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Chapter 4: Finale

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The end

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Hannibal left, promising to have everything prepared at 5p.m. Will waved awkwardly and nodded. It was almost noon now and he needed to put away the case file and bathe and feed the dogs and find some good-ish clean clothes. Will felt panicked. There was too much to do and what if Hannibal didn’t like what he wore or what if Hannibal thinks he stinks and what if daddy doesn’t think he’s cute anymore or what if Daddy hates him now?

Will had to stop quite a few times in the next four hours just to breathe and calm down and remember what Hannibal had said as he left.

“I won’t judge you Will. I care more about making you happy than you smelling like dog. Just relax. You could bathe at my place if you’d like…”

“Hannibal! I don’t want you to see me naked.”

“I already have, dear Will. I saw your cute little butt dimples and your back freckles.”

“I will shoot you.”

“See you later then mylimasis.”

And with a kiss to his cheek Hannibal was walking to his Bentley.

Will did everything he needed to and he ate a small snack. He made sure to wash twice and he actually spent time on his hair. He thought about shaving but… if Hannibal really liked him he wouldn’t mind. He manscaped a bit (just for a confidence boost) and finally he brushed his teeth and cleaned his ears. He got dressed in a cream color sweater and a pair of jeans and slipped on his shoes. He grabbed up the small stuffed doggy that Hannibal had made sure to let him keep. He was fidgety and nervous the entire time he made his way to Hannibal’s house.

At 4:52 Will stood in front of the large wooden doors and tugged at his sweater and his pants and almost turned around when the door opened. Will stood there with shoulders hunched and head hung low. Hannibal looked relaxed in his plain button down shirt and a pair of plain looking dark blue slacks.

“Come on then. Come inside. I tried to make you something nice and soft and war-” Hannibal said once Will had slipped into the door. Once the wooden doors shut Will hugged Hannibal’s back.

“ ‘m so nervous.” Will said quickly before his breath quickened. Hannibal almost laughed. Of course Will was already slipping.

“What a brave boy you are for telling me. No need to be nervous, my love. I already got you some softer clothes laid out and some nice warm applesauce and I can draw up a bath if you’d like? I have cartoons on the Tv also, so we can cuddle and watch a movie maybe?” Hannibal said and turned around in the younger man’s arms. He ran his hands through Will’s soft clean hair. Will looked up at him with his big puppy dog eyes.

“Can I eat? ‘M hungry. Wan Hammibal feed me… pretty prease?” Will said and looked into Hannibal’s eyes. He looked so nervous. Hannibal smiled and kissed Will’s forehead.

“Of course, dear. Come sit in the nursery. I’ll be right back. Here’s some other clothing option if you’d feel more comfortable out of your jeans.” Hannibal showed Will to a room that was attached to Hannibal’s own bedroom.

The walls were a light shade of green. There was a small twin bed with soft sky blue flannel sheets and pillows and a large set of white drawers. There was a television on the wall at the foot of the bed and there was a set of clothes laid out on the bed. Will nodded and walked over to the bed. He looked at the blue lamp that sat on the small bedside table. He looked around and noticed a few more things. A cloud shaped light on the wall beside the bed, the green wastebasket, and another door that was plain white. He looked at it curiously. Why would daddy need another nursery?

Finally Will looked at the clothes. There was a large green hoodie that had doggies all over it, a pair of green soft looking underwear, a pair of paperbag green shorts, and a pair of blue fluffy socks. Will smiled and bounced a bit on his feet. Soft clothes! Soft Clothes! Daddy got me special clothes!

Will quickly shucked off all his clothes and started putting on the wonderful soft clothes. He slipped on the underwear that were maybe a little too big but they were so comfy! Then he slid the shorts up his legs and wiggled his butt a little bit. They were also so comfy! Will smiled and giggled a bit. His head was so fuzzy and warm. He slipped the hoodie over his head and struggled for a moment to get it over his head and then struggled more to get his arms through the holes but he managed. He sat down on the floor to get his socks when he heard someone clear their throat. He looked up smiling at his daddy.

Hannibal stood in the doorway, he had been standing there since Will had put on the shorts. He had a bowl in his hands and had changed into a pair of sweatpants. He smiled as he watched the little work his way into the clothes. And his heart thumped against his chest when Will looked up at him with his tousled hair and big grin and his twinkling eyes.

