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Cappriccio of the Scarlet Moon

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Vampire Kyo decides to look for a better bite. Fortunately, tonight, he encountered one redhead, who might entertain him...

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Title: Cappriccio of the Scarlet Moon
Status: Complete
Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami
Summary: [Bonus chapter of Vampire's Kiss]
Vampire Kyo decides to look for a better bite. Fortunately, tonight, he encountered one redhead, who might entertain him...

Okay, and this time, I'm bringing more of very, very self-indulgent content xD
Yup, I had an idea for this one for a couple of years. However, only recently decided to try.
So, it was one of these one-shots, I've planned to release before September 30th.
That's why, I'm grateful for one person for agreeing to this idea (✺ᵔ‿ᵔ✺)
So, Thank You, Miau, for approving this idea (*ゝω・)ノThanks!
(Owl, don't worry, I'm still working on that incubus Orochi and priest Shingo fic.
So, these two would have that wholesome one-shot (ゝω・)ノ三゜)
Anyway, I was wondering what would happen if vampire Kyo would still have his hypnotizing/paralyzing voice, and whenever he would simply give up to his primal call, or he might be still same ol' Kyo, which is in current Vampire's Kiss.
So, this is the result. For a better or the worse, read and find out.
As always,

It was another serene night, accompanied by the full moon and dancing stars in the sky. The platinum moonlight enlightens the pavement of one city’s streets. And thus, this where begins the story of one arrogant vampire named Kyo. Tonight, this nocturnal creature seeks new prey. So, after putting on a black leather jacket and stretching out, the brunette sets out to the hunt while wondering who’ll be put under his sweet spell before it becomes a fine meal.

Meanwhile, the vampire was carefree wandering in the streets with keeping his hands inside his blue jeans’ pockets. Yet, all of a sudden, he stops and widens his golden eyes. That sweet and blissful scent of Amaretto was so good. More so, Kyo could tell — the owner of that alluring scented blood is not far from here. It was followed by the satisfied smile of the brunette, who whispers in a nearly singing voice ‘‘I found you~ I wonder, who is this person…’’. After slowly closing his eyes, the nocturnal creature follows the scent of the blood while humming his favorite melody.

About half an hour of tracking down his new prey has passed. His sense of smell led him towards one abandoned chapel. Once the Kusanagi’s heir hides behind the nearest tree, he carefully sticks his head to see who was the owner of the pleasing smell of blood. To Kyo’s surprise, it's not a nun or any other sacred person, who according to the rumors, had the blood, which flavor drives mad or, possibly, makes any creature of the night drunk from ecstasy. However, this person was one of those flashy wannabe vampire hunters, who only strive for fame, glory, and money. Fortunately, they aren’t strong or fearful. So, even without his hypnotizing voice, this vampire can handle these arrogant hunters without even trying.

More important, the hunter doesn’t carry any weapon with him. Just who does he think is he? So, this fool deserves to be punished just for his ignorance and underestimating his opponent, or so, though Kyo while he continued to observe his prey. It was the redhead hunter, who wore a long dark red leather coat with a white crescent moon on the back, same color pants, and black color biker gloves. ‘‘You should be more aware of your surroundings or else you might get hurt, human.’’, this vampire whispered in a sweet yet menacing tone while observing how the vampire hunter enters the chapel. After closing his eyes and swooshing his hair, the vampire opens his now determined glowing crimson eyes and without having any fear, follows his target. Even his sharp vampire fangs appear.

When the redhead reached the altar, he sensed the presence of the nocturnal creature, yet he remains chill and now turns around to face him ‘‘I know that you are here. How long are you going to hide? Show yourself! ’’. After the brunette enters inside, he chuckles ‘‘So, you can sense my presence? Not bad, not bad at all~ I’ll give you a credit for that, human.’’. However, just when the hunter was about to pick his weapon into his left hand, it doesn't listen to him. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to use it. As Kyo walks closer to the hunter, he continues his sweetly menacing speech “What is it? You're not gonna attack me? Wooow~ You sure are kind, hunter.”. Step by step, the vampire approaches his prey. Unfortunately, when redhead tried to use his right arm, the same result — it doesn't respond to him. Lastly, the vampire hunter's legs gave upon him, and he fells on his knees while his upper body rests against the altar's wall. And thus, the fearful vampire hunter once known as Iori Yagami was now at the mercy of this nocturnal creature.

