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The Ghost of the Study Room

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It was a peaceful and quiet night at Yagami's apartment. However, the sudden noise from another room instantly awakens two cat parents. So, what kind of ghost is haunting them? Read and find out.

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Title : The Ghost of the Study Room
Pairing: Kyo Kusanagi x Iori Yagami
Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami
Summary: [Sequel to A New Home for the Cat]
It was a peaceful and quiet night at Yagami's apartment. However, the sudden noise from another room instantly awakens two cat parents. So, what kind of ghost is haunting them? Read and find out.

Alright, it seems that instead of planned one or two one-shots before the September 30th, I did a bit more than planned xD
Yet self-challenging the best way to keep yourself going.
And thus, this project was born as well. Dear, these Touhou playlists are the life-savior and works as such a nice working background (^‿^)
More so, time from time it's nice to make some pure vanilla light-hearted slice of life fluff without anyone getting harmed or dying xD
Besides, no one gonna write for you a b-day fic, so, you gotta make one for by yourself.
Anyway, as always,

A month has passed since one kitten named Oreo has become a part of the cat parents’ family. However, this little fellow in a black tail-coat has already become a curious explorer, who loves to search the narrowest corners of the apartment and discovering the hidden treasures in it. Or at least until one redhead interrupts his adventures. That's right, how come a mountain tiger like the Oreo is not allowed to listen to his primal call? So, why he is not allowed to reach the top of the curtains or silently lurk and attack his prey? Yet, soon enough, this kitten would see where his curiosity can lead him.

It was a late night when both — Kyo and Iori were already asleep. However, even a peaceful moment has been disturbed. Now, the sound of the rustling papers along something keeps felling down from another room. Surely, such annoying noises awaken the redhead, who silently groans and frowns while slowly opening his eyes. As Yagami rolls on his other side, he quietly whines in an irritated tone ‘‘What a hell you’re doing, Kyo? It’s the middle of the night. Just go to sleep.’’. However, he could feel that his partner rolls in the bed and how the brunette throws his arm over Iori without answering. It appears that Kyo was still deeply asleep. Perhaps, it was just a dream, or so, thought Yagami by closing his eyes. Just as he was about to return to fell asleep again-

Suddenly, the sound of brushing the guitar’s strings awakens Iori. That it! It was the last drop of the redhead’s patience. Whoever dares to disturb his slumber will pay for it! After Yagami climbs over Kyo to reach the night-lamp, he turns the light on. Once the warm orange light fills the room, Kusanagi closes his eyes even tighter and indignantly lets out a long groan. It was followed by him trying to bury his face into the pillow and covering himself under the blanket. Of course, he isn't happy that someone interrupts his peaceful slumber and wants to smack whoever dares to wake him up. Yet, he decided that it could wait until the morning. At the moment, the urge to sink into a deep slumber was stronger.

Now, the redhead, who wore a gray tank top and red with gray striped pajama pants, rolls his eyes and facepalms while shaking his head. After Iori deeply exhales, he grabs the blanket with his two hands and instantly removes it from his partner, who wore a white t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. It appears that the sudden feeling of coldness isn't pleasant to the brunette, and now, he tried to reach the blanket. Unfortunately, after grasping thin air, Kyo slowly opens his eyes and sits up. As he rubs the nape, the brunette turns his sleepy head to face Yagami while complaining, ‘‘What do you want? Can it wait until the morning?’’. Now, the redhead replies in a serious tone ‘‘Someone else is wandering in the house, and I don’t like it.’’. However, the Kusanagi’s heir only snorts and cracks a smug smile ‘‘Are you sure that you haven’t just dreamed about it? ‘Cos I can’t hear anything… Don’t tell me that a grown-up man is still believing in kiddies’ stories and is afraid of ghosts~ Haha, Yagami is such a scaredy-cat! What if a one is behind you? Oooh, poor little Iorin gonna be eaten by a big spooky ghost~’’.

