire wanted to throw out just from that unbearable stench of cheap alcohol and sweat. However, now a skinny man with a neon green mohawk, who was carrying a baseball bat pierced with either rusty or bent nails on his shoulder, and rib cage was seen through the loose tank top, was in front of this vampire and now mockingly barks ''Where you think you're going, huh!? We ain't done yet!''. After quickly turning his head and spitting on the side, he continues ''A shitty brats needs to learn to respect adults.''. Now this fiend reveals his half rotten teeth and smiles.

Apparently, this situation couldn't get worse, even so, the mohawk guy heard a command from the large muscular man, who had a bunch of tattoos all over his upper body ''Search all over him.''. Just when this type bends down, Kyo use his chance. He kicks this fiend right into the face and making this punk lose his balance. Now as soon as this vampire hangs his head down, he immediately yanks it up and smashes to the person's head behind him. Once this brunette was free, he uses his elbow to strike the same guy behind him right into the guts. However, soon enough the other couple of thugs charges at him at once, howling as blood-thirsty beasts. Yet Kyo's reflexes were faster. This brunette suddenly ducks and rolls into the main street.

After he stands up and removes the dust from his clothes, this Kusanagi notices that some thugs were getting up, so, without a second thought he runs away. It was a cowardly retreat, but it wasn't worth to waste his effort and time on these scums. More important, if he keeps fighting, then this brunette may reveal his vampire side and that definitely would cause him more problems than use. Surely, walking around while his sharp vampire fangs and his crimson eyes showing up without any doubt would attract unwanted attention from simple people along with these stupid hunters.

More important, if Kyo activates his true form, he would need a lot of time to rest before restoring his strength once he returns to his human form. So, he would to worry about finding a proper hide out. Apparently, this vampire never had the same place for his long slumber twice. On one hand, one might think, why does this nocturnal creature won't simply kill a lonely or suicidal person and take over their house as his own? Unfortunately, this vampire shown no desire to aimlessly kill - be it for satisfying his hunger or just for temporally stay. Besides, it was rather a very rare case when Kyo actually have activated his vampire form.

Even if he felt a hunger, this brunette wouldn't hesitate for too long to look for a better bite. At least then he can feel when to stop and leave his prey just unconscious. So, if he liked any of his victims' blood or at least finds it decent quality, he was ready to wait until they'll recover so that this brunette could hunt them again. More important, Kyo heard countless confirmed rumors about what kind of miserable fate awaits for the vampires, who ignores their blood-thirst for too long.

If it was only for being an easy target for the hunters, this nocturnal creature wouldn't care less, however, there was one thing that sends shivers down his spine just from remembering that incident. That's right, not so long time ago he knew a very strange yet kind vampire, who after falling for a human woman, has completely refused to drink blood at all. However, vampires cannot survive without preying on humans, because no other living creatures' blood or any synthetic substitute would be able to satisfy their hunger or keep them alive.

More important, these nocturnal creatures can starve for mostly a week or two before they grow weak and least likely able to control when they can stop themselves while eating. Even so, if one has ignored these sent body signals and warnings, then it was like a signed death sentence for any ignorant fool. That's right, the primal instincts takes the control over the mind and body of a vampire without any way back to normal. So, one evening this Kusanagi accidentally saw by his own eyes how that same vampire, who swore to never prey on any living creature, was now howling like a wild beast while his prey was ferociously slashed by his nails and being eaten. Unfortunately, this fellow creature's prey was his beloved woman, whom he swore to protect at any cost, but now it was nothing more than a piece of bloody meat.

This ferocious monster was already beyond of being recovered and only the blond hunter's sword's slash silenced this wild beast when its head was severed from a body, which now splashes like hunter's face looked so proud and calm while he delightfully observed his slain target. However, Kyo freezes in fear once the blond hunter looks towards his side. Hell, is he a next target? Of course, this brunette just suddenly closed his eyes and run away - it was simply shocking how drastically instincts can change even most peaceful nature vampires into berserk, if they ignore their basic needs and go against their own nature. So, to this very day such a memory serves this brunette as a good reminder as well.

But for now, this Kusanagi finally lost a track of these street thugs and ended up in a civilized part of the city. Now this brunette unzips his sport jacket and checks the inner pockets. Thankfully, his won money were safe and sound, which he has received after defeating all his opponents. That's right, whenever Kyo needed a quick cash for finding a shelter to hide from the sun, he always participated in annual fighting tournaments sponsored by local crime-lords, who just simply were bored and ready to pay any amount of money to entertain themselves.

Surely, this brunette's fighting skills not only helped him to defeat his enemies, but also attracting a lot of attention. From the first glance, being offered to become a bodyguard of influential mafia bosses and promised a better life when this Kusanagi wouldn't need to worry about sleeping on the streets, sounded like a good option, but he declines this kind of opportunity each time. Mostly, because Kyo didn't like the idea of being a submissive dog and taking orders from anyone. Besides, if someone discovers that this brunette wasn't an ordinary human, he will have more problems than use.

Secondly, aside to getting a lot of fans, who either admired his skills or his looks, there were already a lot of jealous people, who, in best case scenario, wished that he was dead. So, being a target of street punks or any nastier types was unavoidable part of his earned fame. Of course, this vampire could kill anyone who threats him, however, beating shit out of them was fair enough, even if he needed to hold-back and hide any traces of his true identity.

Meanwhile, Kyo placed back the money back to the inner jacket's pocket, he began to look for the nearest inn or cheaper hotel, where he can rest until the another night. Besides, this brunette wanted to take a long shower and remove the traces of these thugs smell. Now the only concern was whenever he can find anywhere ethereal oil on his way, at least that would help to reduce that irritating feeling of the water when it touches him.
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