That's right, each cell of his body was under the vampire's twisted spell, yet his mind remains sharp and clear. Perhaps, the brunette left him sentient inside the trap, which now becomes his body, only to entertain himself by this human suffering. Now Kyo bends down and leans closely to Yagami. After the brunette corners his prey by placing his hand on the altar's wall, Kusanagi stares with his crimson eyes directly into Iori's. Surely, it was such an amusing sight for the vampire, who comments “Eh?~ So, you are still aware of what is happening? That's too bad… Oh, well, since you are still conscious, it means that you don't mind if I have a better bite, do you? Please relax, 'cos it would only hurt for a second.”. After the nocturnal creature delightfully licks his lips, he adds in a joyful tone “Thank you for the meal!~”.

Just before sinking his fangs into the hunter’s neck, Kyo frowns — something wasn’t right. After moving away from Iori, the brunette complains ‘‘Oh, come on, why do you have to be like this? You’re too stiff and now, I can tell that your blood is already ruined… It won’t taste good since you’re afraid, you stupid human.’’. Once the nocturnal creature stands up, he arrogantly warns ‘‘Consider yourself lucky, hunter. I changed my mind. So, maybe I’ll get you next time when you’re more relaxed.’’. With those words, the vampire turns around and bids a farewell to the fallen redhead. However, Yagami won’t allow that this brunette would walk away after such a humiliating defeat. Even being under the paralyzing spell means nothing to him when Iori’s hunter pride was hurt so badly.

Fortunately, it appears that he regained control over his body. So, without any second thought, the redhead picks a few knives from the bag attached to his left side of the belt and aims at Kyo. Now, he launches these blades at his target. Yet, the vampire’s reflexes were faster. He gracefully maneuvers the knives' attack. Hell, the nocturnal creature, even catches one of the blades between his fingers and now tosses it on the ground. After turning to face the hunter, the brunette glares with such anger ‘‘Oi, you know that these aren’t toys? What if you hurt someone with these? I guess I have to teach you a lesson, hunter.’’. However, the redhead hunter keeps his battle stance and stubborn gaze. Now, Yagami cracks his trustworthy whip — Vampire Killer. It was followed by Kyo cracking a smug smile on his face ‘‘What a persistent fellow are you.’’. After spreading his palm, sharp as razor-blade nails appears ‘‘Here I go!’’. Lastly, the vampire launches at the hunter.

As Iori unleashes the heavy whip slash, the brunette slides on his feet and blocks the attack by his elbow. One thing was when the whip wraps around his arm. However, the other thing was when Kusanagi starts to feel the burning pain sent to his arm as the hunter pulls the whip closer to him. Shit… In this case, Kyo has to act quickly. Otherwise, the redhead will rip off his arm. That’s why, the brunette closes his eyes, and after opening them, he concentrates all his strength on a risky move.

The nocturnal creature tries to ignore the burning pain and brings his wrapped arm close to him. It was followed by immediately grabbing the whip by his other hand and, lastly, by pulling the hunter’s weapon towards him. Surely, such a move left Iori dumbfounded and nearly lost his balance. Yet, the vampire now slashes the Vampire Killer with no mercy. However, it was accompanied by the sounds of tearing flesh. Now, as the cut whip drops on the ground, Yagami falls on his knees without being unable to move. No, he wasn’t under the brunette’s sweet spell. But for now, he patiently waits until Kyo gets close to him. Unfortunately, even the nocturnal creature has paid his price while his face twists in pain and hissing ‘‘Fuuuck… the fuck is with… that whip?…’’. That’s right, as the inner side of his left palm was burned down to crispy jet-black ashes, the other hand's fingers’ flesh was torn until the bloody bones were visible. It was painful hell. However, the flesh of his hands regenerates in the matters of the seconds.

Nevertheless, the noble creature of the night continues to approach his prey, who was fallen on his knees and is dumbfounded staring. Of course, this vampire took this gesture as the hunter admitting his defeat. So, perhaps, this human would agree to give his blood, right? If so, maybe he won’t leave with being empty-handed.

After Kyo carelessly walks close to Iori, he kneels in front of the redhead. Once he gently places his hands on the Yagami’s shoulders, the nocturnal creature notices that the hunter does not resist or doesn't mind what Kusanagi's heir is doing to him. Even Kyo’s eyes returned to their former amber color, and he calmly asks ‘‘Are you okay, hunter? You know, this time I don't hold back, and I’ll suck your blood. So, are you really fine with that?… Don’t worry, I’ll just take a small sip, and you won’t even notice the difference.’’. Yet, instead of answering this nocturnal creature, Iori remains silent. Right now, it was the time.

