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Sammy's latch

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Gabriel breastfeeds Little!Sam sometimes. It's nice.

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“Sam, sugardoll, come here, I got something special for you!”

Sam looked up from where he was laying on his back looking at the TV sideways. He was wearing his usual paper bag shorts and a loose t-shirt. Today it was a pair of blue shorts and a green shirt that had a cat on it.

“Mama? Mama time! Mama time!” Sam got all wiggly and happy and rolled over and shimmied his way over to the hoodie clad angel who was now sitting up on the bed.

Gabriel usually only wore this hoodie when he mojoed himself womanly parts. Not womanly parts. Breasts. Milk filled breasts so he could feed his baby. Sam could usually put two and two together to understand that when Gabriel wore this certain hoodie it meant he got to have mama’s yummy milk.

“Yes baby, mama time! Time for lunch. Up we go.” Gabriel said as he pulled the taller man up onto himself until his baby’s head was on his chest. Sam nuzzled and made happy little coos and grabbed at the bottom of the hoodie.

This wasn’t the first time Gabriel had done this. He often played with his appearance and the silly human idea of gender. Sometimes he just likes the weight on his chest other times he likes the feeling of his baby laying on his flat chest. And sometimes, much more often since Sam and him got into age play, he likes to mojo himself a pair of heavy round breasts filled with milk.

Sam nuzzled at his mama’s chest through the worn hoodie. Sam settled under Gabriel’s arm with his arm and leg wrapped around Gabriel’s other side. Gabriel pulled up the hoodie until it was wadded up under his chin. He then situated Sam and waited for him to latch on. Once Sam had a good suction and Gabriel could feel Sam swallowing the pale liquid, Gabriel pulled the hoodie all the way off.

Sam loved these moments. Moments where he was surrounded with love, healthy and protected. Sam sank even deeper into littlespace. Feeling the warmth that constantly radiated from the angel’s person always made Sam feel safe. Alongside with the comforting softness that surrounded the angel’s belly and thighs, Sam was usually cozy and sleepy by the time he needed to switch sides.

Gabriel also loved these times. He loves the fulfilling feeling that floods his soul when he cares for the human. He loves the feeling of Sam getting healthy off of him. He really really loves knowing that Sam would always get hungry again and come back. Gabriel could do without the nip pain and feeling like his tits were going to fall off and Sam occasionally biting him and leaking through shirts sometimes but he endured because it was worth the calm feeling wash over him each time Sam latched on.

Gabriel ran his hand through Sam’s hair. He spun it around his fingers and played with it. Once Sam started to stop swallowing and stopped sucking Gabriel tried to move him but Sam just whined around his nipple.

“Sammy, baby, my sweet little dumpling, do you want the other one?” Gabriel asked as he looked down at the baby on his chest. Sam had his eyes closed and his hand was resting on the angel’s stomach, he was squishing and petting at Gabriel’s soft tummy.

Gabriel sighed. Another little inconvenience about this activity: When Sam didn’t let go. Gabriel shifted so there was tension between his breast and Sam’s mouth, just enough to pull but not enough to where it hurt (Gabriel had already learned that lesson). He slipped his finger into the side of Sam’s mouth, ruining the suction. Sam whined loudly and opened his eyes to scowl at his mama.

“Mama! Noo- gimme.” Sam said and tried to latch back onto the same breast. Gabriel stopped him and pushed and shoved until Sam’s head was resting in the middle of his chest. Sam was now sitting across Gabriel’s lap and had access to the other, not as abused breast.

“This one baby. You can have this one.” Gabriel said and quickly reached down and grabbed up a blanket. The spit on his skin was starting to cool and he was cold as is. Sam happily attempted to latch but he had trouble. Gabriel pulled him back and moved so he placed his nipple into the baby’s mouth. Sam latched on then and started to pull the milk out and down his throat. Gabriel hummed and relaxed as he pulled the blanket up to cover Sammy and himself up to his chin. He left only the baby’s face out from under the blanket.

Soon Sam was fast asleep and Gabriel broke his suction and tried his best not to move the baby and mojoed the extra tissue away. They slept there for a long while.

Gabriel always liked this. Sleeping with his baby, tummy full and warm.
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