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En Route

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"Logan, I'm serious," Scott's voice insisted. "We've got a schedule to keep, so we aren't going to wait around for you and Chuck," Logan said. "You two are welcome to join the party."

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"Are you sure she will be alright?"
"What I mean to say is that she's been unconscious for a while."
"I said 'yes.' I've touched Rogue a lot longer than she did and I'm fine."
"Ja, but you were also unconscious for a little under a week. You also have an enhanced healing factor."
Rachel's eyes fluttered open slowly. She could see that the indigo blob was arguing with a tan smear. She blinked. The images started to solidify, but she still felt lethargic.
"Bus," Rachel groaned. "I just got hit by a bus."
From the backseat, Kurt placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Rachel's head lolled back towards the new source of warmth.
"See?" Logan grunted. "She's fine, fuzzball."
"Your face, liebchen," Kurt whispered to Rachel.
She smiled at the yellow eyed man and assumed her psychic mask.
"Thanks, Elf," she murmured.
"Care to explain what the hell we're doing?" Logan asked gruffly.
"Rogue didn't?"
"It's Magneto and his Brotherhood or whatever they're calling themselves," Rachel explained. "They've realized the implications of what will happen if Graydon Creed is elected president. It'll be concentration camps, Sentinels and hounds for anyone with an X-gene."
"Sentinels and hounds?" Kurt asked.
"Not important." Rachel shook her head. "So they're going to kill him."
"So?" Logan growled. He rolled down his window and lit up a cigar. "The bastard deserves it."
"But think about it," Rachel insisted. "A group of muties off a guy who was concerned with the dangers of mutantkind. It proves him right."
"And turns Creed into a martyr," Kurt realized.
"Someone with mutant tolerant views isn't going to be elected president," Rachel continued. "The people are going to rally behind some militant jerk who's hell bent on ending the mutant menace."
"So we're looking for Magneto and his woman?" Logan decided.
"It'd be easier if that were the case," Rachel admitted. She gripped her seatbelt nervously.
Logan's knuckles turned white around the steering wheel. "What do you mean?"
"Magneto's included Sabretooth in his plans," Rachel said.
"Sabretooth's dead," Logan replied, a tendril of smoke curled out from his nostril. "I saw him pitch off the Statue of Liberty."
"Do you think you're the only one with a healing factor?" Rachel snorted. "Sabretooth has a taste for death. He's unpredictable. Either Magneto was desperate or is looking for a bloodbath."
"Or just stupid enough to think he can control him," Logan offered.
"So we need to only worry about Sabretooth?" Kurt asked.
"Mystique has to pose as Senator Kelly at this debate, so she'd only blow her cover if absolutely necessary," Rachel explained. "Sabretooth will be our first problem, but I'm sure that Magneto will be somewhere."
Their conversation was interrupted by a low buzzing. Kurt grinned sheepishly and motioned towards his belt loop.
"My comm," he explained. Kurt brought the comm up to his ear and pressed a button. "Yes?"
"Kurt?" Scott's voice crackled on the other end. "Thank God you picked up. I want you three to stay where you are. The professor and I are coming to get you."
Kurt shot Logan a questioning glance, who in turn looked at Rachel. The girl shook her head furiously.
"Sorry, One-eye, no can do," Logan replied.
"Logan, I'm serious," Scott's voice insisted.
"We've got a schedule to keep, so we aren't going to wait around for you and Chuck," Logan said. "You two are welcome to join the party."
Rachel flinched. "This is exactly what I didn't want," she muttered.
"Logan, you're making a big mistake," Scott sounded strained. "You don't have the authority, I want you to wait."
"The decision's been made, bub," Logan replied. "Kurt, turn that thing off."
"My apologies, Scott," Kurt said as he flicked off the comm and Scott's ensuing protests.
"Logan!" Scott raised his voice. "They turned their comm off."
"It was to be expected, Scott," Xavier replied calmly.
"But you know what Logan's capable of," Scott argued. The light glinted off of the man's ruby quartz visor dangerously.
"Yes," Xavier agreed. "That's precisely why Rachel chose him. He doesn't fear death."
"I don't mean to interrupt, but could someone explain to me what's going on?" Kitty Pryde asked from her seat in the Blackbird. The girl wore her leather X-Man garb cautiously and knotted her fingers in her brown hair to calm her nerves.
"If what I scanned from Rogue's mind is any indication of what Rachel has planned, we need to stop her," Professor Xavier said.
"But what am I doing here?" Kitty asked. "Shouldn't I be back at the school looking after Peter?" Her face flushed scarlet before she added, "and the others?"
"Scott and I are going to intercept Rachel and the others," Xavier replied. "Of everyone else remaining at the school, Kitty, you are the most qualified to fly the Blackbird. If the need for a hasty retreat is made, you'll be ready and waiting for us."
"Professor, are you sure it's necessary that you come with me?" Scott asked.
"Absolutely," Xavier affirmed. "The only way to combat a telepath is another telepath."
"Do you really expect Rachel to fight us?" Scott pressed.
"I pray that doesn't happen," Xavier replied. "But we need to be prepared for the worst."
"I think she's a good kid," Scott said.
The professor sighed. "Even good kids can get scared," he replied.
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