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Hannibal is such a daddy

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Doctor Hannibal Lecter is a daddy and everyone knows it. Everyone knows he is the most perfect caregiver but he has no littles of his own. But what happens when he learns Will Graham is a Little?

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No one knew Will was a little. Everyone knew Hannibal was a daddy though. Everyone wanted Hannibal to be their daddy. He was brilliant, strong, handsome, and had a big house and a big nest. But no one ever saw a nursery . Or a nursing room. Or a little.

Hannibal was known for his dinner parties. He was known to invite not only caregivers and minx (people who are neither caregivers or little) but also littles. He usually had large dinner parties where he would cook perfectly adult meals for his big guests and then in the side room that had no sharp or hard things that the small ones could get hurt on, he would serve his little meals.

He would usually stay with the littles while everyone else ate. He would wash their faces and hands. He would help them eat and throw their trash away. He would change their diapers and put them down for naps. He would leave and serve the next course to the adults and go straight back to the littles. Usually one or two other caregivers but Hannibal never asked anyone to help.

Everyone knew Dr. Hannibal Lecter was a daddy. But no one knew Will Graham was a little.

No one could look around his house and know he’s a little. He had no soft colored walls or snuggly blankets or dvd collection of cartoons and Disney movies. He didn’t have a crib or sippy cups or binkies or diapers or a rocking chair. You could search his house and the only thing that might point towards him being a little is his one pair of fuzzy snuggly socks. And those were plain black.

That was until he had met Hannibal. And Hannibal came to his house.

“Will you have such a... are you a minx?” Hannibal said as he looked around Will’s very plain home. Will had invited Hannibal over to help on a case.

Will just looked at Hannibal from the kitchen where he was getting them both glasses of water. Or rather cups of water since Will didn’t drink out of glass.

“No I’m not a minx. The files on the table. There’s pictures just spread out.” Will said as he showed Hannibal to his dinner table.

“Oh! You’re not a minx? I didn’t take you for a caregiver. Well perhaps to your dogs! They look so healthy and playful.” Hannibal said conversationally. He knew Will might just be an ace caregiver. Someone who doesn’t care for relationships but has caregiver instincts.

“I’m not a caregiver, I just like dogs.” Will said plainly. As if he just said he had on blue socks.

Hannibal froze. Not a minx. Not a caregiver. That meant. No it can’t be.

“You’re a little? But you live alone and you have no. You have nothing!” Hannibal said in a fit. If Will was a little why did he not have any color of little things. Hannibal thought maybe he hid it all.

Will sighed loudly. He knew he shouldn’t have told. Will had had a caregiver before. When he was just old enough to leave his family. She was nice and cared about his health. But she was vain and didn’t like the way he looked. She wanted to always have him waxed and when they bonded to have his body hair laser removed. He used to get in trouble for not having his everything shaved or waxed. So when she left him because he wanted his beard, he never tried to get another.

“Yes Hannibal, I’m a little. No, I don’t have anything. I don’t really, uh, I don’t really regress all that often. And when I do I’m not all that little.” Will tried to sound uninterested but failed. He just sounded sad.

When he really let go he was tiny. Practically an infant. Most littles were toddler age. Dependent but not completely. Will expected Hannibal to drop it and assume, just like Jack, that he could care for himself. What he didn’t expect was-

“Oh we’ll go ahead I’ll just be going over the case. I have a little bag in my car, would you like if I brought it for you?” Hannibal said cheerily. He just loved caring for littles. Especially if that little was Will. Hannibal already had a soft spot for the shorter man. Will looked shocked for a moment.

“You don’t- you don’t have to put up with me right now. It’s okay you don’t need to do anything I’m just. I’m capable.” Will tried to get together a congruent thought.

Hannibal was already walking back towards the door. He stopped and slipped off his jacket at the door.

“Nonsense Will. I’m here, the dogs are all here, you can relax. I’ll take care of everything.” And Hannibal stepped out the door. Will stood in shock. Hannibal always acted like this. Did what he wanted. But this was different.

No one ever did that. Just cared. Will was a capable FBI agent and teacher. He wasn’t helpless. Maybe he was. Maybe he was just helpless to Hannibal.

Will contemplated letting the doctor actually know how small he got when he regressed. It wouldn't hurt to let the doctor know… Hannibal loved littles. All littles. Will isn’t special, he’s just another little doll to feed Hannibal’s caregiving needs.

Hannibal returned with a blue duffel bag in tow. He smiled and walked past Will to the couch.

