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So he thought he'd show off? After all, he was only toying with untrained students, not actual X-Men. When had Bobby grown a spine?

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St. John Allerdyce was desperate. Things weren't exactly happening as he had planned them. He had wanted to slip in, raise hell, then just as easily slip out.
So he thought he'd show off? After all, he was only toying with untrained students, not actual X-Men. When had Bobby grown a spine?
He must have struck a nerve, maybe when he mentioned Rogue. John reflected that it was probably fortunate that he hadn't had the time to spout out that choice bit about Bobby's mother that he had planned. People were too touchy anymore.
So he raced down the mansion's corridors while the alarms shrieked in his ears. John needed something, anything that would guarantee his survival until he could make it out of the mansion.
As he sprinted around a corner, he got an idea. The two children in head of him were huddled together. The small boy was trying to convince the frizzy haired redhead not to cry in a drawling Kentucky accent.
John snatched the girl up into his arms, only to have her scream with such a bloodcurdling intensity that a nearby window shattered. Theresa Rourke made a poor hostage. He dropped her immediately and the girl landed on her face. She began to wail, a mixture of pain and fear.
Samuel Guthrie found himself plucked from the ground by the seat of his pants as soon as he tried to scramble off. His mop of blond hair fell over his eyes as John hoisted the boy under an arm. John took off in a full sprint again and Sam was jostled against the teen's hip uncomfortably.
As the young boy gathered his wits, he decided that the best course of action, much to John's dismay, was to scream. So as Pyro made his way to the roof, Sam kicked his legs madly, pounded his tiny fists against his captor's thigh and hollered as loud as his lungs would allow.
The sound of Cyclops' voice only encouraged Pyro to run faster.
"Get away from me!" he demanded over a shoulder.
"I don't want to hurt you, John!" Cyclops called.
"Get away!" John repeated louder.
"Scott, wait! The fiend has Sam!"
Fiend? John wondered where Xavier scrounged up the melodramatic numbskull that was huffing after Cyclops. A lab coat and loafers weren't made for marathons. John decided that it would be in his best interest to ignore Cyclops, the golden maned pretty boy and the loser with glasses that trailed him.
Sam's incoherent yelps became more focused as he caught sight of his would be rescuers. So as the seven year old screeched incessant, "Mr. Summers'," John lunged up the stairs and kicked the door to the roof open.
Leaves brown and ochre scattered the rooftop. John ignored the muted crunching of his feet hitting the ground as he raced towards the ledge.
Instinctively, the teen looked to his left. Professor Charles Xavier sat patiently, a blanket on his lap. /The bastard has been waiting for me up here all along/, John realized.
John stumbled backwards, away from the professor. He tripped and fell to the ground taking Sam with him. This renewed the boy's vigorous shrieks and John tightened his grip around Sam's middle.
"John, I just want to talk with you," Professor Xavier began.
"Save it," John snapped.
Cyclops and his hapless pair of friends crowded the doorway back to the mansion and cut off the teenager's escape.
"John, we don't want to hurt you," Xavier tried again. "But I can't allow for you to just run away. Let's talk."
"I'm not going to run away," John growled. He stood up and faced the professor squarely. "I'm going to walk. As long as I have this brat, you're not going to do anything."
Sam yelped as John swung the boy out from under his arm. He gripped a white knuckled hand around Sam's ankle and dangled the kid over the side of the building.
"That's a pretty big drop," John whistled. "I don't know, maybe three, four stories. Five if you count the attic with all of Storm's plants. Where is Storm anyway? She going to sneak up from behind me?"
"Storm isn't here anymore," Professor Xavier said.
"So she got sick of the weak ways you deal with things too?" John sneered.
"No. She had business to take care of in Cairo," Xavier answered.
"Whatever," John scoffed.
Cyclops and Hank had edged their way closer to John while Warren still guarded the doorway. Sam resorted to whimpering as he eyed the ground that awaited him.
"Do you really think that this is the answer, child?" Xavier pressed. "To threaten the life of an innocent boy, a mutant like yourself, simply because you're angry and afraid?"
"And your plan is so perfect?" John demanded. "Talk and smile and play the good pet mutant? Give me a break! You saw what Stryker did to his own kid. If human parents can do that to their own children, who the hell are mutants safe from?"
"Obviously not fellow mutants, as Sam can now attest to," Xavier replied. "John, we're all flawed, Stryker was no more evil for doing what he did to mutants than Erik was for trying to do the same thing to humans. Please, just put Sam down and talk to me."
The professor wheeled himself closer to John, his hands up for the teen to see.
"No!" John adjusted his grip on Sam's ankle. "Wolverine tried talking to those damn cops and they shot him in the head. I don't have an adamantium skull and I'm not going to let them do it to me!"
"So instead, you're going to attack everyone that may potentially stand in your way?" Xavier asked.
"I'm not going to-" John stammered. "Damn it, you're putting words in my mouth! Not anymore."
"I see." Professor Xavier nodded his head, his expression blank save for deep lines around his mouth.
"Now, me and Sam are going to walk out of this mansion and I'm going to let him go once I reach a safe distance," John said levelly.
"Why not release Sam?" Xavier urged. "You have my word that no one will try to stop you."
"I'm not about to just take my chances when I've got a guarantee," John retorted. He shook Sam over the ledge, eliciting a wail from the boy.
"I won't allow you to take Sam off of this property, John," Xavier said.
"You don't have much of a choice," John snarled.
"John, I've given you the benefit of the doubt so far, but this is going too far," Xavier warned. "You're endangering the life of one of my students and I can't permit it. Now, please end this and let us go our separate ways."
John stared into the professor's eyes and noticed how old his former mentor truly was. He tore his gaze from Xavier's and glanced over at Sam. Dark eyes met bloodshot blue; John narrowed his glare at the pink cheeked boy.
"Let me go?" Sam pleaded quietly.
As Sam looked desperately up at his captor, the older boy's façade cracked. His quivering lip matched the seven year old's.
"It's going t'be okay, isn't it?" Sam asked.
"I'm sorry," John whispered.
Cyclops visibly relaxed. His lungs seemed to be taking in the oxygen that nerves had kept out. Warren abandoned his watch at the door and slowly made his way towards Hank.
Silence enveloped the group. Xavier and John both appeared frozen, who was the overcautious wolf and who the startled deer was uncertain. A slight breeze rippled through the teen's hair, a leaf rustled about his feet.
John opened his hand. His decision made, the villain Pyro dashed for the door as Sam plummeted to the ground. With an instinctive display of agility, Hank lifted a protesting Warren up by his shoulders and hurled him over the side of the roof after the boy. Cyclops ran after Pyro.
"Scott!" Xavier's cry halted his first X-Man. "Let the child go."
Scott looked ready to protest until he saw his mentor's face. He nodded and walked towards the edge of the roof to join Hank.
Warren rose from the side of the building suspended in the air by enormous white feathered wings. A wide eyed Sam clung dazed to Warren's chest. Warren propelled himself forward to the roof and stepped back on the solid ground.
He shot Hank an agitated look. "You owe me a new shirt, McCoy."
"As good as done, my friend," Hank replied with a grin.
"Sir?" Sam drawled.
Warren glanced down at the small boy in his arms and raised an eyebrow. "Yeah?"
"Are you an angel?" Sam asked.
"You wish, kid," Warren replied.
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