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I'm Not an Addict

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Rewrite of an old fanfic. Drugs, sex, and rock 'n roll: that's how we roll. [Slash, Multiple Pairings]

Category: South Park - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Kenny, Other - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-10-24 - Updated: 2006-10-25 - 1674 words

.:It's not a habit, it's cool, I feel alive
If you don't have it you're on the other side
I'm not an addict
(Maybe that's a lie):.
/"I'm Not An Addict," K's Choice/

The best things in life, Tweek's father had often told him, are free.

His father, he decides in a moment of blind panic, doesn't know what the best things really are.

He shakes and shudders and man oh man, his wallet's never felt lighter and his pockets have never felt emptier than they do right now. It's a real pain in the ass to be out of money - especially when it meant he was going to be cut out of some very nice deals.

As he looks around for someone to hit up for cash - someone he hasn't already - he catches fiery red hair and realizes if anyone has money, it's the Student Treasurer of the school.

"H-Hey! Kyle!"

He shuffles through the crowd as the redhead stops and searches him out with his eyes. Tweek hesitates for a moment when he sees that it's not just Kyle, but the entire gang, and then keeps pushing on, meeting Kyle with a quick wave and a, "Do you have twenty bucks I could borrow?"

"Kyle's a fuckin' Jew!" Cartman exclaims, "Jews don't give anyone money!"

"Shut the fuck up, Cartman!" Kyle growls, grabbing for his wallet. Tweek's never been happier for Cartman's outburst.

"Um, are you okay, dude?"

Shit, shit shit!

Tweek looks to Kenny, who stares back in confusion. "You're shaking a lot more than usual," he continues, raising an eyebrow.

"Um, just too much coffee today!" the blonde winces, and a little bit of him wishes it was the truth.

"...Are you sure you're okay?" the other boy asks, almost worriedly but no one worries about Tweek.

"I'm /fine/, Kenny, its fine!"

The taller blonde crosses his arms but doesn't say anything as Kyle checks his wallet.

"Sorry, dude," the redhead sighs, "I only have a few ones. Everything's on my card nowadays..."

Tweek swears in his head and shakes his head in reality. "I-its okay, Kyle. No biggie."

He turns and decides that he's going to have to do something more drastic to get some goddamned cash, when a hand lands heavily on his shoulder as a judgment.

"Walk with me, Tweek," Kenny says easily, and the blonde is practically forced into compliance by the taller, stronger boy.

"W-What's up, Kenny?"

"What do you need twenty bucks for, exactly?" Kenny asks leisurely, "I got some money in my locker, but I gotta know what I'm investing in."

"J-Just paying off some stuff is all..."

Kenny sighs, looks around at the emptying hallway, and then mutters, "Which illicit drug am I funding you through, huh?"

"...I-Illicit drug? K-Kenny, I don't do d-drugs."

The other blonde rolls his eyes and says, quite easily considering the matter, "That shit's gonna fuck you up, Tweekster."

"I...I don't do d-d-drugs, Kenny."

"Why are you lying to me, Tweek?" Kenny sighs, "You know I know."

"...Y-You're not going to give me the money, are you?"

"Nope, I'm walking you home and telling your parents that you got an F on our last English exam, so they ground you and you can't go to your dealer."

It's said so casually that Tweek, at first, doesn't see any reason to argue. That is, until he realizes exactly what that means for him, in the end, and he jerks his arm away from the other and shivers.

"Why don't you want me to feel /good/, Kenny?" he cries, "Why doesn't anyone want me to feel /good/?!"

"It's not you that feels good," the older boy sighs, "Trust me here, I know."

"I-If you're n-not gonna give me any money I-I'm just g-gonna go!"

Tweek's head hurts and Kenny tells him, "You've gotta stop, dude; that shit's gonna fuck you up."

"Fuck you, f-f-fucking asshole!"


His head /aches/. He doesn't want to be here. "N-No... I-I'm going. I'm going. Don't talk to me, Kenny, I-I'm not going to talk to y-you anymore."

He pushes away from Kenny and turns, jogging down the now empty hall and towards the front doors, desperately ignoring Kenny's exclamations for him to just wait, to hold on for a second.

If he tries just a little harder, if he comes up with just one more excuse better than his less, he might, might be able to get a loan again...

He wonders what he'll do if he can't.


Kenny sighs and drops his backpack by Stan's front door, kicking off his shoes and heading into the living room. The gang is all here - Stan, Cartman, Kyle; hell, even Butters is here and that's not always so common. He feels like shit and wonders if, maybe, he should have just given Tweek the fucking money.

