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Scrambley Eggs

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Little!Will is having an off day. But Daddy always makes it better

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Will was unusually small today. Maybe it was because he had been so busy lately maybe it was his lack of eating or maybe it was just a time. Hannibal didn’t know. He did however know that Will was very fussy, but that was to be expected, and very needy. Will had started his day by falling down in the hallway and crying for an hour while Hannibal bathed him and dressed him.

Will hadn’t wanted to get very far from his daddy either. Hannibal changed into his day clothes and Will didn’t wanna have a door between them. Hannibal went to cook breakfast and Will didn’t wanna sit at the table. He wanted to be right next to daddy.

So Will sat on the floor and chewed on the collar of his shirt, well until Hannibal seen him doing so and popped a teether in his mouth.

“Come will. I made you simple scrambled eggs. Baby likes scrambley eggs doesn’t he” Hannibal said as he placed Will on his hip. Hannibal said the last sentence in a silly high voice and Will giggled a bit.

Will was far too little to talk but he babbled and made small noises. Right now he was wiggling and making unsatisfied noises.

Hannibal walked towards the table as he felt a few tears on his shoulder.

“Will? Baby what’s wrong? Do you want a bottle and not the eggs?” Hannibal said as he pushed Wills head up to look at his face. Will just pouted brattily as a few tears slid down his face.

“Oh silly Will. You better cheer up before Daddy has to shake that sad out of you!” Will just pouted more and scrunched his eyebrows together.

“Okay then...” Hannibal said and Will looked confused for a moment before he was being bounced up and down on daddy’s hip. Will burst out in giggles and laughs. Hannibal kept bouncing until they got to the table where breakfast was sat.

“There much better! I love to see baby smile.”
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