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Baby Cas and his Owl

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Uncle Sammy gives Little!Castiel a big stuffed owl and oh boy, it sparks something in Castiel. Dean is really in it now because these Shemllow things? Cas loves em

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“Okay baby, time for uncle Sammy’s gift. Say thank you.” Dean smiled at his baby.

His birthday boy. It was Cas’s birthday and everyone had come around earlier when he was still being a big boy. Only a few people waited until after everyone else left so they could give the babe presents. Sam, Gabriel, Charlie, Uncle Noodle (Garth) and of course Papa Bobby.

Charlie got him a new white button up for Big Cas and a new bumble bee bath headband for little Cas. Papa got Cas a box of socks and a new blanket. Uncle Noodle got him some knick knacks and a few new movies. Gabriel got Cas a bath set and some pajamas because little Cas loves pajamas and wears his out frequently. Sam got him some baking pans and now this gift. This was the last gift before daddy’s. But daddy said he had to get his in private.

“Tank coo” Cas said as his daddy handed him a big box wrapped in yellow wrapping paper. Uncle Sammy was sitting next to Dean on Cas’s left. Cas clumsily tore away the paper to reveal a plain brown box. He popped the top off of it and reached inside.

He touched something very very soft and excitedly grabbed and pulled the kinda hefty object up and out.

Cas let out a big loud squeal at the sight! He pulled out a big blue squishy soft owl plush! Cas automatically pulled it close to him and hugged it.

“Woah Sam, where’d you find that?” Dean asked as he leaned over to his brother. Sam was smiling happily as he watched Cas look and pet and rub his face on the new plushy.

“Seen it online. They’re like really popular. Squishmallow or something like that. Good for sensory sensitive kids. Everyone loves em” Sam said to his brother who nodded. Dean would have to check it out.

Cas was currently cooing lightly and rubbing his face on the new toy. He just started really liking stuffed animals.

“Daddy! Daddy! Look at what Uncle got me! Owl! Owl!” Cas said lifting up the almost two foot tall toy to Dean.

“I see baby! You like it?” Dean said in his daddy voice which was just lighter and not as harsh.

“Love it! Thank you Uncle Sam! Thank you! Thank you!” Cas said and got up from his seat in the floor to run over and engulfed his uncle in a big hug. Sam hugged back and patted Cas’s back.

“You’re welcome, Little Man.” Sam said and Cas went back to his pile of gifts and gift wrapping trash smiling holding his new favorite thing.

Soon enough Dean learned that Cas really likes his owl. Cas called it Owl and Owl went everywhere with him. Everywhere.

Getting changed after an accident? Owl would sit on the changing table. Getting a bath? Owl sat on the floor next to the door as to not get wet. Eating a snack after coloring? Owl had its own plate and would usually get one of whatever Cas was eating (Cas would eat owls food too but he didn’t tell daddy that). When Cas was watching Tv or coloring or doing anything at all, Owl would sit next to him.

Big Cas even still liked the thing. “I like the color” Cas would claim as he carefully sat the toy on their bed at night or after he finished making the bed in the mornings.

Three months after Owl joined the family Cas got another gift. This one from Charlie. She walked into the basement of the Novak-Winchester residence holding a big brown box.

“Little Bumble, I got something for you!” She called out. Dean followed her down the stairs to where Cas and Owl was laying on his back in just a pull up and big yellow hoodie watching Total Drama Island. Cas perked up and sat up.

“Hi ‘arlie” Cas said behind his fingers which where almost permanently place in his mouth no matter how many pacifiers and teethers Dean bought.

“Hey come here I got you something.” Charlie sat down on the couch a little ways away from the TV.

Cas wobbly crawled over to her and sat on his butt in front of her on the floor. Dean stood in the door way watching.

“Here we go. Daddy over there already cut the tape so you can go ahead!” Charlie said looking over at Dean smiling. Cas got all wiggly excited and pulled at the box flaps. He gasped at what was inside.

“It like Owl! Cow! Cow!” Cas squealed and pulled the squishy cow plush to his chest he rolled over onto his back and stretched to grab Owl.

“Lookie Daddy! Owl hab friend!” Cas was squealing and rolling with joy holding the two plushies. Charlie was glowing.

“You like it, Bumble?” Charlie asked even though she knew the answer.

“Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank you thank you thank you!” Charlie was then smushed a bit by a quite large baby and his two favorite plushies.

“Hey baby you know Charlie can’t hold you like that.” Dean rushed over. Charlie wouldn’t say a word but Cas was too heavy.

Cas slipped off her lap and onto the couch beside her.

“Sorry” Cas said but didn’t quit smiling and holding his toys.

“I’m so happy you like it!” Charlie said to Cas while looking at Dean.

Now MooMoo sat with Owl. Everywhere. Cas would show everyone the two plushies whenever anyone came over.

Everyone knew Cas LOVED them. And Dean sensed soon the babe would have many more of these shmellow things.

Papa brought him a lion with a fuzzy mane.

Gabriel brought him a big fat pink cat.

Garth got him a green dinosaur with orange spikes down it’s back.

But Dean? Dean was the worst of all. He got Cas every single squashmallow he saw.

Soon Cas had his nursery filled up with the things. Small ones to play with and bigger ones he cuddles and big huge round ones that he uses as pillows all perfectly soft. When Cas was grumpy and fighting littlespace Dean would go to their bedroom and get Cas’s Owl. It never failed to put Cas into a floaty and happy headspace.

Cas ended up with well over thirty little animals. And when they brought home another baby named Jack... well Cas shared.

All except Owl and MooMoo.
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