"Hey, dude, took you long enough," Stan mumbles, passing him the fourth controller on the Playstation. He looks at Butters curiously.

"I'm n-not too keen on M-Mortal Kombat," the smaller blonde says, smiling weakly. Kenny nods and sits on the ground.

"Did you get a chance to give Tweek money?" Kyle asks idly, picking through the character selection.

"...Nah, I didn't have any on me after all," he sighs.

"Not surprising," Cartman drawls, earning an annoyed glance from the thin blonde.

"He was actin' kinda strange," Stan quips.

Their characters selected, the game begins, and Kenny jabs the X button furiously, mumbling, "Yeah, just a little bit."


Tweek realizes with a sickening feeling in his gut that he's desperate.

He shivers in front of the pimply faced geek, who had met up with him and offered him his first real taste at synthetic happiness - "better than real happiness and cheaper, too!" - and he wonders what desperation can do to people.

"No way, kid. This is the third time you've come to me without any money - I said it was cheaper than real happiness, but not /free/." He waves a hand, "Get the hell out of here, if you don't have any money."

"...I... I don't have any money th-this time, but... but isn't there something else I can do? Run errands, or s-s-something?"

The geek swivels in his chair, turning away from Star Trek and towards the desperate kid in front of him.

"...Well," he leers, "There is... something you can do."

Tweek doesn't like that look but fuck it, he wants his synthetic happiness.

"...Anything, man - a-anything."


Kenny is an insomniac. He doesn't sleep often because he just doesn't see the point - a few energy drinks are all he needs to get started in the morning, and besides, he runs better with only a few hours of sleep anyways.

So while the other guys are sleeping, Kenny is awake, reading his book for English because he can't hardly read it in front of people like Cartman, now can he? He does want to have some sort of reputation, and the guys all think he's just good at bullshitting. Why ruin their expectations of him?

Being that he's the only one awake, he's the first one to hear the slow, almost hesitant knocking on the front door of the Marsh's house. Knowing that it can't possibly be anyone for Stan's parents, and that it probably isn't Shelley's boyfriend, he gets up out of the recliner and stumbles through the dark to the door.

Of all the people who could have possibly been at the door, Kenny is surprised to find that it's Tweek.

The boy is shaking, shivering really, and his arms are wrapped around him in an attempt to keep him warm. His eyes are bloodshot and the rings under his eyes are more pronounced - he looks like /shit/.

"Tweek?" Kenny asks, forcing his voice through his throat because he's not sure he can really speak right now.

"...K-Kenny," Tweek mumbles, shuddering once as tears well up in his eyes, "I-I don't feel so good anym-more."

The shorter blonde is high but it's definitely not a good trip for him, because when Kenny wraps his arms around him he shivers and sobs against the other's ratty orange sweatshirt.

"Hey, kiddo, it's okay. Come on, you're freezing out here."

"I-I did s-something I shouldn't h-have, and now he... Now I don't h-h-have to pay b-but..."

"...Tweek," Kenny mumbles, pulling him through the living room and to the kitchen, "What did you do?"

The harsh kitchen light accentuates Tweek's dark eyes and dark circles and matted hair and the sweat on his face. The smaller blonde shakes his head and looks away, trying to find somewhere to go, to escape to. Kenny knows exactly what's going on by now, but he needs to be sure. He needs Tweek to tell him.

"What did you do, Tweek?"

"I...I, um..." The boy shakes his head and wipes at his eyes, "I just did stuff for him. And, um, I didn't l-like it so I th-thought I'd come here, but..."

".../What/ did you do for him?"

Tweek jerks his head up, looks towards heaven, and Kenny knows he's lying when he says, "Ran some e-errands, stuff like that."

Kenny wants to tell him he doesn't need it but he knows what the response will be, so he says, "Are you going to go back?"

"W-W-Well... I guess so. I guess I-I will."

He has to ask, even though he can tell the other doesn't want him to.

"Why'd you come here?"

Tweek almost doesn't answer. He heads for the back door and turns the lock, and then sighs and mumbles, "I-I figured... That if a-anyone would know w-wh-why I'm doing this... It'd b-be you."

The door swings open and Tweek disappears into fresh snowfall, closing the door behind him and becoming, for all Kenny knows, part of the night itself.

There's a sigh behind him and he turns to see Cartman shuffling over to the fridge.

"Kid's a fucking tweaker," the overweight boy grumbles, "Gonna get himself fucked up."

Kenny looks to the door and sighs.

"I think he already has."
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