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Chapter 3: Part three

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An invitation?

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“Will. I can tell when you’re awake. And I can definitely tell when you are not little.” Hannibal says after sitting with a frozen still Will in his lap.

Will had woken up Big. Big and embarrassed. Embarrassed that he had been so vulnerable in front of Hannibal, that he had an accident in front of his friend (nonetheless ON his friend), and that he had touched Hannibal so… inappropriately.

“I’m sorry, Hannibal. I’m sorry you had to see that. I don’t understand why I slipped like that, it was very unprofessional and I'm really sorry.” Will said quickly as he scrambled to get away from the caregiver who had been so tender to him. Will found a pair of jeans and rapidly pulled the comforting padded fabric away off of his hips and slid the harsh denim on. Will grimaced as the soft texture of the diapers was replaced with the rough feel of the denim, Will almost let out a whine and he almost floated back down into headspace. But Will was too stubborn to be happy. He fought against his nature, and Hannibal just watched on. It broke his heart to see such a wonderful little baby fight and struggle.

“Will, you don’t need to apologize. You know I love y- I love taking care of littles. Especially you Will. You were so nice, so sweet. Why do you fight it so much Will? You could have asked me anytime to help you regress. I’m your friend.” Hannibal said and sat up and stood up. Hannibal kept his distance from the distressed little. Will was looking around for a shirt and looking quite nervous.

“I don’t regress! I do not regress. I am a capable FBI special agent who can take care of himself. I am not a baby. I do not need help from you.” Will said in a steady defensive way. Hannibal sighed. Of course he’s like this. Will stumbled up to stand and dug around until he found a shirt.

“Okay, okay. Then I’m sorry that I pushed you into headspace. I’ll collect my things and leave. I am truly sorry I overreached and crossed boundaries while you were regressed. I hope you can forgive me.” Hannibal said and pulled on his sweatshirt. He then grabbed the soft blanket that had been wrapped around the baby. He turned and walked to the door, folding the blanket as he went.

He heard Will shift toward him but the caregiver didn’t stop. This is what Will would need. Will needed to break, to crumble, to fall out around himself and leave himself raw and open for Hannibal to tend to. Hannibal counted as he walked. Three steps to the door, two steps, and he reached for the door knob.

“Wait! Hannibal, I’m sorry. I just… it’s hard for me… No one ever wants to take care of me and when you just offered so openly I just… I over indulged and I-I-I I had an accident and I got you all messy and I-I I feel like I overstepped. I mean look at me. I’m not your usual little. You don’t need to pretend to see me as a normal regressor.” Will said he looked so defeated standing there in rumpled clothes and marks on his face from sleeping. Hannibal walked over and took Will’s jaw into his grasp.

“William Graham, I see you as a strong independent FBI agent, a perfect specimen of nature’s true beauty, and a delicate fragile little who needs to be broken down and mended, preferably by my capable hands. You can be many things at once, Will.” Hannibal said while watching Will’s face. The agent’s eyes sparkled with old tears and he sniffled and nodded. It was so easy for him. It was so easy to just let Hannibal do what he wants. Will let out a small “yes” and Hannibal bent down to plant a small kiss onto Will’s brow.

“Good boy” was muttered into Will’s soft skin. Will melted. He forgot everything he was doing before this moment. This moment of promise.

“Will, mylimasis, come to my house. Come let me pamper you. Let me take you down and fray your raw edges. Let me put you back together. At least come over and let me feed you a good meal. Please, tonight.” Hannibal said as he backed off just enough to let Will move. Will moved and ducked his head so his hair was tickling at Hannibal’s chin. Will let out a loud breath of air.

“Yes. Just… yes.” Will said and slumped into Hannibal’s solid chest. Hannibal wrapped his arms around the younger man. Will just breathed heavily from relief.

Tonight ...
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