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Chapter 2: Babies make mistakes

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Chapter Two

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Will slept. Slept for longer than he had in so long when he woke up it felt like he had woken up from a coma. But when he woke up he felt… gross. Different. He felt like he was drowning somewhere between being big and being tiny which was a very bad feeling. Will opened up his eyes to see the wall of his bedroom but but he didn’t want to see the stark white wall. So he rolled and snuggled into the warm whatever he was laying, burying his face into the red fabric that covered it. It was breathing. A chest then.

Will spayed his hands across the dense muscled chest that he laid on. He rubbed back and forth on the fabric trying to soothe himself back to the good happy headspace he craved.

“Are you having fun there sweetheart? You slept so well after I got you changed. How do you feel?” Hannibal said which caused Will to look up at him with a confused look. With his eyebrows drawn together in confusion Will cocked his head to the side and looked up at Hannibal.

“What you mean?” Will asked before yawning and rubbing at his eyes. Hannibal scooted the little a bit farther away from his body. Will let out a whine at the loss of contact.

“You don’t remember? Poor baby. You had an accident on me when we were on the couch. I changed you and you wanted to come up here.” Hannibal said and looked down at himself and then at Will’s lap.

It took Will much longer than usual to realize. He was wearing a pair of sleep pants and… and something padded. A diaper encased his bottom and wrapped around his hips. He also noticed Hannibal had changed into his ‘emergency’ clothes. A red sweater and a pair of soft jeans.

Then it hit him. He had an accident . While cuddling with Hannibal. Meaning he had an accident on Hannibal. Will started to panic and tear up. He started to breathe a bit faster.

“I had an accident… on- on Hammimal..? I’m- I’m so sorry! I’m sorry! I got you all icky and you… I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Daddy please don't be mad I'm sorry!” Will said and started to shove off and away from the caregiver and Hannibal stayed calm and let him. Will drew his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. Will rocked back and forth muttering apologies and sobbed. Hannibal felt his heart jump. He said it. He cracked.

“Will, I don’t mind. Babies wear diapers for a reason. I don’t mind at all to clean you up and get you padded. Will, sweetheart, you didn’t do anything wrong. You’re such a good boy. Why don’t you come over here so I can help you. I care very much for you Will.” Hannibal said in a concerned, soft voice. Will sniffled and looked up at the caregiver. He felt so small. So small, all padded and sleep warmed.

“Are you still too small? You really do get so tiny… You must need so much more coddling, you precious little thing.” Hannibal said as he leaned forward and pulled the pliant man back into his lap. Will balled up and cried loudly into Hannibal’s chest. He felt so… detached.

The psychiatrist decided that indeed that even though the little was shirtless he himself felt too far away from the distressed baby. So he eliminated a layer, his shirt. He leaned forward, careful to get just enough distance to pull the shirt up and off of his head.

When Will’s head made contact with the warm bare chest he relaxed and quieted. Hannibal rubbed up and down Will’s back. Will made a content noise and rubbed his face against the haired chest.

“You poor thing. You just need some skin love huh? So deprived of affections. Babies shouldn’t be neglected like this. I will never let you get this… hungry. This neglected. Poor baby, my poor baby…” Hannibal said in a gentling voice as he rubbed at Will’s back.

While Will couldn’t comprehend a single syllable of what Hannibal was saying, he brought his hands to the exposed skin of Hannibal’s stomach. Will rubbed and scratched at the hair that covered most of his abdomen and chest. Will smiled and relaxed completely against Hannibal. Soon he felt the caregiver pull the back of his diaper back, then put it back and pat his butt. Will soon fell asleep with his fingers woven through Hannibal’s hair.

Hannibal promised that if Big Will let him, the babe would come get pampered at his house.
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