All of a sudden, the redhead hunter places his hands on the brunette’s chest and pushes the vampire to the ground. After being on top of Kyo, Yagami grabs the vampire’s throat with one hand, while with the other one pins his wrists. Now the redhead speaks up in a cold and strict tone ‘‘You shouldn’t leave me alive, vampire. Do you have any last words before I’ll perish you to hell?’’. He knew that he might risk his life, but Iori removes his hand from the nocturnal creature’s throat. As soon as Kyo regains his breath, he replies in a gentle voice ‘‘One sip is enough for me. So, let me drink from you, and then you can do whatever you want with me. I-I promise I won’t attack you if you listen to me.’’. Of course, such an answer made the redhead face-palm and add in an irritated tone ‘‘You should have done that when you could, you stupid vampire… So, why are you asking now?’’.

It seems that this vampire wasn’t the wisest, nor the smartest creature, which he has encountered so far, but it doesn’t look like lying. So, Yagami releases the brunette’s wrist. While Kyo was leaning on his elbows, he hears another hunter’s question ‘‘Your name, vampire?’’. Surely, the Kusanagi heir gave a questioning look for the redhead, who adds in a slightly nervous tone ‘‘I want to know how to call you when we meet next time.’’. The brunette shakes his head and stares with such confusion at Iori ‘‘Just… What do you want from me, human?’’. It was followed by the instant reply ‘‘It’s not ‘human’ to you anymore, you fool. From this day, you should remember the name of the vampire hunter, who’ll defeat you next time. It’s Iori Yagami to you, you stupid vampire.’’.

After the brunette gives a not-so-satisfied look, he starts to command this human ‘‘At least get off from me first. More importantly, why are you so eager to get your ass kicked, Yagami? If so, it’s Kyo to you. Now make sure that your clothes around your neck won’t bother me.’’. When the redhead leaves the vampire’s side, he backfires ‘‘Don’t act so cocky. Be grateful for being able to drink from the wrist.’’. Yet, as the brunette thrust his chest towards the hunter, he replies ‘‘That’s a fun way to spell ‘neck’, Yagami. So, let me drink from neck, ‘cos it would be more comfortable for both of us. Plus, you cannot be picky — I spared you this time.’’. ‘‘Elbow. That is the last offer. So, take it or leave it, Kyo.’’. It was followed by Kyo deeply exhaling and face-palming ‘‘So, you’re into the pain, aren’t you? Why the hell you’re so protective about your neck? Don’t tell me that you’re afraid that someone will see bite-marks? Sheesh, when I’m done, I’ll clean up. Then it should completely heal in a couple of hours…’’.

Surely, just that mental image alone nearly made Iori throw another set of knives at this vampire, yet, the redhead replies in an embarrassed voice ‘‘First, you push your luck, and now this in sacred place… Have some shame, you stupid perverted vampire!’’. Yet, this time, the brunette indignantly backfires ‘‘Oi, I have no idea what you’re thinking, but… keep your whatever thought to yourself, Yagami! All I ask for is a better bite and make sure that it would be as less stressful for you as possible. Besides, if you allow me to suck from you, then you have more reasons to challenge me next time and get lost… again!’’. After Yagami closes his eyes and sighs. When he opens his eyes, the redhead walks towards the altar. Now Iori opens his crimson coat and removes it from his shoulders. Once the redhead reveals the black vest and white shirt under it, he replies to the vampire who was staring at him ‘‘The heck you’re doing? Hurry up before I changed my mind.’’. Of course, Kyo was not sure whenever it was another trap, yet after observing how Iori reveals one of his bare shoulders, it was enough to convince him.

After Yagami sits down and rests his back against the altar’s wall, the nocturnal creature approaches him, and once he sits on his knees, Kusanagi closely to him and in a shy and unsure tone asks ‘‘You sure about this?’’. However, all of a sudden, Iori’s hand pressed Kyo’s face against his neck, and it was followed by the redhead’s impatient demand ‘‘Just do what you need, you stupid vampire! Unless you want me to finish you off right here, right now…’’. When the hunter removed his hand from the vampire’s head, this nocturnal creature lifts his head and rest his one hand at still clothed Yagami’s right shoulder, while he placed the other hand on the redhead’s left upper arm. Now, as the brunette opens his mouth, the sharp vampire fangs show up. Lastly, he sinks them into Iori’s pale neck.