“Here we go! It’s just a small kind of emergency bag, but it will serve its purpose. Do you want a sippy or a blanket? Do you have wifi? I could hook up my laptop and you could watch some cartoons.” Hannibal said in a lighthearted happy way. Will just stood still and overwhelmed at the soft colorful items Hannibal pulled from the bag. Hannibal turned and saw the special agent clenching his fists and breathing quicker than he should be and came to his side.

“Will, are you alright? Did I overwhelm you? I’m so sorry, I just got excited. I should have stayed calmer. I’m sor-” He was cut off by a low whine.

“‘M too small for that. I’m um I’m not like most littles, Hannibal. I get too small. Now please just… just look at the damn case files.” Will said and tried to keep the tears from rolling down his face but failed miserably. Hannibal nodded and rubbed Will’s shoulder as he turned to the gorish photographs.

Will stayed still for a few minutes before venturing a few steps closer to the white blanket that had been placed on the arm of his couch. He ran the very tips of his fingers over it, feeling the amazingly soft fabric. He looked back at Hannibal who was looking at the case files.

Will looked at the blue sippy cup for a moment before leaning and looked down into the bag. There were diapers, pacifiers, wet wipes, and rolled up changing mats. There were snacks and water as well. He then spotted what looked like the lag of a stuffed animal. Maybe a bear or a dog. Will felt more adventurous, he was slipping, if only a bit but he was slipping just seeing the supplies.

Will moved the pack of wet wipes over to see the stuffed animal more clearly. It was a dog. A light brown one with dark brown spots. It was made from what felt like thick flannel material and had plain black eyes and a black nose that was embroidered on. ‘This is a baby toy’ flashed through Will’s mind as he picked up the doggy. The thought was washed away by the thoughts of snuggling the small toy while he slept. Will held the dog up to his chest and petted it. He was slipping further.

“Do you like it?” Hannibal said from the arm of the couch. Will hadn’t even noticed him in his fogged headspace. Will nodded his head and brought the toy up to his face to rub his scruffy cheek against it. Hannibal smiled and moved slowly as he dragged his bag closer to him.

“Maybe he can sleep over here tonight. Do you want the doggy to sleep over tonight?” Hannibal said in a soft voice and looked at Will’s eyes. Will smiled and his eyes flashed up to the older man’s. Will bounced a little bit on the balls of his feet.

“Yes pwease! I um… I wike da doggy. Hims so soft.” Will said as he rubbed the stuffed animal across his lips and nose. Will was swaying slightly. He usually didn’t walk all that much when he was little. Hannibal noticed and put his hand on Will’s upper arm. He pushed slightly, guiding the wobbly man to sit on the couch. Will happily held the toy close to his face as he plopped down onto the couch and smiled. Will chewed on his bottom lip slightly.

“Yeah, he is soft. I saw you touching the blankie too. Do you want that too? You can have anything you want.” Hannibal said as he held the blanket and duffel bag toward the little. Will had started rubbing the toy against his lips more, almost mouthing at the dark brown ear.

Will took a deep breath. It had been so long, too long, since he let himself relax. Since anyone had wanted to take care of him. He felt his eyes wet and just didn’t have the power to pull himself out, to make himself big. The tears started slow but after a few seconds Will was a sobbing puddle on the couch holding onto the doggy toy.

Hannibal hurriedly sat down next to the younger man and pulled him close so the outsides of their thighs were squeezed together. Will turned and pressed his face into the expensive fabric of Hannibal’s dress shirt. Hannibal shushed and moved so Will could scoot closer to him and Hannibal could rub at the little’s back.

“Oh Will… I know a deprived baby when I see one. Come on, let's get you all comfy. Poor baby…” Hannibal said and rocked side to side while Will started to calm a bit. When Hannibal pulled back and saw Will’s snotty tear covered face his caregiver instincts took over and his heart broke for the poor boy.

Will pouted and sniffled and held his stuffed animal close to his chest while Hannibal reached over and grabbed the bag and blanket. Hannibal took a tissue out from a side pocket of the bag and wiped away at Will’s face. Will sat still and looked at Hannibal with big round dazed eyes.

“You do too much Will. Too much for Jack, too much big stuff. You live in this big house with no supplies. I can’t believe it. After we have a big chat I can take you home and really take care of you.” Hannibal muttered, really more to himself than the special agent. He watched Will melt further into headspace, his shoulders relaxed, his eyes closed a bit tiredly, and he brought the doggy up to his lips again and mouth lightly at the ear. Hannibal cleaned his face with a wet wipe and dried his face with another tissue.

