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Loosen Up

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Upon seeing Percy upset about Ron accidentally messing up his paper, Fred and George decide to help him get over it.

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Percy was beside himself after Ron accidentally knocked over an ink bottle on an assignment he was writing for his job at the Ministry. It had now been three days that he had been walking around with a sour look on his face and finally, the twins had enough.

"Seriously, loosen up, will you?" Fred said. "If you don't sit back and relax, you'll explode."

"Yeah." George echoed, as usual. "It's a proven fact. Just chill out."

"Will you two morons stop following me." Percy snapped. "Go outside and act like the feebleminded baboons you are."

That was it.

Percy's eyes widened as he looked and suddenly the twins tackled him to the ground.

"GAH! GET OFF OF ME!" He snarled, now trying to get free.

"Even though you are the oldest, you are no match for both of us." Fred grinned.

"If you all don't release me right now, so help me…" Percy squirmed, but in no way could make that twins budge.

"You are in no position to argue," George added. "Especially after Ron made you angry."

"And it's our job to cheer you up!" Fred smiled, reaching down and tickling Percy's ribs and stomach.


"Get his feet!"

Pulling off Percy's slippers, George then started running his fingers all over Percy's feet.


"Tickle! Tickle! Tickle!" George giggled. "We've got you big brother."

"And we may not stop for a while!" Fred smiled evilly.

Percy shook his head back and forth in ticklish agony as they tickled him to pieces. Twenty devious fingers were upon Percy's skin. He his shrill, high-pitched laughter continued, flailing like his life depended on it. Fred's fingers then traveled up, fluttered all around Percy's neck, traveling over the shells of his ears or down to his collarbones every once in a while.

George scratched his fingers at the top of Percy's foot, moving his fingers up and down, up and down, tickling Percy's feet.


"I don't think so, it appears you are the one who is at our mercy!" Fred smirked, now as they tickled Percy's feet, ears, neck, ribs, stomach, waist, and anywhere else that needed tickling.

After a minute, George held Percy's wrists down beside his head while Fred straddled Percy's waist, continuing to tickle-torture him.

"Stop!" Percy pleaded again between laughs. "AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHASSSTTOPPPP!AHAHA!"

His pleas went ignored as Fred continuing tickling his ribs and sides.

"Switch!" Fred then yelled after a minute and the twins got up and changed place, as Fred held Percy's wrists down while George sat down on top of him.

They continued this pattern for a good five minutes, until Fred felt like Percy had suffered sufficiently and finally stopped.

"Hopefully, this puts you in a better mood." Fred said as he and George got off their brother who was still slightly giggling.

The twins then did what Percy suggested and walked outside for some fresh air.

"Nice to see that he can actually laugh." George said to Fred. "I didn't know if that was possible."
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