Now, the new sensation, like being pierced by two needles, made the redhead gasp and struggle for a brief moment. However, he could feel how the nocturnal creature’s hands were holding him tight yet, carefully at the same time. Therefore, as he started to feel how the blood was slowly sucked out of him, Iori stopped resisting and now just deep breaths through his nose. Yet, to distract himself from being slowly drained and the ticklish sensation on his neck when the brunette breaths against it or brushes his hair, Yagami began to stare at one of the paintings of stained glass. Surely, the bright moonlight from the outside, beautifully enchanted the ornaments of holy figures and symbols, while tonight, the redhead has become the sacrifice for the blood-thirsty creature. Right now, even without realizing it, the redhead hunter places his spread palm on the brunette’s back and digs his nails into it to relieve himself.

Meanwhile, while along Iori’s bloating chest against his body, Kyo could also feel the heartbeat of this human. That’s right, along with that rhythmic and calming movement, the vampire felt euphoric from finally being able to taste the mellow scented blood. He could allow himself to give up to his primal senses and melt in that blissful feeling. On the other hand, another side of the brunette reminded him about the made promise to the hunter. Therefore, he saddens just from the thought that the pulsing heat against his body may stop. More importantly, the redhead’s life was very fragile, which can be taken away so easily by the perfect killing machine like him. At this moment, the brunette even lets out the silent whim between drinking from Iori’s neck. Kyo knew that he had to stop for now, even if his body begged for more of that dark crimson liquid.

When he slowly withdraws his face from the redhead’s neck, the vampire observes two-bite spots and the bloody droplets rolling down the neck. He doesn't care if Yagami may try to shake him off, but Kyo starts to lick his left wounds on the hunter’s exhausted body. Of course, the sensation of how, surprisingly, warm brunette’s tongue works on the Iori's neck, now alerts Iori, who speaks up through groaning ‘‘The hell… you’re doing?… Enough already.’’. The vampire traces his hand from the hunter's shoulder towards the right side of the neck. Now, he continued carefully clean the wounds.

Lastly, as Kusanagi’s heir with-draws his face, he gives a calm yet, blissful look. Now he replies nearly in a purring tone ‘‘Can you stand up on your own? Anyway, it should heal completely in a few hours. You know, I had to do it, ‘cos the other monsters may sense your blood-scent and attract unwanted attention.’’. However, Iori only closes his eyes and turns his head away. Now he replies in a shyer tone ‘‘I can do it by myself. So, move.’’. Yet, the redhead hunter’s attempt ended up with failure. Meanwhile, Yagami was trying to fix up his clothes, Kyo patiently waits until he dressed up. Now, Iori adds in a slightly irritated voice when the brunette stretches his hand towards him ‘‘What do you want?’’. Of course, he really wanted to tease the redhead when he gave such a stubborn look, yet instead of that, the vampire replies in a lively voice ‘‘Come on, no one is around. So, it’s okay! Let me help you just this one time, you big idiot.’’.

It seems that after seeing an energetic nocturnal creature’s face, the hunter decides to make an exception this time only. Now, while he tried to hide his slightly embarrassed face, Iori takes Kyo’s offered hand, and both of them stand up. However, all of a sudden, Yagami nearly collapsed. Fortunately, the brunette’s reflexes were faster. Meanwhile, one arm wraps around the redhead’s torso, when the other hand, he has thrown Iori’s arm over his shoulders. After rolling his eyes, Kyo comments ‘‘Maybe I over-did this time… Oh well, it can’t be helped, then. Yagami, you can be mad at me as much as you want, but I’ll take you to one local inn, where you would rest. So, I'll wait, when you recover. Unless you gave up, ‘cos you know that you have no chance against me, Mister Vampire Hunter~’’. Surely, if he wasn't weakened, the redhead hunter would use his remaining knives on the vampire. For now, he plays along with Kyo’s rules while murmuring ‘‘You better be prepared until our next encounter, Kyo. Because then I’ll show no mercy when you fell under my foot.’’. Lastly, the nocturnal creature chuckles while carrying the hunter ‘‘Sure thing… Sure thing, Yagami~’’.

A/N: To be honest, I was expecting that vampire Kyo would suck Iori until the last drop or at least, make him as a personal food/entertainment.So, yeah, perhaps, in this timeline these two would be like Saturday morning cartoon characters xD

(Yup, when hunter Iori goes ''I will get you, you stupid vampire... somehow!'' and vampire Kyo always getting away from Iori's setted traps... Boi, for how long this comical cat and mouse chase would last?

Who knows, who knows... ¯_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ )

Anyway, Thank You for reading!
And as always - See you next time!~
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