Despite the younger man’s teasing, Iori keeps his irritated face on and asks ‘‘You’re done yet? Then, move your oh-so-brave ass. After checking each room, go and report me everything, captain brave.’’. Certainly, Kyo naturally surprises by such a reply and backfires ‘‘Huh? Why me? If you need to, go and check by yourself!’’. However, as Yagami quickly looks at the small open gap near the bedroom door, he changes the subject, ‘‘Did you left the door open?’’. It was followed by the confused gaze of the brunette and him replying in a casual tone ‘‘Yeah, as usual. Is there something wrong with that?’’. Meanwhile, Iori rests his chin on his thumb, he stares at the door and now asks his partner ‘‘Where is Oreo?’’.

At first, Kyo gave him a questioning look, and soon, he carelessly answered ‘‘Perhaps, he is snooping around or fell asleep somewhere. So, if you are worried about that, then go to sleep. I can bet that he’ll wake you up when he is hungry.’’. Now, the brunette snatches the blanket from Yagami and wraps himself. After curling into a ball, he closes his eyes ‘‘Good night!~ Ah, and don’t forget to turn off the lights.’’. Yet, Yagami didn’t want to give up so easily, and he’ll make sure that his word would be the last one ‘‘We need to find him and make sure that he is fine.’’. However, Kusanagi, who prefers the warm embrace of the blanket, objects in a half-asleep voice ‘‘Yeah, go and do that. Just try not to make a sound, okay?’’. ‘‘Then, you left me no other choice, Kyo.’’ replies Iori in a serious tone as he places his hands under the brunette, who is wrapped into a cocoon, and about to lift him into his arms.

It appears that all the Kusanagi’s heir’s sleepiness instantly disappears, and now his eyes were wide-open. Now, the brunette replies in an indignant voice ‘‘I get it! I’ll help you if you want it so badly. So, let me down, you idiot!’’. As soon as Iori puts him down on the bed, Kyo lazily removes the blanket and gets up. Unfortunately, as he places his foot on the ground, he lets out a short whine ‘‘Ouch… What a hell is this?…’’. After the brunette looks down, he noticed one of Oreo’s toy mice. It was followed by the redhead’s voice ‘‘Watch your steps. Oreo might leave one of his toys lying around.’’. As Kyo sits on the bedside and rubs his hurt foot, he gives a not-so-satisfied look to Yagami ‘‘You don’t say, huh? Gee, thanks for the advice. If someone was kind enough and told me earlier about that…’’. ‘‘If you have time to complain, save it for finding Oreo. Let’s go already.’’. No matter how much the brunette wanted to launch that toy at Yagami, but he decided to play along with his partner’s wish. After all, the sooner they’ll find a sleeping kitten, the sooner Kyo can go back to sleep.

Once they were in the corridor, Iori turns the light on and starts to call the tuxedo kitten’s name. Fortunately, a crying meowing and scratching, mixed with guitar string noises from the study room, respond to the redhead’s call. Now, Yagami continues in a concerned voice, ‘‘Oreo, where are you?… Oreo!’’. Once again, a loud meowing asking for help from another room, responds to him. He feared that something terrible happened to such a little fellow, and regretted not acting sooner. However, without any second thought, the redhead rushes to the study room. Meanwhile, Kyo remains chill and just follows him.

After Yagami storms in and nearly trips over the thin air, Kyo calmly walks in and turns on the light. However, the first thing, which they noticed was a big mess in the room left like after a tornado. All the papers and books scattered on the floor, the small bookshelf pushed away, the laptop balancing on the table’s edge and half plugged out. Even Iori’s guitars were lying on the floor. Now, the scratching noises and desperate meowing filled the room. This pair immediately kneels and looks over the floor. Meanwhile, Iori was searching around the study table, Kyo picks the acoustic guitar into his hands and notices something unusual — it felt a bit heavier, and something was moving inside it. Now, the brunette got nearly startled by the meowing of a certain kitten.