“Will, baby, do you want to change? You don’t need these icky clothes on if you don’t want them. How small are you?” Hannibal asked and slipped off the couch to kneel in front of Will on the floor. Will just shifted around and looked at him with an uncomfortable look on his face. Hannibal nodded. Too small to talk. Diaper, Dummy, and some cuddles. Thought the caregiver as he studied the boy for a moment. Will was fidgeting his toes against each other and chewing on the soft ear of the dog and drooling a bit.

“‘lil. ‘ungry.” Will muttered, his mouth not leaving the soft fabric. Hannibal smiled. So cute! Hannibal rubbed Will’s knees and stood up.

“Okay then Will! How about you go through that bag and you put everything you want right here.” Hannibal explained slowly and simply. He pointed and patted the cushion opposite to the duffel. Will nodded and his hands went to the duffle bag, doggy left to fall into his lap. Hannibal smiled. “I will go make you up a bottle. I can feed you while you watch some cartoons. Stay here and pick out what you want, baby.” Hannibal finished by fluffing up Will’s hair. Will made a happy little noise before shifting through the bag.

Hannibal grabbed up a blue baby bottle, which was much larger than an actual baby’s bottle since it was made for littles, and made his way to the meager kitchen. He shook his head at the nearly empty fridge and scarce cupboards. The little had more dog food than human food. Hannibal eventually found a can of sweetened condensed milk in what looked to be an emergency cupboard. Hannibal made quick work of mixing the sweet syrupy liquid into the bottle alongside the almost expired milk he had found in the fridge. Will certainly needed the extra calories and would most likely not mind the extra sweetness.

While Hannibal whipped up a bottle Will happily pulled all sorts of things out of the duffel bag. He smiled as he pulled out diapers and pacifiers and pulled the blankie into his lap. He dug around until he found a pair of thick fuzzy socks. Will then picked up his doggy and put it’s ear back in his mouth and wiggled his feet around some. He was small, smaller than he had been in months, years probably, but he wasn’t fully there. He was still fighting it, forcing himself to move his hands and feet and keep his motor function up.

But the moment Hannibal came over to him flipping a bottle full of milk, he slipped. His fingers felt all gummy and loose, his tongue felt big in his mouth, and his body felt wiggly and soft. Hannibal noticed and smiled as he sat on the edge of the small couch and put the duffel bag on the floor.

“Do you want to come sit in my lap? Want me to hold you?” Hannibal asked but Will was already struggling to wiggle over to the older man. Hannibal helped him by dragging him up to sit across his thighs and rest his back against the arm of the couch. Will smiled and thunked his head against Hannibal's solid chest.

“Open up darling. It’s sweet, you’ll like it.” Hannibal said and Will latched onto the nipple of the bottle and sucked down the sweet milk enthusiastically.

Hannibal smiled and felt calm. These moments always calmed him, stroked that caring need in his chest. But now was different. With Will it was always different no matter what ‘it’ was. Hannibal never felt that urge to really feel the babies though. That need to feel their heart beats, their breaths, their skin. But right now, Will in his lap getting healthy and safe off of Hannibal’s efforts, the psychiatrist felt that urge. He used the hand that wasn’t helping the baby hold onto the bottle to rub up at the artery in Will’s neck. Hannibal breathed in and out alongside Will for a moment as he counted each thump of his heart.

When Will finished the bottle he slumped against Hannibal's chest. Which would have helped calm that urge Hannibal felt in his chest if not for the goddamned layers between them. The caregiver decided that there needed to be many less layers between them.

“Here you sit right here for a moment. Let’s get this off of you…” Hannibal said as he slid Will off of him and to the side and slipped his flannel off once he unbuttoned it a few leaving him bare chested. Hannibal then unbuttoned his vest and undid his tie, leaving him in a plain dress shirt. Hannibal also shifted his hips up to slip his belt off. He folded up the clothes and up them on the coffee table.

Will whined and chewed on the stuffed animal again. Hannibal smiled and hauled the baby back into his lap. Feeling his skin and seeing his chest rise and fall made Hannibal feel more satisfied with each intake. Hannibal grabbed the blanket, socks, and pacifier over to them. He pulled the fabric away from Will’s lips.

“Here we go baby… Suck on this and I’ll put on your cozy socks. Then you can take a nice nap. I see how sleepy you are. You poor little thing, poor baby.” Hannibal mumbled as he pulled Will’s feet up and slipped the socks on and unrolled the soft blanket.

Hannibal laid back and Will nuzzled a bit into his chest, relishing in the warmth that seeped into his bare skin. Soon Hannibal felt Will’s breathing slow and even. Soon enough Hannibal decided Will would be coming to his home more frequently. How could he not have noticed this perfect baby hiding away for so long...
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