“Hi daddy! I put em on my feets!” Will said and showed Hannibal his foot that had one half way on sock. Hannibal gasped and faked amazement.

“Wow! You did that all by yourself! Good job! Did you get dressed by yourself too?” Hannibal said as he put the bowl on the bedside and picked up Will’s clothes, folded them, and put them on top of the drawers. Will pulled on his socks all the way and smiled from the floor.

“I dids! Cam Daddy come help me ups though? Stuck.” Will said and raised his arms in an uppy motion. Hannibal happily walked over and lifted Will up onto the bed and then sat beside him. Will smiled and leaned onto him.

“Here baby eat and then we can watch a movie. Come you can sit between my legs and lean against me.” Hannibal explained and pulled the bowl and a spoon into his hands. He scooted back against the pillows and Will happily scooted till he was sitting in between his daddy’s legs and smiled. He was pressed against Hannibal’s chest and he could feel his daddy’s body heat.

Hannibal wrapped his arms around Will and held the bowl under his face and scooped up a spoonful of the warm cinnamony applesauce and brought it up to Will’s mouth. Will ate greedily until there wasn't any left. Then Will relaxed completely and Hannibal turned the TV on via remote. He flipped through Disney movies until Will saw WALL-E.

“I anna watch rubot movie pwease! And and and um… Can I have blanket please, daddy? ‘M kinda code” Will asked and wiggled a little against Hannibal’s chest. Hannibal laughed and pushed Will forward to sit up. Will whined and held still.

“Let me turn off the light and get a nice fuzzy blanket. Do you think you need a diaper again? Hannibal asked as he stood up. His joints popped a bit but it was worth it. Will blushed and thought for a moment as Hannibal turned off the overhead and got a fuzzy grey blanket from the drawers. He walked over and put the blanket on the end of the bed and turned on the cloud light beside the bed, it was dim.

“I fink so… I don’t anna mess up daddy’s nice bed…” Will said and looked down, never meeting Hannibal’s understanding gaze. Will rubbed his hands around the soft blue material that covered the bed. Hannibal moved so his knees were touching Will’s.

“It’s okay to want things like that, Will. you don’t always need a reason. But you can have a diaper either way. Come now, up.” Hannibal said and bent to kiss Will’s forehead and lift him up by his armpits. He got Will up on his hip and walked toward the white door. Will stared at Hannibal’s face with so much affection in his gaze it was heart stopping. Hannibal opened the door and Will looked at the new space.

There was a large changing table that was a dark green color with drawers under it. The walls here were all dark navy blue. There was a long counter that ran on the wall opposite of the changing table. The room was maybe twelve by ten but due to the lack of unnecessary objects it didn’t seem crowded. Will relaxed down as Hannibal flipped on the white overhead and laid him down on the padded surface. He didn’t feel nervous strangely enough.

Will held still and watched Hannibal with soft curiosity as he pulled the loose shorts down and off and pulled the oversized underwear off of his legs. He held still and watched as Hannibal pulled a nappy, powder, cream, and a wet wipe out from the drawers below. Will giggled a bit as Hannibal wiped him off and put the cream and powder on his parts. Hannibal smiled at the sound of the soft baby giggles. Will looked at Hannibal expectantly, waiting for the diaper to wrap around his hips but Hannibal was just standing there gazing down at him. He might have been saying something but ‘Daddy loves me I’m such a good baby’ washed around Will’s mind.

“Will, sweetheart, love, my sweet little baby, you need to lift your hips up.” Finally got through Will’s brain fuzz. Will lifted his hips up and the padded material was slipped under his butt. Hannibal smiled as he did up the sides and pulled the green shorts back up onto Will’s body.

Hannibal carried Will back out and over to the bed and snuggled him up in the grey blanket that was waiting for him. Will was far too small to realize that anything was happening as Hannibal laid against the pillows and pulled the swaddled baby into his lap. Will was already asleep by the time Hannibal turned on the movie.

By the time Will woke up in the morning Hannibal had already changed him once and he hadn't even known. Will woke up Big again. This time he wasn’t embarrassed, he was happy, relieved even. He put on his clothes from the day before and went to work. But he didn’t leave without a kiss to his forehead and promise of ‘ again. tonight’
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