After looking inside, the Kusanagi’s heir notices a small and frightened Oreo inside it. It was followed by Kyo commenting in an unsure tone ‘‘Oi… how did you get there?’’. Once he lifts his head and turns towards the redhead, the brunette addresses his partner ‘‘Hey, I found Oreo! Help me to take him out of there.’’. Now, Iori instantly rushes towards Kyo, and as soon as he was kneeling behind the brunette, he asks in a worried voice ‘‘Where is he?!’’. Yet, his partner only points with his chin at the acoustic guitar. Surely, poor Oreo’s terrified big eyes and his lowered ears, along with as crouching while holding his black tail close to his body, nearly torn the redhead’s heart. The only thing he could do is call the tuxedo kitten in a silent and pitiful voice. However, soon enough, Iori desperately demands Kyo ‘‘Give it to me! You… go and get the pliers! Now!’’. Without any second doubt, Kusanagi nods and carefully passes the guitar into Yagami’s hands. After standing up, and walking to the door, Kyo softens his gaze, ‘‘I’ll be back soon. Just wait for me.’’. Lastly, the redhead was alone.

It didn’t take long enough, and the brunette return to the study room. To his surprise, Iori calmed down, and he was comforting Oreo. Now, Kyo just exhales and gently taps the redhead’s shoulder with the pair of pliers, ‘‘Here you go.’’. It was followed by Yagami raising his hand and taking the pliers without looking at the brunette. At moments like this, Iori takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. He knew he had to do this because the little furry fellow’s life was more precious and important than anything else in this world. After opening his eyes, Yagami brings the pliers closely to the first string of the guitar. Finally, the metal claws were about to cut the strings. One sudden cut — now, Oreo was one step closer to being safe. String after the string and the poor kitten’s was set free.

After placing the pliers and guitar on the floor, Iori scratches the pants’ material with one of his fingers while calmly calling the cat in tuxedo ‘‘Oreo, you can come out. It’s safe now. No one will harm you’’. Surely, it took a while until Oreo carefully lifts his head and observes his surroundings with his big golden eyes. However, as he notices how Yagami was patiently waiting for him, Oreo just stares at him. It was followed by the redhead continuing to encourage the kitten ‘‘Oreo, it’s okay. You can do it.’’. It appears that it was enough for Oreo to place his white paws on the guitar. As he lets out a loud trill, Oreo jumps and escapes from his prison while, with his black tail lifted, he rushes towards Iori. Lastly, the kitten in a tuxedo rubs his cheeks against one of Yagami’s legs.

As the redhead placed his hand above the Oreo, the kitten stands on the tips of his paws. After receiving a head-pat, Oreo blissfully closes his eyes and enjoys how Iori strokes his tiny back. As Oreo was rubbing his cheek against the redhead's thighs, this human pampers him in the affection. Eventually, the kitten starts to purr and knead his front claws into Yagami's leg. At first, Oreo stared at Iori with his golden eyes, like asking for permission from his adored human. However, once the redhead carefully moves his leg that it would be more convenient, Oreo climbs on top of Iori's lap. In the end, the kitten in a tuxedo curls into a ball and rests. Meanwhile, his tiny “motor engine” is still turned on. Certainly, seeing how this little ball of fluff was safe and happy, was one of the best things, which were precious for Iori.

Meanwhile, one certain brunette just silently observes this scene by covering his mouth with his hand, and without realizing starting to blush. It seems that seeing his partner gently smiling, relieved Kyo and glad that finally, everything was fine now. Yet, the only thing, which he was regretting — not having a camera near him and record this tender moment. However, the Kusanagi heir just walks closely to the redhead and squats. As he pats Iori’s shoulder, the brunette speaks up in a nearly purring tone ‘‘C’mon, you gonna catch a cold and get sore legs, if you’ll sit like this. So, take Oreo with you, and let’s go back to bed.’’. Lastly, as Yagami carefully picks Oreo into his arms and stands up, the kitten lets out the trilling noise. Yet, Oreo doesn’t seem to mind being lifted, and he just wanted to rest close to his precious human while enjoying being bathed in Iori’s attention.

A/N: Now ,for a while I gonna take a break and just work on OC content, 'cos I missed helluva a lot working on my gals
story, and then on Curse of Darkness fic and get a huuuge hammer-smash into the Feels x'D (I don't wanna do it, but I had to... so, I already feel bad for what about to happen to these two precious devil forge-masters ╥﹏╥ )
So, as always - see you next time!~
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