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Zoo Date

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A small domestic moment between Gabriel and his partner Sam. Sam has trouble choosing an outfit for their zoo date. Gabriel is patient and sweet.

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“Hey Sam! What’re you up to? I was think if your free we could go to the zoo- holy fuck”

Gabriel had come to his partners apartment to see if Sam wanted to go to the zoo with him. He had used his key which he did quite often. He expected his lover to be up and dressed for the day. What he didn’t expect to see when he walked into the bedroom is to see Sam wearing a very flattering pink slip dress looking and laying out they’re clothes for the day. They looked so wonderful. Long legs out on display, broad shoulders, hair brushed and fluffy looking. Oh, Gabriel loved them so so so much.

Sam looked back at him. Smiling.

“Hi babe! I’m not quite ready for the day but you can come on in. Yeah come on you can help me pick an outfit! I love the zoo!” Sam looked a bit excited about it. It made Gabe’s heart melt.

“Okay sweetheart, by the way you look real cute right now. Fem day huh?” Gabriel said as he took a seat by Sam on the bed. Sam was standing. They bent down to kiss Gabe’s forehead. Sam was blushing a bit.

“Masc day. Just like this dress to get ready in. It’s comfy.” Sam said as he reached for a shirt he had laid out.

“God you’re just perfect. Always cute. You are always cute.” Gabriel watched Sam walk back to his closet.

“How about that warm hoodie and some jeans? It’s kinda chilly out today. Oh maybe your black boots. Look I wore mine! We can match!” Gabriel suggested as he kicked his feet up to show his black combat boots.

Sam hummed as he picked up a pair of black thick leggings and a black hoodie with a big rose on the back.

“I was thinking this hoodie and my longish red skirt. I’ll wear my boots too. What’d you think?” Sam said as he held up the red skirt. It was a nice thick skirt that fell a bit past his knees. Gabriel liked that skirt a lot, it looked great on his partner.

“With leggings under? Don’t want you to get cold or sick.” Gabriel said and looked head over heels. Adoration heavy in his eyes as he looked at Sam.

“Yeah with the leggings. Stay here while I get dressed. I'll be right back.” Sam said as he gathered the chosen clothes.

Gabriel sat and waited patiently. Looking around Sam’s room. His bookshelves and tidy desk. All his law books and pictures.

“I don’t think I wanna go out in this.” Sam said as he walked out. He didn’t look very confident or happy. He looked amazing but he didn’t look pleased. He was kinda pouting and looked down at himself. He looked at Gabe with a questioning glance.

“That’s okay baby. Wear whatever you want. Are you sure you wanna go out to the zoo today? We could just hang out here.” Gabriel said. Sometimes dysphoria would make it so Sam didn’t wanna go out. And Gabriel was perfectly okay with it.

“I really wanna go out but maybe in something else. Maybe... jeans. Loose jeans. Yeah you were right I think jeans. My blue button up. Or-or my cream color sweater. What do you think? Is that a good outfit for the zoo?” Sam looked a little hesitant.

“What about those dark jeans? Those are nice and loose fitting and your button up under your sweater. Then you won’t need a jacket. I think that would be a very cute outfit. And you could still wear your boots. Wanna try it?” Gabriel looked at Sam with such soft eyes. So much love. Gabriel was always patient.

Sam nodded and gathered the clothes and changed right there. Gabriel didn’t look too much. He did admire Sam’s back and arms when he pulled his shirt off but he looked away after that.

“Oh much better. Much more comfortable! How’s this Gabey?” Sam looked much happier and he stood up straighter and overall looked more pleased with himself.

“You look just amazing, babydoll! We can pick up some snacks and drinks on our way there.” Gabriel said as Sam snapped on his Blue bracelet.

“Let’s go!” Sam said happily as he grabbed Gabriel’s hand and kissed him.
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